10 Best Free Video Conferencing Platforms

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February 24, 2023 9 Min read

Video conferencing Platform is meant for processing calling sessions amongst several participants at one place in a go. Aside from simplistic calling solutions, video conferencing platform also offers add-ons that make the entire calling process hassle free, cost effective and highly efficient. Configure video and voice calls based on your individual or team’s requirements through video conferencing tools.

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software provides online video tools for conducting formal and informal meetings, presentations as well as other kinds of communication. It provides various collaborative tools and add-ons for superior video calling and live streaming experience.

Different industries and sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, enterprises, corporate houses, government administration, marketing, retail and real estate depend on paid and free video conferencing solutions for streamlined business processes.

Video conferencing software can be use by two or more parties to collaborate via video and audio signal using the internet connection. Businesses can initiate remote meetings or live conferences at the time when most of their employees working remotely and their clients are functioning distantly.

Why do you need video conferencing software?

A communication platform that smoothens the flow of information is preferred by both employees and employers. There are reasons also attached to this preference for video conferencing solutions. Some of these reasons or benefits of this software are:

  • Travel costs/time reduced

The competitive market study, hiring, problem-solving, and decision making can be quickly done through paid and free video conference call software without going through the hassle of leaving the office or traveling long distances.

  • Employee retention

Paid and free video conferencing solutions can be easily accessed on any device such as tablet, mobile or computer. This makes it a good choice for employees who can use this software to manage remote operations while at the same time keeping in regular touch with team members. The better is work life balance, the better is employee retention rate.

  • Aligning offshore teammates to business goals

Certain jobs require frequent traveling. In such a situation, where one or the other team member is always traveling, video conference call software is mandatory to keep the information flowing through such remote channels.

  • Strong customer relations

Online Video conference Platforms help businesses get face to face with their customers and address their issues, meet their demands, etc. Also, video conferencing equipment can be used to provide online product demonstrations and tutorials to facilitate prospects through the sales funnel.

10 Best Free Video Conference Online Software Review and Comparison

  1. UberConference
  2. Google Hangouts Meet
  3. CISCO WebEx Meetings
  4. Skype
  5. RingCentral Meetings
  6. Zoom
  7. Apache OpenMeetings
  8. Slack Video Calls
  9. FreeConference
  10. TrueConf Server

Video conference tools and video calling software are an answer to businesses handling remote operations amongst a dispersed group of employees and clients. Let’s go through the list of ten best free video conference online software.

  • UberConference

video conferencing software

UberConference is a free video conferencing software used for improved communication and information sharing between you and your team members. You can also stream videos here while at the same time sharing the screen to keep everyone in the loop. Easily receive call and messages with this free online meeting software on any device, whether it’s desktop or mobile.

Key features of UberConference:

  • Voice intelligence
  • Local dial in number
  • HD video meetings
  • Custom hold music
  • Screen sharing
  • Analytics
  • Call recording
  • Blocks noisy callers
  • You can call another number in the midst of your current call
  • No mute option
  • Complicated dialpad

Best Suited For: Corporate and business houses.

  • Google Hangouts Meet

Free online meeting software

Google Hangouts Meet free online video conferencing software has integration with G suite to help businesses join in meetings directly through an email invite or a calendar event. A dial-in number is available for each meeting that can be easily accessed by guest users. You don’t need to worry if other participants of a video call have the right plugins or not.

Key features of Google Hangouts Meet:

  • Dial in from phone
  • Live streaming
  • Presentation
  • Recordings
  • Upto hundred participants
  • Secure meetings with end to end data encryption.
  • Dial in from international numbers
  • High internet bandwidth required
  • Not possible to connect different accounts to the interface

Best Suited For: Small and medium enterprises, big businesses and corporate houses.

  • CISCO WebEx Meetings

Free online video conferencing software

CISCO WebEx free video conferencing software for small businesses and big enterprises is used for organising presentations and web conferences for running distributed workforce meetings and selling products to clients. If you are planning to teach some course or connect with new customers, use this free video conferencing software for educational purposes. The free video conference call software is comprised of such video conferencing tools as wireless presentation screen, whiteboard for efficient communications. 

Key features of WebEx:

  • Cognitive collaboration
  • Cloud calling
  • Contact center
  • Video conferencing
  • Server based streaming of media files.
  • Online training and user guides
  • Only for large teams
  • Limited marketing options

Best Suited For: Healthcare, IT, Financial services. etc.

  • Skype

Free video conferencing website

Skype free internet video conferencing software is used for making quick video calls, sharing files and sending messages to other people connected. You can make voice calls through any device such as mobile, tablet and computers. Features like group screen sharing, chat invites and the option to make any background blur are quite popular among the Skype users.

