8 Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in 2023 | Benefits of ATS

8 Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in 2023 | Benefits of ATS-feature image
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Summary: Reduce the hustle of finding the right talent just based on your gut. Allow automation, data, and AI to find and filter the right candidate for your organization by using an Applicant Tracking System. Implement an ATS software and fairly choose the most suitable candidate for any open position.

Having an eye to hire the right candidate in your organization is a skill. This skill can take years of experience to develop, but with an applicant tracking system, your HR professionals might be able to hone it quickly. They can use ATS software to source the right candidates and screen them to hire the best one. This eliminates the chances of mismatched hiring and increases employee attrition in an organization.

So, let’s find out what exactly an applicant tracking software does, its benefits, and some of the best ATS systems to choose from.

What is ATS or Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system is used by corporates and recruitment agencies to track candidates’ progress during the hiring process. ATS software comes with multiple modules that help recruiters speed up the hiring process while finding the right fit for any profile. These modules include candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, collaborative hiring, resume database management, pre-assessment tests, and more.

List of the Best Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Workable

Software Advice ats system

Workable helps organizations to source and attract candidates, evaluate them, and make the right recruitment decision. Users can also speed up the recruitment process with interview self-scheduling, live interviews, calendar integrations, etc. This ATS recruitment platform also allows users to speed up the hiring process with offer letter templates, e-signatures, approval workflows, etc.

Workable Features

  • Automatically posts jobs on 20+ job portals to increase your reach
  • Access more than 1000 templates for creating custom job descriptions
  • Sync the ATS software with Outlook, Gmail, etc., to manage candidates directly from your inbox
  • Quickly find the right professionals using the People Search feature of Workable ATS system
  • Assess your candidates fairly with personality and cognitive pre-employment tests directly on the ATS portal
  • Use the one-way screening tool to screen your candidates with video interviews

Workable Free Trial – 15 Day Free Trial Available

Workable Pricing – ₹10482.09 per month onwards

  • Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit’s applicant tracking system automates the complete hiring journey for individual organizations and HR agencies. Users can easily share their job postings on more than 75 job boards and social media handles within a click. With the ATS tracking system, you can also access advanced analytics and track where your candidates stand in the hiring stage.

Zoho Recruit Features

  • Offers an AI Assistant, Zia that helps with candidate matching and conducting candidates’ behavioral assessments
  • Conduct background checks, share EQ, and pre-screening questionnaires, to evaluate a candidate’s suitability for a particular role
  • Filter and group applicants on different metrics like location, industry, skill, and other factors
  • Organize interviews with flexible timings, additional reviewers, instant feedback, etc.
  • Automate offer letter generation and sharing with Zoho’s e-signature functionality

Zoho Recruit Free Trial – 15 Day Free Trial Available

Zoho Recruit Pricing – Free Plan Available | ₹1250 per user, per month onwards

  • Rippling


Rippling applicant tracking software offers a platform for organizations to find, develop, and even engage their employees. It helps in simplifying the hiring and onboarding process, thus, saving time and effort for your HR team and new hires. A few modules that help you with streamlined recruitment are one-click job posting, 90 second new employee onboarding, report generation to understand candidate feedback, and more.

Rippling Features

  • Customize interview stages and approval workflows according to department, position, and seniority level
  • Automate interview scheduling and integrate your calendars with Google, Outlook, and other platforms
  • Start onboarding new hires in just 90 seconds, by simply entering basic candidate and salary related information
  • Manage employee learning and ensure that your workforce is aligned with the overall goals

Rippling Free Trial – Not Available

Rippling Pricing – ₹650.14 per month, per user onwards

  • Greenhouse

Sourcing automation with the Greenhouse ATS system will let your hiring teams reach out to the top talent in the industry. The ATS recruitment software allows users to set custom workflows, permissions, and even applicant tracking processes according to their department, region, or even country. It helps prevent the biased approach in hiring and ensures a diverse workforce.

Greenhouse Features

  • Helps create a structured and incentivized referral program for your employees to source the right talent
  • Evaluate all your candidates fairly and consistently by creating a standard scorecard for measuring every candidate’s suitability
  • Reports with powerful insights on your hiring data like which employees are in which stage of the hiring pipeline, pass-through rates, etc.
  • Supports multiple video interviewing tools such as Zoom and SparkHire that help you screen and engage with candidates via virtual platforms

Greenhouse Free Trial – No Free Trial

Greenhouse Pricing – Price on Request

  • JobItUs

SOftware Advice

JobItUs is a cloud based ATS software that helps corporates and HR agencies to minimize hiring time by attracting, hiring, and collaborating with the right talent. To facilitate the same, this applicant tracking system offers different customized templates that include application tracker templates, job description templates, profile reference templates, and more. Moreover, hiring managers can also generate quick graphical reports to evaluate their team’s performance.

