19 Best Document Scanner Software for PC in 2024

19 Best Document Scanner Software for PC in 2024-feature image
March 14, 2023 23 Min read

Summary: The world has moved from paper to digital and if you need to store any document, document scanner software is there for you. Document imaging software helps you scan, store, and edit any document or photo to ensure you have them with you whenever you need them.

The world is developing at a quantum pace, and this has ensured that we all feel connected to one another on a global scale. With the advent of digital in every sector, the days of keeping enormous stacks of files and documents to save any information on paper are long gone.

Having a paperless office offers a smart approach to saving crucial information in addition to being environmental-friendly. In fact, we now prefer to store anything online, from our grocery lists to our photos to nearly everything. This trend is not limited to offices.

Your critical documents can be kept in a digital format like PDF, which offers the adaptability and convenience that physical papers can never ensure. Also, saving documents as PDF files saves space and makes it much simpler to search for specific information.

These days, it’s common to see software packaged with scanners or printers. However, the functionalities these document scanner for PC bring have no match whatsoever. There are several options available, though, that can scan and store any document in the format you want with little to no effort.

19 Best Online PDF and Document Scanner Software for PC List

There are several document scanner software solution available in the market, however, the question remains – which document scanning solution is the best? We are here to answer that for you with our exhaustive list of the best document scanner software for PC in 2024:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC Scanner for PDF

Document scanning software
Adobe Scanner for PC is one of the best document scanner software

You must be quite familiar with one of the most popular software to view or edit PDF files, Adobe Reader, best document scanner program. However, did you know that Adobe also has document imaging software? Adobe Acrobat DC Scanner for PDF makes document scanning, PDF creation and annotation, and even OCR text recognition possible.

To begin, simply launch Adobe Acrobat, select Tools -> Generate PDF, and then click Scanner. To ensure you receive the greatest outcomes, many presets and alternatives will be offered to you.

Key features of Adobe Acrobat DC:

  1. Allows PDF creation from smartphone camera, MS Office, HTML pages, spreadsheets, docs and emails.
  2. All documents can be merged and organized into a PDF file.
  3. Multiple integrations allowed including OneDrive and Dropbox.
  4. Enhanced security as it gives permissions only with passwords.
  5. Adobe acrobat also provides comparing tools which can spot differences between different versions of a document.
  6. It also allows reverse conversions. For e.g. from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Price: Adobe Acrobat Pro retails for ₹1,596 per month and Adobe Standard DC retails for ₹1,037 per month.


  1. Packed with lots of features
  2. Enables quick searching with text indexing
  3. It has a mobile app with various editing capabilities
  4. Standard template set is available for consistency
  5. Both text and data can be edited in tables
  6. The doc scanner for PC is quite easy to use
  7. You can share file access with others for the viewing purpose
  8. Suitable for all types of files- large or small
  9. Best feature is indexing that can be used for processing documents


  1. Expensive according to the industry
  2. OCR tools are not available
  3. Opening files is sometimes time consuming
  4. This document scanner for PC can slow down your system

  • Abbyy Finereader

document scanner software
Abby Finereader Scanner Program

Professionals can maximize efficiency in the digital workplace with the help of Abby FineReader PDF. The software makes it simpler to digitize, retrieve, edit, secure, share, and collaborate on various types of documents in the same workflow, thanks to ABBYY’s most recent AI-based OCR technology.

You can also compare two documents to check for differences. With more than 10 million users and support for more than 190 languages, Abby Finereader scanner app is perfect for individuals as well as corporations to scan and edit documents.

Key features of Abbyy Finereader:

  1. This document scanning solution turns account statements, research papers and even magazine articles into the desired electronic format.
  2. Combines text recognition technology with document conversion technology.
  3. Batch processing, indexing, and image pre-processing features are available.
  4. It has a very intuitive user interface.
  5. Get automatic language detection with multi-language recognition.
  6. Transfers text from image to computer files which can be edited later.

Abby OCR Pricing: Abbyy Finereader’s paid plans start at ₹1,600.


