On This Independence, Get Freedom from Manual HR Management

On This Independence, Get Freedom from Manual HR Management-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .7 Min read

So, in some aspects, we were still dependent internally for our work. We only relied on manual tasks and use to believe that manually created files or data are only faithful. Now is the time to shift for automated tools instead of doing things manually and save some time.

Nowadays people are using Human Resource Management Software [HRMS], to reduce the workforce and increase the productivity. Cloud-based HR software manages all HR functions into a single entity.

HR functions include recruitment, onboarding, enrolment and training, leave and attendance, payroll, performance management, travel claim and reimbursement. It connects the HR process and systems to assure flawless management and business activities.

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The world is becoming independent by using automated cloud-based HRMS to make their HR tasks accessible anywhere, anytime without any efforts. Do you still wish to manage your HR and Payroll Software through spreadsheets and keep bundles of papers piled up

Let us go through following questions to have an idea of the difference between manual or automated:

Is your HR system integrated with Payroll or still managing spreadsheets?

Do you have leave and attendance, travel/expense, statutory compliance and performance management systems integrated with your payroll system?


Are you still managing payroll through spreadsheets and keep bundles of papers for maintaining data? If yes, then you might be facing lots of problems while managing spreadsheets, as it is very tedious and complex process.

It also requires more time to make sure that your payroll process is done successfully. As data is entered manually, there is more chance of generating errors in calculations.

You need to calculate working hours of employees, overtime hours, total days present, measure performance, manage statutory compliance, maintain cheques, etc., while processing payroll manually.

A single person can not handle this task alone which requires more human resources. Employees cannot get their salary slip by themselves, so compulsory HR department has to get involved to address such small day-to-day activities.


Cloud-based HRMS has all HR and Payroll functions integrated with other systems. Here all required data are fetched from the system directly. It does not take time to process payroll and almost no chance of generating errors as all calculations are done automatically.

No need to verify data every time you process. Calculation of all statutory compliance is done along with Payroll. Not only that but with cloud-based HRMS, employees can generate and access their payslip anytime, anywhere.

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Do you still measure employees performance manually?

Are your employees feeling biased at the time of performance analysis?

Does your PMS set goals from the starting of the month?


Generally, employee’s performance is measured on a yearly basis which leads to low productivity of the company and also employees may feel this process stressful.

Employees may feel biased due to the partial behavior of approval managers regarding not considering their tasks which impact on the motivation of employees. Also, checking the manual performance of employees is always a time-consuming process.


Performance management system has the facility of setting goals for employees based on their job role and responsibilities. As their all tasks will be taken into consideration and measured on the regular basis which will increase their motivation and decrease pressure.

Here performance is measured automatically so, it will have no chance of bias behavior and can be reviewed in less time.

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You still maintain the manual register for the attendance of your employees?

Do you have biometric devices integrated with your payroll system? Is your time being wasted in calculating the overtimes of employees? Can your system manage multiple shifts?


Most of the people are managing spreadsheets and calculating attendance of employees manually which is a time-consuming process. There is a chance of time theft as biometric machines are not implemented so it is not secured.

There can be no accurate overtime calculations so employees might feel cheated. It will be compulsory for the employees working in the field to come to their workplace for attendance. Colleagues might do the proxy of other employees.


A smart system has a biometric integrated with the payroll and attendance system, so no need to do calculations of employees work hours and overtime as time-in and time-out punch records are maintained automatically. A biometric machine is a secured system and there are no chances of time theft.

It can manage multiple time shifts as per the company’s policy. Here employees working in the field will not have to come to office as Geo-fencing can capture the punch of employees automatically as they enter the fenced area.

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Do you collect bills physically to reimburse your employee’s travel claim?

Do you still maintain files of the travel expense bills? Do you find that your employees are submitting fake invoices for the reimbursement?


The employee, as well as employer both, will have to keep bills of traveling or any other expenses in manual travel management. Generally, employees have to fill the form of TA/DA to claim for the reimbursement. Employees might feel demotivated with the late reimbursement of their claimed expenses.

Sometimes employees may not get the reimbursement as they might not get the bills or lose the bills of expenses made. On the other hand, companies do not have control over the travel expense policy.


Travel expense management system has the facility to store the bills online. It follows the multi-level approval process which has fraud prevention. While on the trip, employees can claim for the reimbursement and send for approval. They can also view the status of their claimed expenses which increases transparency.

The company can simplify their work with AI tools as Geo-tracking can directly track the employee’s route so, employees do not have to prove for their traveling time or traveled distance.

It can also fetch/scan the data from expense bills through OCR which reduces the employee’s task of filling TA/DA forms. Companies can control expenses by enforcing their travel/expense policies.

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Are you able to access your HR and Payroll functionalities anywhere, anytime?

Do you still use desktop application or spreadsheets for maintaining the functions of HR and payroll?


Can you imagine yourself without a smart-phone! It’s like a nightmare in today’s generation. When employees are not in their workplace, they might face following problems: punching for attendance, delay in their travel reimbursement, cannot apply for leave, cannot generate salary slip, etc.

These problems might increase the task of HR. If you too are facing such problems, then you are not updated with the latest technology that your handy mobile can provide you on go.


In today’s world, almost everyone is very much addicted to the mobile phones. When any company provides the mobile application for HR and Payroll, employees will feel that they are in the comfort zone at their workplace.

They can use all the functions anywhere, anytime which in-turn reduces the work of the HR department. Now they are not dependent on them for any HR functions.

They can download salary slip by themselves, claim for the reimbursement, apply for the leave, punch from their phones even while traveling, etc. Employees can get the benefit of the chatbot which helps them for their activities in a smart way.


As you can clearly visualize now the difference between manual and automated. So how do you want to process tasks? Shift from manual work to automated with HR and Payroll tools, and avail the benefit of our free demo.

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