15 Best Reseller Apps in India for Selling and Online Shopping

15 Best Reseller Apps in India for Selling and Online Shopping-feature image
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If you want to establish your own business from home, you have landed at the right place. 

You can simply register as a reseller and start your reselling business, with no investment. Yes, that’s right. Reselling apps give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to the internet and social media revolution, reseller apps have advanced well beyond our wildest dreams. You don’t have to go looking for a suitable marketplace to buy or sell your products. Let’s dive into this article to know all about Reseller Apps in India for Selling and Online Shopping.

Who is a Reseller?

A reseller is a company or an individual that buys and sells goods and services to earn profit from each transaction.

online reselling app

A reseller makes huge profit by buying a large amount of goods, however, a retailer buys goods from a wholesaler but sells them only at a marked up price. The reselling chain will see a price increase from the manufacturer to the merchant and finally to the customer, with each link in the chain profiting from the resale of the items.

Resellers may simply increase the price of the things they resale, or they may add value by merging related items or repackaging. By repackaging their products, working with speedy carrier companies, and establishing a reasonable pricing plan, resellers offer unrivalled value to their items, resulting in increased sales.

What are Reseller Apps?

Reseller apps are online marketplaces where users may display their goods and communicate with people in their neighbourhood who are interested in purchasing them. Buyers can also negotiate prices to reach a final price that is acceptable to both buyers and sellers.

It’s a secure site that doesn’t need users to reveal any personal information. Only because individuals are aware of the various capabilities in resale apps has this evolution been feasible. Some common names for reseller app are Meesho, Shop 101, Olx India etc.

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How to Start a Reseller Business Online?

The following are a few things to consider before starting a reseller business online:

  • Select the best type of reselling business for yourself

    You can either purchase items at wholesale prices and resell them at a profit, or you can earn commission by referring your sales to wholesalers. It’s critical to simplify your business processes and find the ideal fit for you, right in the beginning.

  • Determine your industry

    The e-Commerce business has transformed over the years, and knowing the specifics of your products will help advertise them more effectively.

    You must investigate industries, market developments, inflation, and their implications for your company. It will give you a notion of how different items and services cost, as well as customer service, rules, and restrictions. You can also enquire about the products and their terms and conditions from your vendors.

  • Determine your company’s market and target audience

    You must know your clients’ preferences. What method will you use to deliver the merchandise to them? What do you mean by referrals? Or by developing an internet presence? When you transport things to customers, how much will it cost you?

  • Research about your competition

    If you have less competitors in the market, your new reselling firm will be more profitable. So, find a niche and do something that’s unique and obliterates the competition. Many suppliers refuse to allow resellers into their market because it creates a pricing war that hurts everyone.

    It is critical to conduct research and make plans. Do some research to see what your competitors are charging. What will set your new reseller company apart from the competition? How will you make your company more profitable? Selling beauty and fashion products is one of the top online resale companies.

  • Check to see if the business is profitable

    The next stage is to determine whether your reseller business is viable, based on the correct sort of reseller business, current market trends, rivals, and product information. It’s a waste of time and money to start a business that doesn’t have a chance of succeeding.

    It is critical to foresee the financial analysis of the firm and predict its future. Do you want to know how much a website will cost? What method will you use to distribute your product to customers? How much will affiliate marketing cost if it is required? What would the cost of advertisements be? What will the result be? How much money are you going to make?

  • Begin your reseller business on the internet

    After you’ve incorporated all the information and assessed the advantages and drawbacks of the business, the final step is to establish your reselling business. The company’s incorporation is simple and can be completed online.

    Set up a website and buy a domain after you’ve incorporated it to start an internet resale business. You can also locate a domain on a free website and buy it for free or at a low price to process orders online. After validating the availability of your suppliers, you may add all the stocks to the website and begin selling.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling on Reseller Apps

To make profit and earn a decent margin, you need to keep these things in mind on reseller apps.

  • Recognize what your market needs

    You must first decide what your niche market demands, and then you must determine how a mobile app may deliver the solutions your clients require. Remember, you’re providing a marketing solution rather than software functionalities.

