15 Best Open Source Testing Tools List to Choose From

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While developing a new software, open source testing tools can be used to identify any bugs and faulty operation. By making use of open source test management tools, you can easily maintain and upgrade your software regularly.

Open Source Testing Tools: How It Helps

Open source automation testing tools are quite popular as their source code is available for free use and designers can build additions upon the basic framework.

With the help of open source performance testing, you can examine your software or application at different stages and for different parameters such as load, regression, etc.

Not only this, open source testing tools can be used for testing of mobile and desktop applications as well in addition to software.

Benefits of Open Source Test Management Tools

Benefits of open source load testing tools are as follows:

  • Low cost deployment and maintenance

Licenses of open source test automation tools can be purchased for free or at a low cost and these tools require minimum hardware investment.

  • Ample support and options of collaboration

Several online communities exist for open source software testing tool which provide utilities and support. These tools also allow remote teams to collaborate on a project.

  • Best in class security

Since a lot of developers contribute to the framework of open source testing tools, it is easier to identify any bugs in these tools which may harm your system.

  • Flexibility in usage

Unlike open source test management tools, testing software provided by specific vendors limits your team’s performance. You can only use the functionalities provided by that vendor and security patches also take a long time to be released.

List of 15 Best Open Source Testing Tools in 2020

In the following section,you can read about top open source testing tools which are suitable for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Open Source Testing Tool for Web Application

  1. Selenium

Open source automation testing tools

Selenium open source test management tool is compatible with different browsers, programming languages and operating systems. With Selenium, you can automate administrative tasks which are primarily based on the web.

Selenium Open Source Automation Testing Tool Features

  • Selenium Ecosystem

Ecosystem showcases some of the projects which have been designed using Selenium webdriver.

  • Multiple libraries

With Selenium, you get access to libraries containing different languages and commands from Selenium API.

  • Testing frameworks

Selenium offers automation of web applications by supporting testing frameworks such as FluentLenium, QAF, Capybara, etc.

  • Selenium IDE

This is used for quick bug identification without having to learn a scripting language. Selenium IDE can be added as a browser extension.

  • Selenium Grid

Selenium grid provides you the option of performing software testing on several machines and manage them from a central point.


  • Selenium offers cross browser testing
  • It works well on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems


  • Selenium only supports web-based applications

  1. JMeter Testing Tool

Open source performance testing tools

JMeter, also known as Apache JMeter, is a Java based load testing tool. Developed with the scope to initially test web application, this open source test automation tool has expanded to testing several more applications.

JMeter Testing Tool Features

  • Testing on different resources

JMeter can be used for testing of static and dynamic resources as well as web dynamic applications.

  • Command line mode

With its command line mode feature, tests can be loaded from any Java compatible OS such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.

  • Multithreading framework

JMeter uses multithreading framework for simultaneous function sampling across different threads.

  • Caching of test results

JMeter provides caching and offline display of test results. It also allows for replaying those test results.

  • Visualization plugins

Through Visualization plugins, you can personalize JMeter open source testing tool as per your business need.


  • JMeter has an easy to use interface and simple workflows
  • It is useful for different types of performance testing such as stress testing, load testing and stability testing.


  • Newer versions do not show start and end time of a test.

  1. WatiN

Open source load testing tools

WatiN is the short form for Web Application testing in .NET. It is an open source testing tool which tests web applications through browsers. WatiN has been written in C#, which makes it easier to automate tests by using web browsers.

WatiN Test Management Tool Features

  • Recording capabilities

WatiN testing tool provides the option of recording tests for the future reference.

  • Automation of HTML elements

With WatiN, you can automate different HTML elements of various attributes.

  • Webpage screenshot

You can create and store screenshots of important web pages.

  • Dialogs and frames

WatiN supports both modal and modeless HTML dialogs and frames such as cross domain and iframes

  • Enhanced integration

WatiN can be integrated with any .Net language.


  • WatiN handles pop ups such as login, alert, confirm or deny, etc.
  • It supports AJAX testing


  • The open source testing software might have compatibility issues with internet explorer 10.

  1. Robot Framework

Robot Framework is an open source software testing tool meant for acceptance test driven and behaviour development. Many software firms also use robot framework for robotic process automation (RPA). It is a python-based testing tool suitable for heterogeneous testing environment. Moreover, Robot Framework libraries and tools can be developed as individual projects.

Robot Framework Open Source Testing Tool Features

  • Enhanced integration

Robot framework can be integrated with several different software tools.

  • Easy to read syntax

Robot Framework has an easy to read syntax, which makes use of human readable keywords.

  • Hosted on GitHub

Robot Framework is hosted on GitHub which contains documentation and source code.

  • Efficient operationality

The open source testing software is operational system and platform independent.

  • Functional libraries

Abilities of Robot Framework can be extended using its libraries based on Python and Java.


  • This tool has a rich ecosystem filled with libraries and tools
  • The open source automation testing tool has a modular architecture


  • You need to devote considerable time to fully grasp the working of the open source test automation tool.

