How to Improve Lead Conversion Rate with DeBox Travel CRM?

How to Improve Lead Conversion Rate with DeBox Travel CRM?-feature image
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Conversions are the lifeline of any business. No matter how successful your lead campaign is, if you are not able to convert them, all efforts will be wasted.

Travel agencies often face a tough time in managing leads through multiple campaigns. Also, conversion seems a bit difficult in the competitive scenario. However, with the right CRM software for travel industry, these businesses can drive their campaigns successfully.

Travel CRM software provides the right set of modules for contacts management, lead nurturing, package creation and itinerary building, quotation creation, and more. One such CRM software is DeBox, which streamlines every process and activity to run your travel agency successfully. How? Let’s find out!

How Does DeBox Travel CRM Help with Lead Management?

How Does DeBox Travel CRM Help with Lead Management?

Let’s get into the functionalities of DeBox Travel CRM software, which helps at every stage of lead management.

  • Never Miss Out on Incoming Queries and Potential Leads

With DeBox Global Travel CRM, you can track multiple prospects across sales funnels and resolve their queries. From capturing queries to scheduling follow-up meetings, it can be used to streamline them all. Further, on-time reminders help with better lead monitoring and minimised fallout rates.

  • Make the Most Out of Query Tracker

A dedicated query tracker helps with customer-generated queries, automated ID assigning and sharing features. The software helps in prioritising queries into high, medium and low as per the interest level showcased by individual leads.

For peak seasons, automated email captures, query wise time stamps and status monitoring functionalities are available.

DeBox Global CRM’s inbuilt query tracker also lets businesses speed up client wise communication over WhatsApp. Also, by making effective use of pre-existing templates for emails, you can send personalised messages and get your clients’ attention in real-time.

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  • Let the Quotation Builder Show Its Magic

Flexibility is the key to success in travel industry. Customers are always seeking quick service. That is when automation becomes the need of the hour. DeBox Global CRM’s inbuilt quotation builder helps with day-wise itinerary creation in an automated manner.

As a travel agency owner, you are allowed to add categories like hotels, planned activities, entrance fees and food-related whereabouts with CRM Software. Also, automated suggestions are available for titles and descriptions, besides the option to elucidate Service Tax and Markup accordingly.

  • Make Changes as Per Reports

“Change is the only constant” is a famous quote by Greek philosopher Heraclitus and is also considered to be the driving mantra for travel and hospitality businesses.

With the modern-day customers on board and their volatile needs, timely business reports act as a complete saviour. It facilitates decisions to enhance conversion rates and client satisfaction besides bringing in long term profits.

  • Trust on the Package Builder for Quality Service

The present generation is more into processed food and packaged deals. Customers are not ready to invest their time into managing multiple bookings and sorting out VISA related issues when it comes to their travel plans.

That is where you can utilize the intuitive package builder by DeBox Travel CRM to take care of the important tasks. Dynamic and static travel packages can be created, covering up all the necessary international and domestic travel criteria.

You can add multiple hotels, sightseeing and communication (flight/road) related information, with separate pricing plans for B2C and B2B clients. Service-wise excel rate sheet and predefined terms and conditions are other notable features.

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  • Offer Attractive Discounts with Impressive Voucher Manager

Discounts and vouchers are considered to be the key driving force for individual businesses. It creates a sense of excitement among travelers. As a travel business, it also gets a lot easier to customize attractive vouchers and limited period discount plans by adding company logos and colours accordingly.

With DeBox Travel CRM, you can also make multiple amendments depending upon the customer behaviour centric data generated from pre-scheduled campaigns. Last but not the least, dedicated voucher settlement and invoice management facilities over WhatsApp are of great help.

  • Process Payment Requests across Multiple Channels

With flexible EMI options and adequate support to streamline full time, part-time and on credit payments, DeBox Global CRM doubles up the potential chances of lead acquisition and conversion rates in real-time. You can also send timely payment reminders and track corporate payments without a hassle.

Final Words

Travel agencies must transform their processes as per the changing market trends and demands of individual clients. For an owner/manager/social media marketer, it becomes quite a challenging task to hit the right brief all the time.

And that is when advanced customer relationship management solutions like DeBox Travel CRM saves the day with “out of the box” features and integrated metrics.

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