How is Cloud Communication Platform Transforming Contact Centers

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July 27, 2023 6 Min read

Summary: Cloud communication platforms are making contact centers more proactive than ever! How is this tech advancement transforming customer service? Let’s find out.

Owing to the rapid digital transformation, contact centers have emerged as the central point of contact through which companies manage all customer interactions across multiple channels such as social media, emails, customer support, web chats etc. You can say that it is a command center where agents work in tandem to provide support and solutions to their customers.

The omnichannel support has increased customer expectations, as now they want round the clock availability, easy access to all information, and superior experiences. Hence, to support rising customer demands and fulfil their expectations, you need a reliable solution. That’s where cloud communication platforms like Smartflo by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) can help.

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What is a Cloud Communication Platform?

A cloud communication platform gives you tons of important functionalities such as processing video and voice calls, document sharing, instant messaging, collaboration, conference calling and more. With the capabilities and resources found in the cloud, your company has access the right amount of computing and storage power.

The whole software suite runs in the cloud, which means your contact center agents doesn’t have to worry about regular upgrades, maintenance windows, security patches and additional security measures to protect the network from bugs, intrusions and hackers.

Top cloud communication platforms provide the additional benefit of a powerful, highly secure, and powerful user interface. The platform also gives agents an enhanced level of control for easily adding users, changing permissions, removing users, and providing faster resolutions to end users and more.

As the service does not depend on physical equipment, it gets easy to scale the platform as your business grows. Moreover, the benefits you get in a cloud solution are limitless, plus you also get worker location flexibility, access to all the latest tools, regular updates and access to the latest technology that keeps your business ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of Using Cloud Communication Platforms

Benefits of Using Cloud Communication Platforms

There are several advantages of opting for a cloud-based communication platform for your business. Whether you are searching for team collaboration software, unified communication software or a hosted VoIP system, today’s cloud communication solutions offer several advantages.

Let’s look at the top reasons to switch to cloud based call centre software.

  • Rapid deployment and implementation

When you entrust a reliable company for providing a cloud communication solution, it’ll only take a few weeks to get things off the ground and get the whole setup up and running.

Moreover, companies that opt for a cloud based communication platform, you don’t have to spend on multiple network carriers, security audits, redundant power backup solutions and more.

  • Mobility

When you choose a cloud solution, your agents get the freedom of where to work and how to work. It gives them flexibility and allow them to easily access the cloud based phone network from any device.

This also means that your staff can manage their official cloud communication from remote locations, such as their home office or while traveling for a business trip.

The majority of cloud communication providers also offer mobile applications that allow your employees to access real time information about customer queries from any internet-connected device.

  • Scalability

Traditional phone services operate via on-premise equipment or copper wiring, hence scaling the system becomes a Herculean task. On the other hand with cloud communication technology, adding new phone lines, features, extensions and more is a simple process. Administrators just have to use their dashboard or admin panel for configuring their whole system.

Plus, if your business is growing steadily, you can easily increase the number of phone lines at will, hence you’ll not pay more than your requirement. Additionally, if administrators are unable to configure the system on their own, the service provider is always available to lend a hand in the deployment or configuration of new features or lines.

  • Security

It is crucial to be aware of all potential security threats and the procedures to prevent them. Spoofing, call interception, and phishing are some typical security threats that can be prevented with the appropriate security in place.

Using a cloud communication solution gives your contact centre an extra layer of security that isn’t available for traditional systems.

Cloud communication services use a wide variety of security measures such as network security, data encryption, HIPAA compliance measures, secure video and audio etc. to ensure the utmost safety of customer data.

  • Reliability

A dependable network that gives the best uptime is important for companies that rely on their communication systems. Most of the cloud communication solution providers offer a service level agreement (SLA) that has the detailed information about the reliability and quality of service their customers are likely to get.

Oftentimes, when a customer faces extended downtime or service delay, a service provider compensates them with some credit on their bill.

Furthermore, cloud service providers use up to date technologies for ensuring continuity and implementing additional measures such as disaster recovery and fail-safe methods.

  • Cost

Price is one thing that all businesses care about when choosing a communication solution. Most cloud communication systems are priced on per user basis and they offer unlimited local as well as long distance calling facility.

Then there are service providers who offer pay as you go plans that allow businesses to pay only for the services they use. Moreover, some cloud phone systems also provide free on network calling or cheap international calling.

How Is Smartflo Transforming Contact Centers?

If you manage a contact center and looking for a solution to solve day-to-day challenges, then look no further. Smartflo is a complete call center operations management solution that offers inbound and outbound, preview and progressive dialling solutions. You get built in CRM integrations to ensure seamless experience.

Plus, its powered analytics and sentiment analytics tools help you with better decision-making. The multi-level IVR software comes with an inbound and outbound call management suite along with customized routing functions.

With this solution, you can use the same pilot number for inbound as well as outbound flows. Webhook and API integration with masking feature is available for secure interactions, and the missed call feature ensure that you never miss a call from your customers.

You get bespoke IVRs for missed call alerts, an automated call back option, scheduled SMS and an integrated email facility. Lastly, you can use integrated plug-and-play APIs for several applications, smart IVR menus, and AI managed call routing.

FAQs About cloud communication platform

  1. What is cloud communication platform?

    A cloud communication platform is a suite of technologies that allow organizations to communicate and collaborate by using several communication channels available on the internet network.

  2. What are the cloud communication providers?

    A cloud communication provider is an organization that provides cloud based communication services to companies or individuals. These service providers are specialized in delivering communication facilities over the internet with the help of cloud computing infrastructure.

  3. What is a communication platform?

    A communication platform is a software or technology that serves as a medium of communication between groups or individuals, thus allowing them to interact, connect and collaborate in a seamless manner.

  4. How does cloud communications work?

    Cloud communication works by using cloud computing infrastructure to deliver seamless communication services over the internet.

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