15 Best Sales Call Management Apps for Android & iPhone

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July 6, 2023 13 Min read

Managing calls and contacts is easy with a call management system. The best call management apps for iPhone and Android often have an attractive design interface for handling call logs. As a call history manager app, the software offers basic features like call recording, blocking and smart dialer. These apps also perform advanced call manager functions like grouping of contacts, call log import/export and sending recorded messages or GIFs to contacts.

What is a Call Management Application?

A call management app lets you direct inbound calls from customers to those who are best suited to answer the query. This can be defined as skill-based routing. The other type of routing is time-based wherein one can adjust the routing process based on the availability of your sales reps.

To put it simply, the app provides businesses an easier way of managing and responding to calls seamlessly. The app comes with advanced features like IVR, routing calls, auto dialer and more to help your concerned agents improve customer experience.

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15 Best Call Management Apps for Higher Sales Conversion

Sales call management software let you manage calls & messages, check their history and import/export them to preferred formats. Let us have a look at the best call management apps for android and iPhone that offer advanced features:

  • Advanced Call Manager

Best for: Call profile management & clubbing calls into active/hidden numbers

Advanced Call Manager app provides multiple features for handling call and personalization of your screen. This call management app for Android makes it easy for you to decide which calls to accept and which ones to not. In the later scenario, you can use Advanced Call Manager to send busy tone to such callers.

Call profile management

Another interesting feature offered by the sales call management software is that it lets you create personalized messages as replies for different calls. The option to auto dial a number again comes handy too with this app.

Features of Advanced Call Manager (Call Manager App Android):

  • Recording caller’s messages
  • Grouping of contacts
  • Setting blocking rules for different contacts
  • Muted ringer
  • Call diverts
  • Multilanguage support
  • Profile localization

Supported Platforms: It’s a call management app for Android 1.5 and higher

Advanced Call Manager Pricing: It is available free of charge at Play Store.

  • Call Log Manager Pro

Best for: Backing up call logs into the device

Call management android

Log calls to the calendar, track them and get complete call details using Call Log Manager Pro as the call manager app android. You can take advantage of the flexible tools offered by this phone call management system like auto-save and auto delete. Not only this, but it also lets end-users exchange and transfer call logs as well as import them for the listing of CLM files.

Create groups for different contacts and long press on such groups to see the specific things you can do with the software. Some such things you can do here are searching for area code of calls, check the statistics of call history and more. Writing call histories into XML and CSV files is also easy with the sales call management system.

Features of Call Log Manager Pro (Best Call Management Software):

  • Auto deleting call histories
  • Details of call history
  • Analysis of call logs into different categories
  • Search tool for checking specific calls
  • Call log cleaner
  • Call history export into CSV/XML file

Supported Platforms: This call management app download is available forAndroid version 4.0 and higher

Call Log Manager Pro Pricing: This call manager software is available for free.

  • Call Master Key

Best for: Text routing & customizing a phone’s theme

The popular app for managing calls is a robust tool for call and contacts management. The call history manager app is used for text routing and grouping of contacts on the basis of SMS content.

Mute the phone’s ringer, block spam calls/messages and create backups for all contacts list with Call Master Key phone call management solution. The calendar feature comes handy as it is can be trusted for saving the details of call logs. 

Features of Call Master Key Call Management App for Android:

  • Blocking MMS messages
  • Password protection & encryption of all data
  • Setting custom notifications
  • Customizable themes

Supported Platforms: Call log app downloading for Call Master Key is available for Android devices.

Call Master Key Pricing: Master Key is available for you to purchase at INR 81.

  • Call Timer Pro

Best for: Disconnecting calls after the specified minutes

Call Timer Pro call manager app Android lets you customize calls and control them for measuring call consumptions. The built-in caller ID lets you check where a particular call is from and drop the calls after a specific time frame.

The app is most preferred by those that receive large number of calls on everyday basis as here you can set up automated hang-ups and automatic alerts for important calls. Additionally, timer setting is available for automatically hanging up on any call.

Features of Call Timer Pro Call Management App for iPhone:

  • Hang up dialog
  • Caller ID
  • Bubble indicator
  • Persistent notification
  • Coverage indicator

Platforms Supported: Call Timer Pro call management apps is available for download on Android & iOS devices.

Call Timer Pro Pricing: Call Timer Pro costs around INR 203.

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  • Drupe Advanced Call Manager

Best for: Trigger icon to search for specific contacts

Advanced call manager

Drupe call management app streamlines all your communication processes using its call and contact management capabilities. You can organize your contacts, duplicate them and update your address book with sales call management apps. The app also comes handy for grouping emails and doing conference calls.

Drupe cross app dialler can be accessed from any screen so that calls and contacts can be managed from all locations. All you have to do is swipe the call icon to start communicating. Interestingly, the app also lets you WhatsApp anyone who is not in your contacts list.