Key features of Skype:

  • Video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Wireless hotspot network access
  • Chat history
  • Instant messaging
  • Click to call for quick voice/video calling.
  • Log file for accessing history
  • No option to block calls
  • Lack of language translation option

Best Suited For: Retail, NGOs, Marketing/Advertising and Financial Services.

  • RingCentral Meetings

Free video conference call software

RingCentral free video calling software can be used on a mobile or desktop for powerful virtual meetings with fellows and colleagues. Use the video conference tool for sharing messages, screen sharing and video calling. For convenient task management, download this free video conference tool and get ready to make an impact.

Key features of RingCentral Meetings: 

  • Mobility
  • RingCentral Room Connector
  • HD video
  • Screen sharing
  • Team messaging
  • RingCentral Webinar
  • Fax numbers do not show in call logs
  • Inaccurate call reports

Best Suited For: Small businesses, marketing specialists, sales and financial services.

  • Zoom

Free video conferencing software for education

Zoom free video conferencing solution allows multiple users share their screens and interact with each other during official or informal meetings. It also provides for end to end data encryption for meetings, passwords and such data. There are available within the software optimized tools such as full screen view, group messaging, whiteboarding, etc.for a fulfilling user experience.

Key features of Zoom:

  • HTTPS access
  • SSL encryption
  • Unlimited VoIP
  • Admin feature controls
  • HIPAA compliance
  • 323/SIP Connector
  • Developer platform
  • Integrated scheduling
  • Group collaboration
  • Allow conference with larger groups without any quality hassle
  • Calendar & invite feature is quite helpful
  • Poor video quality
  • Persisting web server even after the software is uninstalled.

Best Suited For: Government sector, education, healthcare and financial services.

  • Apache OpenMeetings

Free video conferencing software for small businesses

Apache OpenMeetings is an open source and free video conferencing software used for online training and presentation purposes. Web conferencing, whiteboard drawing, desktop sharing and document editing are its other features. The platform has integration with other CMS, CRM systems and is also available in multiple languages.

Key Features of Apache OpenMeetings

  • User and room management
  • Meeting recording
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Video conferencing
  • Speaker/sponsorship management
  • Attendee and badge monitoring
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Provides chat and whiteboarding options
  • Use it for instant messaging services
  • Tough on boarding process
  • Complicated installation process

Best Suited For: Information Technology and services, photography, real estate, oil and energy and telecommunications.

  • Slack Video Calls

Free internet video conferencing software

Communicate online and collaborate easily through this fp software. Make quick voice and video calls to anyone in your workspace through Slack video calling platform. All you got to do is click on the platform’s icon once downloaded, select the camera option for video calling and the software is ready to use. Additionally, use thumbs up and emojis to make your conversations more engaging. 

Key features of Slack Video Calls:

  • Workflow builder
  • File sharing
  • Enterprise key management
  • Channels
  • Promotes collaboration across shared channels
  • Supports integration with over two thousand Apps
  • Limited customization features
  • No reminder option for missing messages

Best Suited For: Real estate, construction, NGOs, IT & Services, marketing, etc.

  • FreeConference

FreeConference provides video calling, voice calling, screen sharing, and web meeting services to its users. Simply send the conference room URL and initiate virtual meetings with anyone from any part of the world. This free internet video conferencing software also does not require any downloads. 

Key features of FreeConference:

  • Smart search
  • Custom hold music
  • Free connection test
  • Time zone scheduler
  • SMS notifications
  • Local conference numbers
  • Gives access to unlimited conference calls
  • Makes long distance calls easy and cost-effective
  • Limited call duration
  • Very few features

Best Suited For: Small enterprises, business units, healthcare administration, private entities and educational institutions.

  • TrueConf Server

Free video calling software

TrueConf Server provides video conferencing solutions for free of cost to different sectors, especially the education sector. The software ensures quick connection over a private networks and is integrated with LDAP/SIP video conferencing endpoints. It operates easily in mobile, desktop or tablet device.

Key features of TrueConf Server:

  • Web meeting connector
  • Remote PTZ camera control
  • Automatic domain authentication
  • TrueConf SDK
  • Interoperability
  • Business integration
  • Supports telephony endpoints
  • Provides video surveillance system
  • Difficult to add many users in the call.
  • No notification if a new user joins the video call.

Best Suited For: HR & recruitment, contact centers, distance education, banks & finance, healthcare and government sector.


Video conferencing platform is a great way to communicate new ideas, products, conduct meeting, send reviews, etc. Businesses big and small opt for this software not only because it supports various technical add-ons but also because they provide security features with end to end data encryption. Select one from the list above diligently.

You can also check Jio Meet App for free video conferencing.

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