Dairy Management System – An Emerging Economic Engine

Dairy Management System – An Emerging Economic Engine-feature image
September 21, 2022 5 Min read

According to Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics, DAHD&F, Government of India, India’s diary production in the year 2019-20 is 198.4 million Tonnes.

Isn’t that a whooping number?

The dairy industry is ever-growing with the increasing consumption, which is only likely to grow with time. But along with opportunity, the industry faces multiple challenges like inefficiency in managing milk production, staff, measuring malpractices, perishable items, unsatisfactory quality, and more.

So, what’s the solution, how can the dairy industry be streamlined and contribute more to the country’s economy.

Well, implementing a dairy management system can be the answer. Dairy farm owners can use it to streamline processes, manage staff, and increase their production and profits.

Let’s understand in detail what a dairy management system is and what challenges it helps you overcome.

Indian Dairy Management System: Challenges at Different Stages

Dairy farming has always been a very unorganized sector in India with several challenges. Digitizing with dairy management software will help the users to overcome challenges related to daily processes, storage, marketing, procurement, and more. Let’s understand what these challenges look like:

  • Controlling fluctuating production and supply
  • Tracking the feeding of animals
  • Controlling animal diseases on the farm
  • Maintaining quality standards of production and the farm
  • Hiring trained workers
  • Maintaining records of received and outstanding payments
  • Staying updated with the market price list
  • Ensuring all the food safety measures
  • Managing cold storage and timely transportation

Dairy farm owners can overcome most of these challenges by implementing technologies like dairy management software. Let’s understand how you can use a milk dairy management system to streamline processes, increase productivity, and make more profits.

What is a Dairy Management System?

Dairy Management System

Dairy management system is a software that helps in managing dairy related day-to-day activities. These include milk collection, sales, managing dairy members, customers, and plant related other processes.

A dairy management system also comes with a credit and advance feature to ease your collections and track upcoming payments. You can also track your daily expenses.

Why Use Dairy Management System?

Managing a dairy requires a lot of hard work, but when that is combined with technology, the results and profits can be great for dairy owners. Let’s understand the reasons why your dairy management efforts are ineffective without the software.

  • Keep a record of your staff and livestock
  • Tracks dairy inventory to avoid any shortage or wastage
  • Tracks sales, expenses to determine losses and profits
  • Helps calculate and release salaries for your dairy staff
  • Facilitates hassle-free payments through mobile banking, UPI payment gateways
  • Generates reports to compare milk production on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis

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Benefits of Using Dairy Management Software

Dairy Management Software

Here’re a few benefits of dairy management software that you can witness right away.

  1. Streamlined Dairy Processes

A dairy management ERP offers multiple features like dairy summary, milk collection, milk sales, staff members, and other information related to all the processes on one dashboard. Owners can also use the system to deploy different responsibilities to staff members.

  1. Established Quality Standards

Dairy ERP management software allows owners to know about the quality practices that are being followed on the farm. It ensures that you generate minimum waste and achieve higher production by efficiently using resources.

  1. Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Tracking inventory includes fodder, livestock, and milk production management. Owners can now manage and track the count of cattle, their breeds, pending vaccination, etc. Additionally, the milk dairy management system allows them to document the feed consumption and expenses for every cattle.

  1. Enhanced Supply Chain

Dairy owners can use the ERP dashboard to track the complete supply chain of their products. This includes when the milk is being packed on the farm, picked from there, and delivered to the required destination. This ensures that there is no delay in the supply and if there is any loophole, it can be rectified immediately.

  1. Transparent Processes

Even when the owners are not physically present on the farm site, they can monitor all the processes with the ERP system to stay updated. They know when and how much of the milk is done, and when it is delivered from the farm for distribution. Everything can be tracked, which reduces the chances of any malpractices.

The Future of Technologically Driven Solutions in Dairy Management

Technologically Driven Solutions in Dairy Management

Where the rest of the world is adopting technological solutions to enhance their processes, dairy farming is one such sector, which is still lagging. The reasons can be lack of information, hesitance in adapting to new technologies, and continuing with traditional processes.

All this has led to the exploitation of industry, where they are not able to deliver dairy products as per their capabilities, and don’t get the right price for their hard work. This makes the need for technologically driven solutions even more prominent in the dairy industry. Dairy management systems enable dairy owners to create streamlined processes, increase productivity, manage livestock, feed, train staff, and more

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  1. What is a dairy management system?

    Dairy management system is a software that allows dairy owners to manage day-to-day activities such as sales, milk collections, payments, expenses, managing staff members, etc.

  2. What information is needed to maintain a dairy system?

    To register in a dairy system you need member name, code, address, mobile number, Adhaar card number, bank account, and IFSC code to generate a user ID and password.

  3. How much investment do you need for a dairy farm management system?

    The average investment you need to make in a dairy farm management system would start from ₹1100/- per annum.

  4. Which is the essential software for managing dairy farms?

    Some essential software solutions for managing dairy farms are Meri Dairy, WS Dairy ERP, Shweta Dairy Accounting Software, etc.

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