8 Fun & Educational Best Software for Kids | Kids Age 4-15+

8 Fun & Educational Best Software for Kids | Kids Age 4-15+-feature image
December 12, 2022 11 Min read

Gone are the days of pen and paper based pedagogies which primarily focused on the practice of mugging rather than understanding. Modern day software for kids ensures that each student can learn at their own pace and in addition to academic subjects, they can also learn a host of co-curricular subjects.

Why are Learning Software and Educational Games for Kids Becoming Popular?

The lockdown implemented due to coronavirus pandemic that resulted with education taking the digital route. With all the required logistics almost in place, it is evident that academic apps including typing software for kids are being given more preference than a personal teacher until the situation changes. Below we mention some of the most prominent reasons for such popularity-

  • Curriculum tools like typing-master for kids can be easily configured to suit one’s learning level. You can take your own time to learn and explore a course. This takes away the pressure from kids of unwanted deadline oriented lesson plans!
  • Learning software for kids involves a lot of interesting tools to explain a concept such as story-based narrative, animation, music and much more. This helps a child grasp even complex topics easily.
  • It has been discovered that children that learn software usually have extensive information about a particular topic or subject. This means that a child can lay their hands on detailed information which might not be possible in a physical classroom where subjects are being discussed only on the surface level.
  • They are safe! Educational software for kids can be accessed from your home without having to visit any academic institution in this pandemic. Such educational software for students also helps in developing an inclusive environment for disabled students.

Are There Different Types of Learning Styles?

Before going for opting for a software for your kids, it is advisable that teachers and students could identify the learning styles corresponding to a student. Below we are mentioning some major learning styles.

Learning Styles Description
Visual The child has a preference for visual cues and images.
Aural The child responds better to sound and music-based learning materials.
Logical The child uses logical reasoning-based tools.
Verbal The child shows a divergence for writing and proper articulation.
Physical The child learns better with physical fitness based learning tools.
Social The child learns best when present in a group or interacting with peers.
Solitary The child shows an inclination towards self-sustaining learning outcomes.

List of 8 Best Software Available to Kids for Free Downloading

We present to you a list of 8 software that can improve your child’s comprehension on a particular subject, especially if he or she belongs to an age group of 4-15 years. So let’s jump straight in.

  • Khan Academy

typing software for kids - khan academy

Khan academy is a true blue free educational software for primary students. It can also be used for high school students. The interface has been designed in such a way that learners, teachers and parents can all derive something from this tool. It helps students identify their personal learning level and pace their lessons in their own way.

Features of Khan Academy Educational Software for Preschoolers Free Download

  • Khan academy provides a variety of content that ranges on subjects like science, math, history, geography and much more.
  • Teachers can know about the learning levels of their pupils and what sort of attention they might need.
  • The software also offers advanced mobile compatibility. It provides an app for both android and iOS devices.
  • Khan academy also provides the ability to download video lectures on your device as an FLV file.

Khan Academy Pros and Cons

  • The software has an extremely user friendly interface
  • Khan academy offers exercises which are targeted toward building special skills in students.
  • Some of the videos might be too descriptive.

Pricing: Khan Academy educational software for primary schools is available for free.

  • Duolingo

Educational Software for Students - duolingo

Duolingo is often rated as one of the best children’s educational software as it makes learning a foreign language fun and easy. The software makes use of the action cards and makes a clear distinction between nouns, pronouns, verbs and so on. The app is suitable not only for learning mainstream languages but also for lesser popular ones such as Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish and more.

Features of Duolingo Software for Kids

  • The software makes use of unique educational tools such as psycholinguistics to provide a better learning experience.
  • It offers multiple exercises including fill in the blanks, write what you hear etc. to master the language of your choice.
  • Duolingo offers regular tips on grammar, shares common mistakes kids make so that you can improve your learning.
  • The app also organizes meet-up events for speakers of different languages to converse with one another.
  • The entire learning process is divided into levels. Newer and tougher levels will keep on unlocking as soon as you complete a lesson.

Duolingo Pros and Cons

  • The software has an easy to use and highly intuitive interface.
  • Duolingo features a story section, which shows how foreign words are applied while conversing in real life.
  • Certain features available on the web app may not be available in the mobile app.

Price: Duolingo, used for educational games for kids, is available for free. It also offers a paid version called Duolingo Plus whose price starts from ₹962.77 per month.

  • Remind

Remind learning software for kids helps teachers, students, parents and administrators, communicate effectively with one another. The main idea behind the app is to better involve parents in the learning outcomes of the children. The app has been curated in such a way that you feel its simplicity while using including beginners.

Remind Typing Software for Kids Features

  • The software allows teachers to schedule classes for different sections in advance.
  • The school can send daily updates to parents regarding results and other updates and also see whether the message is being read or not.
  • Remind helps in personalize communication between parents and teachers or between students and teachers.
  • Parents can set up notifications so that any info regarding their ward’s performance is never missed.

Remind Pros and Cons

  • Remind supports communication via text messages and emails.
  • The app lets teachers and students connect with different subject teachers even after school hours.
  • In case of multiple messages coming all at once, the app might become a bit slow.

Price: Remind typing master for kids offers a free version. The paid version costs ₹296.46 per student per year.

  • Photomath

educational games for kids - photomath

Photomath kids learning software makes math fun. With this, you can scan a math problem in front of you and obtain a comprehensive solution to it. The problem can range from arithmetic to calculus, and it solves it all. Not only this, Photomath also provides a step by step explanation of how it arrived to that particular answer.

