Best Social Media Strategies for Car Dealership to Sell More Cars

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Remember those days when customers came to your auto dealerships even when you hardly approached them. Can’t recall? Well, that’s because such days never came, no matter how much you wished for it.

List of 10 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealers to Sell More Cars:

Remember those days when customers came to your car or auto dealership even when you hardly approached them. Can’t recall? Well, that’s because such days never came, no matter how much you wished for it.

If you get down to the core of revenue sources for different businesses, you will realize that creative marketing is the key. And, the dealership business is no exception! Instead of waiting for buyers to walk into your dealership, you need to reach out to them via multiple marketing channels.

At the same time, you need to target their specific needs with out-of-the-box marketing strategies.

In this article, we have listed some of the unique social media marketing strategies that can help you attract more interested audiences and convert them into buyers.

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  • Start an Auto Blog Page to Attract Targeted Customers

Start your auto blog page and write about topics like how to protect your car’s paint, how to keep the car engine healthier for longer, what are the latest car models, and so can.

This will help you bring those audiences to your website who are interested in cars. And, there will be many of those who are planning to buy a car in the near future.

The formula is simple: Figure out what people are searching for, and write to answer their queries while softly pitching your dealership. The idea is to target the searches and bring more traffic to your website.

To increase the reach of your auto dealerships blogs, you can start posting them across relevant social media platforms.

  • Communicate Over Social Media Consistently

Communicating with your target audience over social media is always a great way to build a good market reputation. Try responding to people’s automobile related queries on Twitter and Facebook pages quickly to be their first choice when it comes to buying a car.

Also, you can conduct regular Q&A sessions on your Facebook page and give your audience a chance to ask questions. While answering their queries, you can promote your brand without being overt.

  • Live Chat Instantly

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Along with communicating with your audience via live chat on social media, you can use the live chat feature on your website to be available for them throughout. Many people now prefer the live chat feature of websites to connect with product experts and get answers to their queries instantly.

However, your team needs to be ready with the list of common FAQs to ensure quick reply. Else, they are likely to fumble while chatting with prospects.

  • Recycle Video Content Across Different Platforms

If you are creating videos to be showcased across local TV spots, try creating multiple versions of it. And, post them across platforms like YouTube, social media, landing pages, and your own website.

Also, you can bring creativity in your videos and create a review series for different cars available in your dealership. Other videos you can try road trip videos and test drive experiences of customers.

  • Organize Local Road Trips

In association with local businesses in your area, you can arrange road, and post pictures of your cars across major tourist attractions to catch the attention of your audiences. This will help you connect with your audiences through shared experiences and intrigue them with your road trip stories.

Further, you can go ahead with storytelling by converting your experiences into blogs to be published on your website and republished across different social media networks. A series of short road trip stories will help you in getting more followers.

  • Connect with Auto Vloggers to Test Drive

What can be a better strategy for auto dealership internet marketing than approaching vloggers (video bloggers) to post about your cars? They can take your car out for a spin and record their experiences.

This way, they will get to test drive any car of their choice and share the experiences with their audience. And, you can get your promotional material circulated across the web at a faster pace.

  • Lead the Way on LinkedIn

As per a recent study by BrandFog “CEOs and senior management officials are better leaders who can strengthen brands values, communicate and build trust in products and services, – just by simply being active on a social network.”

You need to convince your senior management officials to be more active on LinkedIn, as it provides an ideal platform for people to know about your auto dealerships.

Help them put their best profile forward and share quality content from your website. If the content is engaging, you are more likely to get shares, which is essential to spread the word of mouth about your company.

At the same time, senior professionals need to publish their own articles and share their knowledge with the audience. Long-form articles will help in establishing thought leadership in the market.

  • Market to Millennials on Instagram

Instagram, which Facebook bought for $1 billion in 2012, is proving to be one of the brightest social media spots at this moment. It is having a moment right now and is enjoying its position as the favourite social media platform of millennials.

And, why not. It offers more fun and less fuss in terms of sharing and uploading pictures and videos. You can also leverage this platform to creatively involve audiences with your brand’s story – posting pictures of your cars across exotic locations, tailgating at a sporting event, etc.

This way, your audiences will imagine themselves in the moment and consider the investment in cars as a symbol of their elevated lifestyle.

  • Click, Post & Share

Often, we come across pictures of our friends on social media posing with their new car. While others scroll down the page after reacting to the pictures, marketers view it as a great promotional opportunity.

You can also snap pictures with your customers while handing over the keys of their new car, and post them on Facebook and Instagram. Also, request them to tag themselves in pictures and share those on their personal profiles.

This way, you will end up promoting your auto dealerships organically across the client’s followers on social media platforms.

  • Invest in a DMS (Dealership Management Software)

Lastly but most importantly, invest in a good dealership management software, which helps you manage your customer data accurately. Using DMS, you can foster your customer relationship management endeavors and ensure complete client satisfaction.

The CRM module of a DMS software can help in improving the relationship with existing customers and find new ones. You can also use the customer data to connect with them further via social media platforms and keep them updated with informative posts and articles.

If done correctly, improved social presence for your auto dealerships will help you increase your vehicle sales and boost your brand’s reputation in the market.

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