10 Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Jira for Project Management

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April 18, 2023 8 Min read

Project development tools are used for the management of application lifecycle and bug tracking. Jira is the name to reckon with when it comes to selecting the best project development tool.

Bug fixing, issue tracking, document management, Gantt charts, and code management are the prime functionalities offered by Jira, one of the most popular project management tools.

Jira is a great option for agile project management and is highly customizable. Also, there is a free Jira plan for up to 10 users with 2GB storage. As your business grows, you will have to move to the Standard plan, which costs more than ₹5000 per month!

The price of Jira is undoubtedly on the higher side. Additionally, Jira users have mentioned certain disadvantages of this tool, like its mobile app version is not that great. Also, it has a confusing UI (User Interface) for beginners with complex migration and integration functionalities.

What if we tell you that many open-source agile tools like Jira help with project management without making a dent in your pocket! Let’s find out some of the best Jira like open-source tools

Key Features to Expect in Open Source Jira Alternatives

You will come across many self-hosted Jira alternatives, which are equally effective in centralizing all project-related activities. Some of the key features that you can expect with these best open source Jira alternatives are:

  • Integrated business application suites for managing inventory, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), manufacturing, human resources, etc.
  • Kanban board for multiple view formats, chats, and nested comments
  • Scrum board to help agile teams in staying focused
  • Roadmaps to present the bigger picture
  • Reports to view sprint wise performance
  • A single platform for managing multiple project tasks
  • Support for Gantt charts, cost, and time reporting
  • Simplified user interface

List of Open Source Alternatives to Jira in 2024

Compare between different free open source Jira alternatives to pick the right one for your project management needs.

  • Redmine

Jira alternatives free open source

Redmine is an open-source project management software with issue tracking and time tracking capabilities. The software offers advanced tools to manage multiple projects like Gantt charts, calendars, and support for multiple databases. 

In addition, Redmine can be integrated with different version control systems and allows self-registration. 

Redmine Features:

  • Issue tracking for removing duplicates and simplifying workflows
  • Access controls for defining permissions on a project
  • Calendars for highlighting project deadlines
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management) integration for browsing project repositories
  • Custom fields for issues and time-entries
  • Easy user self-registrations
  • LDAP authentication for setting up accounts

Redmine Price to Upgrade: Redmine is a free and open-source tool.

  • GitLab

GitLab | Alternative to Jira open source

GitLab is a DevOps platform offering task management functionalities for source code and project planning. The open-source project management software offers continuous integration and issue tracking and the deployment pipeline for managing the DevOps lifecycle.

GitLab can also be used for managing vulnerabilities, value streams, and cluster costs.

GitLab Features:

  • Granular user roles and SSH keys restriction for managing compliances
  • Code testing and coverage for pipeline management
  • Container registry for building and pushing images
  • Issue tracking for elaborating code implementations and tracking tasks
  • Code analytics for merging requests
  • Design management for uploading design sheets 

GitLab Pricing: GitLab codes are source available to ensure transparency, and its features are the same as that of its free version. However, GitLab for commercial use is available in two different paid versions.

  1. Premium: ₹1410   
  2. Ultimate: ₹7350  

  • Taiga.io

Taiga | Jira like open source tools

Taiga.io is a project management platform with an intuitive interface and is ideal for multifunctional agile teams. The open source project management software offers a digital environment for defining deliverables so that high-priority ones can be picked right on time.

In addition, Taiga.io offers complete visibility regarding deliverables and ongoing activities for facilitating agile methodologies. 

Taiga Project Management Features:

  • Subtasks and EPIC for customizing workflows
  • WIP (Windows Information Protection) limits with various filter options
  • Estimation tool for sprint and backlog planning
  • Integrated bug and issue tracking for adding to sprint the issues
  • Performance dashboard for managing project timelines
  • Custom fields and tags
  • Embedded onboarding and project export/import

Taiga Pricing: Taiga is an open-source platform. However, you can opt for its freemium version, which starts at the monthly plan of ₹ 371 to let you host your projects on-premises.

  • Kanboard

Kanboard | Open source alternative Jira

Kanboard is a most popular project management software ideal for task visualization using the Kanban methodology. The software offers project overviews besides flexible, agile project management and board sharing.

In addition, Kanboard offers analytics for generating task distribution and user repartition reports.