  • Avoid saturation

    Adding your name to the pile won’t get you anywhere unless you have a competitive advantage. Ask yourself these questions to analyse where you stand in the market.

    Are you able to offer your services at a cheaper cost than your competitors?

    Are you doing things differently, or are you offering a completely new service?

    How can you hope to attract clients from old, well-established solutions?

  • Get to know your niche

    And every good marketer should know the client’s industry for producing high-quality goods.

    So, it’s best if you pick a vertical that you’re already comfortable with. Sure, you can try something completely different, and that is sometimes the greatest option. However, if you have to learn a completely new type of business from the ground up before you can start making progress, you are adding to your workload.

  • Recognize the platform preferences of your vertical

    Knowing what is popular in your niche puts you ahead of the competition. Doing small talk with your customers via those sales calls and emails helps you understand your vertical. Find out what your target niche usage patterns are. That niche might not follow the same patterns as the rest of the population.

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Advantages of Selling on Reseller Apps

The following are the potential advantages of using a reselling platform or reseller app:

  • It gives you an additional way to market and sell your products.

  • When compared to other sales channels, reselling platforms offer lower marketing expenditures.

  • It opens up new avenues for international sales – Online marketplace growth has been observed in the categories of homeware, pets, fashion, and athletic items.

  • Customers like them because they make it easy to compare prices and items from a single source.

  • Being a part of a well-established online marketplace establishes a level of trust between you and the buyer, and impartial reviews of your products and services may instil confidence in prospective clients.

  • They provide possibilities to form new trading relationships with traders and suppliers, either inside or across supply chains.

  • They give increased transparency by allowing access to availability, prices, and stock levels in an open environment.

  • They also allow for round-the-clock operations, removing time limits and challenges associated with varying foreign trading hours.

Disadvantages of Selling on Reseller Apps

The following are some disadvantages of using a reselling platform:

  • Every sale on a marketplace might charge a commission fee, which varies from site to site. Make sure you understand the marketplace’s price structure before selling your products there.

  • In terms of how you can contact customers, internet retailers might set limited terms and conditions.

  • There may be restrictions on how your company can brand its online presence in the marketplace.

How to Make Money Via Reseller Apps?

Reseller applications simplify purchasing and selling products for profit.

You may access the greatest product reseller programmes from reseller firms or online buying and selling sites when you download a reseller app and become a reseller.

These free reseller programmes assist you in making money by allowing you to buy and sell items from branded reseller product catalogues. You can set your own profit.

Most reseller apps include reselling advice and training programmes to assist you in developing a reseller business strategy.

List of Best Reselling Apps in India

AppBest forApp Compatibility
MeeshoApparel, shoes, jewelry, bagsAndroid, iOS
YaariApparel, home decor, footwear, accessoriesAndroid
MercariElectronics, designer clothing, bags, sports goodsAndroid, iOS
Shop101Handicrafts, women accessories, home decor, booksAndroid, iOS
OfferUpClothing, gardening equipment, furniture, home appliancesAndroid, iOS
ZyMiApparel, Watches, Makeup, JewelleryAndroid
Hi BossShoes, watches, apparelAndroid
CartlayApparel, bags, shoes, watchesAndroid
CarWaleNew and used carsAndroid, iOS
QuikrMobile phones, furniture, home decor, home appliances, toysAndroid, iOS
Amazon Seller MarketplaceElectronics, home appliances, video games, books, apparelAndroid, iOS
5milesCars, auto parts, electronics, furnitureAndroid, iOS
LetGoCars, real estate, jobs, electronics, apparelAndroid, iOS
OLXNew and used automobiles, furniture, electronics, footwearAndroid, iOS
ShopeeApparel, accessories, books, footwear, home applaincesAndroid, iOS
Facebook MarketplaceFurniture, apparel, toys, home decorAndroid, iOS
ResellMeApparel, furniture, home decor, electronicsAndroid
ElanicNew and used apparelAndroid
ShopmaticApparel, jewelry, pet food and products, bags, cosmeticsAndroid, iOS

Here’s the latest list of the most trusted and popular reseller apps in India.

