List of 25 Best HR Software In India – HRMS Software for Businesses in 2023

List of 25 Best HR Software In India – HRMS Software for Businesses in 2023-feature image
July 24, 2023 24 Min read

It is no secret that the success of any business lies in the hands of its employees. Hence, it becomes imperative to keep them happy and motivated. However, managing human resources has never been easy. Hiring the right talent and delivering an enhanced employee experience has always been a challenge for HR professionals.

Nevertheless, thanks to technology that has evolved over the years. HR software has indeed transformed the way human resource departments used to function.

Did you know: Approximately 58% of companies use HR technology to find, attract and retain the right talent!

Elevating HR through digitization by automating the mundane processes especially the repetitive tasks like processing employee data, assisting in the hiring process & more helps organization function smoothly. So, if you’re looking to simplify your HR processes, check out this well curated list of the best HR software in India!

What is HR Software?

HR software solutions help with managing employee information and every other process right from candidate hiring to onboarding and offboarding

HR & payroll software solutions make the entire workforce management process simple with features for leave & attendance, talent management, employee self service, performance & appraisal, etc.

HRMS software further helps with creating workforce related policies, which are adherent to government norms. The feedback sharing grievance handling feature of HR management software ensure that your employees feel valued.

25 Best HR Software for Small and Large Entrepreneurs in 2023

Today, in the age of automation, wherever you turn, the solution for almost every entrepreneurial problem seems to be software. Be it for managing the accounts of your business or sales, there is software for everything and probably you are using one of these top most popular HR software in India too.

  • Spine HR Suite

Platforms available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Web App

Spine HR Suite Image

A comprehensive human resource management platform in India, Spine HR Suite takes care of all business organizational and human capital requirements. Right from managing your employees and workflow to handling accounting details, Spine HRMS enhances the experience of both employers and employees.

Spine HR also makes the life of HR professionals easier by providing them access to advanced tools that streamline HRMS and payroll process.

Spine HR Features:

  • Provides scalable solution to meet your organizational needs
  • Employee self-service management
  • Centralized employee database
  • Employee onboarding and administration
  • Automated payroll processing
  • Geo tagging and facial recognition features
  • Comprehensive training and induction system
  • Multi-user login & roll-based access
  • Easy-to-use self-service portal
  • Mobile UI can be improved for enhanced experience

Spine HRSuite Pricing: Price details and a free demo are available with us

  • EmployeeVibes

Platforms available: Android, iOS and Web

Employee Vibes HRMS is a position management tool used for managing employee onboarding & life cycle, leaves and attendance. The HR management software digitizes different payroll processes like employee salaries, statutory compliance and assigning rules/policies.

EmployeeVibes can also be used for handling multi session shifts as well as their patterns. The highlight of this tool is that it helps implement the most complex policies with ease.

EmployeeVibes Features:

  • Multilevel workflow configuration
  • Geotagging to figure out location specific information
  • Geo fencing feature to pre-define boundaries
  • Smooth payroll management process
  • Time, attendance and leave management tracking
  • Intuitive design & simple UI
  • Best for calculating gratuity/wages
  • Compliances for managing loans & advances
  • Reports for challan/TDS to calculate tax returns
  • Offers leave & holiday, time & attendance & more features at one place
  • It occasionally gets slow

Employee Vibes Pricing: Price details and a free demo are available with us.

  • Zimyo HRMS

Platforms available on: Windows, Android & iOS

Zimyo HRIS tools india

Zimyo software automates most of the redundant tasks, leaving your HR team enough time to provide each candidate with a unique experience. This robust HRMS system helps from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between that you need for HR management.

This easy to use and flexible HR solutions can also be tailored to your human resource needs. You can customize almost every module (HR, Payroll, Timesheet, Recruit, Performance & more) as per your specific business requirements.

Zimyo HRMS Features:

  • Extremely intuitive interface
  • Centralized dashboard for obtaining detailed reports
  • Dedicated mobile and desktop app
  • Easily record hours logged in by employees with the help of timesheets
  • Robust payroll management with payslip generation
  • Generate and view hiring trends, attrition trends and much more
  • Data stored in PCI DSS compliant data centers
  • Updating & uploading of bulk candidates’ profiles.
  • Consolidated view & customized workflows for all information.
  • Comes with different modules to cover daily HR management needs
  • You might not get a reminder mail in some cases even after clocking 8 hours.

