Why Your Company Requires HRMS Software with Employee Self Service Portals?

Why Your Company Requires HRMS Software with Employee Self Service Portals?-feature image
December 20, 2022 3 Min read

Employee Self Service is an important feature that is available with the best HRMS software solutions. It is widely accepted by employees in different organizations, as it gives them the power to access their personal records and human resources data with ease.

Along with empowering employees to manage their own administrative tasks, like applying for a time off and viewing their compensation history, employee self-service portals also allow them to take the responsibility of their own career growth. At the same time, an employee self-service portal takes off the burden of maintaining human resources data manually and allows HR professionals to focus on other significant tasks.

Substantial Features of Employee Self Service Portals

Employee self-service portals are important from the perspectives of both, employees and the management. Here’re some of the important features of the self-service portal that make it a trending requirement at work.

  • Employees get access to all those web portals of an organization through a single login credential
  • Information is segregated on the portal to ensure the convenience of employees
  • Provides performance notes, which can be tracked by employees and managers at the same time
  • Offers a platform for regular interactions between employees and HR professionals
  • Time off requests from employees can be tracked easily by managers and payroll professionals to prevent any          confusion
  • It also acts as a platform for updating information related to training schedules, travel updates, internal  opportunities, and so on
  • Digital time cards help employees in tracking their working hours
  • HR documents can be shared at a single platform to be accessed by employees
  • Ensures easy integration with any payroll software within an organization
  • It can easily integrate with the payroll software

Benefits of Employee Self Service Portals

Human resource management software solutions with the employee self-service feature can make the work life of employees and HR professionals easier. Let’s find out some of the benefits of an employee self-service portal:

Allows employees to manage contact details, addresses and other personal information

  • Payroll information and scheduling can be viewed easily with employee specific login
  • Employees can manage tax declarations, benefits and other HR data on their own
  • Employees can transact with the HR team remotely and with higher clarity
  • Helps employees with career planning, setting of KRAs, and applying for appraisals
  • Data entry errors can be avoided by empowering employees to manage their own information
  • Employees can access important information anytime and from anywhere conveniently
  • Recruitment and on boarding processes can be integrated efficiently
  • Productivity & efficiency of an organization increases, as labour hours are saved significantly

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Factors to Consider When Investing in Employee Self Service Portal

Before selecting the HR management software with employee self-service module for your organization, you need to consider certain important factors:

  • Find out which software is best for your organizational needs. You need to conduct a thorough research to analyse what your employees expect from an employee self-service portal.
  • Budgeting constraints should also be kept in mind. This will help you in selecting the best software within your budget.
  • Employees should be trained extensively, so that they know how to use the HRMS software with employee self-service portal.

The sooner your organization adopts an employee self-service portal, the better it will be for the overall productivity and efficiency of your employees.

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