10 Best Floor Plan Software for Real Estate Developers

10 Best Floor Plan Software for Real Estate Developers-feature image
June 23, 2023 13 Min read

When it comes to home or office designing, it is imperative that you know the space well. As a real estate agent, you need a layout of a property to attract buyers. Especially the floor plan that is a virtual model of a home, room, office or any other building or property. Ever wondered how to make an impressive floor plan? The answer is simple. Use an efficient floor plan software.

A floor plan, essentially, shows the location of walls, windows, bathroom, fixtures, doors, kitchen cabinetry, etc. A good floor plan is a must for real estate agents as it not only empowers them to optimally utilize the available space but also helps them increase their property’s sale value.

Floor plan software helps you create clear blueprints, floor plans and floor charts for facilities management, move management, etc. With floor plan software, you can create everything from luxurious designs to pared-down sophistication. You will get a variety of templates and built-in floor plan features to create impeccable floor plans and present stunning properties.

Benefits of a Floor Plan Software

Floor plans provide an elevated view of a space. Let’s look at the following benefits of floor plan software to create unique floor plans for your home, office, or other buildings.

  • Floor plan software gives you a bird’s eye view of the space to help you turn your ideas into visuals. It provides a 360-degree view to familiarize you with the space. As a real estate agent, you must have a floor plan when you list your property for sale. This gives clarity to both, you and the buyer about the space and how to fully utilise it.
  • Its intuitive editor helps you create a blueprint i.e. your fool proof plan in minutes and add templates to make the designing process fun and easy. It helps you expand, shrink, rotate, move, and make other changes to the floor plan and its elements.
  • It helps you customize your room, house or space. You can create boundaries, use ready-to-use templates, create labels, notes and tables. You can also drag and drop furniture and adjust the size of materials with a good floor plan software.
  • With an efficient floor plan software, you can make informed buying decisions. It helps you analyse and choose the quality and quantity of materials to be purchased for your project.
  • You need a good floor plan software to attract more buyers. It makes use of virtual tours, photo-realistic images and other renderings to showcase the house and communicate your floor plan vision with prospective clients. The software allows you to share or print your designs across social media platforms.
  • Invite your vendors and clients to view or edit designs online with a floor planner software. You can download PDFs of event layouts, seating charts, etc. while organizing an event.

List of 10 Best Floor Plan Software in 2024

Are you looking for a digital solution to design floor plans? Ever wondered how a floor plan software works? We have complied a list of the best floor plan software for you.

  • SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Image

Use this 3D remodelling computer program to build simple home designs. Apt for architects, engineers, house plan makers and game developers, SketchUp Pro is quick, user-friendly and very easy to understand.

  • Use SketchUp Pro as a 3D design tool for drafting and modelling. This software matches the pen and paper work technique to give you the joy to draw by hand. Ideate, design buildings and customise your 3D workspaces with SketchUp Pro.
  • Not only does this software allows you to be creative with the drawing tool, it also helps you get started with the actual plan.
  • SketchUp Pro is an advanced desktop modeller that can build absolutely anything you can imagine. This updated version of SketchUp is available for professional designers who create 2D/3D designs.
  • SketchUp Pro has a Layout tool that helps you create, export and save presentations to impress your clients.

  • Floorplanner

Floorplanner Image

Create stunning images and interactive floor plans for luxury homes, small apartments and other buildings with this software. This floor plan software is apt for interior designers, homeowners, and real estate agents who want to create unique plans.

A popular name in the interior design field, Floorplanner is most suitable for real estate agents. It helps agents come up with quick floor plans to give their client a basic understanding of what the remodel would look like.

The auto-furnish feature of this software helps quickly decorate your space. It allows you to pick furniture from Floorplanner’s extensive library that has a pool of 2D models to choose from.

Floorplanner offers users several levels to work upon. Let’s understand these a little more.

