How to Cancel E-way Bill After 24 Hours?

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Summary: E-way bills are important for suppliers and carriers of goods while shipping them from one location to the other. To read more about e-way bills, generation and cancellation of e-way bills, modification of the same, refer to the article below.

On a daily basis, several goods are transported from one place to another, or interstate movement of goods takes place. For transporting goods of amount ₹50,000 or more, one needs to generate and carry an e-way bill with them. This article further explains the meaning of an e-way bill, when it is required to be generated, how to cancel it when needed, and more. Let’s read further to understand it better.

What is an e-Way Bill?

An e-way bill is a piece of paper that an individual in-charge of transportation must carry and that contains information about how to ship products with a value greater than ₹50,000. In most cases, it displays the sender’s and recipient’s names, the consignment’s origin and destination, the total distance traveled, and other information regarding the carrier partner. Platforms like Kernel Finances offer a wide range of services that help in the easy preparation of the e-way bill.

In short, it is a legal shipping/transportation document that goes with the transportation and lists the consignee, consignor, starting point of shipment, and final destination along with the product’s description, value, and weight.

Why Cancel an e-way Bill?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, one needs to cancel an e-way bill. Any of the below-mentioned circumstances could lead to the cancellation of e way bill:

  • As a result of a data entry error
  • Commodities’ non-movement, due to some reason
  • For other specific reasons from either side of the party (consigner or consignee)

What is the Time Limitation for Canceling E-way Bill?

The e-way bill cancellation process requires the user to log in to the portal and provide a justification for cancellation. According to the GST Act, it is against the law and punishable by fine or imprisonment to use the GST E-way Bill after it has been cancelled.

Additionally, if a mistake happens or if the products are not delivered on the date as indicated in the e-way bill, it is advised to cancel the bill and create a new one. Only the supplier is permitted to cancel an e-way bill within 24 hours.

Recipients cannot cancel an e-way bill in this case. However, if the supplier misses out on the chance to cancel the bill, he can ask the recipient to cancel the bill at his end within 72 hours of the bill generation.

How to Cancel E-way Bill After 24 Hours?

How to Cancel E-way Bill

If an e-way bill is created but there is no shipment of goods, it must be cancelled within the duration of 24 hours of creation. However, the system will not permit the consignor to cancel if the same if it exceeds the limit of 24 hours.

In case of delay, one must ask the recipient to cancel the electronic-way bill from his end using the same portal within the duration of 72hrs of its generation.

However, if the 72-hour deadline for rejecting the E-way bill also passes, there is no other process to cancel the e-Way bill. Hence, it becomes crucial to immediately cancel any e-way bill that is invalid, improperly created, or does not enable the proper flow of goods.

The Role of Software Like Kernel Finances in e-Way Bill Generation

There are several software solutions available in the market that help in generating e-way bills for the transportation of goods. One such software is Kernel GST Billing Software. Generating e-way bills via Kernel Finances has made life easy for the suppliers and carriers of goods.

It not only helps in generating a single e-way bill, but also the consolidated bills at once. Apart from that, it also helps with the cancellation of generated bills, modification of vehicle numbers on the e-way bills generated, and more.

All you need to do is simply log in to the e-way bill portal. On the dashboard, look for “Generate New” and click on the same. Now, fill in all the required fields like sub-type, document type, item details, name of goods, description of goods, tax rate, the value of goods, transporter ID, transporter name, vehicle number, and more. Finally, click on the submit option to generate the e-way bill.

What are the Ways to Modify eWay Bill?

The e-way bill cannot be updated, corrected, or modified if an error occurs while making the entry. Instead, you must generate a new electronic-way bill. Further, it is advised to cancel the previous one.

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An e-way bill is an integral part of the transportation of goods amounting to ₹50,000 or more. No goods can be transported if the e-way bill is not carried by the transporting partner. It is a legal document that acts as a pass for the shipment of goods.

It hence requires a proper understanding of how to generate it, cancel the same when required, and rules to be kept in mind if cancellation is required. This is where platforms like Kernel come into the picture.


  1. Is e-way bill mandatory?

    If there is an interstate movement of goods, then an e-way bill needs to be created. In case the supplier has not generated an e-way bill for the same, then the transporter who is transporting the goods by rail, air, or other means needs to generate it.

  2. Is e-way bill required for purchase return?

    Yes, even for any purchase return, an e-way bill is necessary. When products are transported that are worth ₹50,000 or more, an E-way bill should be generated.

  3. Can e-way bill be canceled?

    Yes, an e-way bill can only be cancelled by the person who created it. The cancellation period is 24 hours from the moment the e-way bill is generated. An E-Way Bill cannot be used once it has been canceled. Apart from that, if the supplier forgets or misses the chance to cancel the e-way bill, he can request the recipient to cancel the same from his end within 72 hours of bill generation.

  4. Can e-way bill be updated?

    The e-way bill cannot be changed or updated once it has been generated. An e-way bill, however, can be cancelled and regenerated if it includes incorrect information. Within twenty-four hours of e-Way bill generation, the cancellation must be done.

  5. Can e-way bill be extended?

    Only the present transporter is authorized to extend the e-way bill’s validity. The generator can update if the transporter is not designated. Only the eight hours prior to and eight hours following the e-way bill’s expiration time can be used to extend its validity. The extension’s reason code and reason description must be entered.

  6. Can e-way bills be extended after expiry?

    Yes, after 8 hours of the expiration time, the validity of the e-Way bill or EWB can be extended. However, for that, it is necessary to give both the reason code as well as the reason description for the extension.

  7. How to cancel an e-way bill?

    One can cancel the e-way bill by simply following these simple steps. These include:
    1. Visit the e-way bill portal.
    2. Enter the e-way bill number.
    3. Lastly, mention the reason for the cancellation.

  8. Who can generate an e-way bill?

    The e-way (electronic way) bill can be generated by the consignee or the consignor as a registered person or a carrier of all the goods. Unregistered transporters are also allowed to register via the authorized portal and generate e-way bills to transfer goods on their client’s behalf.

  9. How to do e-way bill registration?

    Follow the below-mentioned steps for an e-way bill registration.
    1. Visit the e-way bill portal.
    2. Select “E-way bill registration” under the Registration menu.
    3. Submit the OTP generated.
    4. Finally, create your user ID as well as password.

  10. How to do an e-way bill in GST?

    One can generate an online e-way bill by simply following these steps:
    1. Visit the e-way bill portal. Click “Login” after entering your username, captcha code, and password.
    2. On the dashboard’s left side, under the “e-way bill” option, select “Generate new.”

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