What’s the Purpose of Student Information Systems? Evaluating 7 Best Examples

What’s the Purpose of Student Information Systems? Evaluating 7 Best Examples-feature image
October 4, 2022 9 Min read

Digitise the operations of your school or any other educational institution with student information system. The online student information system puts together all management processes of a school under a single centralised system that can be accessed by learners, educators, non-teaching staff and parents. Thus a student information system for higher education and secondary studies integrates multiple mechanisms in the form of teacher assistance, student support, parent portal and non-teaching staff work tools to improve a school’s performance as well as generate positive results.

Some of the Core Student Management System Features

You can automate school management and student support practices to let students’ holistic growth be the moto of your school. With a school information system, you can save the time spent otherwise in arranging every educational and non-educational process offline. Everyone, from students and teachers to parents have the scope to benefit out of online student information software.

  • Library Management

Student information system keeps a track of most important library functions- books issued and returned. The library management also tracks other relevant information relating to fines collected, condition of a book, delay in book returns, student’s record, etc.

  • Admission Management

Admission management with a student attendance management system is easier and more organised as there are multiple tasks that need to be looked after. Manual processes to handle admissions can be tedious and time consuming. Student’s information, enrolment status, results can be published online for parents and students to view.

  • Student Behavior Tracking and Analysis

Student information system has predictive analysis tools that provide an insight into student’s behaviour. What it does is records students’ behaviour on everyday basis and analyse the effectiveness of different learning methods.

  • Student Record Management

Similar to managing multiple library processes, student information systems for higher education and secondary studies help manage data such as student’s behavioural record, performance, grades, participation in extracurricular activities, complaints and discipline. All such information can be efficiently uploaded, saved and updated at regular intervals within a matter of few minutes.

  • Class Scheduling & Course Registration

Online student information system provides a student portal, which can be accessed by students for registering for new courses and checking class schedules easily. Learners can even use this portal for checking grades, attendance as well as tracking their performance. 

  • Parent Portal

Student information system software provides a parent portal for keeping parents in the loop. Thus, parents can regularly check the portal for their ward’s performance, attendance and other related information. Secondly, the feature also facilitates open communication between parents and teachers/administration.

Evaluation of Best Online Student Information Systems: Pros & Cons

Online student information systems help streamline managerial and teaching responsibilities of an institute for higher education. Enlisted here are some the best student information system examples along with their pros and cons:

  1. MyClassCampus
  2. Academia
  3. Skyzone
  4. Chanakya School ERP
  5. Fedena SIS System
  6. TimeDesk
  7. Qmarksoft
  • MyClassCampus Student Information Management System

Student information system software

MyClassCampus is a student information system used for streamlining communication processes between the management, parents and teachers as well as handling school’s administrative tasks.  Educators can use this school ERP software for managing timetables and generating lesson plans whereas parents can use it for getting transport updates, paying school fees, accessing gradebooks, etc. The administrative department of an educational institute can utilize this platform for managing inventory, library, finances, complaints/grievances and hostel facilities. 


  • Task assigning features support daily planning processes.
  • Attendance management system helps manage everything online.
  • My Class Campus app makes school ERP features accessible even when you are traveling.
  • Management dashboard for streamlining workflows and sending quick reminders/updates to parents. 


  • Information regarding new updates not easily available.
  • Not available in the offline mode.

My Class Campus School ERP Pricing: Download the software with the help of any of the three paid yearly plans:

  • Basic at ₹ 80
  • Advanced for ₹ 120
  • Premium available in ₹ 150
  • Academia Student Information System for Higher Education

To facilitate the communication between the management of a collage, university or other areas of higher education and their teaching staff, Academia SIS is a trusted name. This student information system helps manage your institute’s teaching, learning and administrative responsibilities. Teachers and parents can take advantage of online portals for reviewing information and preparing new teaching-parenting related tasks. Educational institutes can rely on this online student information system’s automating functionalities for securing data, setting management practices and looking after different academic departments. 


  • Managing reports and payments is easier
  • Administrative tools help improve an educational institute’s efficiency in managing daily activities.
  • Efficient and reliable school ERP software for performing auditing tasks.
  • Quick and reliable student performance analysis.
  • Mobile app for the dynamic communication between students and teachers.


  • Users may take longer time to get acquainted with multiple features of Academia SIS.

Pricing: Academia SIS software demo and pricing details will be provided on Techjockey.