  • Meesho

meesho reseller app

Meesho is one of India’s largest reselling platforms that enables small businesses and individuals to start their own online storefronts. It has over 10 million downloads on Google Play and a 4.5 rating. A seller can earn a high commission and profit on every product you sell, and if you meet the sales target, you will receive a weekly cash bonus on Meesho reseller app.

  • GlowRoad

glowroad app

GlowRoad is a reselling platform with over 1 lakh high-quality products and 100 categories available at wholesale pricing. It has almost 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. It is known for on-time delivery. Their product categories include everything from clothing to beauty to home décor, cutlery, furniture, and much more.

  • Yaari

yaari reselling app

Yaari is a well-known social commerce platform where sellers can create a business and earn money by reselling products on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Here, you can sell a diverse selection of branded items with outstanding quality and competitive prices. They also provide simple returns and hassle-free delivery. 

  • Mercari

mercari reseller app

Mercari is referred to as a flea market app where you can sell both used and new stuff. People who have used this program have raved about how easy it is to sell items.

They provide round-the-clock customer service and free shipping, which has resulted in a significant increase in their user base. Sellers need to include a picture of the product with price, brand, condition, and shipping cost.

  • Shop101


Shop 101 has become one of India’s finest free reseller applications. They provide small or home-based business visionaries with zero risk on social media by providing an internet store in minutes.

They have over 50 lakh resellers with a 4-star rating. It provides multi-language options and cashback offers for its users, which adds to the appeal of its service.

  • OfferUp

offerup resell app

OfferUp is a reliable reseller app with over 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. It offers rewards for sellers who consistently maintain a positive customer experience. They also allow their buyers and sellers to provide feedback on the transactions they have completed. Sellers can link their account with Facebook to increase their true identity.

  • ZyMi

zymi best reselling apps

ZyMi is known as one of India’s finest free reseller applications because of its authenticity and ease of use. Here, sellers can establish their own online store for free in minutes and start selling their products. They receive a commission on purchases. You can sell thousands of great branded clothes using the platform.

  • Hi Boss

hi boss reselling app

In terms of authenticity and dependability, Hi Boss is comparable to Meesho and GlowRoad. With this software, you can sell popular items at factory prices and of excellent quality while sitting at home and making zero investment. They genuinely care about their customers, and in order to make them happy, they offer free shipping and a COD option.

  • Cartlay

cartlay online reselling app

This app is well-known for reselling current trends. They have more than 50,000 downloads and a 4.4 star rating. One can share their products on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, making it simple to sell things. It has a fast shipping option, so buyers can get their stuff in two days.

  • CarWale

carwale best reseller app

CarWale is a platform that only provides access to verified sellers. It has a 4.6 rating because it offers a wide choice of inexpensive vehicles with the most convenient payment options.

It gained popularity in a short period of time since it not only offers you a platform to buy and sell a variety of automobiles. It also provides users with specialised assessment tools to assess the current market price.

  • Quikr

quickr online seller app

Quikr app grew its popularity as a leading marketplace for second hand electronics, furniture, clothing, autos, and other items. It has 4.3 stars rating and over 10,000,000 downloads because of its on-time delivery and service at doorstep. This reselling platform has made renting and selling properties so much easier.

  • Amazon Seller Marketplace

amazon reseller app

Amazon Reselling platform is a hidden gem in the world of reselling apps in India. It has a 4.4 rating and has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. They have a large customer base because of their outstanding features, which include a simple return policy, prompt shipping, and the availability of high-quality products.

  • 5miles

5miles best reseller app

5miles is a reselling platform, especially for urban businesses. It supports local businesses with excellent customer service. On this platform, you can simply compare prices and items to locate the best neighbouring reseller.

It has become a popular pick among users, with 4.4 stars and 5,000,000 downloads. Here sellers can sell products, such as furniture, home accessories, antiques, electronics, and many more, with ease.

  • LetGo


LetGo is a marketplace where you can sell used and secondhand goods. It has become the most popular online marketplace, with a 4.3 rating, over 100 million downloads, and excellent customer trust. It prominently supports local and regional companies. In addition, compared to other reselling applications in India, it offers reasonably priced shopping areas.

