16 Best Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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February 24, 2023 15 Min read

Learning Management System or LMS software is used by corporate houses and educational institutes to deliver educational programs and training courses online.

Through LMS as a training management system, you can create new courses, develop learning material and assess students or trainees for grading. And all these processes can be managed online!

What is LMS Software?

LMS software or Learning Management System helps impart e-learning courses and is used on a wide scale by companies, organisations, government agencies, and educational institutes. The course management system is used to develop learning material for new courses and helps in enrolling, monitoring, and assessing new students.

With an LMS system, you can either develop new learning materials or import the existing files into the LMS tool. Learning management system websites further help track, report, and manage training programs and corporate learning courses.

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16 Best LMS Tools for Corporate Training in 2024: Learning Management System Examples

  1. Moodle
  2. e-khool
  3. ATutor
  4. Captivate Prime
  5. G-Cube
  6. iSpring
  7. ProProfs
  8. TBS
  9. TalentLMS
  10. GoToTraining
  11. Coassemble
  12. Teamie
  13. eFront
  14. Lessonly
  15. Mindflash
  16. Litmos LMS

Learning management software gives access to unlimited reading materials and live and on-demand videos, which can be accessed through any computing device. The ten best training management system comparison are:

  • Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle learning management system makes it easy to build online learning materials and provides a collaborative learning environment for supporting the entire teaching-learning process.

In addition, this LMS software for large enterprises and MSME has a flexible interface, creating a blended learning experience for all.


  • Free of cost with regular updates
  • Easy interface & convenient to use
  • Robust plugin ecosystem
  • Mobile & desktop versions are available
  • Chat option for discussing homework, syllabus & test results.

Cons: Moodle app lags sometimes

Best Suited For: The LMS software is ideal for businesses big and small as well as professionals like educators, risk management specialists, trainers, program officers, as well as students.

Moodle Pricing: Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Deployment Type: SaaS and on-premise/desktop

Is There Any Free or Open Source Version: Moodle is an open-source learning management system

Is There Any Free Trial: NA

  • e-khool LMS

e-khool LMS supports an advanced learning platform for live training purposes. The LMS software for students and educators offers visually appealing multimedia content for creating interactive learning courses for students and trainees.

The e-khool learning management system provides screen sharing and scheduling features for managing large online classes and lectures. e-khool LMS software further has inbuilt automated evaluation and credit score management tools for exam proctoring purposes.


  • Best for enhancing ongoing training processes
  • User friend app
  • Supportive customer services
  • Unique virtual environment for teaching

Cons: No mobile app support under the free plan

Best Suited For: LMS software for companies, schools, and training center

e-khool Pricing: You can contact us to get a customized estimate of each of its paid plans. There are three paid plans being offered- budget, premium, and business. All these plans have a dedicated mobile app and unlimited support for trainers.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux

Deployment Type: Cloud-based and desktop

Is There Any Free or Open-Source Version: e-khool supports a free plan with 500 MB storage but no live conferencing function and mobile app.

Is There Any Free Trial: Available

  • ATutor LMS

ATutor LMS

ATutor LMS depends on assistive technology to provide a learner-centric teaching experience to its end users. The LMS software for students and educators can set up network profiles and ensure better communication between students and teachers.

ATutor also provides navigation tools for adaptive navigation and a simplified learning environment.


  • Simplified external file importing
  • Best customer services
  • Affordable pricing structure


  • GUI needs an update
  • Unattractive graphical interface

Best Suited For: The LMS software for large enterprises and SMBs is best for trainers, coaches, proprietors, etc.

ATutor LMS Pricing: Paid plans start from ₹ 2599. Alternatively, you can select Plus or Advanced plan for accessing its advanced features.

Compatible Platforms: Windows and Mac

Deployment Type: On-premise, SaaS/Cloud-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: ATutor is a free and open-source learning management system

Is There Any Free Trial: NA

  • Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS system helps in managing end-to-end coaching and training processes effectively. The LMS software for small businesses and large enterprises supports AI-based social learning along with topic-wise interactive discussion boards.