Zimyo HR Pricing: The basic plan starts from ₹60 per month with access to features such as geo tag, dashboard, policy, documents, requests & more.

  • InfowanHR

Platforms available for: Windows, iPhone, Android

InfowanHR is a powerful solution for automating the workflow of your human resources team. It comes integrated with payroll management solutions. It also allows employees to mark their attendance without any hassle.

Core Features of InfowanHR:

  • Enabling real time collaboration between employees.
  • HR training
  • GPS based attendance system for on-field employees.
  • Easy application of full day leaves, comp offs etc.
  • Sales lead management.
  • Quick follow up on potential leads with Enquiry FollowUp engine.
  • Generation of after sales report.
  • SMS, Email tools.
  • Auto compliant with all labour laws in the country.
  • Option for filing reimbursement claims.
  • Easy to create training module for new joiners
  • Tracking employee performance is easy.
  • Not available for macOS.

InfowanHR HR Pricing: Monthly paid plans start from ₹500.

  • Keka HRMS

Platforms available on: Web, iOS and Android

Keka HRMS Image

Keka HRMS is designed to provide user centric experience to your employees along with data insights. Further, it provides a host of HR and payroll functions, such as time tracking, expense tracking and performance management.

Keka HRMS Features:

  • Offers integration with third party apps such as QuickBooks, Plum & more
  • Features include leave request, approval, biometric clock-in and out, and more
  • Time & attendance tracking features
  • Stores employee data in a secure database
  • Provides an ESS portal
  • Performance management module to help leaders stay on top of employee performance
  • Manage employee profile and store documents
  • Includes attendance tracker & helpdesk
  • Not available on Windows and Mac
  • Onboarding process is time consuming

Keka HRMS Pricing: Keka foundation plan starts from ₹6999 per month for up to 100 employees ₹60 per month per additional employee.

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  • Qandle

Platforms available on: Android, iOS and PC

Qandle HRMS helps with strategic management of the modern workforce. From hiring the best talent to ensuring a smooth exit process, Qandle makes every process simpler.

You can maintain employee records online and manage your assets and provisions with ease along with tracking business expenses. This is one of the best HR software for small business you would need to ensure hassle-free collaboration between team members and across silos.

Also, it is quite useful in reducing the attrition rate with higher employee engagement. You can manage promotions, plan successions, and reward great performances through a single platform.

AI Chatbot – QanBot

Employees can directly ask QanBot for their leave balances, attendance regularizations, etc. No human intervention is required for raising requests related to asset allocation, exchange or return.

Qandle HRMS Features:

  • Enables HR teams to track learning & development progress
  • Ability to analyze performance and track salary
  • Employee database management
  • Helpdesk support for employees
  • Employee self service portal
  • Onboarding & exit management made easy
  • Mobile app for automated punch-ins.
  • Push notifications for managing employee requests.
  • Easy to scan bills & recording travel distances
  • Geotagging has been an issue

Qandle HRMS Pricing: Paid monthly plans start from ₹2450 for up to 50 employees. It includes access to core HR features like leave & attendance management, basic reporting & email support.

  • HROne Software

Platforms available on: Web, Windows, iOS and Android

HR-One Software Image

A complete employee lifecycle management software, HROne HRMS solution helps in handling your employees better without spending time on micromanaging them. It is a cloud based HRMS software that is extremely easy to use and is suitable for all types of organization, irrespective of the size and nature of business.

This HRMS suite comes with integrated modules like payroll software, performance management software, attendance management software, among other things to maximize your team’s output. Moreover, its mobile app gives your team the freedom to execute daily HR tasks on the go!

HROne HRMS Features:

  • Execute 20+ tasks through HROne mobile app
  • Employee database for quick information access
  • Manage attendance, leaves & more in one place
  • Geo tagging and geo fencing
  • Biometric integration for increased security
  • Cost effective & easy to use
  • Quick access to reports/statistics & other data
  • Simple reporting features
  • Real-time chat isn’t available.

HROne Cloud Pricing: Price details, free demo and expert consulting can be requested on the official website. The core HR plan’s features includes access to employee database, HR Handbook, Action access, among other things.

  • GreytHR

Platforms available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web

GreytHR Software Image

GreytHR helps simplify the HR process of an organization. From managing all the core HR activities to managing other related tasks, this software automates every process. It not only helps save time but also minimizes errors.

This cloud based software helps process payroll accurately, track leaves, capture real time attendance from biometric & more. It also lets you access pay slips and other tax information anytime & anywhere using the mobile app.

