14 Best Employee Management System for Small Business in India

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As an entrepreneur, manager, or HR, you definitely want to know what each and every employee in your organization is doing. You want to ensure that investing in an individual is worth it and that he/she/they are adding value to your organization.

Overlooking your employees by yourself is easy when you are operating in compact teams. However, as you scale managing every employee can be difficult and will eventually negatively impact your performance. Here is an employee management system that can do the job for you.

What is an Employee Management System?

An employee management system helps organizations to effectively monitor their employees’ working hours and assess their performance. It allows businesses to efficiently use human resources while increasing employee satisfaction.

Moreover, EMS securely stores your employees’ professional and personal information, making it easily accessible as and when required. It also assists HR teams to improve employee engagement, manage payroll, timely disburse salaries, and more.

14 Best Employee Management System for Small Business

  • Workday


Workday Human Capital Management offers innovation to help your organization to adapt future changes in HR. It allows you to listen to employee feedback and keep them happy. Further, it ensures that all your human resources are used efficiently with modules like time tracking, shift scheduling, etc.

Workday Features

  • Use the performance management module to review employees and identify key areas for improvement
  • Organization management allows you to create customized and flexible organizational structures
  • Rollout employee compensation after calculating all the metrics like bonuses, rewards, sales incentives, etc.
  • Manage global workforce with ACA and GDPR compliance

Workday Pros and Cons

  • Simple user interface that does not require much training for your employees
  • Robust analytics and reporting modules to understand financial performance
  • Navigation to dig employee information can be simplified

Workday Free Trial: Yes

Workday Pricing: Price on Request

  • Kissflow

Kissflow employee management system help businesses simplify their HR processes such as onboarding, offboarding, leave management, and more. It further keeps your employees empowered by giving them regular appraisals along with actionable reviews and 360 degree feedback to improve their performance.

Kissflow Features

  • Approve, deny, track and overall manage your employees’ leaves and attendance
  • Increase employee engagement with guided on-boarding and self-service features
  • View accurate employee performance using performance analytics based on metrics like work efficiency, timeliness, and other relevant KPIs
  • Improve your recruiting process with employee referrals, talent pool database, etc.

Kissflow Pros and Cons

  • Set custom time schedules, week offs, work weeks, holidays, etc., according to your organization
  • Automatically capture employee timestamps with biometric integration
  • Allows you to distribute your job ads on multiple portals within a single click
  • Slow customer support

Kissflow Free Trial: Yes

Kissflow Pricing: ₹824.35 per month, per user onwards

  • SAP SuccessFactor

SAP SuccessFactor enables businesses to keep their employees engaged with modules like reporting, role based dashboards, etc. Moreover, it also allows HR teams to take smarter decisions by using workforce planning and people analytics tools.

SAP SuccessFactor Features

  • Manage employee lifecycles in your organization with analytics dashboards
  • Offer employee recognition and learning & development opportunities
  • Effectively manage employee applications, even with global talent to hire the right people
  • Allows organizations to indulge in compensation planning and design

SAP SuccessFactor Pros and Cons

  • Keeps you completely compliant with both, local and global regulations
  • Offers employees the ease with self service tools to manage attendance
  • Allows businesses to implement succession planning
  • Limited flexibility options in the reporting module
  • No free version is available

SAP SuccessFactor Free Trial: No

SAP SuccessFactor Pricing: ₹519.72 per user, per month onwards

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  • Cornerstone Employee Management System

The Cornerstone employee engagement platform enables HR teams to build personalized learning and skills programs for employees. It helps in bridging the talent gaps in your organization. In fact, businesses can also measure the impact of their engagement programs through surveys. The employee relations management tool can use these surveys to collect feedback, diagnose issues, and take data driven actions.

Cornerstone Features

  • Access intuitive visualizations and predictive analysis to make informed decisions
  • Become globally compliant through recurring recertification
  • Do accurate organizational planning with headcount forecasts, cost impact, etc.
  • Connect to your existing systems through comprehensive connectors, pre- built integrations, and flexible APIs

Cornerstone Pros and Cons

  • Helps your workforce to upskill
  • Enables management to recognize future leaders
  • Businesses will require an external consultant to set up the software
  • Navigation within the software is confusing

Cornerstone Free Trial: No

Cornerstone Pricing: Price on Request

  • gusto

Gusto, the work management system allows HR teams to keep employees engaged throughout their lifecycle in the organization. Using Gusto, companies can simplify their onboarding process, offer health & financial benefits, manage payroll, effectively manage talent, and do a lot more to keep their employees happy and engaged.

Gusto Features

  • Sync your employees’ holidays, teams’ hours, etc., with automatically calculate payroll
  • Send employees automated feedback requests
  • Engage employees with additional financial and health benefits through Gusto Wallet, paycheck splitter, and more
  • Give custom user permissions to limit access to confidential tasks

Gusto Pros and Cons

  • Process payroll within a few clicks
  • Complete support through email, call, and chat
  • Get unlimited access to HR experts that can help you streamline your processes
  • Deduction and tax calculation modules can be complicated
  • A few controls like leave management are only restricted to the administrator

Gusto Free Trial: No

Gusto Pricing: ₹3299.78 per month, and ₹494.97 per month per user onwards

  • Deel

Deel offers a staff management system that helps companies easily hire talent from abroad and even ensures that the employees start within no time. Its advanced employee management system offers custom contract generation, working flexibility, API, admin automation, etc., to ease HR operations in your organization.

