12 Amazing Mobile Apps to Create Spectacular Animated Videos

12 Amazing Mobile Apps to Create Spectacular Animated Videos-feature image
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Hiring a professional animation company is evidently going to cost a lot. On the other hand, creating some dazzling video animations internally for posting them on social media or website or sharing with friends using apps to create animated videos is another challenging task.

In order to resolve this, many professional mobile app development companies have come up with mobile applications that are easy to use.

Best Animated Video Maker Pricing: At a Glance

Animation Creator HDINR 322 per month
StopMotion RecorderFree to download with in-app purchases, iOS app priced at INR 843
LookSee AnimatorFree to download
ToontasticFree to download
Stickdraw- Animation MakerFree to download
GIF BoomFree to download
Plastic Animation StudioFree to download
Flipa ClipFree download
Animation DeskFree version available
Premium version- ₹1497.98
Adobe Spark₹16,090.20 per user per year
PicsArt AnimatorFree
Animoto Video Maker₹290 per month

List of 12 Amazing Mobile Apps to Create Animated Videos

Conferred below are some notable best video animation apps that anyone can download on their smartphones to develop the best video animations for any determination they had in mind.

Let’s get started with the best animated video maker apps.

  • Animation Creator HD (iOS, iPad & Mac)

animation creator HD

Animation Creator HD offers a smart platform for beginner animators as well as for professionals to create an impressive, animated video.

It includes many advanced tools like improved brushes, tools for drawing lines, audio manager, easy navigation, and animation scrub tool to create life like animations. With simple yet powerful drawing tools, you can make your creativity come to life on your mobile devices.

Animation Creator HD Features:

  • Export to video, animated GIF and share
  • Infinite frames and animations
  • High quality drawing experience
  • Paint brush available with different stroke types

Pricing: Price of Animation creator HD best animation video maker app starts at INR 322.

  • StopMotion Recorder (Android, iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Windows, Chromebook)

stopmotion animation software

StopMotion Recorder is a handy animation application that allows you to create stop motion videos in the highest quality. Although the entire process of creating the stop-motion may seem complicated, this application will help you create outstanding animation quickly and easily.

With its powerful and fully feature movie editor packed with tons of features like cool sound editor, frame by frame editor, you can easily start with stop motion moviemaking today!

Stop Motion Recorder Features:

  • Live view to control movements
  • Frame by frame view shows image in chronological order
  • Copy, cut and insert frames at any position
  • Zoom in and out on timeline
  • Add audio clips, credits, filter effects
  • Save to photo library or share to YouTube in 4K

Pricing: StopMotion recorder Android app to create animated videos is free to download from app store with in-app purchases. The iOS app also requires in-app purchases to access all features. It is priced at INR 483.

  • LookSee Animator (Animator)

looksee animatior software

Are you looking for the best animated video makersfor Android? Well, your search ends here. LookSee Animator has made it quite convenient for the animators or any random person to create the most amazing timelapse and stop animation videos. It has an intuitive interface that helps get hold of the tool efficiently and start working on the animated video.

LookSee Animator Features:

  • Have control over exposure, color balance, effects & more
  • Capture frames using motion detection, timer or simply by clicking a button
  • Animated GIF support

Pricing: It can be downloaded free of cost.

  • Toontastic (Android, iOS, select Chromebooks)

toontastic animation software

Toontastic app for animation video provides an exciting platform to draw, animate and narrate your own spectacular cartoons. Making cartoon animations on this app is extremely easy. All you have to do is move your character on screen and narrate your story by pressing the record button. The app will automatically keep your voice and animations on your device in 3D format.

Toontastic Features:

  • Draw, animate or narrate your exciting adventures, science reports & more
  • No login or password required
  • Works offline
  • Files easy to export and share

Pricing: Toontastic can be downloaded for free.

  • StickDraw – Animation Maker (Android)

stickdraw animation software

StickDraw animated video maker is a free app for android that helps beginners create animated cartoons easily. It offers an intuitive platform, and you do not need extensive training to create animated videos or cartoons with this tool.

This wonderful animated video creator app lets your draw your own cartoon, create a few frames and add details in each frame. You can also make a funny story about a stickman just like in anime movies. Overall, StickDraw is great for creating stop motion animations and animating stick person drawings.

StickDraw Features:

  • Export files to GIF and MP4
  • Move from one frame to another seamlessly
  • Easy to use interface

Pricing: It is available for download free of cost.

  • GifBoom (Android & iOS)

gifboom animation software

GifBoom app allows you to create and share your own animated Gifs. The creation process is extremely simple. All you need to do is choose the pictures or videos already available on your camera roll to make your own seamless animated graphic.

It also allows users to capture videos and pictures using their phone camera and then convert them into a Gif video or image. Once all the pictures are clicked, you can choose which frames to include in your animation. You can use upto 60 frames.

GifBoom Features:

  • Make Gifs from existing photos, videos or Gifs
  • Save Gifs to camera roll or share your creation on social media
  • Control the speed of your Gif with live preview
  • Add text to your Gifs

Pricing: Gifboom is free to download.

  • Plastic Animation Studio (iPad & Mac)

plastic animation software

Plastic Animation Studio allows users to create a ravishing animated video using their extensive collection of images and illustrations. The best part of using this app to create animation is that no drawing experience is required. Plastic uses a powerful technology to let you create a complete animation with a single drawing. In addition, you can also modify the image and bring attention to the subject you wish to animate.

