How to Create a Facebook Business Page in Less Than 15 Minutes- for Free

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in Less Than 15 Minutes- for Free-feature image
May 26, 2023 14 Min read

As a business, the most crucial aspect is to adapt to the target market, whether it is understanding the needs of consumers or their habits and preferences. Current trends show that consumers across the globe are gradually shifting to online purchasing, from visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of expanding your business without having to spend a fortune on advertisement techniques such as OOH media, social media marketing platforms such as Facebook are the most suitable mediums.

With the help of a Facebook Business account, you can make your brand visible, generate leads, understand consumers’ needs, and much more.

What’s a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook page for business is a medium that helps you enhance your brand’s presence and ensure that the right target audience gets to see what your business has to offer. The Facebook Business account acts as a meeting point for brands and the Facebook consumer base.

The page provides various features that enhance the user experience, visibility, and engagement by allowing businesses to advertise their products and services. These features include sharing media content such as posts, videos, infographics. It also provides a marketplace with the help of which, consumers can buy products through the page itself.

How to Create Facebook Online Business Page in 11 Simple Steps

With the ever-increasing user base of Facebook, businesses are increasing their audience reach by employing various methods for marketing. However, the initial step to making your brands visible to the Facebook audience is to create a Facebook Page for Business.

The best part about this is that you get to create Facebook business page free of charge.

You can create Facebook business page just like the personal profile on Facebook, and all it takes is about 15 minutes.

Given below are 11 simple steps that you can follow to create a business page on Facebook.

Step 1: If You Want to Create a Facebook Business Account – Sign Up

In many cases, users don’t want to merge business with their personal lives; the same goes for Facebook accounts. If you don’t want to use the personal ‘Facebook profile to page creation technique,’ or you don’t have a personal Facebook account, you can sign-up for a new account by providing your credentials.

Step 2: If You Wish to use a previous Account- Create a Business Facebook Page with Your Account

Visit and click on the blue ‘Create a Page’ button situated on the left-hand side of the screen. If you want more insights about how it works, you can additionally browse other options located on the top of the page. Once you are ready to go ahead, make a Facebook business page by clicking on the ‘Create as Page’ button.

Step 3: Get Started with Your Business or Brand

When you are done with logging in to your account. click on ‘Getting Started’ on the Business or brand section. It is advisable not to choose the second option, which is Community or ‘Public Figure’ as its features have been configured for that section, categorically.

Step 4: Enter Your Company Details on the ‘Business or Brand Section’

Enter your Page Name and the Category in which your business falls. Once you select the industry that your business falls into, Facebook will automatically show you the options to make things easier for you. For instance, if your business is related to Information technology, by merely typing Information, Facebook will provide options related to ‘Information.’

You can also check “How to Develop the Branding Strategy“.

Step 5: Add Profile Picture

A brand is recognized by its logo. People on Facebook will be able to identify your page by your company’s logo on the profile picture. Hence, putting a profile picture is the first step to make your brand visible. Make sure that the logo is appropriately visible and isn’t cropped in the profile picture.

Step 6: Add a Cover Photo

It is recommended that you put up a cover photo on your Facebook page for business. A cover photo provides an enhanced user experience to the users who visit your profile. Moreover, you can display information about the latest offers and discounts by uploading creative images as your cover photo.

The ideal dimensions of the Facebook cover photo are 400 pixels × 150 pixels.

Step 7: Set Automatic Messages

Once you have created your Business Facebook page, you will be able to see an option to set automated replies for the people who like your posts or the page. It is recommended that you make use of this feature by creating a default reply, informing visitors about your company, and proving a C2A by liking your page.

Step 8: Add Necessary Business Details

On the panel situated at the left-hand side, select the ‘About’ option. Then put all the information related to your business, such as a short bio explaining what the company does, your mission, website, working hours, contact details, etc. By doing so, you will help users know your business better and contact you for their requirements.

For many users, your Facebook might be the initial point of information. Hence, providing thorough information about your business will help potential customers know your brand, products, and services in a better manner.

Step 9: Set the Page Preferences

Set the preferences of your business page by clicking on the ‘more’ tab situated on the second column at the top of your business page. In this section, you can edit, update, and customise settings based on the type of business.

Step 10: Invite friends to Like Your Business Page

Once the page has been set up, you need people to know about it by improving visibility. Click on the ‘Invite Friends’ situated on the right-hand side of the homepage. Then add people from your friend-list so that they can like your page and share it with their contacts. This will enhance your page visibility.

Step 11: Add a button

Situated on the top-right side of your homepage, click the ‘Add a button’ that would boost your business, by providing a direct call-to-action option. Select the option that suits your requirements, among the choices such as ‘Make a booking with you,’ ‘Contact you,’ ‘learn more about your business,’ ‘Shop with you,’ and ‘Download your app or play your game’.

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Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page for Higher Conversion

The trick to making the full use of the features provided by Business Facebook Page, is by optimising your Facebook business resources to make it stand out. Here are some ways you can optimise your FB business account to make it visible:

1: In order to create a good first impression on visitors it is advisable to choose a profound page title that resonates with the audience.

2: Next is to provide a comprehensive description regarding your business in the ‘Description’ field in the ‘About’ section.

3: For the long description, you can get into the nuances such as the vision, USP, and conception.

4: The next step is to fill in the ‘Mission’ section in the ‘About’ section.

5: The most effective way to optimise your Facebook business resources is to set up Facebook business manager. Facebook business manager helps users to manage multiple Facebook small business accounts, efficiently. Here is how to set up a Facebook account manager:

  • Visit and click on the ‘Create Account’ button.
  • Input the FB business name that you have used on your Facebook page for business.
  • Next, enter the name of the admin and email that you want to use for managing the account.
  • Next is to add your Facebook business page(s). To do this, click on the ‘add page’ button situated on the business manager dashboard.
  • Next, click on ‘Add Page’ on the ‘Add page you own’ section.
  • When you start typing the name of your page, you will see an auto-dropdown with the name of your Facebook page for business. Select it, and if you are the admin of the FB Business page, it will automatically be approved.