Deel Features

  • Manage employees’ equipment from shipping to repairs so that they can work smoothly
  • Offer a flexible work environment to your employees by delivering work equipment internationally and on time
  • Automate candidate screening and hiring with Deel’s background check in over 200 countries and regions

Deel Pros and Cons

  • GDPR, SOC 2, SOC 3 compliant, and ISO 27001 certified
  • Allows you to manage global payroll in more than 150 countries
  • Slow customer service with delayed responses

Deel Free Trial: No

Deel Pricing: ₹4042.23 per month, per contract

  • Eddy

Eddy helps organizations to boost their retention and engagement rates by offering an employee experience platform. It prioritizes employees’ growth and development, by allowing managers to create specific notes for annual reviews, promotions, increments, etc. This helps them take constructive feedback and motivates them to contribute more to the organization.

Eddy Features

  • Improve employee experience with easy onboarding, time tracking, time off requests, etc.
  • The employee database management system manages employee profiles, training, certifications, licenses, etc.
  • Focus on employee growth with performance reviews, improvement plans, 1 on 1, and more
  • Saves employee time with self service portal where they can find answers to general queries without going to the HR teams

Eddy Pros and Cons

  • Helps in digitizing manual HR processes
  • Access mobile app for HR related information and tools
  • Navigating from one employee profile to another involves a long process
  • Less customization options

Eddy Free Trial: No

Eddy Pricing: ₹659.96 per person, per month onwards

  • Bullhorn


Bullhorn is a staff management system that simplifies modern day staffing for recruiters with modules like applicant tracking, employee information management, reporting capabilities, etc. Moreover, the employee management system focuses on offering the best candidate experience by building high touch relationships right from the first call made to the employees to their final placement in the organization.

Bullhorn Features

  • Use the right keywords to create job listings and attract the best suited candidates
  • Engage employees with the right messages on right channels, at the right time
  • Manage resumes, create tasks, and add notes for candidates right from your Outlook or Gmail with email integration in the applicant tracking system

Bullhorn Pros and Cons

  • A good staffing solution for agencies to increase sales and increase their margins
  • Use Bullhorn messaging to instantly connect and engage with top applicants
  • Customization can be expensive

Bullhorn Free Trial: No

Bullhorn Pricing: Price on Request

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  • BambooHR

BambooHR Employee Management System

Bamboo HR helps to adopt a people first strategy at workplaces while managing hiring, onboarding, offboarding, payroll, performance, etc. The employee record management system eliminates the chance of making human errors while keeping employee information business compliant and secure.

BambooHR Features

  • Allow custom access to your employees so that they can update their personal information while protecting the sensitive data
  • Give custom permissions for different stakeholders where they can share feedback about a candidate and hire like a team
  • Become more efficient and productive with a time tracking feature for different purposes like a project, location, task, client, etc.
  • Generate over 100 payroll reports to make labor cost predictions and take payroll related decisions

BambooHR Pros and Cons

  • Mobile access for Android and iOS apps is available
  • Personalize candidate’s onboarding experience with New Hire Packet templates to welcome them to the organization
  • Employees can punch in and punch out right from the software
  • The software frequently requires updates that might delay processes
  • Limited customization options

BambooHR Free Trial: Yes

BambooHR Pricing: Price on Request

  • Zenefits

Zenefits, employee management system helps organizations to manage people by streamlining various HR functions like onboarding, payroll, organizational charts, performance reviews, and more. It also enables companies to keep their employees happy by offering benefits like individual and family medical plans, commuter benefits, etc.

Zenefits Features

  • Manage employees’ performance with tools like goals setting, one on one meetings, performance reviews, etc.
  • Allows you to streamline employee communication with intranet, social network, and other collaborative tools
  • Access People Analytics to visually understand employee trends related to headcount, compensation, gender diversity, etc., in your organization

Zenefits Pros and Cons

  • Enables companies to boost employee engagement with surveys
  • Multiple integrations available with your existing accounting, financial, legal, and other systems
  • Automatically calculates payroll once you have added employees’ hourly rate or monthly salary
  • Delayed customer support responses

Zenefits Free Trial: Yes

Zenefits Pricing: ₹662.43 per month, per employee onwards

  • 15five

15Five offers a holistic HR platform to uplift the performance and engagement of your employees. It helps companies to take insight driven decisions by using dashboards for analyzing employee performance. In fact, managers can design employee review cycles within just 15 minutes and that will help them to take decisions on compensation and promotions.

