Best 5 Automobile ERP Software for Automotive Industry India

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October 10, 2022 10 Min read

If you are dealing in any of these functions – manufacturing, distribution, spare parts inventory, repair & servicing, it’s time to upgrade. Yes, you read it right! With the market becoming more competitive, automation is the only way to thrive. With the right tools of the trade Automobile ERP Software with CRM functions to stay in touch with customers and serve them repeatedly.

Automobile ERP software is majorly used by office administrators and sales professionals of car dealerships and workshops. Depending upon their business size and specific needs, they can opt for any of these top five automobile software.

List of Top 5 Automobile ERP Software

  • Marg Automobile ERP

Automobile ERP Software

Marg ERP automobile software makes accounting and inventory tasks of car dealerships and workshops easier. This GST-ready automobile ERP software makes invoice generation hassle-free. It’s a GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps with invoice generation, managing the record your debtors and bank reconciliation.

It also assists in tracking batch-wise inventory smartly while generating thousands of reports and MIS. Using this automobile software, you can also file GST returns effortlessly.


  • Sales Analysis on Google Map: Marg Automotive ERP helps in keeping track of sales through Google Map, and Date, Route & Salesman wise data filter.
  • Auto-Cloud Backup: It helps in uploading data online and stores it on Google Drive, so that you can access data remotely from anywhere.
  • Data Security: Marg Automotive ERP assists in data protection and server protection of the service centre including customer information and financial data.
  • Easy & Fast Billing: It helps in generating bills in batches for customers, and importing receipts from its centralised servers
  • Inventory: Marg Automotive ERP assists owners in managing inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock.
  • Report Management: Automobile ERP software helps in managing and analyzing reports of vehicles to check the damage and repair costs.
  • Dispatch Management: Marg Automotive ERP software’s dispatch management module helps in stock tracking, billing, and dispatch. It provides a comprehensive dispatch solution from billing to delivery.
  • Claim Management: With the help of Marg auto dealer ERP software, automotive owners can keep track of the claim benefits against their purchases of spare parts and other vehicle essentials.


Marg Automotive ERP Software provides three pricing plans:

  • Basic Edition costs ₹8100 for 1 user with full rights and comes with features such as multi-currency, integrated SMS and email alerts.
  • Silver Edition comes at ₹12,600 for 1 user with full rights and 1 additional user with view-only access. It comes with features such as operator-wise menu and self-defined formats, reports and fields.
  • Gold Edition is priced at ₹25,200 for unlimited users with full access. It comes with features of both Basic and Silver Edition, as well as reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.
  • RAMP Automotive ERP Software

Ramp Automobile ERP Software

RAMP automobile workshop management system is a GST-ready software for garage and workshop owners. This integrated garage management software helps cut down on the admin time and allows the staff to focus on providing the best car repair service.

It’s considered as one of the top automobile ERP software loaded with all the features related to managing day-to-day functioning at a garage. You can accelerate your workshop business with advanced features for CRM, vendor management, inventory and customer data statistics.


  • Billing & Invoicing: Billing and invoicing are one of the most prominent features of any automobile workshop. RAMP automates the generation of bills and invoices for individual repair and service tasks.
  • CRM: RAMP provides useful CRM tools for automobile workshops to execute various tasks such as client follow-up, contacts, communication and much more.
  • Vendor Management: This software also helps in managing multiple vendors, checking supplies, payments, receipts and stock requirement application, to name a few.
  • Report management: RAMP helps managers create reports about multiple aspects of the automotive business. In addition, it helps curate the figures of reports related to spare parts, service and repair.
  • Customer Data Management: The automotive ERP software provides tools to keep a track of customer information, feedback, vehicle information and service summary.
  • Inventory Management: Keeping a track of inventory items such as spare parts, service equipment and miscellaneous items such as engine oil can be executed easily with the help of RAMP. The software automatically sends notifications for restocking if any item goes out of stock.
  • Labor Rates: With the help of RAMP, you can accurately set labor rates, as theauto dealer ERP software comes with tax and GST calculations on replacement parts and service charge additions.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: RAMP provides modules to send notifications to customers when their vehicle servicing is due. It also helps customers schedule the date for their vehicle maintenance.
  • Quotes/Estimates: The automotive industry software helps in creating quotes and estimates before starting services and repair, by estimating the costs of vehicle’s parts, labor and other costs.


RAMP ERP software for automobile industry provides four pricing plans:

  • Regular: The Regular Plan comes at ₹12,000 and provides features such as Booking Diary, CRM, Reports and Analytics.
  • Premium: The Premium Plan costs ₹21,600 and provides automotive businesses various modules the such as vendor management and coupon management, along with including all of the features from the Regular Plan.
  • Professional: RAMP’s Professional plan costs ₹25,000 and comes with all the benefits of Premium plan as well as features such as inventory management and customer data management.

Experiment: Apart from the three plans mentioned above, it also provides an Experiment Plan. For pricing and features, request a callback from our website.

  • Cogxim Auto Genius

Cogxim Automobile ERP Software

Cogxim Auto Genius automobile management software helps auto dealerships and workshops manage complete accounting and inventory needs. Whether you own a workshop or a showroom, this top automobile software can help you manage stock transfer, counter sale, analytics reports, and more. Other beneficial features of this automobile ERP software are multi-user application and mechanic & supervisor performance.


