ShepHertz Omnichannel Digitization Platforms: Powered by Microsoft Azure

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ShepHertz is helping enterprises build apps and other digitization platforms. But, who is supporting the company in establishing a robust technology portfolio and expanding its customer base. Let’s find out…

Shephertz Overview

“ShepHertz provides omnichannel digitization platform to large enterprises. If you see the market today, large enterprises and startups are fighting for the same market share. ShepHertz sells to large enterprises, helping them in their digital initiatives.

We help them build solutions using a continuous transformation path where they can build new use cases and campaigns in every 15 days.” – Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder and CEO of ShepHertz.

Challenges Faced by ShepHertz

ShepHertz was facing performance and security issues, as it had hosted its Redic cache on Linux virtual machines. Also, their environment was deployed manually in the lack of PaaS support. The entire process was time consuming and required a lot of bandwidth at the end of their internal IT team.

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How is ShepHertz Benefitting from Technology Level Partnership with Azure?

“With Microsoft, we have a partnership at various levels. We’ve technology level partnership, and we are GT partners. The kind of traction which we have had in the last year, we feel that there is a good chance for us to achieve growth both in terms of adoption and revenue with Microsoft.” – Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder and CEO of ShepHertz.

ShepHertz today has established itself as the provider of the transformation environment platforms powered by Microsoft Azure. Backed by Azure Cloud support, the company is creating omnichannel apps for enterprises, developers, and app studios. Businesses are also leveraging the services of ShepHertz for creating a comprehensive API solution, apps, and marketing solutions.

Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder and CEO of ShepHertz, also said that “Our Microsoft partnership provided a robust platform on Azure and a global reach through their datacenters. The partnership has given us access to enterprise customers and played a pivotal role in achieving our business goals.”

To find out more about how Shephertz transformed and upgraded its services in partnership with Microsoft Azure, please watch the video.

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