How to Choose the Best Server for your Business

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February 2, 2023 5 Min read

For any business, protecting their data has become a top priority. After all, data’s current status quo as the new ‘oil’ (a highly flawed analogy in hindsight) has made businesses quite driven to protect it at all cost. As a result, sales have shot up with a record $18.8 billion worth server solutions sold in Q1 2018 alone.

Server solutions help businesses protect their data, come flood or famine. Their ability to backup data, protect information and delegate fixed access to employees, ensure that businesses aren’t worried about data misuse. While the advantages of server solutions are many, businesses often falter in finding server solutions that can measure up to their requirement.

To help businesses like that and yours as well, we have compiled a list of the top five server solutions that will help your business in 2023. These solutions are useful for enterprises, MSMEs and SMEs.

List of 5 Best Server Solutions for Small Business 2023

1. Dell PowerEdge T30

Dell PowerEdge T30 server is the Clint Eastwood of servers- characterised by its stability & reliable delivery on every level. Dell PowerEdge T30 packs quote a punch with its large internal storage capability, stored into a mini-tower chassis. The server has been designed to consume minimum space while delivering efficient and stress-free operation.

Dell T30 consolidates applications & data running on different desktops, workstations and mobile devices, onto a single server for improved collaboration and productivity.

Dell PowerEdge T30 key features:

  • Easier file sharing which improves collaboration among teams and streamlines workflow.
  • Consolidate data stored on multiple devices in multiple locations to a single location.
  • Small server size reduces physical dependency on space.
  • Cost efficient alternative to storage.
  • Easy backup and data recall capability.

2. VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere cloud powered server supports business workloads by providing an agile framework for your IT infrastructure. It’s a powerful, flexible and secure server that maintains the integrity of your data, application and infrastructure at all cost.

Its advanced security capability is powered by machine learning, which keeps updating itself as your process complicates and experiences challenges. As a result, businesses get better visibility, protection & quick response to adverse situations & incidents.

VMware vSphere helps companies in:

  • Simplifying data centre functions and management
  • Improve business efficiency by decreasing CapEx and OpEx costs with virtualisation
  • Secure IT infrastructure, data & application with built-in security architecture
  • Protect application integrity running on vSphere using machine learning and behavioural analytics
  • Multi-office support capability, to connect remote & branch offices through virtualisation

3. NetGear ReadyNAS 424

NetGear ReadyNAS 424 comes with all the features that a small business would need out of a server. ReadyNAS 24 packs quite a punch into a single, compact solution: file sharing & storage, automatic off-premise, on-premise & cloud backup with complete data protection.

This server has been built with the next generation Intel Atom Processor C3338 (1.5 GHz, 2 core) for high levels of networking. Businesses with <50 employees can effectively use this server for its enterprise-grade file sharing capability and data backup & recovery feature.

Why small businesses should use NetGear ReadyNAS 424?

  • It offers up to 4 bays with up to 48 TB total storage
  • Block-level replication of data and scheduled backup of enterprise data
  • Automatic RAID protects against disk failure & exclusive snapshot technology for point in time file recovery
  • A private and personal cloud storage solution– ReadyCLOUD
  • Comes with a free mobile app for cloud access from anywhere

4. IBM Aspera Platform

With IBM Aspera Platform, companies of any size or industries, can securely move enterprise data at high speed, irrespective of distance or network condition.

IBM Aspera addresses the growing need of high bandwidth transfers that companies seek and delivers on that requirement. Its inbuilt Aspera Transfer Platform solves the fundamental problems that plagues data movement over long-haul wide area networks.

IBM Aspera is a high-speed transfer platform which supports data transfers of any type or size, by leveraging IT infrastructure and storage types regardless of location. Data is transferred at maximum permissible speed and Aspera offers support for all transport paradigms and deployment models.

Why you should use IBM Aspera Platform?

  • Aspera provides service level support via REST and SOAP APIs
  • Direct, high-speed access to cloud object storage such as Amazon Web Services S3, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Microsoft Windows Azure BLOB and OpenStack Swift
  • Large data sets can be stored anywhere and moved at high speed between storage end-points
  • Seamless access to different storage types
  • Centralized monitoring, management, and reporting of entire Aspera transfer environment is available via real-time dashboards

5. HPE ProLiant Gen10

HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers helps companies big and small, in managing challenging workloads and reduce unnecessary overhead costs. It helps companies eliminate the problems surrounding infrastructure management, by predicting and preventing issues that could cause application disruptions.

Consequently, it helps reduce time wasted, reduce OPEX costs and deliver a superior support experience.

Best features of this server solution are:

  • Extensive security against data theft & attacks
  • Network connection across IT infrastructure for easy collaboration
  • Affordable storage to store applications, data and infrastructure
  • Built-in backup & recovery options
  • Improved IT asset performance

Server solutions help businesses become smarter with their work, self-reliant and organise their workflow for greater productivity. Are you ready to take the power of servers to your enterprise? Then click here.

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