  1. It is an easy to use software
  2. It has a mobile app
  3. This software is suitable for professionals
  4. It save a lot of data-entry work
  5. This photo scanning software supports 192+ languages
  6. Amazing OCR feature for classifying the documents
  7. The app lets you classify documents for better organization
  8. The scanner app for PC has an intuitive interface
  9. Document imaging function is the best


  1. Expensive for casual users
  2. Licensing is overly complicated
  3. Most features are available only in the enterprise version
  4. Price is a bit high for businesses that are small
  5. Versioning function is unavailable

  • Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner is a document-scanning app used for scanning images, receipts, documents, and reports. This is one of the best scanner software made in India that makes it easy to restore scanned documents. The scanner app is further used for rotating and re-cropping the scans.

Document Scanner is an easy-to-use app that records all scans so that you can access them as and when required. Further, cropping images and converting those into PDFs is easy with this document-scanning app.

Key Features of Document Scanner:

  1. Editing & file importing
  2. Grid layout mode
  3. PDF file sharing
  4. Batch scanning mode
  5. Easy management of page sizes
  6. PDF Converter for file conversion

Document Scanner Price: In-app purchases for Doc Scanner software starts from ₹137.


  1. Easy to scan documents in the required size and shape
  2. Documents can be assigned password for better protection
  3. Fast process for restoring documents
  4. Quick search option
  5. Impressive scan quality
  6. Best for organising PDF files
  7. Easy fixing of bug issues

Cons: Auto-rotate for PDF files doesn’t work at times

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  • Omnipage Standard

Document scanning solution
OmniPage Standard PDF Scanner Software

Convert any document into your preferred format with Kofax OmniPage OCR software. Documents can be saved, edited, and searched just like Word documents. Whether you have to scan a single sheet of paper or millions of pages, the software can do it all.

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, Omnipage is simple, agile, and accurate all the time. OmniPage scanner app for PC lets you convert images and scanned photos into searchable PDFs, word, excel, HTML, and more. You can also export them to kindle devices.

Key Features of OmniPage Standard:

  1. This document scanning software is compatible with TWAIN as well as WIA.
  2. It can scan PFD, JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats.
  3. Send documents automatically via emails with the help of Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Edit, process, and store documents in more than 120 languages.
  5. Easily perform recurring conversion jobs.
  6. Several output formats are supported like PPT, PDF, Word, etc.
  7. OCR as well as various free scan to scanner app for pc PDF functions are available in this PDF scanner software.
  8. Photoshop is also integrated with this scanned document software.

OmniPage Standard Price: OmniPage Standard price starts at ₹16,299.


  1. Various customisation options available
  2. Free trial option available
  3. Get constant updates
  4. IT8 calibration integrated
  5. This scanner for PC has a user friendly interface
  6. OCR capabilities are the best
  7. The software is best for converting documents


  1. Minor bugs may be an issue sometimes
  2. Batch processing is difficult many a times
  3. Difficult to process low resolution documents

  • Scanspeeder Document Scanner Software

Scanned document software
ScanSpeeder doc scanner for PC

If you need one software for all your document and picture scanning, ScanSpeeder scanner for PC is the one. Users can scan one or more pictures at once with this software.

With features such as Picture Enhancement, Automatic crop, Text on pictures, Searchable PDF, and more, users get a plethora of functionalities to not just scan their documents and pictures but also edit them as per their needs.

The document scanner software is ideal for beginners who aren’t adept in the technicalities of a document scanning software.

 Key features of Scanspeeder:

  1. Automatically segregates photos into separate files and straightens the photos and documents.
  2. Your photos get automatically tagged with a lot of relevant information.
  3. You have the ability to directly send documents and photos to Facebook.
  4. This document and photo scanning software can let you add text to your photos.
  5. One can even restore faded photos with just a click.

ScanSpeeder Cost: The paid plan for the software starts from ₹2,500.


  1. It has a free trial version and easy to use
  2. This scan to pdf software has a minimalist interface
  3. Paid version is an affordable option
  4. Good customer service
  5. Scanspeeder is the best for bulk photo scanning
  6. One-click option for restoring faded photos

Cons: You need to buy the pro version for scanning films, slides and photo negatives

Top Free Photo Scanning Software for Windows 10

There are different free photo scanning solutions for Windows 10. Some of the top ones include:

  • Vuescan

Best photo scanner software
VueScan free PDF scanner software

The scan to pdf software has reverse-engineered more than six-thousand scanner drivers to ensure that you can scan your document and pictures from your existing scanner.

With Vuescn, you can scan documents, pictures, films, and slides. With advanced scanning control and support for 28+ languages, users would need just one application to scan everything they need.