Now that you overcame the hurdle of how-to-setup-a-Facebook-manager, you can optimize your page with the interactive tools provided by the manager, such as managing ads and much more. The best part is that creating the Facebook business manager is completely free!

Already Created Facebook Business Account? How to Acquire First 100 Followers

Once you have created a Facebook business account, it is essential to make your page visible and gain followers. Here are some small yet useful tips to acquire first the 100 followers (or more):

Tip #1
As mentioned in the steps, you can start by inviting people from your friend-list to follow your page.
Tip #2
Next is to ask them to share the posts by your FB business page. Once people come to see your posts on the wall of your friends, they will come to your page, and if they are interested, they will follow you.
Tip #3
Eye-catching content will garner more audience, hence try to make your posts interesting
Tip #4
Invest in Facebook ads. You can customize your ad settings so that it reaches only people who are interested in something that your company has to offer. You can also customise to show your ads to users living in a particular area, age, and language by setting filters.
Tip #5
Once your ad is live, if the content is relatable and interesting, people will react to it. You can send them automated notifications, asking them to like their page. This way, you will be able to gain much more than 100 followers in a short period of time.


  • How to make a Facebook page without having a personal account?

Creating a Facebook page without a personal account is not possible. There are be few articles available on the Internet, who will provide unethical methods such as creating a fake account. It is, however, not advised as your account might come under scrutiny and hamper the progress you have made with the help of your Facebook online business page.

  • How much does a Facebook business page cost?

Creating a Business Facebook Page doesn’t cost anything. It provides a free platform for businesses for building brand awareness. However, if you want to advertise your ad so that it reaches the right audience, you may put in a sum, depending upon your requirements.

  • How to verify your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook suggests that if the category of a Facebook page for business is categorized as an organisation or business, the page can be entitled to receive a grey verification badge. In order to apply for the badge for your Facebook business account, there are specific criteria that Facebook has set.
This includes putting a profile picture, a cover photo, an official phone number, or a document that certifies your business. You also need a Facebook Business Page Manager in order to put a request for your Facebook online Business account verification.

Here are the steps you need to follow to verify your business:

a) Go the to Security Centre on your Business manager.
b) In the Security Centre, you will see your business verification status.
c) There might be a possibility that you need to start the process verification on the dashboard if the manager requires an App Review.
d) If it has already been resolved, you can go to the Security Centre and Click on ‘Start Verification.’
e) Next, enter the necessary business details such as business name.
f) Select your business industry.
g) Confirm your business by providing your phone number and then click on ‘Next.’
h) Enter the verification code that you receive on your mobile phone as a text message or a phone call.
i) Finally, click on ‘Submit.’

Once you submit the request, Facebook will analyse your account and provide the grey tick. If there are any discrepancies with the details you provide, Facebook will intimate you about it.

  • How to increase likes on your Facebook business page?

If your business page meets all the necessary requirements set by Facebook, you have already completed the first part. Here are some tricks you can implement to get more likes on your Facebook Business Page:

a) Your page needs to create a unique user experience for visitors; hence, posts and videos that attract their attention. If they find your content relatable and exciting, there is a good chance that they will follow your page and like your posts, some, on a regular basis.

b) With the help of sponsored ads, you can customise your audience who might be interested in your products and services. Facebook will show your ad to a specific category of audience with set parameters such as location, interests, gender, age, and language. Therefore, you can also use sponsored posts to steer the people who have liked your posts to like your page.

c) Facebook campaigns are a planned way of increasing likes organically. A considerable amount of Facebook campaigns are centered around a festival and trending topics and current affairs. The more trending, relevant, and witty posts you provide, the more people will engage. Posts that provide call-to-action and evoke reactions help in garnering more traffic and likes.

d) Lucrative online contests are useful tools to attract the attention of relevant audiences. Everyone likes to win prizes, especially when there is nothing at stake. Content like quizzes and activities helps in bringing more traffic than usual posts. Exciting online offers and discounts are an established technique to get people to come to your page and like it.

  • How to ensure business growth with Facebook business page?

You can grow your small business with the help of your Facebook online business page if you employ the right techniques and use Facebook business resources. Here are some tips by Facebook business on how to make the most out of your Facebook business page by using the weekly growth technique:

Week 1:
In the first week, you need to choose the approach that you deem fit for the growth of your business. The approach could be building brand awareness, attracting a relevant audience, or driving conversion depending on where your business stands.

  • You can begin by creating a buzz through interactive posts and content that would let people know about your brand
  • Moreover, next is to evoke curiosity in people so that they start visiting your Facebook online business page or website for more information
  • Next is to steer people to buy your products by visiting your website or store.

Week 2:
Spend this week in studying and researching about what other business pages related to your industry are doing that are providing them a good number of audience and visibility.

Week 3:
The third week is for your strategising and research to be put into action. Create standalone ads using the information that you have gathered along with attractive images, videos, and content to attract the attention of your target audience. Utilize ad sets or campaigns featuring multiple ads to effectively communicate your message and attract a wide audience to your Facebook business page and website.

Week 4:
Monitor and analyse the impact of your ad campaign with the help of Facebook Business Manager and Ads Reporting tool.

This tool helps analyze the performance of your technique, allowing you to identify successful aspects and areas for improvement.

Use the techniques that worked, for future campaigns and see your brand building up.

With persistence and following these steps, your business can gradually grow, making it a continuous and rewarding process.

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