  • OLX


OLX is one of the largest online marketplace in India for used goods. Whether you are a reseller or just an individual who finds unnecessary things in the house, you can easily send it on OLX. You can connect to the buyer via in-app messaging and calling feature, and discuss the terms and conditions related to pricing and delivery.

  • Shopee


Shopee lets resellers sell without any additional charges or deductions. So, whatever amount you earn, it goes directly into your pocket. You can register on the platform in just 5-10 minutes in very simple steps.

  • Facebook Marketplace

facebook market place

With this reselling platform, you can publicly list your product that can be viewed by anyone on and off the Facebook app. It also enables you to promote your products in public and private groups that you are part of.

  • ResellMe


This app allows you to sell in ResellMe groups where new buyers join in daily based on the popularity of your group. You can even create your own group, while selling your products in other groups. The app connects you directly with the consumer where you can directly crack a deal.

  • Elanic


Elanic is a community of women who face the problem of not owning enough clothes even when their wardrobe is full. To address this issue, this app lets resellers sell their second-hand clothes online. The app even takes care of the logistics and delivers your product safely to the doorstep of the buyer.

  • Shopmatic


In addition to reselling, Shopmatic provides business intelligence tools that allow sellers to store data related to sales in a categorised form. The platform enables you to make it safe and secure from Shopmatic itself, and even takes care of all the logistics requirements.


It can be difficult to find the best reselling app because of the abundance of options available on the Play Store.

All of the best reselling apps mentioned above are really easy to use, and they all have high ratings and favourable reviews. You may use the resale apps with confidence because we thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the finest to purchase, sell, and earn.

Set up your reselling business using these applications and climb to a new level of success in no time.


  1. What are the benefits of reseller apps?

    A resale app can provide you with a number of benefits:
    1. Start a business with no investment
    2. Choose from a wide range of things to sell
    3. No prior experience required
    4. Work in a relaxed and stress-free environment

  2. Which app is best for reselling?

    Every reselling app has its own set of advantages, therefore the platform depends on your business needs.
    1. For selling without fees: Facebook Marketplace
    2. For selling handmade and vintage items: Etsy
    3. For selling clothing: Meesho
    4. For selling home goods: Mercari
    5. For selling heavy goods: eBay

  3. Is Meesho a reselling app?

    Meesho is India’s most popular reselling app because it provides a one-of-a-kind and simple method of income that helps individuals earn money online. It also offers weekly awards and bonuses to entice buyers and sellers to utilise this incredible reselling tool.

  4. Does Meesho sell fake products?

    If you are choosing Meesho as a platform to buy something, you need to be your own judge. There are plenty of sellers adding their product catalogue. You need to go by customer rating and seller past reputation before opting for the catalogue.

  5. How to use Meesho reselling app?

    Tips to make the most of this reseller app:
    1. Explore the enormous selection of products in the ‘For You’ section and all the category landing pages.
    2. Go to the Help section and view the tutorial videos.
    3. Fill in your bank details to receive margins.
    4. Make a logo and a business card.
    5. Build a community on Facebook and WhatsApp and start sharing products.
    6. Set low margin at the beginning and expand your customer base.

  6. Does Meesho deliver outside India?

    No, Meesho does not deliver outside India.

  7. How to list products on Meesho?

    You can list your products on the Meesho application if you are a seller. If you are interested in joining the Meesho Seller Panel, go to the official website and fill out the application. GST Number, PAN Card, and a Business Account are required for Meesho seller registration.

  8. Can you resell Apps?

    You can resell apps as well, but first decide what your niche market demands. Then, you must determine how a mobile app may deliver the solutions your clients require. Remember, you’re providing a marketing solution rather than software functionalities.

  9. Is reselling illegal in India?

    Reselling a product is not against the law. It is legal to resell items acquired from manufacturers and wholesalers.

  10. Is Amazon a reselling app?

    Sell on Amazon is an Amazon.in initiative that allows you to list and sell your products. You can either send the product to the consumer and confirm shipment yourself, or you can let Amazon handle the fulfilment through FBA or Easy ship. After deducting our fees, Amazon will pay the cash into your bank account.

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