Key Features of VueScan:

  1. This can work on document, flatbed, and film.
  2. Single and multi-page PDFs can be scanned easily.
  3. It contains OCR also known as optical character recognition.
  4. Automatic color detection is available.
  5. Ideal for documents of small sizes.

Vuescan Price: VueScan is a free scan app. The one-time paid plan starts from₹1,250


  1. Various customization options available
  2. Trial version available for free of cost
  3. It can scan PDF and JPEG formats
  4. It can be integrated with your old gear
  5. VueScan can work on all slide or film scanners
  6. A good number of customization options
  7. Integration with Photoshop
  8. The scanner software for PC offers regular updates
  9. Colour calibration feature is the best
  10. Output delivered is of high quality


  1. For a beginner, the document scanner software maybe difficult.
  2. The free trial version doesn’t let you remove watermarks from the scan.

  • CapturePoint

This scanning software simplifies the way your business processes invoices and other documents. The software can also automatically classify documents.

It can group related documents together and then process and sort them without the need for any human interaction. This document scanning software is perfect for businesses looking to go paperless.

Key Features of CapturePoint:

  1. It uses OCR or Optical Character Recognition for processing paper documents.
  2. Automatically detects whether a page is cooked or upside down.
  3. This scanner software can understand and read handwriting.
  4. It uses powerful indexing algorithms to scan documents with high accuracy.

CapturePoint Pricing: Free trial available, and the cost to upgrade is ₹17,500. It also has a monthly plan starting at Rs. 2,100/month.


  1. It provides tools to read cheques, applications, hand-filled forms, and surveys.
  2. Also, it can group related documents together automatically.
  3. You can directly scan and convert documents and share on repositories.
  4. Cloud support for storing documents is the best
  5. The scanning software is best for secured document scanning
  6. Support for handwriting recognition


  1. Cost to upgrade is a bit high
  2. macOS support unavailable.

  • CamScanner for Windows 10 (Banned in India)

Photo scanning software
CamScanner for windows

CamScanner scanner software is a versatile scanning solution for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Users can easily scan documents and convert them to various formats, including PDF and JPG.

Its advanced features such as document syncing, sharing, and OCR can be used to extract texts from a document. Moreover, CamScanner only scans your document and crops out the background automatically.

Key features of Camscanner for Windows 10:

  1. This scanner software enhances the quality of images automatically.
  2. It can send the scanned documents to any platform.
  3. You can access the scanned documents from any platform as well.
  4. It supports printing wirelessly.
  5. It separates document acquisition processes from document management processes.
  6. It has a separate web app that helps in managing scanned documents.

Camscanner Price: The paid plan starts from ₹330.


  1. Multiple features built-in to capture images
  2. It is fast and extremely easy to use
  3. The scanner software helps with cropping the edges
  4. Provides free version
  5. Cloud storage available for premium versions
  6. You can easily crop images & scan documents
  7. The document scanner app for PC supports both iOS and android devices
  8. OCR feature for recognizing text from images
  9. Passcodes for securing documents
  10. Support for wireless printing is also available


  1. Accuracy in OCR can be better
  2. In-app purchase is expensive

  • NAPS2 Document Scanner Software for PC

Paperscan scanner software
NAPS2 Free Scanner Software for PC

NAPS2 document scanner can easily scan any document in your desired file format. Its driver supports your existing scanner as well as settings such as DPI, page size, and bit depth.

Users can also rearrange the pages of their scanned documents, with additional options to rotate and crop the scanned file.

The OCR feature allows users to search for texts in their scanned documents. Moreover, the photograph editor allows users to change the contrast and brightness of images.

Key Features of NAPS2:

  1. Scanning and saving documents with just one single click.
  2. Converting documents to JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG and other formats.
  3. NAPS2 is compatible with TWAIN and WIA.
  4. The scanner software helps with rotating and automated page straightening.
  5. NAPS2’s optical character recognition can be used in more than 100 languages.

NAPS2 Price in India: This scanner software is available for free.


  1. The UI design is minimalistic with a clean interface
  2. It is user-friendly and free of cost
  3. It has special tools for power users and businesses
  4. Allows multiple scans to create PDFs
  5. No ads or bloatware present
  6. Scanned documents can be easily saved in a format of your choice
  7. Support for different image formats
  8. Dashboard feature is the best

Cons: Lacks some of the advanced features.