Open Source Software Tools for Mobile Application

  1. Appium

Appium Framework works best for mobile apps as well as native and hybrid apps. This open source testing tool has cross platform functions, i.e. it is used for performance testing of apps designed for iOS, Android and Windows through the same API.

Appium Open Source Load Testing Tool Features

  • Vendor provided frameworks

Appium makes use of vendor provided frameworks so that you don’t have to depend on third party frameworks.

  • Web driver API

Web driver API allows you to use test runners and framework as per your choice.

  • Client libraries

Client libraries in Appium are HTTP clients which can be easily adopted to your testing environment.

  • APIs for mobile automation

Appium extends APIs for testing of apps in mobile environment.

  • Appium Inspector

Appium inspector helps to test the hierarchy of your application.


  • Appium is easy to setup and run
  • It offers extensive documentation for the purpose of referencing


  • It is difficult to be used by a beginner without guidance from a skilled developer.

  1. Carina

Open source test automation tool

Carina is an open source performance testing tool which is utilised for testing iOS and android apps as well as web-based applications. It is a Java based testing tool whose framework is built on other open source testing tools such as Appium and Selenium.

Carina Open Source Test Automation Tool Features

  • Works with different browsers

Carina works well with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more such browsers.

  • Code reusability

For mobile based apps, Carina reuses automation code between iOS and android apps upto 70-80 percent.

  • Cross platform

Test cases can be executed both on Windows and Linux.

  • Support for different databases

Carina works well with both relational and nonrelational databases such as MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, etc.

  • Freemarker template

Testing in Carina is carried out on this template, which dynamically changes arguments based on incoming requests.


  • It provides an all in one solution for different kinds of software testing
  • Carina open source testing tool supports the parallel execution of test cases


  • The automation quality depends on how much the developer is experienced.

  1. WebDriverIO

Written in Java script, WebDriveIO is an open source load testing tool for mobile applications and browsers. WebDriverIO can be used to extend existing commands in a simple manner. It runs on WebDriver protocol, which helps it perform well across browsers.

WebDriverIO Open Source Test Automation Tool Features

  • Community plugins

A variety of plugins allow you to set up the software as per your business needs.

  • Automate any application

With WebDriverIO, you can automate applications written in frameworks such as Angular and Polymer.

  • Searching for elements in shadow DOM

With its shadow command, the software can search for elements in shadow DOM of web component.

  • Command line interface

The command line interface allows you to write your config file in very less time.

  • Overview of third party apps

The software provides an overview of all third-party applications being used for reporting, framework adaptations, etc.


  • It comes with support for writing visual regression tests
  • This open source automation testing tool supports commands of the chrome dev tools.


  • Tasks can only be debugged by the WDIO task runner.

  1. OpenTest

Open source software testing tool

OpenTest open source software testing tool is used for automated testing of APIs, mobile applications and web based programs. You do not require any coding skills to get your way around OpenTest. It supports multiple browsers and can run execution of test cases on cloud servers

OpenTest Open Source Testing Tool Features

  • Keyword testing

Keywords are useful for reducing the complexity and increasing maintainability of tests.

  • Distributed testing

This open source testing software allows you to execute test cases across multiple devices.

  • Multiple testing environments

You only need to build your tests once and then you can run them in different environments.


Using HTTP API, you can integrate your code with third party applications such as Jenkins, Jira, etc.

  • Scripting support

Codes written in JavaScript can be embedded anywhere in your test and matched up against complex scenarios.


  • This open source software testing tool works on windows, Mac OS and Linux operating system
  • It generates reports mentioning the results of test execution


  • The software can be a bit complex to use for non-technical users.

Open Source Testing Tool for Software Testing

  1. Tarantula Test Management Tool

Tarantula open source test automation tool has been designed for testing of agile software. Tarantula test management software makes use of tags and SmartTags for creating an appropriate testing environment.

Tarantula Open Source Software Testing Tool Features

  • Dashboard

With Tarantula’s dashboard, you can view the version history of your software.

  • Analytical reports

You can obtain detailed reports about the bugs present in your software and remedies to be used.

  • Integration with bug trackers

Tarantula can be integrated with bug tracking tools such as Jira, Bugszilla.

  • Different test execution

Tarantula provides different text executions such as smoke test, integration test, performance test, etc.

  • Test management tool

This software testing tool gives you case information and steps to be taken for a specific defect.


  • Useful for testing agile software projects
  • Tarantula software lets you define test objects


  • Tarantula test management tool has limited documentation

  1. Gatling

load testing tool

Gatling is a high performing open source test automation tool. It helps predict whether a test case would crash or not based on its response time. Gatling is also known for detection of errors early in the application or software development cycle.

Gatling Open Source Performance Testing Tool Features

  • Simulating multiple users

Gatling lets you simulate actions of millions of users for your applications.

  • Enhanced utilities

Gatling offers several utilities including a recorder for test playback, insightful reports, etc.