GreytHR Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Cloud based with quick data access
  • Integrated Payroll Software
  • IP addresses cannot be restricted.

GreytHR Pricing: The starter plan is available for free and can be accessed by up to 25 employees. The paid plan starts at ₹1495 per month. Details about its pricing plans & free demo are available with us.

  • Beehive HRMS Software

Platforms available on: Web, Windows, iOS and Android

Beehive HRMS Software Image

Beehive HRMS system helps manage your employees efficiently without investing too much time and effort. It lets you manage your employees right from recruitment to retirement. It is a one-stop solution for all your HRM needs.

Beehive makes it easy to track your projects using its task and timesheet management modules. The software offers multiple modules, including attendance management, leave management, payroll, expense as well as performance management. It is a one-stop solution for all your HRM needs through a unified platform that automates your day-to-day HR activities.

Beehive HRMS Features:

  • User friendly interface designed for employees
  • The mobile app enables access from anywhere and anytime
  • Centralized information, controlled access and accurate reporting
  • Screening, hiring and onboarding of candidates made easy
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Good number of modules for efficient functioning.
  • Doesn’t support Mac systems.

Beehive HRMS Pricing: Details about paid plans, free demo & expert consulting are available at Techjockey.

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  • Zoho People

Platforms available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iOS

Zoho People Image

Zoho People is a complete online HR solution that takes care of all your HR activities. It is the ideal software to manage the workforce of your company more efficiently. The software has customizable features to meet the varying needs of different business organizations.

Zoho People software is designed to attract and nurture employees, make HR management effective, and quickly adapt to ongoing changes in the HR landscape. With Zoho People, you can simplify your HR operations and build a high performing workforce while putting the needs of employees first.

Zoho People Features

  • Centralized employee data
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Ease of time & attendance management
  • Performance management & review functionalities
  • Pre-configured time sheets & check-in/out services
  • Simple design & easy to use
  • Cost effective.
  • Mobile app needs to include all the features of web.

Zoho People Pricing: 15-day free trial as well as demo available on request. The essential HR package price starts at ₹48 per user per month billed annually. It includes the access to features like employee onboarding, multi level approvals, workflow management, among other things.

  • sumHR

Platforms available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web

sumHR Software Image

A cloud based HRM solution, sumHR helps manage every aspect of HR management effectively including payroll, attendance, operations, performance, onboarding & recruitment. With this HR management software, you can enhance your employee experience, track attendance, leaves, define goals, generate & schedule reports & so much more.

sumHR Features:

  • Attendance monitoring & leave tracking
  • Smooth payroll management
  • Informative employee directory
  • Structured performance review
  • Cost effective
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to understand and navigate.
  • Web based only, cannot be installed on mobile platform.

SumHR Pricing: Free demo support available on the official website. The startup paid plans from ₹49/month and is free for up to 10 employees.

  • HR Mantra

Platforms available on: Windows, Macintosh, SaaS, iOS and Android

HR Mantra Image

HRMantra helps manage the workforce of any business organization more efficiently. It covers almost every aspect of HR and payroll process through modules for attendance management, leave management, payroll management, and learning management, and more.

Some of its key features include:

  • Automate recruitment management
  • Attendance & leave management
  • Advance payroll management
  • Travel, claim & helpdesk management
  • Systematically manage people for goal focus through performance management
  • Great tool to monitor employee attendance
  • Leave application process is simple
  • Additional features for events & calendar.
  • Helps with the management of staff, attendance, leaves & more.
  • More tools can be included on the dashboard.

HR Mantra Pricing: Price details available on the official website.

  • 247 HRM

Platforms available on: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Windows, Android

247 HRM simplifies all human resource management system needs of an organization. It’s not just useful in managing your workforce but also lets you manage payroll and other important activities.

247 HRM Features:

  • Employee self-service portal
  • Leave & attendance management
  • Simplified payroll management
  • Expense and talent management
  • Easily customizable & user-friendly
  • Applicant tracking system module is quite useful
  • Doesn’t have a web-based application

247 HRM Software Pricing: Monthly plan starts from ₹1499 onwards for over 30 employees. It includes access to features like payroll, statutory compliance, reports & more.

  • FlexiEle HRMS

Platforms available on: Web, Windows, iOS and Android

FlexiEle HRMS Image

An all-inclusive solution, FlexiEle HRMS system is one of the best human resource management software that helps you manage all your human resource activities in a better way.