  • FileHold

FileHold electronic document
FileHold free scan to PDF app

FileHold is a robust electronic document management system that doesn’t just scan your documents but also helps you manage them. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, you can manage access to the document file and create document workflow for reviews and approval.

With the option of cloud installation, users can access their scanned files anytime, anywhere. You can also save your files in a centralized electronic library.

Key features of FileHold Doc Scanner for PC:

  1. Quick search option for searching third-party desktop apps.
  2. Metadata capture for database mining 
  3. Document linking option for organizing similar documents
  4. Module to track document number to analyze its usage
  5. Document viewer to check the documents on desktop as well as web

FileHold Cost: Three pricing options are available. Individual details for every plan can be accessed on the software’s website.

  1. Express for five to twenty users
  2. Enterprise for more than twenty users
  3. Cloud for supporting Microsoft Azure


  1. Both advanced & basic configurations provided for complex environments
  2. Intuitive design for changing the app’s colour
  3. Easy to do content search, add sticky notes and perform redaction.
  4. Beginner friendly and easy interface.
  5. Inbuilt features to help companies work paperless.
  6. Tracking document approval process is easy
  7. Version control also available along with MS Office integration
  8. Easily scalable as per the business requirements
  9. Option for electronically storing documents
  10. Powerful API


  1. Linking PC file system to a DM system is difficult
  2. Workflow designer unavailable
  3. Not possible to tweak the colour scheme

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  • Alaris Capture Flow Software for Scanners

Automated indexing for maximum and quick connectivity is easy Alaris doc scanner for PC. You can also share with ease different information batches in the form of clear images with this scanner app for PC. 

Key features of Alaris Capture Flow Software for Scanners

  1. Intelligent processing for doing more accurate captures.
  2. Automated profile switching capabilities & pre-scan sorting
  3. Barcode reading for indexes and extracts
  4. Remote administration for batch monitoring

Alaris Capture Price: Provides 30-day free trial. Details about the premium plans are available on the official website upon request.


  1. OCR accuracy for fast scanning
  2. Module for saving files into searchable PDF format
  3. Easy to convert into editable text the different scans
  4. Different resolution settings along with work profiles
  5. Indexing programs and document archiving
  6. The app is impressive, more so for its quick response time


  1. Implementation of the software may get difficult at times.
  2. Beginners may find the interface a bit difficult to understand
  3. Price is a bit high when you compare it to other document scanner software.

  • CloudScan Scanner Software

CloudScan scanner software for scanning pictures
CloudScan scanner program

Businesses use CloudScan scanner software for scanning pictures and documents quickly and easily.

This free document scanner software comes with an innovative feature wherein if you have the software installed on one of your systems and wish to use it on the second PC, you can simply do so with the help of the SharedScanner component.

One single click is enough to export documents, scan them as well as save them in TIFF/PDF formats.

Key features of CloudScan Doc Scanner for PC:

  1. Quick option for editing scanned documents
  2. SharedScanner component available for the entire network
  3. Easy to develop hardcopies of printed documents

Cloudscan Scanner Software Price: CloudScan scanner software for PC and Mac is available for free download on its official website. The premium version starts from ₹1,700.


  1. Option for using CloudScan network scanner over any browser is a plus
  2. Graphical user interface
  3. Exporting & bitonal scanning is super-easy with CloudScan
  4. Image enhancement capabilities for better quality images
  5. Page manipulations available to rotate, delete, drag & drop documents
  6. Best for reading layout of invoices
  7. No set up is required for using the product
  8. Install on one device and use it on multiple devices
  9. Amazing page manipulation features for deleting, rotating & dragging/dropping documents.


  1. Only basic features are attached to this document scanner for PC.
  2. A bit on the pricier side.

  • SimpleIndex

document scanning software
SimpleIndex Document Scanner for PC

You can easily digitize and manage your documents with SimpleIndex scanner software. With key features like barcode recognition, OCR, and support for TWAIN, it is widely preferred by businesses to sort and manage all their incoming and outgoing PDF documents.

This document scanning software is based on a simple batch processing mechanism for quickly scanning and indexing single batches of documents in a sequence. 

Key features of SimpleIndex:

  1. Title attorneys for automated title and document scanning
  2. Patent scanning to read easily patent number, title and abstract
  3. Document capture interface for managing documents
  4. Dictionary matching OCR
  5. SimpleQB for capturing line item data

SimpleIndex Cost: The software offers a 30-day free trial. The paid plan starts from ₹41,500.