Key Features of Kanboard Open Source Tool:

  • Project duplication for configuring project templates
  • Role management for standard users and administrators
  • Automated actions for assigning tasks
  • Swim lanes for delineating tasks and creating sequence diagrams
  • Category management for task grouping
  • Board configuration for managing multiple tasks
  • Multiple authentication backends

Price to Upgrade: Kanboard is a completely free and open-source project management software and one of the most trusted open-source Jira alternatives.

  • The Trac Project


Trac is an issue tracking system considered convenient for project management and progress tracking. The software is ideal for ticket tracking, hyperlinking, and version control.

In addition, Trac offers a wiki markup for handling bugs, issue descriptions, files, tasks, and changesets. Trac project management system supports software developers with their innovative projects.

Trac Features:

  • Extensive plugin system
  • Integration with several external tools
  • Git and SVN support
  • Account manager and spam filtering
  • SQL queries for customized reports

Trac Pricing: Trac is a completely open-source project management software.

  • Restyaboard

Restyaboard project management tool provides visual boards for managing tasks and creating tickets using Restyaboard cards. The open-source Jira alternative offers electronic sticky notes for organizing tasks and managing to-do lists.

Restyaboard supports Kanban boards for tracking, planning, and collaborating on tasks. It also provides smart project management features like nested comments, offline sync, and layouts for multiple views.

Key Features of Restyaboard:

  • Single unified interface for tracking Restya boards
  • Easy to import prevailing boards into Restyaboard
  • Quick data transmission and migration
  • Copy board option for duplicating Restya boards
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Option for changing user permissions

Restyaboard Pricing: Besides a free community edition, Restyaboard offers the Pro plan at ₹44. Also, there is an Enterprise plan, and its price details are available with the vendor on request.

  • Odoo Software

Odoo project management software

Odoo project management software offers an open-source development model for automating all business processes. The project management tool with a modern user interface is ideal for tracking tasks and projects.

In addition, Odoo supports various smart filters with multi-level grouping for analyzing the data along with a scrollable chatter.

Odoo Features:

  • Pivot tables for statistical analysis
  • Time tracking for re-forecasting tasks
  • Task archiving
  • Easy document management
  • Multi-project searches and analysis
  • Gantt charts for managing task timelines
  • Graphs for analyzing tag wise, stage, and responsibility-wise task progress.

Odoo Price: Odoo community edition is free and open source. However, its premium plans are available on request.

  • Launchpad

Launchpad is an open-source hosting and collaboration platform for sharing ideas across projects. The software can also be used for building communities using mailing and teams lists and sharing codes.

Launchpad also supports mirroring services and registries for code branches and projects. It also helps with bug fixing, cod hosting, translations, and mailing lists.

Launchpad Features:

Launchpad Pricing: Launchpad is an open-source tool for project managers.

  • Tuleap

Tuleap agile project management platform

Tuleap agile project management platform is deployed for improving collaboration across multi-profile teams. The open source software supports DevOps tools practices for building innovative workspaces and managing large datasets.

You can trust Tuleap for project and product development and its drag n drop cards that help visualize upcoming sprints and releases.

Key Features of Tuleap:

  • Documents and deliveries for versions and controls
  • Requirement baseline for a snapshot comparison
  • Test management for effective traceability
  • Code reviews for pull requests
  • Gitlab, SVN, and Git for code versioning
  • Issue tracking for automation workflow

Tuleap Pricing: The community edition of Tuleap is free and open source for everyone’s use. Its premium on-premises plan starts at Rs ₹971 per user per month.

  • Phabricator

Phabricator project management solution

Phabricator project management solution is used for discussing, planning, coding, reviewing, and testing codes for managing project repositories and adding comments and anecdotes.

The built-in command-line tools can be used for running unit tests and emitting patches. In addition, Phabricator supports Wiki to manage user manuals, technical guides, and such documents.

Phabricator Features:

  • Assigning tasks and setting task priorities
  • Pre-commit code reviews
  • Chat channels and business rules
  • Audit source codes
  • SVN, Mercurial, and Git support

Phabricator Pricing: Phabricator is a popular alternative to Jira, which is also open source.


  1. Is there any open source issue tracker like Jira?

    Some of the best open-source issue trackers like Jira with various communication and customization options are MantisBT, Bugzilla, Teamwork, Crocagile, Axosoft, and Pivotal Tracker.

  2. What are the open source self-hosted Jira alternatives?

    Let us have a look at some of the open source self-hosted Jira alternatives ZenTao, OpenProject, Wekan, Corteza Service Cloud, The Bug Genie, and Crust Service Cloud.

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