  • The first level of Floorplanner is available in the free version. This level is limited to only one design for users. However, even in this one design, users have complete access to the software’s drawing tools and libraries. Such projects allow exports in 2D and 3D.
  • For the professional use, level two of Floorplanner is set as default level. This level provides minimal 2D and 3D exports. It exports to other file formats and platforms.
  • You can publish an entire plan in Floorplanner’s third level. Use Floorplanner’s interactive viewer or space planner to do so. You can also embed the interactive floorplan within any website so that the 2D, 3D and VR features become visible to users.
  • Add photorealistic renders to your export options in the fourth level. In level 5, you can add real-time rendering to your project. This level allows you to create a link (that can be opened or big screen or shared) that shows live rendering of your 3D view.

Floorplanner’s intuitive editor works with you to prepare your first floorplan, almost instantly. A floor plan created using Floorplanner looks professional, refined and ready for presentation.

  • Homebyme

Homebyme Image

Essentially an easy to use, Homebyme is a free online 3D tour creation software.

  • It gives you the option to take 360° virtual tours of the space available to visualize your home. Use this software to add a variety of colours, textures and materials to your products.
  • Homebyme has its own community to view and discuss yours and other people’s projects. Once your project is complete, you can invite friends and family who can give you the right feedback for your work. With Homebyme’s kitchen configurator you can also view project costs.
  • Additionally, you can access blogs and support forums of Homebyme to get insights about improving your designs.
  • As designers, you can use this software to pick the right furniture from leading manufacturers.

All in all, the main aim of Homebyme software is to help you create a virtual version of a home before you take a buying decision.

  • AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture Image

AutoCAD Architecture accelerates your architectural design and drafting.

  • It has a toolset that includes more than 8,000 intelligent objects and styles. This toolset automates drafting tasks and adds features related to architectural drawing, documentation and schedules.
  • The Roombook feature in AutoCAD Architecture detects room surfaces and calculates visible spaces in your room or home. Say, for instance, you want to get your room painted. You stand in the middle of the room wondering how much paint to buy for your room. Roombook feature calculates the exact quantity you’ll need to give your room a new, exciting look.
  • AutoCAD Architecture also provides flexible tools to add detail components to your design. The detail components are mainly building materials and products such as bolt heads, fixed-length nails, section views of columns, bricks, pavers, etc.

  • Planner 5D

Planner 5D Image

Looking to renovate, remodel, or design your dream home, use Planner 5D. It’s an online home design software used to create detailed home plans and modern interior designs. With this software, you can create your own interior plans even if you don’t have any special skills.

If you are new to designing, use Planner 5D to create intricate virtual interior design images. This software is absolutely free of cost and is extremely easy to use.

  • 2D and 3D views provide you a clear perspective of your design. Use 2D mode to create floor plans and design layouts. You can also use 3D mode to view and edit your design from all angles.
  • Planner 5D has a user-generated library to explore its project gallery and scan through the content.
  • With this software you need not build any design from scratch as it has built-in catalogue with different products such as furniture, etc. to choose from.
  • You can edit colours, patterns and materials with Planner 5D to create unique furniture designs, walls layout, etc. It has preselected interior design themes to give your floor a visual appeal. You can change the size and texture of items to meet certain specifications.
  • The Snapshots feature in Planner 5D helps you make your design look more realistic. It adds shadows, lighting and rich colour schemes to make your work stand out. These effects make it look like a photograph.
  • Once the design is complete, you can save and share a photo of the finished product with others.

  • RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher Image

Create your floor plans, home designs and office projects in 3D with this reliable and user-friendly home designer software.

  • This 3D floor plan software has a special feature that gives you the option of either creating designs yourself or order floor plan services to let experts create designs for you.
  • To seek expert services, you can simply upload a sketch, or a blueprint and let expert illustrators take over.
  • With RoomSketcher App’s click-and-drag option, you can edit your floor plan online, move and resize items easily. Get ready for interactive live 3D floor plans, 3D photos and stunning 360 views with this software.