  1. Workstation- Rs 37,374
  2. Concurrent- Rs 93,432

Go ahead with the free thirty-day trial version to assess how feasible the software is for your business.


  1. Option available for attaching desktop applications with any of the scanning devices
  2. Index, scan and organise any number of files with the software. 
  3. Store data safely with the software’s desktop application support
  4. The software can be afforded by schools, NGOs and small businesses as well
  5. Efficient batch processing technology
  6. Smart scanning available to detect blank pages & stains
  7. Documents can be easily routed using email or FTP
  8. Digital images can be indexed with ease


  1. Setting up process is difficult
  2. Support for cloud automation missing
  3. Support for only Windows scan platform
  4. Mobile integration unavailable

CamScanner like Software for PC

The best scanner software lets you scan and organise pages with ease and simplicity. Some of the leading CamScanner alternatives are mentioned below:

  • PaperScan

If you are looking for an easy-to-use free document scanner that gives you complete control over your document, PaperScan is the perfect fit for you. You can import your PDF/image files, arrange them in any order, or perform a wide range of edits to your scanned documents.

With support for multiple file formats, you can save your scanned documents the way you want. This scanner solution is compatible with classic scanners, cameras, and video capture cards.

 Key features of PaperScan:

  1. The scanner software lets you to import images, graphical and PDF files.
  2. The image is optimized by removing punch holes & borders.
  3. It can easily be integrated with AutoDesk. It automatically corrects pages are not straight.
  4. This tool is the best for smoothening, removing noise, adjusting colors, tweaking the contrast, and resizing all images.
  5. It is possible to save final documents in multiple formats like JPEG, PDF, TIFF, JBIG2, and PNG.

PaperScan Scanner Software Price: The beginner version is available for free. The professional version retails for ₹7,500


  1. It provides a free version
  2. This software works on a variety of devices
  3. It also offers PDF encryption
  4. The scanner software supports more than 30 languages
  5. The professional version comes with PDF compressions, OCR, and annotations
  6. Cross-platform functionality is the best
  7. The application is intuitive
  8. Scanned documents can be stored in different formats
  9. Best for scanning encrypted documents.


  1. Only basic functionalities are available in free version
  2. A lot of display ads
  3. Limited batch of documents can be processed under free version

  • Readiris Document Scanner Software

Document scanning & indexing software
ReadIris Best Document Scanner Software for PC

A top-tier PDF and OCR solution in the market, Readiris scanning software allows users to scan and convert any document. Users can leverage this software to scan from any existing scanner, create fully editable files, and convert scanned documents from JPS to PDF or PDF to Word.

With its enhanced OCR engine, you can even search for texts in your scanned documents.

Key features of Readiris:

  1. This document scanning & indexing software makes document capturing and converting into editable PDFs a breeze.
  2. You can add annotations, comments and hyperlinks with the help of a special set of tools.
  3. Protect PDFs before sending them electronically to the recipients.
  4. Convert texts, PDFs and images into a scanned image or document.
  5. The PDF scanner software helps with editing documents in any of your preferred formats- Word, PowerPoint & Excel.
  6. It supports over 138 languages.

Readiris Price: Readiris Standard’s price starts at ₹10,700.


  1. Fast document management
  2. Contains OCR implementation
  3. Supports verbal recognition
  4. Intuitive and well-designed interface
  5. Get value for money
  6. Editing PDF documents is easy
  7. Cloud features for storing documents
  8. Best OCR accuracy
  9. Easy to apply zone template into multiple pages


  1. Free version is not available
  2. Limited option for working on plain text files

  • Kofax Express

Scanner software
Kofax Express Scan to PDF Software

Kofax Express is an all-in-one powerful solution for scanning documents at high-speed that helps brands convert their pile of paper into digital and actionable content. With high-quality scans, users get a superior copy of their documents and images.

You can also use the scanning software for scanning barcodes, indexing, and images. Businesses can also export images and data into different backend systems. 

Key features of Kofax Express:

  1. Automated document indexing and tagging processes
  2. Easy to store and archive all business-related electronic documents
  3. Business management system for electronic content
  4. Quick and easy document retrieval system
  5. Multi scanning & image processing modules

Kofax Express Pricing: Kofax Express is available on a 15-day free trial. After that, you can purchase the lifetime license at ₹48,000.


