Best Instant Messaging Software for PC & Mobile that are Alternative to Skype

Best Instant Messaging Software for PC & Mobile that are Alternative to Skype-feature image
April 19, 2023 17 Min read

Large number of the office going population is currently working from home and using instant messaging services to maintain connectivity.

Many working professionals swear by Skype to hold video conferences, send textual updates or not too heavy data. Skype is arguably the most popular group messaging software for the work and personal use.

Over the years, Skype has undergone several changes, some of which have not gone down well with users. For example in its latest update, Skype has removed the feature of seeing whether someone is online or not.  Moreover, the app is not compatible with Bluetooth devices. This combined with the advent of other instant messaging software with enhanced functionalities has diverted even the most loyal users of Skype.

In such a scenario, customers are spoilt for choice as instant messaging software claim to offer the best instant messaging service online. It becomes important that you select the best instant messaging solutions that integrate well with your business’s way of functioning.

Here we talk about some of the top free instant messaging software that can be seamlessly used as an alternative for skype. 

What is Instant Messaging Software?

Instant messaging software is used by two or more people to connect with each other through texts or video calls in real time. Most of the messaging software allow communication over the internet or a functioning network. Users can transfer documents within a limited size range.

Through instant messaging apps and software, a person can connect with anyone present on their contact list. Once your message is sent across, the receiver receives a notification about the message. Upcoming and established businesses are using various instant messaging services to establish seamless connectivity across departments and employees. It also aims to enhance productivity of employees and create a digital workspace.

Why You Need Instant Messenger Software for Small Business

Instant messenger software is even more important for small business especially in times when remote working is the new normal. As most employees work from home, it can be difficult for a small organisation to get timely update on deliverables in the communication flow is not consistent.

Furthermore, instant messaging platforms provide effective communicative solutions for small businesses dealing with freelancers or onshore clients. Since instant messaging solutions don’t require a very high investment, they are the perfect tool to aid connectivity among remote employees and the management.

Skype Online: Most-Popular Tool for Instant Messaging Online

USP- Due to its widespread popularity, Skype is the preferred tool of communication with people outside the corporation such as overseas clients.

Skype for Business is an instant messaging software developed by Microsoft and there would be hardly anyone who has not heard of it. It’s an easy to use messaging software appropriate for beginners. Skype messaging works equally well for personal as well as professional use. With multiple functionalities such as chat, voice call and video call, it is one of the most widely used instant messaging platforms in companies across the world.

Features of Skype Online

  • Easy to use

It’s easy to conduct and schedule online meetings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Uninterrupted interaction on chat

Availability of options such as emojis and reactions make normal conversations more engaging

  • High information security

Since Skype online is a Microsoft offering, you can be sure that your conversations are secured by a robust encryption

  • Improved functionality

Participants can share their screens during a video call or conference to establish a better sense of teamwork, especially when multiple people are involved in the same project

  • Cost-effective international calling

Skype provides the option of VOIP which comes in handy for connecting with international clients. This saves the charges otherwise spent on making international phone calls.

Platforms Supported-

  • Windows (7, 8, 10)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS

Skype Instant Messaging App:

Skype’s mobile app version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

Skype for Business Pricing-

Skype is free but if your business involves a lot of international calls, then you can opt for a subscription. Details can be obtained from the official website.

Skype Alternatives: 10 Best Instant Messaging Software for Windows 10 & Mac

  • Digimiles

USP- Digimiles is counted among the best messenger apps as it is one of the largest bulk SMS service providers in the country.

Instant messaging online

Digimiles is an instant messaging application which provides bulk SMS service and help organisations in sales and maintaining client communication.  Digimiles also extends its services to companies which send regular alerts, notifications or one time passwords to customers.  Digimiles messaging software enables companies to run effective SMS campaigns for their promotional events.

Features of Digimiles

  • A wider range of options for all sorts of businesses

Digimiles offers three plans: promotional SMS, transactional SMS and international SMS to cater to businesses with different needs.

