How Our Client Adopted an Unfailing Approach to Endpoint Security

How Our Client Adopted an Unfailing Approach to Endpoint Security-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Rajesh Chopra .4 Min read

These days, it’s quite likely that your employees are using multiple devices, such as PCs and smartphone to access and manage your corporate data. A large volume of corporate data is available on the systems of your employees and on storage servers. Aren’t you worried about the vulnerability of your data to malicious agents?

Trust us, there are many potential threats to your corporate data against which you need to take robust security measures. Let’s find out how one of our clients addressed the endpoint security issue to keep their brand reputation intact.

Meet Our Client: RenewBuy

RenewBuy is an online insurance platform for Motor & Health Insurance. It’s associated with top insurers in the market, making it possible to compare and buy motor and health insurance policy anytime and from anywhere.

In just three years, they have created a huge clientele. As soon as they established their foothold in the Indian market, what occupied their attention was data and endpoint security measures.

Challenges They Were Facing

Initially, they did not have any reliable system in place that can put malware, ransomware attacks at bay. Thus, making their data vulnerable to security threats. Add new security layers to their business data became the need of the hour. Also, the data stored and shared without encryption is more prone to theft.

“The average cost per lost or stolen record in a data breach is $148” – IBM

There were other regularities in terms of inconsistent permissions to sensitive folders, which were open to everyone. And then, there are external emails which are the major bearers of malware. And this seems even more alarming after 93 percent of malware coming from emails, as per Verizon. 

How We Addressed Client Pain Points

We provided them Checkpoint Endpoint Sandblast Solution which has the capability to prevent systems from Malwares, ransomware to encrypt data. This was for 300 plus endpoints operating through their Gurgaon office location.

Checkpoint solution gave security administrators at RenewBuy the maximum visibility on their security areas. Every system used within their organization, be it PCs or Mac can be managed with a single console.

Creating a multi-layered defence system for the organizational data became possible with the Checkpoint Endpoint Sandblast Solution.

The IT team at RenewBuy can now manage data shared through the corporate network. Also, it has now become easier to report and educate users with clear data security policies in place.

  • Zero Day Threat Prevention

Checkpoint endpoint security technology helps defend endpoints and web browsers with threat emulation and anti-bot. It also provides features for threat extraction and ensures Zero Phishing.

  • Access Control

Checkpoint Sandblast keeps a track of both inbound and outbound traffic to ensure efficient traffic control. The compliance check further ensures greater access to the corporate network. Also, corporate resources can be managed and controlled from remote locations with remote VPN access.

  • Data Security

It provides complete encryption services for the removable storage media and the entire drive. It also seamlessly protects documents by providing access to also pre-defined users. Further, the pest control feature ensures auditing of endpoint ports with complete endpoint security management.

  • Actionable Incident Analysis

With the help of SandBlast Agent, users at RenewBuy are benefitting from complete forensic capabilities. All endpoint events can be recorded, be it the files affected, system registry changes, processes launched and other network-related incidents. 

  • Machine Learning Technology

People at RenewBuy were quick to adopt the Checkpoint endpoint solution, as it uses advanced machine learning technologies to predict malicious activities in the corporate data and send reminders.

Also, machine learning technology is helping users avoid phishing emails and other data threats. It’s good to see our clients happy with the endpoint security solutions that we provided.

With a single console, they can now defend against multiple attack vendors. It’s a one-stope solution for all their worries related to data security, compliance and network access.

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