  1. Friendly interface due to one-click commands
  2. SharePoint integration for quick data retrieval
  3. Rapid Playback for high quality images
  4. Option for separating documents
  5. Zone OCR is time-saving as here you locate key indexed information
  6. Easy interface for archiving documents
  7. Easy to export and import emails
  8. Friendly customer support


  1. No option for fixing critical bugs
  2. Support for version control unavailable
  3. Limited configuration tools
  4. Not easy to customize the software as per your requirements
  5. Limited workstation permissions

  • enVision

enVision document scanner for PC enables seamless transformation of a paper-based process to a fully digital one.

The software is ideal for scanning documents and forms and offers features such as workflow management, form management, and document scanning and archiving.

This doc scanner for PC can also be used for customizing themes and menu on the portal page.

Key features of enVision:

  1. Quick customization of main menu themes
  2. Form designer for different data types & text fields
  3. Easy file imports
  4. Server tools for configuring workflows
  5. OCR & RFID technology

enVision Price: enVision’s price is available on request on its official website.


  1. The doc scanner app for PC is best for displaying notes/metadata on documents
  2. Support available in multiple languages
  3. Multiple active directory domains for quick login
  4. Option available for searching documents by their name & content

Cons: RFID connection times out.

  • Digitech PaperVision Capture

Digitech PaperVision Capture document scanner software for pc is everything your business needs to manage the overwhelming number of documents. The software automatically imports electronic documents and forms, PDFs, images, MS Word documents, and more.

It works with almost all scanners to convert physical paper documents to electronic files. With automated information capture, you get access to all your incoming documents stored in one place. Thus, you can focus on business and not worry about managing documents.

Key Features of Digitech PaperVision Capture

  1. Automated document retention and control
  2. Process automation for removing repetitive tasks
  3. Cloud information management for improving content
  4. Enterprise content management
  5. Previewing image processing in real-time

Digitech PaperVision Capture Pricing: Refer to the official website for pricing details.


  1. Captured documents can be routed to the corporate database for further processing
  2. Document classification and processing engine
  3. Easy to customize for better efficiency
  4. Task automation helps streamline the workflow
  5. Flexible deployment
  6. Supports bulk scans
  7. Best for reading data from handwritten documents


  1. Function for native redaction missing
  2. Support available in only English language
  3. Accessing all features require extra charges
  4. Support for only Windows platform

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  • ScanStore

ScanStore scanner software supports multiple processes like form processing, document scanning, and OCR technology. With this software, businesses can easily scan and process invoices, improve document workflow, and manage all their forms.

Businesses can also consult professionals at ScanStore to enhance their document management.

Key Features of ScanStore:

  1. Viewing documents and ensuring regulatory compliance
  2. Automated data entry
  3. Custom programming & system configuration
  4. Viewing & managing electronic content
  5. Handprint recognition

ScanStore Pricing: Price details of this scanner for PC is available on request at the official website.


  1. Simple indexing process for batch scanning of files
  2. Barcode recognition and powerful automation capabilities
  3. Processing speed is quite fast
  4. Simple user interface
  5. Versatile features for accurate scans

Cons: It hangs sometimes.


  1. What is the best software for scanning documents?

    The best scanning software for better document management and higher business efficiency are:

    InsSig OCR Solutions: Turning images into editable texts.
    Pocket Scanner: Adding texts to photos & creating JPEG scans
    PaperSave: Simplified document capture process
    FineScanner AI: Scanning all types of documents & saving in multiple formats
    GoFileRoom: Automated scans and easy document storage

  2. Which app is better than CamScanner like software for PC?

    PaperScan, Readiris, and Kofax Express have advanced document processing capabilities and are best for managing document scanning workflows.

  3. What is the best free scanning software?

    Free scanning software for retrieving, sharing & capturing scanned files are Office Lens, KRYSTAL DMS, Easy Scan, and Windows Scan.

  4. Is Document Scanner Indian app?

    Yes, Document Scanner is an Indian doc scanner application offering an improved UI and advanced PDF toolkit.

  5. Is Adobe scanning free?

    Adobe Scanning is free of cost for mobile devices, supporting android/iOS systems. Adobe Scanning for PC requires you to pay monthly charges. Pro version costs ₹1014 whereas Standard version costs ₹879.


Using a document scanner software not only reduces the paperwork, but it also helps save the environment. Using less paper means cutting less trees, hence using a scanner software would help in saving the environment.

Hope this article helps you in choosing the right document scanner software.

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