  • Skyzone Online Student Information System

Skyzone student information system software offers multiple support features for managing an educational institute’s teaching and administrative operations. Accounting management, financial management, teacher support, parental/learners’ portal, this student information system software supports with every function. 


  • Reduced paperwork leads to increased work productivity.
  • Easy to integrate with other available platforms.
  • SMS application quite useful for parents to stay aware about their student’s attendance.
  • Helps manage the admission process with cash and cheque payment.
  • Also, helps manage income and expenses of your school with detailed reports.


  • Skyzone school information system is not available for iOS

Pricing: Skyzone us available at a payment of ₹ 25000. Send us a call back request for accessing further details regarding the price. 

  • Chanakya School ERP

Chanakya student information system makes the management of any educational institute easier with features for library management, fees, grades management, parent-teacher support, etc. Along with resourceful tools to administer school’s managerial processes, the SIS system has built-in features for managing school calendar, recording attendance, sending notifications, preparing exam reports and organising students’ transcripts.


  • Grade calculating mechanism saves teachers a lot of time.
  • GPS tracking for transport management.
  • Payment gateway integration along with payroll process support.
  • Option to create database backup.
  • Helps with class and subject management
  • Follows the latest grading system by CBS for grading
  • Provides attendance reports in different types
  • Notice board for sending school and class wise information online.


  • Provides customized reports, but there can be more options.

Pricing: Chanakya ERP costs ₹ 18000/year. Please send us a call back request so that our sales team can guide you further with pricing information. 

  • Fedena SIS System

Student information management system

Generate insightful reports to reach more productive goals and achieve better performance for your educational institute. With parental support features, teacher’s portal and administrative functions, Fedena student information system for colleges and schools simplifies daily processes. It helps define and track work related responsibilities of teachers as well as the school’s managerial staff. You can take advantage of the SIS software’s human resource module for managing payroll processes and generating salary slips.



  • Difficult to access employee data when the internet bandwidth is low.

Pricing: Buy Fedena school information software for any of the following yearly plans:

  • Pro – ₹ 36000
  • Pro Plus – ₹ 65000
  • Enterprise – Contact us

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  • TimeDesk Student Information System

Course registration system

TimeDesk student information management software is a complete package to manage the communication between students, parents, teaching/non-teaching staff alike. This online student management system further helps with payroll, attendance, administration and student management. Report writer is the unique feature of TimeDesk school ERP software used for creating user defined reports and graphical reports for quick decision making. 


  • User friendly charts for daily or monthly status viewing.
  • Advisory view support for advanced searching.
  • Autoemailer option helps save paper.


  • Support for only Windows platform and not Android/iOS.

Pricing: TimeDesk school information system is available at Rs 250000. Get in touch with our sales support representative for further price support.

  • Qmarksoft

Qmarksoft student information system puts in place all administration related, teaching associated and learner concerned modules for best effective school management. The course registration system is relied upon for looking after examination, transportation, fee payment, library and such related tasks of an educational institute. Qmarksoft student attendance management system provides the following management modules- employee management, hostel, enquiry, daily schedule and to do lists.


  • Regular and automatic updates
  • Customizable features
  • Multi-user facilities
  • Different logins for parents and students
  • Available as both online and offline student information system


  • Sometimes errors occur while using the software.

Pricing: At a price of ₹ 55,500 Qmarksoftschool information system is available on lifetime basis at Techjockey.

Student Information Management System Benefits for Online Classrooms

Downloading student information system into your computing device would let you channelise time and resources towards more important school activities. The important benefits of using this platform are:

  • Student database management

Student record management systems record and maintain large amount of data and efficiently organise them into multiple folders for the ease of access. The database including all information related to students’ performance, health records and emergency contact numbers can be managed with a student database management system.

  • IEP

IEP (individual education plans) are created for special needs children as well as students who need specific attention in a specific subject. Such plans can be easily defined, developed and customised with the help of student information systems. 

  • Billing & payment

This feature simplifies the fee and bill paying requirements for parents and students. Educational institutes can use student information software as not just the course registration system but also as a fee management platform. 

  • Gradebooks

Teachers and educators use this software for managing students’ transcripts and gradebooks. Those gradebooks can be updated and accessed by learners through the student information system itself.


Student information systems incorporate solutions to administer well various activities or operations of a school such as admission, attendance, payroll, grading, parental support and student portal. Choose one such efficient software solutions to target specific goals and high end results.

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