HRMantra HR & Payroll Software: Unleashing Employees’ Potential

HRMantra HR & Payroll Software: Unleashing Employees’ Potential-feature image
August 3, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .6 Min read

Manual paperwork has been the core purpose of many organizations for years. However, it appears to be more of a nuisance in today’s time with most of the valuable time of HR professionals spent on getting manual authorizations and sanctions on paper. Unfortunately, smaller organizations are not quite comfortable in getting dispensed with paperwork. Finding a cost-effective HRMS system is a far cry for them.

However, with HRMantra, their search seems to be over. They no longer need to chop down the idea of automation, as HRMantra proves to be a cost-effective option for managing people operations.

But, is being cost-effective enough to make HRMantra’s HR payroll software the preferred automation tool for SMBs? Let’s find out more.

Gives an Opportunity to Upgrade the Hierarchies

Traditional hierarchies are dead! Many people say so. But, leadership is still pivotal to the functioning of a thriving organization. And, leaders can perform effectively in sync with their teams using HRMantra’s HR payroll software. With more than 450 attributes, this HRMS software helps corporate leaders and HR managers handle the complexities of managing huge employee data through automation. Important to mention, its varied reporting options make decision-making easier.

Allows Setting Regulation Rules Right from the Beginning

HRMantra HR & Payroll Software

For any organization to thrive, it’s important that its employees abide by regulations. After all, discipline helps corporate leaders deal with the unacceptable behavior of some of their employees and bring positive results. But, is discipline all about punishing or embarrassing an employee? Not really! The purpose of discipline is served only when it helps in correcting the unacceptable behavior of employees. And, HRMantra’s HR payroll software helps with the latter approach.

Employees’ attendance can be tracked through several means be it biometric systems, smartphones, webcams, or login-logout. This software is designed to fit into today’s flexible work culture and assists HR professionals in creating flexible shifts with defined OD/ OT/ extra work hours as per a company’s policy. Further, late comings, early going, absenteeism, and other loopholes in corporate culture can be tracked using HRMantra’s HR management solution.

Grievances May Crop Up, HR Mantra Helps You Deal with It

Have you been a part of any interdepartmental grievance in your organization? Even if you are not, you must have witnessed it quite often. After all, when the interests of different departments vary, grievances are bound to occur. Here, the helpdesk management module of HRMantra’s HR payroll software can come in handy. With set rules for each claim type, grievance redressal can become quicker and easier. Also, involved parties can attach supporting documents to ensure fair grievance redressal.

Building a Formula for Payroll Efficiency is Easier

HRMantra HR & Payroll Software

Pre-set formulae builders of HRMantra’s HR payroll software are the answer to every hurdle that accountants and HR professionals face during loan-EMI calculation and configuration. Further, the configuration of multiple bank statements and pay slip formats is just a matter of a few clicks. With more than sixty-five statutory reports, salary, FFS, and increment-related processes can be managed accurately and in real-time.

Learn. Grow. Repeat with HR Mantra

Why is learning culture a talk of the corporate arena?

Because it focuses on organizational values and practices to support the growth of both individuals and the organization. It promotes continuous improvement while supporting business goals, innovation, and the potential to adapt to changes.

At the same time, a learning culture provides the right environment for employees to learn while they work. Training programs are quite frequent, as those help employers fill the skills gap and nurture a workforce that is continually acquiring skills and gaining a competitive edge.

Such organizations rely mostly on automation tools to design their training program and perform cost analyses for every program. HRMantra’s HR payroll software fits this role perfectly with its extensive learning development module. Additionally, this HR management solution also helps in evaluating the performance of trainers and trainees at every stage.

Recognizing Competence is Critical

Performance management is not just about defining competencies and maintaining balanced scorecards. It’s about assessing the probability of deviation from set performance standards for every employee. HRMantra’s HR payroll software does full justice to today’s popular concept of 360-degree performance management. It allows expectation setting for employee performance outcomes, helping corporate leaders know where their outcome is likely to fall. Along with the deviation analysis, this software also plays a pivotal role in succession planning based on multiple review structures for every employee.

Driven Towards Project Profitability Unfailingly

With HRMantra’s HR payroll software, project management is made a lot easier. Timesheets can be maintained for every employee, and analytical sheets can be generated to know employee-wise, project-wise time invested. Along with tracking every employee’s progress with respect to a project, this software also assists in maintaining client details. Achieving project profitability appears easier when progress can be tracked, outcomes can be forecasted, and amendments can be made in real-time.

Smart Hiring

Along with basic features like online testing, reference checking, and interview scheduling, HR Mantra’s HR management solution provides the exclusive feature of integrating with different job websites at the same time. As a result, CVs can be downloaded and details of new job openings can be uploaded, anytime and anywhere. Thus, reaching out to the right talent becomes easier!

HRMantra Mobile App

The mobile app of HR Mantra brings users the added benefits of socializing uninterruptedly through its exclusive Get Social feature. Users can create groups, post messages, like, comment and share posts, and do everything to communicate with a larger audience.

Also, this app provides the other benefits of digitalization like tracking employees on the field through GPS, conducting online surveys on job satisfaction, employee engagement, etc. quickly through mobile.


Backed by hundreds of important features, HRMantra’s HR payroll software is a totally favorable solution for businesses of all sizes. But, you don’t have to buy all the modules of this software even if you don’t need to use them in the near future. Pick the modules of your choice and enjoy the benefit of customized packages with pocket-friendly prices. However, as your business thrives and requirements get complex, HRMantra is always there to help you stay relevant with scalable modules and features.

So, is it a choice worth choosing?

HRMantra’s HR payroll software will never cease to amaze you. With hundreds of features, which can truly make the life of any HR professional easier, this deserves to be in your final list of HR payroll software to choose, compare & buy!

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