Best IT Asset Management Software Available in the Market in 2023

Best IT Asset Management Software Available in the Market in 2023-feature image
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The IT industry is one of the most fast-paced industries out there. Consequently, anybody who’s involved with the asset handling aspect of it knows what a pain it can be.

There’s simply so much data and information, cumulated by all the departments, that maintaining multiple repositories can be quite a complex task. Fortunately, that’s where IT asset management comes into play.

In a brief, IT Asset Management comprises financial, contractual and inventory practices that help IT with lifecycle management and decision making. Asset management is made of both hardware and software solutions, within the business.

These solutions help the IT environment in bridging processes among various departments and streamlining them, to be more effective and easy to handle.

So, now that you know what IT Asset management is, how do you go about picking the best IT asset management software as per your needs? There are scores of options available to choose from, catering to all scales of businesses.

List of Best IT Asset Management Software

Fear not, we do have a list of the best options available and suited to your needs. Here are 5 of the best IT asset management software in the market.

MMSoft Pulseway

MMSoft Pulseway is an asset management tool, providing solutions across asset management, infrastructure management, and application performance management (APM). Additionally, it is a feature-heavy tool that works on the idea of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

While primarily a mobile application, they also provide a desktop client. It works best as asset management and infrastructure tool. All things considered, if the IT company is Batman, this tool is the utility belt it needs.

fixed asset

Price: 205392.00 INR per user account

Maco Fixed Asset Management

Maco Fixed Asset Management is a cloud-based tool that is capable of multi-location asset handling. Suited for all business scales, this tool contains such features as preparing asset register, managing sale/disposal, accessing different reports, getting asset details through barcode, etc.

asset tool

Price: 25000 INR per license per year.

Asset Panda

The best IT asset management software for tight budgets, Asset Panda is undoubtedly an easily customisable software with all the essential features. The software comes for a lesser price with a whole lot of features and is a tad more complex than the usual fare.

Furthermore, it is best suited for an environment that seeks to manage assets in the cloud and comes with universal training and tech support. The best part, it comes with video tutorials for any help using the software. Like a real panda, its easy on the eye but unlike one, it’s not all black and white.

best asset tools

 Price: 90,000 INR for 500 assets per year

LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite

The LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite compiles software compliance, discovery, software license entitlement, asset lifecycle management, and financial management, all rolled into a single tool. Moreover, easy interface, tech support options, and managing software licenses are a few of its key features.

It is also able to provide a wide range of custom reporting and on-site software installation. Additionally, it is the best IT asset management software for enterprises and large businesses.

asset tools

Price: 3851 INR per node


Freshservice is first and foremost, a very affordable IT asset management that is certainly easy to navigate and use. It helps the IT team handle issues ranging from storing and managing assets, troubleshooting technology problems and building new products. It’s best suited for large organisations with vast internal IT operations.

asset management

Price: 1200 INR per user per month billed yearly

Comparison of 5 Best IT Asset Management Software



With the growing sophistication of IT processes, IT asset management software would sincerely spruce up their operations and minimise a myriad of logistical and structural efforts.

It’s a no-brainer that having the best IT asset management software would only enhance everyday operations and business practices.

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