11 Best Horoscope Apps for Android and iPhone

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August 31, 2022 8 Min read

Have you ever felt like ‘oh that is so me’ after reading a horoscope?

Or does your day go quite similar to the one you read in your horoscope reading?

Well, what if every morning someone could really tell you how your day is going to be?

Interesting, isn’t it?

This is exactly what horoscope apps can do for you. Know what your day, week, and year will look like, what opportunities you should not miss, what challenges you should be prepared for, how your love life will be, and a lot more.

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What is a Horoscope App?

The horoscope app uses AI technology to determine the position of stars and planets and give predictions based on the same. Users can simply register themselves, and enter their date of birth, time of birth, and other required details to get readings.

Additionally, some horoscope apps offer features like palm reading, numerology, love compatibility check, remedies suggestions, etc.

11 Best Horoscope Apps for Android and iPhone [Free & Paid]

Both individuals and professional astrologers can also use horoscope apps to determine planetary positions, create birth charts, janam kundli, live chat with users, suggest remedies, etc.

We have got a list of our favourite astrology apps with a brief analysis of what they can offer you. Download the one that interests you.

  1. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Virgo Astrology App

Astrology Zone was launched by celebrity astrologer, Susan Miller in 1995. You can subscribe to Daily Astrology Zone to receive daily forecasts for all zodiac signs in three categories – today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Subscribers can also read their daily horoscopes from a password-protected section on the website.

Features of Astrology Zone

  • Daily readings for all 12 zodiac signs
  • Readings for Sun Sign & Rising Sign
  • Subscription to Daily Astrology Zone
  • Learn Astrology Section for aspiring astrologers

Available on – Android & iOS

  1. Co – Star

Co-Star App

With Co – Star astrology you no longer need to have a personal astrologer to guide you. Now, you have an option to get predictions from a combination of AI technology and insights from expert astrologers. Their data is based on the real-time data collected from the movement of planets.

To get a more accurate and specific horoscope data for yourself, you can get hyper-personalized predictions. This prediction is based on the picture of the sky and the placement of the stars at the exact time and place when you were born.

Features of Co – Star

  • Uses NASA data to give predictions
  • Get hyper-personalized data
  • Receive real-time insights based on the planet’s movements
  • Personalized horoscope reading with a full natal chart

Available on – Android, iOS

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  1. The Pattern

If you are looking for an astrology app to do an in-depth analysis of your unique personality, The Pattern is your go to platform. With this app, you will be able to identify and breakdown any notable cycle that you experience in your life.

You can also find the right match for your love life through a compatibility check available for friends and partners. In fact, this astrology app can also help you find your true connection with The Pattern’s Connect dating feature, isn’t that fun?

Features of The Pattern

  • Great in-depth personality analysis
  • Compatibility check with friends and romantic interests
  • Discover compatible connections with Connect dating
  • Analysis of notable cycles experienced in your present, past, future

Available on – Android, iOS

  1. TimePassages

TimePassages is ideal for you if you are running an astrology business, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional astrologer. With this, you can create simple astrology charts that are easy to read.

This app is a great help for astrologers to recognize classic planetary patterns such as seesaw, funnel, bowl, and more. You also get an electronic user manual that contains an in-depth introduction to the astrology world and references for complex astrology terms.

Features of TimePassages

  • Graphical display of planet transit timelines
  • Create natal chart adjustments for different birth times
  • Give predictions based on 20+ astrologically relevant points
  • Generate reports within a click
  • Add-on available for Astro maps

Available on – Android, iOS

  1. Sanctuary

If you don’t want any algorithm predicting your future, then download the Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic app, to get in-depth consultation from real human astrologers. You can just use their on-demand astrologer feature and talk to an astrology expert after paying the required fees. You can also use Sanctuary’s all-access library to learn everything about astrology like transits, 12 houses, and more.

Features of Sanctuary

  • Get free horoscopes daily
  • Consultation directly from personal astrologers
  • Receive daily Astro news for free
  • Talk to On-Demand astrologers any time

Available on – Android, iOS

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  1. The DailyHoroscope

With The DailyHoroscope, you can set a daily horoscope reminder so that you don’t miss out on any reading. On the app, check the personality traits of all zodiac signs, and conduct a compatibility check in Druid and Chinese zodiac signs. To make sure your zodiac reading is just a tap away, you can turn on the horoscope widget for the Daily Horoscope App.

Features of Daily Horoscope

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings
  • Check compatibility between two zodiac signs
  • 10 million+ active users
  • Customizable user interface
  • Check readings for Druid and Chinese zodiacs

Available on – Android, iOS

  1. AstroMatrix


Enter your birth time, date, and place to get accurate daily horoscopes on AstroMatrix, instead of getting a generic reading of your sun sign. You can also know about the hidden secrets of your past life through Draconic soul reports. Moreover, it allows astrologers to see transit and current planetary forecasts such as mercury retrograde.