JobItUs Features

  • Allows users to maintain an unlimited personal resume database which further eases profile searching when you have a job opening
  • Instantly create custom job descriptions using templates and share them with your employees, job portals, social network, etc.
  • Design a custom recruitment workflow to manage multiple candidates and record all the activity logs on job applications.
  • Schedule and share multiple rounds of interviews like telephonic, video, and personal with the interviewer panel
  • Allows you to evaluate, rank, and tag applicants in your resume database and then match them with a suitable profile whenever a suitable job position is available

JobItUs Free Trial – No Free Trial

JobItUs Pricing – Price on Request

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  • Workday

With Workday ATS System, organizations can easily manage their complete talent acquisition cycle, starting from workforce planning to the final onboarding of the right candidates. In addition to this, it helps HR teams to work more efficiently by taking interview feedback directly from hiring managers via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any other platform.

Workday Features

  • Facilitate bulk hiring by automating workflows, and processing bulk agreements and offers
  • Access real time analytics and dashboards to understand key hiring metrics and make decisions backed by data
  • Your candidates can check real time updates on their application status, and choose their preferred interview timings
  • Personalize job searches by using Workday’s machine learning power and match the right job opportunity to the most relevant candidate experience.

Workday Free Trial – No Free Trial

Workday Pricing – Price on Request

  • Freshteam by Freshworks

Freshteam’s smart ATS recruitment enables companies to hire at a scale, almost half the time they ever did. Users can use a single platform to source, scan, interview, and hire the right candidates for their organization. You can also create instant offer letters using templates, canned responses, email scheduling, and more. In short, it automates repetitive tasks and reduces the workload of recruiters.

Freshteam Features

  • Choose the right candidate from current applicants and your previous database created on Freshteam
  • Build your own talent pool by archiving promising applicants and future proof your upcoming hiring requirements
  • Expedite the recruitment process and filter applicants using auto resume screening and pre-assessment tests
  • Give your candidates the flexibility to self-schedule their interviews according to the hiring panel’s availability
  • Supports powerful integrations with assessment platforms and job portals such as Mettl, LinkedIn, etc.

Freshteam by Freshworks Free Trial – 21 Day Free Trial

Freshteam by Freshworks Pricing – Free Plan Available | ₹84 per employee, per month + ₹5199 platform fee, per month onwards

  • JazzHR

JazzHR ats system

JazzHR helps organizations hire the right talent faster by speeding up the sourcing, scanning, and resume reviewing process. To further make the entire hiring process seamless for both candidates and the company, the ATS system offers multiple integrations with background check platforms, CRM Software, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, organizations can also promote their own brand by using custom branding options.

Jazz HR Features

  • Create feedback loops by allowing your hiring team to share feedback and comment directly on any candidate’s profile
  • Facilitate collaborative hiring with automated feedback, candidate ranking, mentions, calendar sync, and more
  • Discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your hiring process through custom reports like candidate sourcing reports, pipeline reports, etc.
  • Sync your email inbox to ATS software and directly receive hiring related emails in your inbox
  • Digitize your hiring process with automated eSignatures requests, document storage, offer letter templates, mobile-friendly paperwork, and more.

Jazz HR Free Trial – 21 Day Free Trial

Jazz HR Pricing – ₹3989.90 per month onwards

Benefits of Using ATS Systems

Implementing an ATS system can benefit organizations by speeding up the complete hiring process and helping them find and hire the right candidate.

Let’s have a look at some other benefits that come with an ATS software:

  • Modules like self-interview scheduling make the interview process flexible for both, HRs and candidates
  • Resume database helps HRs find the suitable candidate in their own talent pool
  • Get a complete overview of the candidate’s application status using Kanban boards
  • Enables employers to post jobs and source candidates from employee referrals, job portals, social handles, and other platforms
  • Reduces cost-per-hire by selecting the right candidate with automated screening process
  • Collaborative hiring feature improves internal communication by keeping everyone on the same page
  • Involves all the stakeholders in the hiring process by allowing them to share feedback on the ATS software itself
  • Saves time by creating job descriptions, offer letters, emails, custom reports, and more automatically.


An applicant tracking system can help organizations source, scan, and hire the right professional for any open position in their organization. It helps you create a seamless hiring experience for both recruiters and applicants by offering modules such as flexible interview scheduling, job application tracking, collaborative hiring, in-built templates, and more. Furthermore, ATS software also helps in reducing wrong hiring, reducing cost, time and effort for HR teams.

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  1. What are ATS systems in human resources?

    ATS systems in human resources are Applicant Tracking Systems that help HRs to source, screen, and hire the right candidate for a job. It comes with modules like interview scheduling, collaborative hiring, pre-assessment tests, etc.

  2. What are the top ATS systems?

    Some of the top ATS systems include Zoho Recruit, Workable, Greenhouse, JobItUs, etc. They help organizations to find and hire the right candidates for any open position.

  3. Who Uses the ATS System?

    ATS can be used by any professional who has an open position and wants to hire. These include corporates, SMBs, HR consultancies, freelance recruiters, project managers, etc.

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