  • Better reach

Digimiles specialises in bulk SMS that is a single SMS can be sent to several clients in one go

  • Improved customer relations

By using messaging software, customers can receive regular notifications and alerts about events important to them

  • Personalized SMSs

Digimiles offers the option of customizing your SMS according to your company needs and also add a scheduler; a fixed time at which these alerts would be sent out.

  • SMS campaign analysis

Digimiles instant messaging software provides data related to each SMS campaign so that you can deduce whether it was a success or not.

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows

Digimiles Messenger Online Messaging App:

Digimiles messenger’s mobile app version is not available. This software is available for desktop only.

Digimiles Instant Messaging Software Pricing

Digimiles instant messaging software price starts from ₹269

Detailed information about pricing can be obtained from the detail page on Techjockey.

  • Troop Messenger – One of the Best Messenger Apps

USP- Troop Messenger has the option of an orange member,where a non- company member can be made an active part of communication with an organization.

Messaging software

Troop Messenger software facilitates the creation of digital workspace, where employees can work and connect remotely. Using troop messenger, users can conduct one to one chats or group messaging. Troop messenger also provides the option of adding third party vendors to any of your organization’s communication channel with secured access.

Features of Troop Messenger

  • Forkout

Using the option of forkout, a user can send text messages to multiple recipients or groups at the same time, thus making instant messaging online easy.

  • Time bound conversations

The burnout option of this instant messaging app helps hold private conversations among users with a stipulated time limit. Once the timer runs out, conversations are automatically deleted.

  • Voice message

With this instant messaging software, a user can opt to send an audio message in place of a written text.

  • Read receipts

WithTroop Messenger, users can turn on their read receipts to keep a track of when their message was read by the recipient.

  • Deletion of wrong message

In case a user sends a message to the wrong user, he/she can use the recall feature of this instant messaging application.

Platforms Supported-

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Troop Messenger Online Messaging App:

Troop messenger’s mobile app version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

Troop Messenger Instant Messaging for BusinessPricing:

Type of plan Pricing
Premium ₹ 75 per month per user
Enterprise ₹ 187.5 per month per user

  • Slack Messenger – Web Based Instant Messenger Software

USP- Slack offers the option of creating subgroups of respective teams within a large group of employees. Work can be delegated to a team by connecting to their subgroup.

Instant messaging application

Slack is an instant messaging software for small scale as well as established corporations to achieve better communication among its ranks.

Slack comes laced with ‘Channels’, a space where you can differentiate your conversations and avoid a single inbox. Slack also has an enhanced search option, which makes it easy to search for documents and messages. Slack alternatives are highly rated as well!

Slack Online Messaging Software Features

  • Better integration

Slack can be easily integrated with other platforms such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive etc.

  • Option to design your workday

With the option of Workflow Builder, you can choose the people you need to get some tasks done and design how your workday would turn out. This will help increase your teams’ productivity.

  • Higher security

Slack provides the option of using your own encryption keys to secure chats and shared files.

  • Customization

Each user can customize their shared channels according to their own convenience.

  • Communication across companies

Slack messaging software can also be utilized for communication among companies working on the same project

Platforms Supported-

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Slack Instant Messaging App:

Slack messaging software mobile version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

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Slack Instant Messaging for BusinessPricing:

Types of plan Pricing
Free (for small teams) NA
Standard (for medium sized companies) ₹ 203/ month
Premium (for large scale organizations) ₹380.17/month

  • Flock Messenger – Instant Messenger for Windows & Mac Users

USP- Flock ensures seamless integration with other apps. Using its platform, the user can access these third party communication apps such as Google Drive, Twitter without having to switch tabs.

Flock Messenger is an instant messaging service which allows employees working remotely to connect with each other. Flock offers a range of features to enhance productivity such as reminders, note sharing and shared to-dos for better collaboration on a project.

Flock instant messaging platform also provides superior quality video calls and limitless chat history.

Flock Messenger Features

  • Creation of channels

In Flock, you can create individual channels to have separate conversation threads with different teams

  • Option of adding guest users

Flock messaging software allows for guest users such as vendors or clients to participate in specific communication channels based on access.

  • Efficient search

Flock’s powerful search option allows you to look for old files or texts instantly.

