Top 7 Free Dental Practice Management Software in India

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June 13, 2023 9 Min read

Summary: The dental clinic management system can be used to represent all patients details like treatment plans, scheduled appointments, medical tests, etc., via dental charts. Learn more about the use of this software in the article below.

Managing and maintaining the dental practice requires a lot of effort. Your dental practice is not restricted to handling patients but also includes managing other periphery tasks. This might include scheduling appointments, managing patients’ records, generating dental charting, etc. Therefore, you must handle these tasks efficiently to ensure your dental practice runs smoothly.

You can use dental practice management software to streamline and automate key tasks related to your dental practice. With this software, you can schedule patients, create treatment plans, generate dental charts, manage billing, purchasing, customer communications, etc. Let’s explore different dental practice software solutions that you can use to effectively handle these tasks.

7 Free Dental Practice Management Software in India 2024

Dental practice management software can help you to manage patients’ medical records, schedule appointments, and create customized treatment plans. Some of the best tools that you can use for this purpose include:

  1. CareStack

CareStack dental software

CareStack is a cloud-based solution to simplify the operations related to dental practice management. It is used by dental practitioners to improve patient care and increase business growth.

This software can also help you in managing patients’ memberships, scheduling patients and customers, managing treatment plans for patients, and so on.

CareStack Features

  • Displays important patient data via charts
  • Displays the customer info for inbound and outbound calls via phone system integrations
  • Enables easy check in and digital form completion via patient kiosk
  • Provides tele dentistry module to make virtual appointments and schedule virtual meetings with patients
  • Manages PHI (Personal Health Information) of patients with HIPAA compliance
  • Offers various payment options to accept payment from patients

Free Trial: Available

Pricing of CareStack: Offers one-time payment that costs around INR 53,682.53

  1. ABELDent

ABELDent dental software

ABELDent dental clinic management system is used in dental offices to manage administrative tasks and improve patient care with patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and automated messaging.

You can use this software to maintain and manage electronic records of patients, represent and analyze data, manage purchases and all the receivable amounts.

ABELDent Dental Software Features

  • Tracks and records the patient visit and departure time via patient manager. It helps in analysing how and when you need to respond to a specific patient’s need.
  • Displays complete patient details with medical history via personalized patient dashboard
  • Offers an insurance screen to represent the patient’s insurance plan coverage in a readable pie chart.
  • Creates different treatment plans for patients with details like treatment options, medical tests, medical history, etc.
  • You can manage payments and adjustments in various financial statements.
  • Offers Perio Chart to record measurements of Recession, Pocket Depth, Attachments, Furcation, etc., along with plot conditions.

Free Trial: Available for 30 days

Pricing of ABELDent: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 825.04/month

  1. Dentech

Dentech dental lab software

Dentech provides you with all the necessary features like appointment scheduling, electronic patient records, and dental chart creation to help you run and manage your dental practice.

Further, it lets you deliver the best patient care by kiosk-based check-in, integrated communication for customers, and e-subscriptions. This tool also integrates with digital imaging software like Apteryx, DICOM, etc., for dental imaging.

Key Features of Dentech

  • Store advanced financial and patient reports
  • Provides appointment scheduler to schedule patients and workers
  • Support employee time clock for accurate payroll processing
  • Offers HIPPA logs to track employee’s activity for every single day
  • Adds relevant clinical notes to the patient file directly
  • Provides advanced security features to maintain data integrity
  • Verifies customers claims and submits them to insurance companies for clearance

Free Trial: Available for 60 days

Dentech Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan details are available on request

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  1. Dentrix

Dentrix software

Dentrix provides front office, clinical and business management modules to help you efficiently manage your dental practice.

This comprehensive suite is useful for creating 3D charts for patients’ data, submitting patients’ prescriptions to the laboratory, syncing digital image with the patient record, etc. You can also use Dentrix for scheduling, calculating insurance benefits and auto generating patient bills.

Features of Dentrix

  • Generates and automatically sends the treatment planner to patients
  • Offers Dentrix Perio Chart for recording teeth details like pocket depths, gingival margins, MGJ measurements, furcation grades, etc.
  • Let’s you add various clinical notes to patient records for meeting ICD (International Classification of Diseases) requirements
  • Stores and recovers documents like Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), X-ray images, etc.
  • Enables patients to fill in electronic forms and surveys via reception tablets, and the data is automatically imported to the software
  • Offers a Dentrix Treatment Planner to track the patients’ care lifecycle.

Free Trial: Available

Dentrix Pricing: Price is available on request

  1. Tab32

tab32 software

Tab32 is an all one dental software helping dentists to streamline and automate billing and claim tracking procedure.

It lets you create customized workflows to manage multiple tasks like creating payment plans for patients, automatically tracking business KPIs, verifying patients claims online, etc. With Tab32, you can manage your patient’s pre-visit, during visit, and post visit journey hassle-free.