What makes Captivate Prime unique is its secure streaming technology that ensures the safety of the data structure.


  • Quick app integration
  • Fast content delivery system
  • Lag-free learning-teaching experience
  • 24/7 online help center
  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Good response timings
  • Accessible learning materials

Cons: Links for job training shows errors at times

Best Suited For: Admins, LMS managers, trainees, corporate trainers, sales professionals, compliance teams, and HR leaders.

Captivate Prime Pricing: Price estimate available on request at the vendor’s website.

Compatible Platforms: Windows and macOS

Deployment Type: SaaS-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: 30-day free trial plan available

  • G-Cube LMS

G-Cube LMS provides learning content services and innovative training systems to diverse industry verticals and training institutes. The LMS software for students offers technology-enabled and automated training content for a simplified teaching-learning experience.

Additionally, G-Cube supports blended learning experiences through interactive videos, game-based learning, e-courses, and localization/translation services.


  • Supportive technical team
  • Innovative features & constant updates
  • Qualitative virtual sessions
  • Seamless language translation

Cons: No customization available

Best Suited For: LMS software for large businesses is suitable for telecommunications, manufacturing, automobiles, software, retail, aviation, and non-profit organizations.

G-Cube Pricing: Price depends on the number of users required for accessing the software. The price range varies between ₹1855 to ₹3711.

Compatible Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS

Deployment Type: SaaS and web-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: Unavailable

Is There Any Free Trial: Available

  • iSpring LMS

iSpring e-learning software

iSpring e-learning software is deployed for generating reports, assigning courses, and automating training processes. In addition, this LMS software for coaching centers supports conversation simulations and PowerPoint content for establishing effective training systems.

Content libraries, online authoring, and video courses are the key modules of this learning management system.


  • Effective troubleshooting procedures
  • Excellent operational support
  • Interactive screencasts and quizzes
  • Best for developing training materials

Cons: Switching between windows for developing a new course is inconvenient.

Best Suited For: The LMS software is suitable for small businesses, medium enterprises, teachers, consultants, project developers, management consultants, and mid-market professionals.

iSpring LMS Pricing: Price starts from ₹ 271 per user per month. Up to a hundred users can access this plan and offer support for up to fifty courses and a single authoring tool.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: iSpring free plan with limited features is available

Is There Any Free Trial: Available

  • ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS

ProProfs is a cloud-based learning management software suitable for creating online teaching materials and quizzes. The learning management system offers educational management modules for pre and post-training phases. You also get access to AI-powered analytics and reporting for insightful training data.


  • Best for preparing interactive quizzes
  • Detailed customization features
  • Powerful learning aids

Cons: User interface not that interactive

Best Suited For: ProProfs LMS software is ideal for employee training purposes.

ProProfs Pricing: At present, there are three paid plans being offered. The first two plans support up to 75 learners and allow you to build your custom courses.

Essentials: ₹148Premium: ₹297Enterprise: On Request

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, and Windows mobile

Deployment Type: Web-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: Free version available

Is There Any Free Trial: 15-days free trial

  • TBS Learning Management Software

HR professionals widely use TBS-Connect e-Learning Training System and team leads to effectively conduct web training and online training courses.

Its advanced features make online learning easier for remote employees. The further software assists in designing customized learning programs, launch them, and manage successfully.


  • Helps devise courses for the employee’s career growth
  • Ensures high confidentiality of the clients’ information
  • Ongoing services for defect prevention to ensure hassle-free training sessions
  • Stringent Q7A standards and adoption of new technologies to promote hassle-free e-learning.

Cons: The user interface can be improved further.

TBS Price: TBS learning management system price start at ₹25,000. For more details, please contact us.

Best Suited For: The LMS software for small businesses and large enterprises helps arrange corporate training across departments.

Compatible Platforms: Windows and Android

Deployment Type: Web-based and desktop

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: No

  • TalentLMS

Course management system

TalentLMS online training tool provides solutions to different industries such as healthcare, education, automotive, franchise, and call centers. The learning management system supports course selling, video conferencing, SCORM & xAPI for a robust training experience.