Features of Photomath Educational Software for Kids

  • The software provides animated explanations, making it easier to grasp.
  • Photomath features a smart calculator, using which you can input operators not available in normal calculators.
  • Interpret different equations in the form of graphs easily with Photomath software.
  • The app also helps parents revise core math concepts so that they can help out their ward.

Photomath Pros and Cons

  • The app is helpful for teachers to explain complex math questions to a child.
  • Photomath has a dedicated R&D team which works on providing easy to understand solutions every time.
  • The app has a limited solvability for high order thinking skills problems.

Price: Photomath educational software for students can be downloaded for free from Android and Apple app stores. The price of the paid plan starts from ₹221.41 per month.

  • SoloLearn

SoloLearn is the perfect platform for students to learn coding languages including Python, Java and C++. The software can be accessed from different devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop etc. Once your child starts learning, he/she can come back and resume from where they left rather than starting it all over again.

Features of SoloLearn Software for Kids for Free Downloading

  • The software has an intuitive and easy to use interface which makes it suitable to use even by beginners.
  • SoloLearn limits the length of each lesson and then follows it up with fun revision exercises to improve learning outcomes.
  • It makes use of interactive quizzes to help you retain tough topics in a better manner.
  • Learners have the freedom to choose how much and how quickly they want to learn. The software gives you the freedom to pace up your lessons speed.
  • You also have the option of competing with other learners from around the world and earn points.

SoloLearn Pros and Cons

  • The software also has a forum for discussions.
  • SoloLearn has a dedicated mobile app that can be accessed from your browser also.
  • Sometimes SoloLearn’s interface is mired by bugs which makes it sluggish.

Price: SoloLearn is the best children’s educational software that is available for free downloading.

  • Quizlet

Quizlet software makes use of gaming as a pedagogy to make learning more interesting for kids. Quizlet’s flash card based approach can be used in subjects ranging from language, arts, math etc. Quizlet lets you tune to any course, based on your present learning level and then break it into daily or monthly modules.

Quizlet Free Educational Software for primary Students Features

  • With the help of Quizlet, teachers can create an engaging atmosphere in classrooms and focus on achievements of individual students.
  • It offers Quizlet Live, an interactive online quiz based on academic topics in which students can participate remotely.
  • With Quizlet Learn, students can receive timely reminders regarding their study schedules. It also provides concise and easy to follow study sessions.
  • The software supports creation of customized diagrams for making your notes more interactive.

Quizlet Pros and Cons

  • Quizlet supports easy creation of flashcards with the option of adding images from your gallery.
  • The software also provides the option of accessing your study material offline.
  • The gaming functions associated with the software may crash at unexpected times.

Price:  Quizlet educational software for preschoolers is available for free download. It also offers two paid plans as follows-

  1. Quizlet Go – ₹2656.93 per year
  2. Quizlet Plus – ₹3545.54 per year

  • Google Classroom

Google Classroom has emerged as one of the most preferred educational software for primary schools for conducting lessons remotely. This software for kids promotes collective learning as several students can easily join your classes. Teachers can schedule classes in advance for different sections and mark the same on their calendars.

Features of Google Classroom Learning Software for Kids

  • Google Classroom facilitates easy involvement of parents in their ward’s learning process. Teachers can easily share all updates with parents.
  • It also allows teachers to save frequently used feedback and utilise them easily while evaluating students.
  • Google Classroom provides the option of ‘Originality reports’ which enables students to self-evaluate papers for plagiarism.
  • Google Classroom comes with in-built Meet for facilitating communication between students.
  • Each student has an individual account with a unique sign-in to make their account more secure.

Google Classroom Pros and Cons

  • Google Classroom ensures that class content is available only to the participating members and not to anyone else.
  • It offers enhanced integration with third party apps.
  • Google Classroom requires a strong and functioning network for smooth conduct of classes.

Price: Google Classroom software for kids is available for free download on Apple and Android app stores. The price of the individual licenses starts from ₹296.26 per user.

  • Kahoot

software for preschoolers - Khaboot

Kahoot! is one such educational tool that promotes holistic learning by making use of educational games for kids. Teachers and parents have the option of using pre-existing templates or customizing their own for creating interacting games. Kahoot! has been fairly popular during the lockdown due to the ability to host a live quiz to facilitate distance learning.

Features of Kahoot Learning Software for Kids

  • With Kahoot!, teachers have the option of assigning certain challenges as daily assignments.
  • Kahoot! offers enhanced integration with Microsoft teams.
  • Kahoot! offers designated spaces where you can share content with your whole class or colleagues.
  • It is now possible to import questions from a spreadsheet and make a Kahoot! in a minute.
  • The software features an in-built question bank containing more than 500 million questions.

Kahoot Pros and Cons

  • The learning app for Kids enables you to evaluate students on a point based system.
  • You now have the option of inserting YouTube videos into questions.
  • If a student gives a wrong answer by mistake, the software offers no remedy to correct it.

Price: Kahoot! educational software for students offers its basic version free of cost. The price of its paid plan starts from ₹222.20 per user per month.

Summing it up

Kids learning software these days are going through a revolution of sorts thanks to increased demand and better reach. All educational software for students are designed with the sole purpose of making studies fun. Choose any of the software we mentioned above and set your child on the path of holistic learning.

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