Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset: Why It’s the First Choice of WFH Employees in 2023

Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset: Why It’s the First Choice of WFH Employees in 2023-feature image
February 2, 2023 4 Min read

Offices around the world have adopted work from home as the new normal. Certain accessories have been helpful to remotely connect with team mates as well to maintain our productivity. Especially headphones and bluetooth headsets such as plantronics voyager 5200 UC have enabled us to handle critical work on calls without getting distracted by the background noise at home.    

Voyager 5200 UC Poly Headsets India Review – A Portable Bluetooth Headset for People on the go

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC headsets have been designed in such a manner so that you can attend critical calls for a long period of time without hurting your ears.

Voyager 5200 UC has been one of the most popular poly headsets in India as it effectively cancels out background noise and provides a high quality voice output always.

There are several headsets available in the market, but Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC beats them all due to its impeccable features. Exactly what those features are…we tell you all in the next few sections.

How Does Plantronics Bluetooth Headset  Voyager 5200 UC Look – Design & Fit

Plantronics headphones and headsets  look like a miniature beast with bulky earpiece and mic units. It sports a Bluetooth 5.0 version and supports different bluetooth profiles such as A2DP, HFP and much more.

After the success of plantronics headphones, the company has introduced several lucrative features in Voyager 5200 too. The headset can be easily switched between your left and right ear. It also comes with ear buds of varying designs to easily fit into different ear sizes.

Plantronics Wireless Headset Voyager 5200 UC Features: Why it’s perfect accessory for work from home?

Let’s admit it- work from home has been far more challenging than we thought. But with the help of accessories such as plantronics wireless headset, attending calls, providing support services and remote collaboration; all has become a tad easy.

Below we mention the prominent features that make Voyager 5200 UC bluetooth headset system a must have in your list of work from home accessories.

  • External P2i Coating

Plantronics voyager 5200 UC has an external coating of P2i which makes it resistant to moisture.

  • Noise Cancellation

The plantronics voyager 5200 UC has a unique design to effectively nullify background noises.

  • Multi Device Connectivity

This headset can be connected with different devices such as mobile phones, desktops, mobile phones etc.

  • Voice Clarity Over a Long Range

Poly headsets in India such as Voyager 5200 UC provide an extended range of 30 m.

  • Compact and Portable

Easily fits in travelling bags and pockets for use whenever you are away from your workstation.

What Users Liked Most About Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset System – Performance

Plantronics bluetooth headset is formidable work from home accessory. Below we mention some key factors that highlight its amazing performance.

  • Long lasting battery

Voyager 5200 UC is powered by a long lasting and rechargeable 122 mAh battery.

  • Portable charging base

You can attend critical calls from practically anywhere even if the device is running on low battery with the help of its portable charging base.

  • Talk time

On a single charge, the plantronics wireless headset can run for upto 7 hours.

  • Audio profiles

Voyager 5200 UC bluetooth headset system is powered by 6 layers of WindSmart technology for effective operations on both PC and mobile and for better noise cancellation.

  • Speaker size

This bluetooth headset features an impressive 13.6 mm wide speaker which can catch sound even from different angles.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Review: Who can benefit most from using Voyager 5200 UC

plantronics bluetooth headset

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC is made keeping in mind the need of employees working from home. It is especially suitable for executives working in customer care, marketing and sales departments. The headset is also perfect for those executives who are on the field the whole day and have to make or attend calls amidst traffic and other outdoor noises.

Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset System Price

The price of plantronics voyager 5200 UC starts from ₹15120. For detailed price plans, you can reach out to us.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Review – Why Should You Buy Voyager 5200 UC

Plantronics voyager 5200 UC is the perfect companion for you to collaborate with your team remotely. They have an attractive and comfortable design which makes it suitable for long term use.

Not only this, plantronics headsets come with the SoundGuard feature which shields your ears from sounds rising above 118 dBA. The device also boasts of intuitive controls which allow you to perform functions such as answer/ reject calls, increase/decrease volume etc. with ease.

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