Features of AstroMatrix

  • Create comprehensive birth chart reports
  • Check love compatibility between zodiacs
  • Generate a Draconic report using TrueNode to know your past life
  • Ask questions to get tarot card readings

Available on – Android, iOS

  1. iHoroscope

Know what the stars have got for you in the upcoming week, month, and year with accurate readings by iHoroscope app. Also, get personalized consultation by asking questions to authentic psychics in a live chat and get answers to their questions within seconds. You can even test your compatibility with other zodiac signs and read seasonal horoscopes in Chinese zodiacs.

Features of iHoroscope

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes
  • Readings are given by professional astrologers
  • Check horoscope in Chinese zodiacs
  • Ask questions in a live chat to authentic psychics

Available Platforms – Android, iOS

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  1. Astro Style

Get predictions about your love life, career, and other opportunities and challenges with Astro Style. With this free astrology app for iPhone, you can also learn about your future predictions related to money, love, career, friendship, and family. In fact, you can get some valuable advice from the app and refrain from making mistakes in life.

Features of Astro Style

  • Daily horoscope predictions from premier astrologers
  • Check your friends’ and family’s zodiac at your fingertips
  • Decode romantic signals with Love Horoscopes
  • Know your upcoming opportunities and challenges through accurate readings

Available on – iOS

  1. Astroyogi

Astroyogi Daily Horoscope

The Astroyogi Daily Horoscope app is a free consultation app, where you can simply sign up, add money to your Astroyogi wallet, and call or chat with a professional astrologer. Additionally, Astroyogi also offers janam kundali and daily horoscope predictions based on your birth time and place.

Users can also take consultations with tarot card readers and numerologists to find out about their upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Features of Astroyogi Daily Horoscope

  • Consultation with experienced astrologers via call and chat
  • Free janamkundli maker
  • Get tarot cards and numerology readings
  • Get consultation for effective remedies like mantra, gemstones, Rudraksha, etc.

Available on – Android, iOS

  1. Astrosage Daily Horoscope

Astrosage Daily Horoscope

Astrosage Daily Horoscope app allows you to check horoscope predictions for specific years in different categories like finance, career, marriage, and more. You can also indulge yourself in various healing sessions by professionals such as yoga, crystal, feng shui, reiki healing, and more.

Features of Astrosage Daily Horoscope

  • Personalized horoscope readings
  • Readings through Lal Kitab, birth charts, horoscope matchmaking, etc.
  • Consultation for astrological remedies such as yantras, gemstones, rudraksha, etc.
  • Special consultations for career, finance, and marriage
  • Live chat with professional astrologers

Available on – Android, iOS

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Which Horoscope Apps Should You Download?

The apps has multiple options for you to choose from. But you need to decide, what you are exactly looking for.

Do you want generic daily horoscope predictions generated through an algorithm or do you want to directly consult a professional astrologer, or a mix of both?

Based on this you can choose the best horoscope app for yourself. You can also download horoscope apps that offer additional consultation related to remedies like mantra, yantra, Rudraksha, etc.


  1. What are good horoscope apps?

    Some really good horoscope apps are Astroyogi Daily Horoscope, AstroMatrix, The Pattern, Co – Star, etc. They allow users to get personalized readings and consultations from professional and experienced astrologers.

  2. Which horoscope app is true?

    Best horoscope apps such as Astro Style, iHoroscope, TimePassages are some astrology apps that offer accurate predictions.

  3. Is the horoscope app free?

    Yes, Astrosage Daily Horoscope, Chani, Daily Horoscope are free to use. You can check your daily horoscope readings, compatibility, and other readings for free.

  4. What app do professional astrologers use?

    Professional astrologers use astrology apps like TimePassages and Astroyogi Daily Horoscope to create birth charts, janam kundli, understand transits, planetary positions, and more.

  5. Are astrology apps safe?

    Yes, astrology apps are completely free to use for astrologers and individuals. However, we recommend you check the privacy policies and terms & conditions of the astrology app that you want to use.

  6. How accurate are horoscopes?

    Horoscopes use the science planetary positions to give readings and predictions, which might be generic for zodiac signs. Although, for more accurate readings and predictions you can take personal consultations from professional astrologers on horoscope apps like Astrosage Daily Horoscope, iHoroscope, etc.

  7. How to use horoscope app?

    To use horoscope apps, login to your account and you can check your daily horoscope readings, get your palm reading by clicking a picture of your palm, get numerology results with your date of birth, etc.

  8. What is the best horoscope app?

    Astrology Zone, AstroMatrix, Astrosage Daily Horoscope, and more.

  9. What is the best free horoscope app?

    Astro Style, The Pattern, Co – Star, etc.

  10. What is the best horoscope app for iPhone?

    Sanctuary, Daily Horoscope, TimePassages, and Astrology Zone.

  11. What’s the best horoscope app for Android?

    Astroyogi Daily Horoscope, iHoroscope, Sanctuary, etc.

You can also go through our entire range of Astrology Software for more features to explore!

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