FlexiEle HRMS Features:

  • Provides various tools for analytics
  • Customised Reports
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Doesn’t support Mac.

FlexiEle HRMS Pricing: Price details & free demo available with Techjockey.

  • ADP Vista HCM

 Platforms available on: Web, iOS and Android

ADP Vista HCM Image

ADP Vista HCM is a comprehensive HR solution that helps users organize different HR-related tasks and keep employee data in a streamlined manner.

Since it is cloud-based, ADP Vista HCM provides a homogenous combination of different tools pertaining to people management software. Some of these tools are attendance management, payroll management, employee self-service, leave management, and much more.

Moreover, ADP Vista HCM cloud based software for small business also provides subsidiary tools for tax calculation and compliance.

ADP Vista HCM Features:

  • Asset & attendance management
  • Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
  • Email Integration
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • Exit Management & Separation Management
  • Performance & recruitment management
  • Efficient payroll & document management
  • Cloud-based & auto-updates
  • Easy recruitment feature
  • Auto-updates & user-friendly
  • Service Center performance can be improved.

ADP Vista HCM Pricing: Support for free demo & price details can be requested on the official website.

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Platforms available on: Web, iOS and Android


HRMTHREAD, is one of the top web based payroll solutions available in the market and has more than 5000 clients. It’s USP is to make even the most complicated of tasks seem easy.

Another feature that wins over customers is its mobile application that provides quick access. Besides providing a comprehensive payroll solution, HRMTHREAD offers effective time-tracking tools for better time management. 

Tax calculations and TDS deductions become simple tasks with the help of HRMTHREAD. Analyzing and providing periodic appraisals can easily be executed with this software.

As far as employee’s performance management is concerned, HRMTHREAD assists in recruitment management and training of new staff as well.


  • Email Integration
  • Employee self service management
  • Exit & separation management
  • Knowledge management
  • Payroll & performance management
  • Training management
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Data import from excel files
  • Seamless integration with related modules
  • Doesn’t provide live support

HRMTHREAD Pricing: The base plan starts at ₹1500 per month covering 50 employees and 1 company for payroll on cloud.

  • PeopleStrong

Platforms available on: Web & iOS

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife is one of the most popular HR software, equipped with all the tools required for efficient management of human resources. Aiming to streamline the HR processes of a company, the software comes with state-of-the-art tools and services in a consolidated package.

PeopleStrong Features:

  • Quick integration with social media for candidate scanning
  • Robust onboarding module
  • Analytical tools for monitoring productivity & attrition
  • Doesn’t provide a self-service portal

PeopleStrong Pricing: Price details, expert consulting & free demo is available on the official website.

  • ZingHR

Platforms available on: Web, Windows, Macintosh, iOS and Android

ZingHR Image

ZingHR Software enables employees as well as the company to utilize Enterprise Cloud Application Solutions for human resource management. From hire to retire/resign, ZingHR provides solutions for companies of all sizes.

It provides an all-encompassing mechanism which transcends automation and helps enhance the business and employee experience.

Zing HR Features:

  • Talent and performance management
  • Payroll management
  • Training and recruitment management
  • Training
  • Comprehensive solution from hiring to resigning/retiring
  • Mobile app for better mobility
  • Easy to navigate & cost-effective
  • UI needs some more finishing
  • Sometimes the app lags during punch in and out

Zing Pricing: Support for free demo & information of paid plans can be requested on the official website.

  • PeopleApex

Platforms available on: Web

PeopleApex Image

PeopleApex Multi-Country HR is an end-to-end HR solution, aimed to enable HR professionals as well as employees manage various HR processes. With its employee self-service tool, it empowers the staff to manage their leaves, attendance, and time/shift.

It also enables managers to maintain and analyze employee records with the help of People Apex’s manager self-service tool.

Meticulously designed by experts in the sector, who are proficient in HR and Payroll management skills, it is a one-stop-shop for businesses.

PeopleApex Features:

  • Asset Management
  • Attendance management
  • Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • Exit Management & Separation Management
  • Cloud-based
  • Multi-currency & multi-language support
  • Rapid deployment
  • Isn’t compatible with Macintosh, Windows, iOS and Android

PeopleApex Pricing: Price details & support for free demo available on request with Techjockey.

  • Smart H2R

Platforms available on: Web and Windows

A transformative HR and Payroll software, Smart H2R or SmartHR Software, is designed to maintain synchronization between the employee and businesses. It provides a plethora of customizable tools, which helps in the management of the entire gamut of HR-related activities; from hiring to retiring/resigning.