  • Polling

Flock provides the option of polling which can be used to get a consensus from team regarding an important decision.

  • Customized access

Admins have the rights to provide or deny access to any external participant to a specific communication channel within an organization.

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS

Flock Instant Messaging App:

Flock Messaging software mobile version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

Flock Messenger Software Pricing:

Types of Plan Pricing
Starter Free
Pro ₹199/month
Enterprise ₹349/month

  • Google Hangouts – One of the Best Free LAN Messengers

USP- Google Hangouts is one of the best messenger apps thatis a part of the G-Suite and is suitable for organisations using Gmail as the official platform for email communication.

Instant messaging service

Google Hangouts messenger software is the flagship product of Google and aimed at enhancing enterprise connectivity. Google Hangout consists of Google Meets and Google Chat. In the coming days, Google also aims to integrate its IP telephony service, Google Voice along with Hangouts to make it a robust instant messaging solution.

Features of Google Hangouts

  • Improved quality of video calls

One of the best features of Google Hangouts is the option of HD video calls and online meetings.

  • High information security

Since Google Hangouts is a part of G-Suite, conversations and data shared using this instant messaging software is secured with encryption.

  • Integration with Gmail

Google Hangouts can be accessed within your Gmail account to schedule video calls or send messages.

  • Free calling

Calls to other Hangout users can be done free of cost.

  • Better functionality for contact management

You can easily sync your contacts and initiate private and group conversations.

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Google Hangouts Online Messaging App:

Google Hangouts instant messaging software is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

Google Hangouts Online Messaging Platform Pricing:

G-suite pricing is as follows:

Google Hangouts come for free with different G Suite packages.

  Type of Plan   Pricing
  Basic   ₹ 210
  Business   ₹ 714
  Enterprise   ₹ 1650

Additional 50 GB storage can be bought for ₹ 425

  • Ryver – Provides the Best Messenger App

USP- Ryver combines entities such as voice and video calls, file sharing, workflow management etc. on a single interface.

Instant messaging platforms

Ryver is an instant messaging software used by large and small businesses to establish remote connectivity in their organization. It offers unparalleled services such as group messaging where multiple participants can share their work and management of daily tasks which allows proper delegation of work to appropriate teams.

Ryver Instant Messaging for Business Features

  • Easy to use

People new to instant messaging can easily use Ryver without any prior knowledge.

  • High Quality calls

Users can expect high quality audio and video in each call and even share their screen in real time.

  • Better support service

In case of any grievances, Ryver support team provides best in class support services.

  • Single Sign on (SSO)

Ryver supports SSO, meaning users can simply sign in with their existing google account credentials.

  • Improved integration

Ryver can be easily integrated with other third-party communication tools.

            Platforms Supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS

Ryver Online Messaging App:

Ryver’s mobile version which facilitates instant messaging online is available for both android and iOS.

Ryver Instant Messaging Software Pricing:

Types of plans Pricing
Starter ₹3712.80
Unlimited ₹5985.84
Enterprise ₹11289.95

  • Wrike – Most Trusted Group Messaging Software

USP- Wrike has an engaging user interface and is divided into two categories: Team Collaboration and Project Management.

Wrike work messaging software is designed for multiple collaborators to work on the same project. Using Wrike instant messaging software, employees can schedule their work and track their progress. Wrike also comes with the option of making edits to documents which are then visible to everyone with whom the document is shared.

Wrike Messenger Features

  • Better Updates

Wrike instant messaging allows you to monitor the status of all work performed by different teams

  • High Productivity

With its seamless chat and call service, different teams can easily communicate with each other to achieve better productivity.

  • Workflow management

Wrike can be used to effectively manage the workload of different teams across the company

  • Covid-19 specific functionality

Wrike lets you see what projects are exposed to risk, manage employee availability and remotely delegate with employees.

  • Customized dashboard

Using Wrike, users can create their dashboard as per their own liking and use it to finish high priority tasks first.


  • Windows
  • MacOS

Wrike Online Messaging App:

Wrike instant messaging software mobile version is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store.