  • Job Order Tracing: With the help of Cogxim Auto Genius, automotive workshops can seamlessly keep a track of all the job orders with a single click. It helps in checking how many jobs are finished and how many are pending.
  • Stock Management: Stocks can be categorised with the help of its stock management module. workshops and dealerships can check which items need to be replenished.
  • Workshop Performance Report: With the help of workshop performance report, workshop dealers and managers can monitor the overall periodic performance of workshops.
  • Analytical Reports: Analytical reports in Cogxim Auto Genius help the staff analyse the performance of the vehicles to check which portions need repair and service.
  • Service Reminders: Cogxim Auto Genius helps workshops to send service reminders to schedule vehicle servicing.
  • Mechanic Performance: Workshop owners can check and analyse the performance of mechanics with the help of Cogxim Auto Genius.
  • GST Ready Complete Accounting: Gogxim Auto Genius accounting module comes with GST-ready compliance formats, with which bills and expenses can be calculated without any hassle.


CogximAuto Genius comes with two pricing plans:

Auto Genuis (Desktop Version): The Desktop version costs ₹15,000 and comes with features including GST compliant accounting, service reminders, analytical reports, etc.

Auto Genius (Online/Cloud-based Version): The cloud-based version of Auto Genius costs ₹20,000 and comes with all the features of the desktop version, and can be accessed on all Windows, Android and iOS devices.

  • AutoBooom ERP


AutoBooom is an interactive automobile software for the automotive industry. This is considered as one of the top automobile solutions and is designed to manage showrooms and workshops with efficiency. It provides complete accounting and inventory management solutions, backed by advanced features.

Additionally, you can bring accuracy to tasks like reporting and analytics. From service tax to sales tax reports, customer/ party and financer due report, all can be generated easily with this automobile ERP software. Parts stock reports and sales reports can also be generated quickly and efficiently using AutoBooom.


  • Vehicle Information: AutoBooom helps dealers in managing vehicle information with the help of its centralized database module.
  • Multi-location: The automobile ERP software provides a multi-location module that can take care of all the branches from a single place.
  • Stock Management: Automobile management software helps in efficiently managing stock in the warehouse, including checking-in and checking out of items.
  • Supplier Management: AutoBooom effectively manages details of vendors and suppliers from a single platform.
  • Employee Management: The employee management tool of AutoBooom helps in efficiently managing the workshop staff’s payroll, performance and much more.
  • Job Card Management: Job card management helps in checking all the completed and pending repair and service jobs for a certain period. It can all be maintained with the help of a single interface.
  • Alerts: With the help of AutoBooom, automobile owners can send timely notifications to customers as reminders to get their vehicles serviced.


AutoBooom costs ₹22,000 and comes with a plethora of features, such as insurance information, enquiry management, Schemes and offer management, and much more.

  • TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha Automobile ERP Software

TruckSuvidha is one of the leading players in the automobile industry, helping transporters, customers and truck drivers connect with each other. The company works with the objective of making material transportation easier.

It acts as a community where businesses can connect and be a part of the profitable transportation business. This portal improves the productivity of users by reducing the time consumed in searching for trucks and loads.


  • Consignment Booking: This module helps customers book individual or batch consignments seamlessly, to be delivered at a specific time.
  • Fleet Management: TruckSuvidha’s fleet management feature helps in effectively managing truck fleets from the source to destination.
  • Transport Management: With the help of transport management feature, TruckSuvidha keeps track of the goods and destination of trucks for their transit.
  • Email Integration: Email integration helps in keeping the client informed about the status of their consignment at each level of shipping.
  • Location Map: TruckSuvidha helps with live location tracking of trucks to check the progress of a consignment.
  • GPS Transport: TruckSuvidha’s GPS tracking helps truck drivers keep a track of the destination where the consignment needs to be delivered.
  • Tender Management: Tender management feature helps users take care of the tenders that have been undertaken by an agency and to execute the assignments.


TruckSuvidha Provides Three Transporter Packages:

TS 4 Package: The TS4 package costs ₹10,000 per year and comes with features and benefits such as such as directory, loads, vehicle registration and much more.

TS 5 Package: The TS5 package costs ₹20,000 per year and includes all the features from TS4 and also includes an Android mobile app.

TS 6 Package: The TS6 Package comes at ₹30,000 and has all the features of TS5 as well as GPS integrated trucks on map and Email Alerts.

Benefits of Automobile ERP Software

Automobile ERP Software for workshop management comes with numerous benefits. It helps in taking care of multiple tasks related to a workshop’s operations. Here are some ERP benefits for automotive industry.

  • Task Automation: ERP software for automobile dealers helps in reducing costs by automating tasks.
  • Augmenting Communication: ERP for automotive industry enhances communication and collaboration between the employees by sharing live sharing of data of other employees.
  • Better Reports and Analytics: ERP benefits for automotive industry include comprehensive reportage and analytics of the entire business operations.
  • Augmenting Productivity: ERP for automotive industry helps in increasing productivity by monitoring each employee’s tasks regularly.
  • Customer Satisfaction: An ERP software for automobile industry helps in enhancing customer support by automating reminders to clients when their services are due.
  • Simplifying Compliance: Simplifying compliance with the governmental regulations is another benefit provided by ERP for automotive industry India
  • Optimizing Production: Lastly, ERP in automotive industry helps in optimizing the production and stock management with the help of inventory tracking modules.

All these solutions can help streamline day-to-day functioning of a dealership or workshop. These solutions are essential for dealerships and workshops in this era of digitization. You can analyse your marketing activities and understand your buyer personas with these solutions. Isn’t these reasons enough to invest in one of the best automobile software?

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