All functions from joining, training, payroll, leave, travel, helpdesk, appraisal and employee exit features have been automated.

Smart H2R Features:

  • Asset management system
  • Helpdesk tool
  • Audit trail and expense management
  • Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • Both cloud-based & on-premises
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Real-Time notifications
  • Isn’t compatible with operating systems such as iOS and Android

SmartH2R Software Pricing: Pricing information, free demo & expert consulting, all available with Techjockey.

  • Pocket HRMS

Platforms available on: iOS, Android, Web app

Pocket HRMS is a cloud based software that automates HR processes like payroll, leave, recruitment, exit, performance, full and final settlement, and more. It is a complete, web-based solution that empowers businesses by catering to a range of human resource management problems in an organization.

It comprises different modules like payroll, leave, income tax, attendance, etc. There is also a self-service module that helps employees update their personal details and tax declaration on the go.

Pocket HRMS Features:

  • AI based attendance management
  • Automate payroll management process
  • Track time and attendance efficiently
  • Manage employee details on the go using employee management module
  • Seamless increment and performance tracking
  • Makes team collaboration easy & simple
  • Accuracy of analytical reports
  • Exhaustive pay slip including complete salary details and computation of income tax
  • Tools to measure workplace productivity

Pocket HRMS Software Pricing: Free trial is available on the website. The standard plan starts at ₹2495/ month and includes features such as tax & compliance, leave, payroll, among other things.

  • Kredily

Platforms available on: Android & web app

Kredily is a forever free HR and payroll software that helps companies automate their payroll and HR workflows. Startups and SMEs can benefit with leave monitoring, employee management & payroll processing from using this software. The platform is easily accessible by everyone, no matter the size or type of organization, and it makes the lives of HR professionals and well as business owners simple.

One of the other things that make Kredily stand out is that it is also tax compliant. This means that you can automatically benefit from inbuilt PF, ESI, and TDS checks and voucher generation.

Kredily HRMS Features:

  • Efficiently track leave and end to end payroll and payout
  • Location based employee’s attendance tracking
  • Strict security protocols for secured data storage
  • Transfer salary directly to employee’s bank account using Kredpay (India’s first salary payment gateway)
  • Simplified statutory compliance like PF, PT and TDS
  • Automatically calculates employee’s tax & liability
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) to access relevant information
  • Easy to use UI packed with useful features
  • Best expense management solution
  • Simple solution for employee management & leave tracking
  • Automatically log out after a period of inactivity

Kredily Software Pricing: Free forever with no hidden charges with features such as 250 MB data storage, web clock for attendance, bank integration for salary payout, among other things. The professional plan starts at ₹1499 per month for up to 25 employees with advanced features.

  • BambooHR

Platforms available on: Android, iOS & Web

Bamboo HR is an all-in-one platform that is designed to help your organization automate and maintain the people’s data in one place. This offers modules like time tracking system, applicant tracking system (ATS), employee engagement, automated reminders and more to manage all the stages of an employee lifecycle.

So, with Bamboo HR, any HR department can effectively improve the hiring process, manage compensation, analyze employee data, onboard new employees, among other things.

BambooHR Features:

  • Centralize employee information in one place
  • Enable employees to manage their information using ESS
  • Calculate, track & manage time offs in a hassle-free manner
  • Benefit & payroll administration
  • Document storage & management with ease
  • Allows employee to access information on the go using mobile app
  • Easy to create candidate profile & send offer letters
  • ATS helps hire & onboard new employees hassle free
  • Session time out quickly
  • Leave categorization under different buckets like leisure is not possible

BambooHR Software Pricing: Free trial is available that includes access to hiring & applicant tracking, paid time off, onboarding & offboarding and other features. For the paid version, you can explore the official website and request a quote.

  • FactoHR

Platforms available on: Android, iOS

FactoHR is a cloud based HR software that helps manage HR operations, engage with the right talent and build a high performing workforce while delivering exceptional employee experience. Among other things, the software even allows you to calculate your employee payrolls efficiently with no error, track time and attendance, and simplify the recruitment process.

FactoHR further supports face recognition, contactless attendance, chatbot & more for optimizing employee’s efficiency.