Wrike Instant Messaging Service Pricing:

Wrike is free for upto five users. For an organisation with more than five users, you can opt for these premium plans on Techjockey.

Types of plans Pricing
Business ₹686
Professional ₹1736

  • Telegram – Application Based Instant Messenger Software

USP- Telegram is one of the best instant messenger apps as its client-side code is open source. It also gives APIs to non-company developers.

Instant messaging solutions

Telegram instant messaging software is popularly used to exchange audio, video and textual files. Voice and video call on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted. For smartphone users, there is an additional option to have a private chat with other users.

Telegram Instant messaging App Features

  • Multiple devices can be linked to a single device

Users can link multiple devices to a single account, each one verified by SMSs

  • Cloud based service

Messages sent using Telegram are backed up to the cloud, ensuring their secrecy and retrieval.

  • Improved Functionality

Users can edit or delete shared data upto 2 days after it was first sent.

  • Creation of channels

Telegram allows for creation of channels which can be used to send the same message to multiple users at the same time.

  • Interactive conversations

Telegram has stickers which are entertaining images used to make conversations more engaging

            Platforms Supported

  • Windows
  • MacOS

Telegram Instant Messaging Application

Telegram instant messaging service’s mobile version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective app store.

Telegram Instant Messaging Online Pricing:

Telegram is a free online messaging app with no extra charges.

  • ProofHub Instant Messaging Service

USP- ProofHub is one of the best messenger apps with the Kanban board feature, where employees can create a specific workflow and admins can monitor them.

Best instant messaging solutions

ProofHub project planning software is used for a workforce to collaborate on projects, share deliverables and enhance connectivity. ProofHub also has the option where users can sign in using their email account, without having to access ProofHub app.

ProofHub Instant Messaging Solution Features:

  • Easy to operate

Using ProofHub, users can organise their work schedules, monitor their progress and delegate tasks to different teams in the messaging software

  • Access control

Admins have the control over what data can be accessed by which user. This access can be provided or removed at will

  • Option of adding announcements

Users can post announcements related to important events in a separate space in ProofHub

  • Improves Productivity

ProofHub allows for creation of templates which can be used for projects of similar types. Users need not start on projects of similar types, saving time

  • Supports multiple languages

ProofHub’s interface understands and works in more than a dozen languages.

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

ProofHub Instant Messaging Application

ProofHub instant messaging service’s mobile version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective app store.

ProofHub Instant Messaging service Pricing:

Types of plan Pricing
Essential ₹ 3409.65
Ultimate control ₹ 6743.53

  • RingCentral Glip Instant Messaging for Business

USP- RingCentral Glip has a cloud-based service model, which ensures total security related to text messages.

Group messaging software

RingCentral Glip instant messenger software can be used by employees and management to communicate with each other to achieve higher levels of productivity from any device at any time. Users can create a simplified workplace where they manage their tasks and connect with employees from their own as well as different teams.

RingCentral Glip Features

  • Enhanced Functionality

Users can connect to other users via high quality voice calls, video calls and audio messages

  • Anywhere access

By downloading Glip’s desktop, android and iOS version a user can log onto their account from anywhere

  • Calendar blocking

Calendars of employees can be blocked in advance related to an upcoming meeting or conference

  • Quick feedback

Glip messaging software can be used to edit shared files and add comments so as to provide a quick feedback.

  • Easy integration

Glip can easily be integrated with third party communication apps to facilitate ease in working.

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Glip Instant Messaging App 

Instant messaging platform RingCentral Glip’s mobile version is available for both android and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective app store.

RingCentral Glip Instant Messaging Software Pricing:

RingCentral Glip comes in two versions: Free and Standard. The standard version costs ₹378.72

So, Which Instant Messaging Software for Business Serves Your Needs?

Before choosing an instant messaging software for your organization, you should test whether the software integrates well with your existing software or not.Since a large part of the workforce is currently working from home, choose a messaging software which can establish seamless connectivity among different teams. Lastly, take the cost of the software into consideration. You can go for a paid version if the number of employees is large,as the paid version offers more features.

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