The animation is controlled by a skeleton structure that allows you to stretch your image without the need of drawing each pose. Also, this amazing animation video maker for iOS enables users to share their work with their friends and others using the application itself.

Pricing: Plastic Animation Studio animation video maker app is free to download.

  • FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation (iOS & Android)

flipaclip animation software

Bring your animation to life using FlipaClip’s powerful animation tool. It provides you with the facility to organize projects into stacks, use glow effects, add photos, videos and music, and more. Such powerful features of this frame-by-frame 2D animation app makes you bring your dream animation to life.

The best part is that this cartoon animation app can be easily used by kids to create frame by frame animation. Kids can use digital tools to draw and create frames which is then transformed to videos or Gifs. Not only this, but the app even encourages users to participate in the online community and also gives them the opportunity to be a part of animation contests.

FlipaClip’s Features:

  • Time lapse recording feature
  • Includes video tutorial

Pricing: Plastic Animation Studio animation video maker app is free to download.

  • Animation Desk – Sketch & Draw (Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android)

animation desk animation software

Animation Desk provides versatile tools that allows the artists to make brilliant sketches and then convert them into the animation. The interface is very intuitive, so it is not at all difficult for novice designers to develop incredible videos.

This app to create animated videos offers advanced tools that help animators apply various effects on the images in the animation like adjusting size, rigidity, and transparency. The assortment of tools includes various types of pens, brushes, pencil, fountain pens, ad eraser as well.

It is indeed a perfect tool for art enthusiasts or animators who like drawings and animations of their drawings from scratch upon videos or images.

Animation Desk Features:

  • Create animation over videos and pictures with different aspect ratio
  • Helpful tools like rulers, frame viewer, canvas rotation
  • Add music to animations

Animation Desk offers a free version. Animation Desk Pro with 500G Kdan Cloud storage is priced at INR 403 per month.

  • Adobe Spark (Windows, Android & iOS)

Best app for animation video

Adobe Spark is often rated as the best animated video maker. It offers customizable design themes, animation, templates and supports the creation of web pages just in a matter of seconds.

The best part is that it offers a variety of pre-defined designs covering several topics kike work, food etc, that you can customize according to your preference. This helps non designers with no prior animation experience to animate photos or text quickly.

It is extensively used by large and small enterprises to create graphics and engaging videos for social media platforms.

Adobe Spark Features:

  • Built in design tools
  • Basic pre designed video templates
  • Create animation for promotional videos, websites & more

Pricing: Price of Adobe Spark starts from ₹16,090.20 per user per year.

  • PicsArt Animator (Android, iPad, Mac, iPhone, & iPod Touch)

Best animation video maker app

PicsArt Animator is an animation creator and cartoon maker app wherein you require no advance drawing skills in order to use the app. One can easily create GIFs, animations and doodles in a few easy steps.

It also offers the option to add drawings to your photos and animate your selfies. Using PicsArt Animator app for animation video, you can even alter the speed and duration of your animations. Some of the advanced animation features offered by the app include animated stickers, duplicate frames, equipped drawing tools & more.

PicsArt Animator Features:

  • Create frame by frame animations
  • Use frame management and duplication
  • Make animated selfies
  • Control animation speed
  • Add music to animations

Pricing: PicsArt animator can be downloaded free of charge.

  • Animoto Video Maker (Android & iOS)

Best app for animation video

Animoto Video Maker offers you a seamless and intuitive video making experience. It is suitable for those who are new to the world of video making as no prior experience is necessary. The app even provides video template and everything else like stock images, music, customizable tools to help you create stunning videos.

Animoto app for animation video offers a quick way to upload photos or videos onto the project window directly from your phone.

Animoto Video Maker Features:

  • Quick customization tools
  • Create square, landscape or vertical videos
  • Easily adjust video for different platforms
  • Built in library of videos, photos, & more

Pricing:  Available for free forever. The basic plan starts at INR 290 per month. It gives you the liberty to create high quality videos with unlimited downloads.

How to Make Animated Videos in Mobile?

Here we tell you how you can use mobile apps to create animated videos. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Using the best animated video maker app, you can create the required storyboard.

Apps to create animated videos

Step 2: Choose the suitable animation style for it: 2D, typography, whiteboard, etc.

animation style

Step 3: Animate your videos using any of the best app for animation video

animated video

Step 4: Add a suitable background track, if required. Take care that the track is royalty free.

make animated videos

Step 5: Click export and voila, your own animated video created using your phone would be ready for sharing.

Wrapping Up!

With these popular animation video maker app, making your own cartoon will not be as difficult as it may appear. What is important here is to find an app that suits your level and provides you with all the necessary features to create stunning animated videos!


  1. Which is the best app for making spectacular animated videos?

    Animation Desk, Adobe Spark and Animoto are amongst the best mobile apps to create a stunning animated video.

  2. Which app is the best for making animated videos for free?

    If you are looking for free animated mobile apps, look no further than FlipaClip and Toontastic.

  3. Which applications do most animators use?

    PicsArt Animator and StopMotion Recorder are some of the popular mobile apps animators use.

  4. What is the best animated video maker online?

    LookSee Animator and Toontastic are good animated video maker that provides a great platform to draw and animate your own videos.

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