Key Features of Drupe Call Management App:

  • Group calendar invites
  • Communication logs
  • Missed call manager
  • Organizing address book

Platforms Supported: Drupe is a call management app for iPhone and Android

Drupe Advanced Call Manager Pricing: Free to download. In-app purchases are available for lifetime at INR 815. The monthly plan is priced at INR 325.

  • Simple Contacts Pro

Best for: Advanced search algorithms

Manage contacts, store them on your device and synchronize these as well using Simple Contacts Pro call management app. The software offers multiple filters and sorting options for managing events and emails. As one of the best phone call management platform, it provides instant search tool too for quickly finding contacts.

In addition, this app will not occupy a lot of space and is quite helpful when you have to create contact’s backup.

Features of Simple Contacts Pro Call History Manager App:

  • Search algorithms
  • Contact edit mode
  • Suggestions for matching contacts
  • Multiple contact fields

Supported Platforms: Simple Contacts Pro is a call management app for Android.

Simple Contacts Pro Pricing: Simple Contacts Pro is priced at INR 73.

  • Bright Pattern Sales Call Management App

Best for: Interactive voice responses

Call profile manager tool

Engaging with customers across different channels and providing them with excellent customer service is convenient with Bright Pattern phone call management solution. The best part about using this advanced call manager is that it integrates with the existing platforms on your device to streamline the workflows. You can track clients and sales processes easily with this advanced call manager’s interactive voice responses.

Features of Bright Pattern Call History Manager App:

  • Predictive dialler
  • Omnichannel
  • Bots and AI capabilities
  • Easy to add new channels to quality assurance systems
  • Analytics & KPIs for insights into business performance
  • Conversational IVR (interactive voice response)

Platforms Supported: Bright Pattern is available as a call management app for iPhone and Android supported devices.

Bright Pattern Pricing: Please request a call back for details regarding price plans and free demo.

  • Call Guard Call History Manager App

Best for: Overseas call notifications

Forward calls to voicemail and block junk calls with Call Guard call manager software. Built-in into the software is a hidden caller id that lets you block all unwanted incoming calls. Managing call histories with the app is as easy as blacklisting and whitelisting of the calls.

Key Features of Call Guard Advanced Call Manager:

  • Calls blacklist
  • Overseas call notifications
  • Manual blocking of calls
  • Multiple customization options
  • Easy to disable/enable blocking

Platforms Supported: Call Guard is the best app for call management on Android 2.0 and above

Call Guard Pricing: Free to download. In-app purchases available at INR 225.

  • VCC Live

Best for: Voicemail detection

call manager software

VCC Live call manager app is ideal for automated call distribution, recording and real-time reporting. It can be used further for call blending and VoIP services. Deployed by businesses as a call centre management software, the platform even offers services for mass sending of international SMSs and live chats.

This cloud-based call center solution’s key functionalities include team management, user management, project management & more.

Features of VCC Live Best Call Management App:

  • Outbound IVR
  • Live dashboards
  • Predictive dialler
  • Omnichannel support
  • Script manager
  • Click to call
  • Video ID

Platforms Supported: One of the best call management apps for Android

VCC Live Pricing: Paid plans for VCC Live starts from INR 4330.

  • Professional– INR 5907
  • Multichannel– INR 7482
  • Premium– INR 10,615

  • Call Control – Call Blocker

Best for: Wildcard blocking support

Call manager app android

Call Control- Call Blocker app is a user-friendly application deployed for doing reverse phone lookups and managing SMS messages. The software collects user reports for scam numbers before adding them to blocklists.

In addition, it also supports smart dialer with an inbuilt caller ID. You can reduce unwanted messages and calls with Call Control-Call Blocker call history app.

Call Control-Call Blocker Features:

  • User reports
  • Wildcard blocking report
  • Default dialler
  • Spam text stopper
  • Personal blocklist

Platforms Supported: Call Control-Call Blocker is a call management app for Android and iOS devices.

Call Control – Call Blocker Pricing: Free to download. In-app purchases available.

  • HubSpot

Best for: Filtering leads, companies & contacts

HubSpot Call Tool

Manage live chats and check who is calling with HubSpot call manger software. With a built-in keyboard to help with sending sales assets to any app, the software also supports fast meeting outreach and emailing capabilities.

You can sync all your mobile activities with HubSpot and receive notifications about recent activities in real-time. The call manager application can also be used for creating reminders, deals and tasks.

Key Features of HubSpot Call management Software:

  • Document views
  • Contacts & deal management
  • Meetings link for reviewing meetings
  • Activity history
  • Shareable quotes link
  • Lead filtering

Supported platforms: HubSpot call manager app for Android and iOS devices.