FactoHR Features:

  • Mobile first solution
  • Touchless attendance with face recognition
  • Inbuilt dashboards
  • Mobile driven performance management
  • Employee self-service portal to access the data
  • Advanced shift and roster planning
  • The mood analysis feature ensures higher engagement
  • No technical knowledge required to operate
  • There is a lag sometimes in terms of modules

FactoHR Pricing:  You can request free trial by visiting the official website. For the essential paid plan, you can reach out to them. This plan covers employee onboarding, attendance & leave, dashboard, mobile app & more.

  • Drawinbox

Platforms available on: Android, iOS, Mac & Windows (Desktop), Linux

Drawinbox HR is a leading cloud based human resource management software that helps attract, engage, and nurture the right talent for your organization. This end-to-end integrated HRMS software consists of various modules like time & attendance, payroll, travel & expense, employee onboarding, employee helpdesk & more.

Using this platform, users can access employee databases, organizational charts, among other things while recruiters can easily source candidates from various channels and onboard the right talent. Drawinbox also provides multiple financial tools like payroll management to support tax systems, structures and pay grades, benefits management & more.

Drawinbox Features:

  • Mobile first and an intuitive user experience
  • Remote work suite to stay connected with remote employee
  • Geofencing and facial recognition
  • Easy transition to new ways of compliance
  • Rewards, expense management, people analytics and more
  • Easy to use software
  • High level of data security
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks, Google App & more
  • System UI keeps responding in the mobile app

Drawinbox Software Pricing: You can schedule a demo and request for pricing by visiting their official website.

How Does HR Management Software Works?

  • Employee life-cycle management: HR solutions are best for managing employee life cycle starting from recruitment, onboarding to retention, promotion, training and offboarding. It is also important for advanced screening, assessing job applications & doing background verifications.

  • Employee self-service system: Provides self-service system for employees to manage their information and update details related to reimbursement claims, taxation formalities, appraisal forms, etc.

  • Employee database management: HR solutions support database management for managing employee related processes. These include onboarding documentation, employee performance reports & other professional details.

  • Grievance management: Makes grievance management easy for companies big and small. The grievance management module helps is addressing employees’ queries and issues in real time.

  • Applicant tracking system: Provides the applicant tracking system that helps automate processes related to resume screening and job posting processes.

  • Performance reviews: HR solutions help organizations create the workflow for performance evaluation and feedback sharing with employees.

How to Choose HR Software?

Human resource software solutions provide modules for managing key organization tasks. Here is a list of capabilities that the best HR solution vendors should have.

  • Phone/live chat support: HRMS software needs to provide live chat and phone support so that any difficulty you face in using the software can be resolved immediately.

  • Cloud storage: HR solutions with cloud storage capabilities helps with easy management of information and data even while on the go.

  • Scalability: HRM solutions that are scalable can be adapted easily by businesses that have growth potential in terms of the number of employees.

  • Customizable & flexible: Flexible features can be customized as per a business’s internal procedures and policies.

  • User-friendly interface: HR & payroll software has to have a friendly interface so that not much is to be spent in learning how to use it.

  • Benefits modules: Benefits modules are critical for managing all employees’ savings plans, health benefits and such.

  • Creating work shifts: HR & payroll software offers modules for designing optimal work shifts & schedules so that there is maximum employee efficiency.

  • Payroll management: Performs this important function of managing payrolls so that calculating, salaries, premiums, bonus and penalties is easy.

  • Time off tracking: HRM solutions need to provide time off tracking. This would help in tracking employees’ break time, sick days, and vacations.

Summing Up

Opting for an HRMS software will definitely give an edge to your business and it will let you focus more on core business activities while the software handles the rest.

Also, it will give you more time to interact with your employees and help them stay motivated. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in HRM software today and create a better future for your business.


  1. What software do HR professionals commonly use?

    Some of the common software used by HR professionals for automating manual tasks, and keeping employee information organized are Drawinbox, FactoHR, and Spine HR.

  2. Which is the top HR software for startups?

    Freshteam and BambooHR are designed especially for startups and small businesses to save their time, effort, and money in handling the day-to-day HR and management functions.

  3. What is the best human resource management software (HRMS) in India?

    Kredily, Keka and Zimyo are amongst the top HRMS in India. They are the most systemized and robust HR and payroll management system that helps manage employee data, track leave and attendance, among other things.

  4. Why should you use HR software?

    HR management software helps you save ample time and effort by automating processes such as creating employee records, tracking time and attendance, payroll processing, among other things. The best part is you can completely customize its features depending upon your business requirements.

Written by Shilpi Aggarwal

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