Why is Order Management System (OMS) Important for Ecommerce

Why is Order Management System (OMS) Important for Ecommerce-feature image
February 3, 2023 5 Min read

We are a globally connected community. Our continued interaction with a large global audience has improved our understanding of consumer requirements.

In recent years, the sale and purchase of products online has witnessed an all-time high. More and more businesses are shifting towards ecommerce because of a positive and ever-growing customer response online. This has given a major boost to India’s ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce demands the best of technology to perform activities online. Its result? More sales and higher revenue.

A highly responsive online market has had a favourable impact on most businesses. Most customers these days prefer to shop online. The trend of ‘click’ shopping has completely transformed shopping experience of customers who can conveniently shop from anywhere, anytime. As a result, the e-commerce market has seen an astonishing growth in the recent years.

Simplifying E-Commerce with Order Management System

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With an increase in online buyers, there’s an urgent need for an efficient and easy-to-use online store management system that helps manage all orders smoothly. Such a system must also satisfy your existing customers and bring in new ones from time to time.

eCommerce Order management system is essentially a computer software system that is used to manage inventories and orders with ease and efficiency.

When you dig deeper, you’ll realise that the order management system involves a series of ecommerce activities and brings together stakeholders and store owners. The software dedicatedly generates customer traffic online and helps customers to order the right products, for the right price.

Not only this, OMS ensures timely delivery for shoppers and provides them a huge variety of shipping carrier options that’ll deliver their products at their doorstep.

Why does an Online Retail Business Rely Majorly on an order management system?

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The answer is simple. An order management system is a platform that manages all sales related processes for any business. It tracks and manages all eCommerce activities right from sales and orders to inventory and order delivery. Not only this, the online order management system makes it possible for any business to reach new customers and enter international markets.

Additionally, order management eCommerce technology facilitates innovations and makes digital payments and customer engagement a reality.

Thus, ecommerce order management system is vital to the growth of eCommerce industry. It boosts employment, maximises profits, and provides better quality products and services to customers worldwide.

Features of Order Management System

Improve ecommerce sales efficiency, inventory management accuracy and your customer experience with ecommerce order management system architecture.

Let’s look at some of the features offered by order management software:

  • Centralized Order Management

Your Order Management System should help you manage orders coming from multiple sales channels within one interface. To ensure timely order processing, and order management system for eCommerce must include real-time order notifications and order status updates for customers.

  • Inventory Management

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For online store owners, order management system eCommerce is a boon. It must be remembered that an informed store owner always provides better customer service to the clients. To stay abreast of the latest inventories, available stocks, exhausting stocks, etc. it is a must that store owners use effective eCommerce order management software.

Such an eCommerce order management tool helps them stay updated about the products available online as well the ones that are running out of stock. It also reserves products added to the customer’s shopping carts. Thus, it is a great idea for online shopkeepers to sync inventory management with an OMS.

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  • Product Merging

With this feature of order management system ecommerce, you can conveniently synchronize inventory for a product in several marketplaces. Merge products to track the stock of products using one number. This way, a merged product when sold on a single ecommerce site, it’ll automatically get updated on other sites as well.

  • Flexible Payment Options and Fraud Checks

You can greatly benefit from online order management system if you provide your buyers with flexible payment options. This is where the role of an order management system that supports multiple payment getaways becomes imperative. Also, it’s mandatory to conduct routine fraud checks for your security.

  • Product Bundling

Product bundling is another interesting feature of eCommerce order management software that makes inventory management convenient. This feature allows you to link products together to make sets, without the need for creating an all new product.

  • Convenient Customer Relationship Management

You can gain complete access to the entire history of your customers at any time. With the help of an order management system, you can answer customer queries related to products, orders, delivery status, etc. almost instantly.

  • Shipping Services Integration

The order management software integrates shipping services to ensure that customers get a variety of shipping carriers to choose from. This way customers can opt for the shipping carriers most suited to their needs. Further order management system can be integrated with shipment tracking software to check online status of your parcels in transit.

  • Efficient Tool for Sales Representatives

An order management system is ideal for sales agents. This is because sales representatives can quickly login and add new customers to their list and manage their purchase details. The eCommerce order management software can also take orders on the go with their laptops, iPads, or other devices.


To sum up, choosing the right eCommerce order management system is your first step towards efficient management of eCommerce activities. A comprehensive eCommerce order processing tool brings to you the opportunity to digitally transform all your business operations and provide satisfactory customer service resulting in improved sales, profits and overall growth.

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