HubSpot Pricing: Free to download.

  • CallAction

Best for: Reverse data append systems in real-time

Phone call management

CallAction phone call management system provides intelligent automation for text, emails and calls to manage leads. The software has inbuilt phone number tracking capabilities for capturing text messages and calls. The text for info system module is also used by businesses for leads and deals management.

The call manager app’s lead management and call tracking capabilities are also used for tracking returns of investment and key performance indicators. Other advanced capabilities of the software include call broadcasting, team tracking dashboards and call capturing.

Key Features of CallAction Call Manager App:

  • Engagement automations
  • Text for info service
  • Lead intel data appends
  • Capturing & tracking inbound calls
  • Sales dialler system
  • Performance tracking analytics

Supported platforms: CallAction is a web-based calla management system.

CallAction Pricing: CallAction offers a 14-day free trial version. Paid monthly plans start from ₹8402. Other plans also available:

  • Solo Advanced– INR 18,287 per month that include features such as unlimited calls/texts, custom automations among other things.

  • CallFire

Best for: Voice broadcasting

Sales call manager app

Call tracking, voice broadcasting or text messaging, all is easy with CallFire call manager app. You can also use CallFire to create text and phone call reminders to send the same to clients/customers. The software is also used by companies for activating lead lists and shortening the collection cycles.

The inbuilt text to speech feature lets you prepare and send custom messages to selected users. This scalable platform is also helpful in recording voice messages and scheduling the same for further delivery. 

Features of CallFire:

  • Text to speech support
  • Setting up of do not call lists
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Inbound call recording
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Tracking advertising performance

Supported platforms: CallFire is a web-based call manager software. 

CallFire Pricing: The Lite plan starts at INR 8082. It includes 2500 minutes/texts. There is also a pay as you go plan available – INR 490 per minute/text.

  • CallSource

Best for: Actionable insights for business performance management

Call Source Management Software

Businesses of all types use CallSource call manager app for tracking calls, reputation management and lead attribution. Along with an automated response system, the call history manager app supports centralized dashboard for responding to customer queries. To help businesses enhance marketing and sales performance, the platform offers actionable insights too for the purpose.

You call also this call management platform for recording calls, online reporting in real-time and call processing. Handle all these processes and improve your business’s marketing return of investment. 

Features of CallSource:

  • Ad hoc reports & analysis
  • Review monitoring & requests
  • Campaign & response management
  • Call tracking
  • Call recording & tracking
  • Vanity phone numbers

Supported platforms: Web-based SaaS platform.

CallSource Pricing:  Schedule customized demo by visiting the official website.

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  • CrazyCall

Best for: Two-way text messaging

Streamline your company’s communication with CrazyCall call managements software text sending and receiving capabilities. Synchronize all conversations, handle calls and organize all customer related processes with this phone call management system. The easy to implement solution also offers intuitive workflows and integration with various applications.

Features of CrazyCall:

  • Click to call widget
  • Call matching & dialler
  • Sales analytics
  • Call panel
  • Manual dialler
  • Call scripting & routing

Supported platforms: Best call manager app for iOS and Android.

CrazyCall Pricing: CrazyCall paid plan starts at INR 2448 in which you get 365 days of data storage, API & integrations facility among others. Free trial is also available.

Wrapping Up

Call management software for iPhone and android are ideal solutions for backing up call data and exporting such information to other secured locations. These user-friendly applications are quick to set up and easily navigable. Buy these or deploy them on free trial for all your call management requirements.


  1. How do I turn off call manager on Android?

    In order to turn off Call Manager on Android, you have to open the Voice app, and then tap ‘menu’ in the top left from Settings. Next, under ‘Calls’, tap on incoming calls. Lastly, under ‘My devices’, you can turn off any devices you don’t want to get call on.

  2. What is incoming call management?

    Incoming call management refers to the processes that businesses use to manage incoming calls like customer queries. The information on call needs to be recorded properly and directed to the right people.

  3. How can I get call history of any number call?

    In order to get the call history of any mobile number, there are multiple tracking apps available. Some of the popular ones are Call Master Key and Call Log Manager Pro.

  4. How do you track customer calls?

    Using apps like Call Log Manager Pro and Bright Light, you can easily track customer calls. Both these apps boast features that allow you to gain information on each person who calls your business.

  5. Is there an app to check call history?

    Call Log Manager Pro, Call Details and Call tracker apps are a few top apps that let you track the call history of numbers online through their advanced tracking features.

  6. How can I recover my deleted call log?

    To recover deleted call history on Android, all you have to do is connect the Android phone to your computer using a USB cord. The next step is to select the file type – Call history that you want to recover. Third, start to scan, and find the deleted call logs on your Android device. As a final step, choose the deleted call history to recover to your phone.

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