8 Benefits of Home Inspection Software for a Property Manager

8 Benefits of Home Inspection Software for a Property Manager-feature image
September 1, 2022 7 Min read

Managing several properties at once is a huge task for any property manager. From taking notes of the changes made to a property to registering the damages done, a property manager’s job description is merely getting started here. To ease out the manual processes involved in these tasks, there is a software developed especially to automate these pieces of work. This software is called home inspection software.

Why Should You Opt For a Home Management Software?

Home inspection software has a lot of features. This software can take the whole process of property management online. It can remove the redundant processes involving paperwork and hence reducing the number of manual errors occurring in the process. Let’s have a look at a few of the features of a home inspection software.

  • Vacancy Management

With home inspection software, a property manager will be able to list down the vacant units in just one platform. The real-time vacancy management can be done with the help of the vacancy dashboard. The details of vacant units can be added as well as updated across multiple websites with the home inspection app. All the property related information can be posted with just a click.

  • Account Management

By using home inspection software, property managers can manage their accounts as they do in ledgers accounting software, search and screen tenants, list vacancies, send reminders, collect rent and schedule maintenance without going anywhere physically.

  • Report Management

The reporting dashboard can let property managers to generate, view and modify easy-to-understand visual reports about various factors involved in property management. The property owners can also maximize the profits by analyzing rent prices and comparing it with different areas. It also create rental contract templates, tenant screening tool with automated decisions, and various third-party integrations. Property managers can also accept or decline payments and maintenance requests with home inspection software.

  • Location Independent

With inspection management software, you can do everything with your phone. No matter if you are a business owner, property owner, property manager, or tenant, you can now perform every function digitally with the help of your phone. You can add pictures, download important documents, print them, create reports and analyze them, add comments, and much more.

  • Digital Signature

The signature box feature allows property managers and tenants to sign an inspection report after it is completed. No physical documents are needed for digital signature. This reduces dependency on multiple factors and ensures the highest quality of reporting.

  • Master Inspector View

This feature allows you to assign any number of inspection to multiple inspectors. With home inspection software, you can keep track of the progress and performance right then and there. All you have to do is just login into your master Inspector dashboard and track everything from your phone.

  • Adding Multi-Media

In a home inspection software, you can add images and videos of various properties in one single platform. These images and videos can be used as a proof that a property has been damaged or modified. With these images and videos, the tenants are likely to behave sincerely inside the property.

How Home Inspection Software Can Benefit You?

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By using these features of home inspection software, you can make things efficient within your system. As a business owner, property owner, manager or tenant, these features are surely going to make things simpler for you no matter what. You will be able to manage your time adequately as well as handle your resources efficiently. What are the benefits of using a home inspection software you ask? Let’s have a look!

  1. Better Record Keeping

In a home inspection software, centralized digital database is maintained where all the forms and records are kept. This makes recording and merging of information very easy and helps preventing loss of important loss. You can also upload forms and attach them to existing reports. Reports can also be download and printed when needed. An inspection management software can also add visual elements which can help you to add images and videos of the property to the report. Videos are very crucial to keep important information as records. Property managers leverage the feature of videos for documenting any damage to the property.

  1. Accurate Inspections

The quality of inspections can be improved with the help of home inspection software. Entire information of the report and even parts of the report can be pulled out from the system itself. With the help of the information from the reports, images and videos, it becomes easier to note down the damages done to a property over a period of time and the changes made within the property as well. Home inspection software can help property managers to approve the re-inspections on the go as well.

  1. Faster and Easier Processes

With the help of home inspection software, you can your team members can submit their tasks directly to the software portal. This makes managing a team easier. You and your employees can click images and upload them, with specific comments into the software. This feature saves a lot of time and also saves unnecessary paperwork. In the end, your system will become more effective with home inspection software.

Accurate Repair Estimates: It is difficult to guess the exact estimate cost for repairs at the time of damage. But with home inspection software, it is possible to correctly estimate the costs right then and there. This software has pre-installed tools that can make your life easy as it can compare several estimates that is needed for repairing. Home inspection software can also give a summary of the number of orders that needs to be done.

  1. On-the-Spot Report Generation

In addition to creating work orders, property managers, property owners and other staff can also generate reports through their smartphones, tablets or laptops. They can submit and access reports from anywhere at any time. This makes it easy for local and regional managers to keep a track of all the repairs that are happening at that point of time.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Competition

By using a home inspection software, you are basically taking your business online. You will no longer have to rely on paperwork and manual errors. Eventually, you will improve your customer experience because you can keep your clients up to date with the condition of the properties you are managing. By opting the digital way, you can also get more referrals from your customers. This process gives you an advantage over your competitors and makes you a more professional option in front of your customers.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

In any business, customer satisfaction is the priority and with home inspection software, you will get exactly that. Using a home inspection software, you can send reminders to the tenants for inspection, set appointments and download important paperwork to sign without going anywhere. The tenants will also become more responsible as and when they see the actual pictures and videos of the damaged property. Improved communication is bound to lead to customer satisfaction.

  1. Easy Usability

The home inspection software is extremely easy to learn and use even for a layman. You don’t need to have any kind of training or pre-requisite knowledge about software to use this one. If your client demands an additional inspection, you will easily be able to add an item to the task list. This software gives you the ability to change or modify the routine schedule in the system.


So these were the 8 benefits of a home inspection management software for a property manager. You can download a home inspection software if you still haven’t, and take advantage of these benefits that come along with this tool. Hope this article helped you. Do let us know in the comment section down below. For more software related articles, subscribe to our blog.

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