  • Usage flexibility

Gatling can be used as a standalone tool or as a dependency with Maven and SBT.

  • Learning resources

The software offers ample learning resources and tutorials for beginners as well as professional developers.

  • Gatling frontline

With Gatling frontline, you can have access to advanced metrics and advanced automation features.


  • Gatling offers extensive documentation
  • It is a cross platform software and can be used across different OS.


  • Organizations not having a Java based development team may find working with Gatling open source testing tool a tad difficult.

  1. Citrus Framework

automated testing software

Citrus open source test management tool acts upon both the client and the server simulating request during the test run. This tool is useful for complex integration testing involving the force crashing and timeout situation.

Citrus Open Source Test Management Tool Features

  • Validation messages

You can send and receive control messages for validation.

  • Reusing message content

You can save the message content and then reuse it in a test case.

  • Database content

This software allows using database content for executing queries in database tests.

  • Test grouping

Executes tests as JUnit tests from eclipse, Netbeans, etc.

  • Customizable features

With Citrus, you have the option of writing customized functions and test actions.


  • You can test your code in different environments
  • The open source testing tool offers parallel execution of test cases


  • Citrus Framework has a steep learning curve for beginners.

load testing tool

TestLink open source test management tool combines test specification and requirement specification. TestLink is a powerful software examining tool as it allows multiple users to log in at the same time. Admins can define user-based access controls for maintaining security and data privacy.

TestLink Open Source Automation Testing Tool Features

  • Multiple execution of test cases

TestLink provides both manual and automated test case execution.

  • High speed functioning

Developers can access test objectives, schedules and corresponding reports quickly.

  • Multi Format test report support

You can obtain test reports in different formats such as excel, word, pdf, etc.

  • Integration with Defect systems

TestLink can be integrated with bug tracking systems such as BUGZILLA, MANTIS, etc.

  • Filtering of test cases

The software filters test cases based on their version, test ID, keywords, etc.


  • It makes a good use of the traceability matrix of test cases
  • You can easily update test cases


  • It does not provide email notification

Open Source Testing Tool for Desktop Application

  1. Sahi Testing Tool

Sahi testing tool

Sahi testing tool has been developed for examining desktop, mobile and web-based applications for any gaps or bugs. This open source testing tool is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Oracle, etc. and boasts of its easy to use APIs.

Sahi Open Source Test Management Tool Features

  • Mobile app compatibility

Sahi testing tool can be used for testing iOS, Android, Hybrid and Native apps.

  • Automatic waits

The software circumvents the need for obtaining statements for pages with inconsistent loading.

  • Object spy

With this feature, Sahi open source testing tool can identify bugs even in software with dynamic IDs.

  • Friendly frameworks

Excel frameworks allow even non-technical teams contribute to the testing mechanism.

  • Parallel/Distributed execution

With Sahi testing tool, you can execute test cases in parallel or distribute them across several machines.


  • Sahi testing tool provides AJAX support
  • It does not function on HTML implementations solely


  • For large scale automation, it takes longer to test such scripts.

  1. SoapUI

SoapUI stands for Simple Access Object Protocol User Interface. It is an open source automation testing tool for web services such as JDBC, Graph QL APIs, etc. It is suitable for individuals working on one machine in a single testing environment.

SoapUI Open Source Performance Testing Tool Features

  • Community support

SoapUI has a dedicated community which provides support and other utilities.

  • Automated testing

The software provides virtual environments in which you can carry out data driven testing for your program.

  • Team environment

SoapUI can be used seamlessly from remote locations and work from home setups.

  • Extensive reports

The software publishes reports in different formats such as PDF, XML, Allure, etc.

  • Dashboard

You can run multiple test runs within the dashboard and compare results.


  • SoapUI has robust security testing features for threats such as SQL injection
  • It allows customization of parameter values without altering the whole test case.


  • If the tool works on a new payload, it forgets the history of previous executions.

  1. Galen

testing software

Galen open source load testing tool is used for cross browser testing and runs on Java and JavaScript. Galen lets you test your applications in cloud environments such as Lambda Test, Sauce Labs, etc. to check their feasibility on different devices.

Open Source Test Automation Tool Features

  • Time saving tool

Galen is capable of running multiple tests in parallel.

  • Responsive design

Galen has a responsive design as it sets up testing environment for different browsers.

  • Multiple syntax

The software makes use of basic syntax, which is human readable and advance syntax.

  • Galen Specs Language

With Galen specs language, it is easy to read and write a complex layout.

  • Better functionality

Galen framework provides functionalities such as image comparison and color scheme verification.


  • Galen allows testing multiple elements in a single line
  • It provides detail HTML reports with screenshots and error reporting


  • Image comparison feature is not easy to setup

Our Final Comments

Open source testing tools are essential for you to identify all the pain points in your software, mobile or web applications. This list of 15 open source performance testing tools helps you choose the best one for your organisation. With the most useful open source automation testing tools, you can enhance the functionality of your software and ultimately provide an enriching user experience.

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