Tab32 Features

  • Supports advanced scheduling with multi-location appointments, comprehensive appointment view, etc.
  • Manages appointments and sends reminders to patients from one solution
  • Allows you to easily communicate with patients in real time via HelloPatient module
  • Manages brand reviews across platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Supports teledentistry to provide dental services via video conferencing
  • Tracks claims from submission to payment completion
  • Performs in depth data analysis of your dental practice via Dental Practice Intelligence module
  • Creates personalized patient charting with care modules like treatment plans and progress notes.

Free Trial: Not available

Pricing of Tab32: Free plan available | Paid plan details are available on request

  1. Ace Dental

Ace Dental Clinic Software

Ace Dental practice management solution is a user-friendly system to help dentists streamline multiple aspects of their dental practice.

This free dental management software has modules for appointment scheduling, managing electronic insurance claims, adding images to patients records, generating e-prescriptions, etc. With Ace Dental, you can also create customized payment plans especially for recurring patients.

Features of Ace Dental

  • Supports 3D restorative chart to represent the treatment plan and teeth conditions
  • Supports Perio charting and graphing to diagnose the disease
  • Offers multiple shortcuts to add clinical notes automatically
  • Generates patient and family ledgers to record the medical history
  • Prints the appointment schedule with patient details along with their pictures for a comprehensive view.
  • Automatically blocks appointments when the day slots are filled
  • Offers a word processor to generate form letters with support to add mail merge fields
  • Digitally sign all patients documents like consent forms and medical history documents directly from the software.

Free Trial: Available

Ace Dental Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 8,169.72/month

  1. DentalTap


DentalTap helps dentists by automating tasks related to administration, dental procedures, and patient communication. With features like Periodontal Chart creation, online appointment scheduler, online messaging with patients, etc., you can operate your dental practice efficiently.

Features of DentalTap

  • Creates and manages medical record of patients via pass-through searches and patients’ groups
  • Offers various price lists, discounts, and payments methods for patients
  • Enhances team collaboration by tagging them in scheduled appointment calendar and assigning tasks to them.
  • Provides Jam calendar to manage appointments with options for changing calendar dates, intervals, etc.
  • Visualizes even the smallest details of teeth like channels, cement and dental procedures via dental chart
  • Represents several treatment options for patients.

Free Trial: Available

DentalTap Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 6,190.54/month

Benefits of Free Dental Practice Management Software

There are several benefits of using dental practice management software, such as you can schedule patients’ appointments, send insurance claims for verification, create periodontal charts, etc. Some of other benefits of using this tool include:

  • Safely secures and maintains patient records via security protocols
  • Assists in automating repetitive tasks like appointment scheduling, treatment plan creation, etc.
  • Sends reminders to patients for appointments
  • Enables you to provide dental service to patients online
  • Helps in maintaining the track of everyday expenses and biomedical waste
  • Helps in monitoring the reviews about clinic on different sites
  • Enables you to keep a track of all approved and unapproved claims

Free Dental Practice Management Software Features

Some common features you get with a free dental software include-

  • Appointment Scheduler: The scheduler makes it easy for patients to schedule appointments with dentists via the personalized portal based on day, time, availability, etc.
  • Reputation Management: Helps you to manage your clinic reviews on different websites like Google and Yelp to build credibility and improve your business reputation.
  • Periodontal Charting: Allows you to create periodontal charts to visualize the depth between teeth and gums to diagnose dental problems easily.
  • Patient Records: Securely stores and maintains the patients records in electronic form with data like the medical history, medical tests, diagnostic details, and so on.
  • Staff Scheduling: This feature lets you assign staff members to different tasks like managing patients, generating bills, scheduling appointments, etc. It can also let you track their time outs and automatically generate payroll.
  • Claims Management: The module lets you keep a tab on all the patients’ claims approved and disapproved by the insurers in a centralized database. Further, you can also pass the claim for further validation to insurers directly through the software.


Cloud dental practice management software can help you to make the most of your dental practice. By leveraging the software, you can easily automate clinical procedures, manage patients’ communication, and simplify office desk operations. Based on the features like dental charting, patient scheduling, and claim processing, you can consider Ace Dental and Tab32 as the best dental management software.


  1. What is dental practice management software?

    Dental practice management software delivers office desk and clinical tools for dentists to improve their dental practices and enhance customer experience. Some of its highlighting features are patient scheduling, medical data recording, dental charting, and so on.

  2. What are the three levels of dental practice management software?

    The three levels of practice management software are Competency, Consistency, and Completeness. It is essential to use these C’s in software to ensure your dental practice runs smoothly.

  3. Which is the best free dental practice management software?

    There are several best free dental management software solutions that you can use to effectively manage your dental practice and provide the highest level of care to patients. Some of the top options include CareStack, Practice-Web Dental, ABELDent, Dentech, iDentalSoft, etc.

  4. Which dental software is best?

    The best dental software can help streamline everyday operations of your dental practice. Some of the best software you can consider for this purpose include DentiMax, Open Dental, Planet DDS, iDentalSoft, Tab32, etc.

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