There’s a free version of the software for those wanting to explore its basic features. For the others wanting access to both 2D and 3D plans, RoomSketcher VIP is the answer.

  • SmartDraw

SmartDraw Image

Considered as one of the best free floor plan software, SmartDraw is easy to use and more powerful than most standard drawing tools. It includes quick-start diagram templates for more than 70 diagram types such as flowcharts, floor plans, etc.

  • For those on the lookout for an efficient flowchart software, SmartDraw is a great option. This software runs on Mac as well as Windows. It has excellent import and export capability.
  • With this downloadable tool you can draw diagrams which can then be imported and exported as and when required.
  • SmartDraw allows you to represent an idea through graphics, diagrams, and symbols. It fully integrates with Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint, etc. This floor plan software also integrates with Google Docs, Google Sheets and other G Suite applications.
  • With SmartDraw’s quick-start templates and smart automation, you can easily find and add symbols, format your diagram, and then share it with anyone quickly.

So, everyone from architects and contractors, to project managers and business executives can use this diagram tool to make floor plans flowcharts, project charts, and other diagrams.

  • Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D Image

Sweet Home 3D free interior design software makes drawing quick house plans a reality. It is an open-source floor plan software that helps you arrange furniture to revamp a room or make a new house. With Sweet Home 3D floor plan software, view the results in 3D.

Apt for beginners, this program runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

  • You can draw walls and rooms on the image of an existing plan and drag furniture, windows, etc. into the grid to position it as you like.
  • You can simply add colours, textures and alter the size of furniture, walls, floors, etc. to fit in your plan.
  • The software enables you to create photograph type images and videos and add light sources to your projects.
  • With its exciting Virtual Visit option, you can conveniently walk through your home and its rooms. It gives you the leverage to view everything in 3D, incorporate the required changes and import more 3D models if needed. Export your plan at standard formats with Sweet Home 3D.

  • Roomle

Roomle Image

Roomle is a digital furniture platform that connects brands, retailers and consumers and supports configurable 3D furniture catalog.

  • This software facilitates the use of latest 2D/3D/AR/VR technologies to design the right interiors for your home.
  • With Roomle, you can configure all your products and deliver realistic product visualization live in 3D. This software helps you replace expensive product image generation with interactive 3D products in a simple and playful manner.
  • This floor plan software helps you create high quality, photorealistic renderings of your furniture that may have been produced in any material, views, lighting or style.
  • It offers free web application and iOS mobile app and supports virtual walkthroughs.
  • With this floor plan software, you can switch from desktop to mobile and back. For instance, you can configure furniture at its website. You can also view it live in AR with the Android App via all mobile destinations.

  • Civil 3D

Civil 3D Image

A BIM (Building Information Modelling) solution from AutoDesk, Civil 3D is specially designed for civil engineering design and construction companies.

  • It is apt for professionals to plan, design, and manage civil engineering projects. For instance, Civil 3D is used to create 3D models of projects related to civil engineering such as rail, roads, highways, land development and water, to name a few.
  • Autodesk Civil 3D enhances your civil projects as it has features to improve your drafting, design and construction documentation.
  • Civil 3D has introduced the latest software updates such as Dynamo for design automation. Further, to improve your infrastructure designs, Autodesk has provides a more user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Enhance design efficiencies and boost productivity with Civil 3D by linking your design to documentation.
  • This floor plan software offers a fully integrated survey functionality to provide an ideal environment for survey tasks, such as raw imports of survey data, survey observation edits, automatically creating survey figures, etc.


A floor plan is essentially a drawing or a presentation of a property from above. The best floor plan studies the relationship between the space, fixtures and dimensions of the available property.

Use the above-mentioned floor plan software to create high-quality real estate floor plans. A perfect floor plan is one that optimally utilizes the space and resources available and maximizes your chances of finding a buyer.

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