15Five Features

  • Increase employee engagement with day to day feedback, reporting modules, and employee services
  • Allows managers to track and remote employees with regular check ins and one on ones
  • Upskill managers and their subordinates in virtual classrooms with expert coaches and trainers

15Five Pros and Cons

  • Boost employee satisfaction by celebrating and recognizing employees on the platform
  • Give role clarity to employees and align their current responsibilities with their long term career plans
  • Limited customization options while generating reports

15Five Free Trial: Yes

15Five Pricing: ₹331.22 per month per user onwards

  • Paycor

Paycor helps managers to build strong winning teams, by efficiently managing their work force. It allows leaders to focus on employee development and engagement that keeps their employees happy. Moreover, Paycor also works as an advisor for offering employee benefits that increase employee retention rates in the organization.

Paycor Features

  • Allows admin to pre- schedule payroll cycles to process timely salaries
  • Automate your compensation strategy that involves giving rewards, bonuses, and pay increases
  • Never be short staffed by using employee scheduling software and use your resources wisely
  • Upskill your employees with personalized training programs on the learning management system

Paycor Pros and Cons

  • Self service portal, where employees can find answers themselves
  • In Product compliance available to reduce risk
  • Slow customer service, even after multiple follow ups

Paycor Free Trial: No

Paycor Pricing: Price on Request

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  • Connecteam


Connecteam, employee management system enables companies to increase employee engagement, ensure business compliance, and reduce employee turnover rates. It allows you to encourage your employees with rewards, and even upskill them with trainings so that they can contribute more towards the organization

Connecteam Features

  • Provide recognition to employees by appreciating them with gift cards, badges, etc.
  • Access the employee scheduling app to create instant schedules, manage multiple shifts for different locations, etc.
  • Employees can use a mobile friendly app to fill reports, checklists, forms, requests, and more

Connecteam Pros and Cons

  • View employee milestones such as salary raises, annual reviews, work anniversaries, etc.
  • Assess employee’s knowledge base by setting up quizzes
  • Enables you to track employees progress during trainings with the admin dashboard
  • The program would stop working during updates at times

Connecteam Free Trial: 14 Day Free Trial

Connecteam Pricing: ₹8197.59 per month onwards

With Employee Navigator, you can create a delightful onboarding experience for your new hires. It comes with enterprise grade data protection that helps organizations in risk management and staying compliant

Employee Navigator Features

  • Self service tools available for employees to fill in their personal information
  • Automated deductions while calculating payroll
  • Capture eSignatures to efficiently manage employee documents

Employee Navigator Pros and Cons

  • More than 150 integrations available
  • Managers can approve leaves within just a click
  • Getting a policy activated in the software is a long process
  • Expensive employee management system

Employee Navigator Free Trial: No

Employee Navigator Pricing: ₹36847.76 per month onwards

How Does Staff Management Software Work?

Staff management software manages all the major HR related activities. These include managing employee databases, onboarding, offboarding, recruiting, calculating, and processing payroll, etc.

Staff management software assists an organization in creating a happy workspace with a good working environment. It helps businesses to recognize and reward employees after tracking and analyzing their performance over time. In addition to this, the staff management system also comes with self service portals that enable employees to add, edit, and view their personal and company related information, download salary slips, apply for leaves, and do a lot more without contacting the HR for every little thing.

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Types of Employee Management Tool

The different types of employee management tool include:

  • Employee Monitoring & Tracking Software

If your organization is scaling you need to track your employees’ performance to know how much they are contributing to your organization. These tools can help you track employees’ online activity, tasks, deadlines, log in, and log out time, etc. This will allow you to analyze your staff’s productivity and number of deliverables

  • Employee Collaboration & Communication Tool

This type of employee management tool helps organizations to strengthen coordination between teams and eliminate the requirement of micro management. Using these tools employees can message, call, conduct audio-video meetings, share ideas, and do a lot more to stay on the same page.

  • Employee Learning & Appraisal Tool

These tools will enable businesses to upskill their employees with training and learning opportunities. You can provide learning material and assignments on the portal. This will prepare your employees to take up new responsibilities and higher positions in the organization along with the deserved appraisals.

Benefits of Employee Management System

  • Achieve efficiency throughout HR processes
  • Create a collaborative working environment even for remote employees
  • Securely manage employee information database within business compliance
  • Accurately and timely process payroll for all the employees, irrespective of their country
  • Boost employee engagement with surveys, feedback, one on one sessions, etc.
  • Increase HR productivity with self service portals, as they don’t have to answer general enquiries

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  1. What should be included in an employee management system?

    An employee management system must include modules like time tracking, payroll management, employee database management, applicant tracking, and more.

  2. Why it is important to have an employee management system?

    The employee management system is important for organizations to manage HR related activities. It helps in monitoring employees, and managing their information, performance, etc.

  3. Where is employee management system used?

    An employee management system can be used in all types of organizations irrespective of their size, large, medium, and small. It helps these organizations to efficiently manage their workforce.

  4. What is the objective of employee management system?

    The objective of the employee management system is to increase employees’ efficiency and productivity. It also focuses on keeping employees happy by rewarding them with in-built rewards and badges.

  5. What is the purpose of employee management system?

    The main purpose of an employee management system is to provide an overview of employees’ information, performance, training, payroll, and other related things to their managers and other stakeholders.

  6. Which is the best employee management system?

    Some of the best employee management systems are Connecteam, BambooHR, Workday, Deel, etc.

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