  • Centralised platform for sharing knowledge and onboarding processes.
  • Online material, presentations and videos to create interactive training courses. 


  • Chat tool is not available.
  • No discussion forum to facilitate interactions between learners and trainers.

Talent LMS Pricing: Feel free to connect with us for updated pricing details.

Best Suited For: The LMS software for small businesses and medium enterprises is often deployed by electrical manufacturing, hospitality, and telecommunications. It is also a popular LMS software for coaching centers and is used for teaching, training, and eLearning purposes.

Compatible Platforms: Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows

Deployment Type: Cloud/SaaS & desktop

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: Free version with support for up to 5 users and five courses

Is There Any Free Trial: Yes

  • GoToTraining

LMS system

GoToTraining learning management system software supports in-session collaboration and virtual training for blended learning. In addition, you can use the learning management system to share updates in real-time, conduct tests for evaluation, and prepare breakouts for group interaction.


  • Easy content sharing through tools such as videos, presentations and PowerPoint.
  • Customised registration for collecting key information about customers to understand their preferences. 


  • Lags during audio calls
  • Mass export option for transferring files missing.

Best Suited For: The LMS software for students is also suitable for large and small businesses, medium enterprises, and freelancers for teaching learning/e-learning, customer training, and corporate learning.

GoToTraining Price: The Starter pack of GoToTraining learning management software costs around ₹8350 annually.

Compatible Platforms: Web-based and Android

Deployment Type: Cloud

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: 7-day free trial available

  • Coassemble

Learning management system software

Coassemble a learning management system easily integrates with existing applications on your system to offer a more holistic teaching-learning experience for employees and students alike.

Mobile responsive templates are the unique characteristics of this LMS, and as a result, the platform can be used even while you are on the go.


  • Reports on results and course specific productivity.
  • Live chat access and local support.


  • Updates sometimes change the user interface.
  • Image cropping/sizing may be an issue sometimes.

Best Suited For: The LMS software for schools is suitable for small businesses, customer experience trainers, and mid-marketing professionals. The LMS software for coaching centers supports trainers, consultants, and knowledge officers too.

Coassemble Pricing: Coassemble LMS software costs can be customized, and you can know more about it through their official website.

Compatible Platforms: Web-based

Deployment Type: SaaS

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: Coassemble allows you to create your first course for free

Is There Any Free Trial: Yes

  • Teamie

learning and training management system

The Teamie learning and training management system supports integrating other applications on your system to build a robust and complete learning platform.

Teamie course management system primarily aims at creating a secure network for teachers and learners to safely pursue social collaboration for interactive learning processes.


  • Quizzes with different kinds of question formats for assessment purposes.
  • Newsfeed section for creating posts so that everyone can share new information and knowledge. 


  • Strong internet connection mandatory.
  • Technical support requires improvement.

Best Suited For: Teamie LMS solution is for small businesses and educational institutes.

Teamie Pricing: Teamie learning management software in India is priced at Rs 383 per user per month.

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: No free trial, but a free demo is available

  • eFront

course management system

eFront course management system provides virtual learning and management systems for easy online collaboration as well as interaction. Internal messaging, test building, assignment management, reporting, and content creation are the core functionalities offered by the platform.


  • Flexible and customizable features of the platform.
  • Simple to use and it helps create membership programs for different user roles.


  • Issues with automatic updates 
  • User manual needs more detailing.

Best Suited For: This LMS software for small businesses and large enterprises helps with employee onboarding and training, compliance training, customer training, and more.

EFront Pricing: Multiple plans are available on the official website.

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS, Mac, Windows & Linux

Deployment Type: SaaS or cloud-based and Windows

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: No

  • Lessonly

Learning management system in India

Different departments use Lessonly LMS for onboarding and training purposes. Companies use this LMS software for creating content and distributing the same for achieving business goals and educating the trainees/targets.

The software also provides pre-built templates for customer service training manual, employee development plan, employee training plan, new employee announcement email, etc.


  • Intuitive content creation technology with the option for managing paths and tags.
  • Effective workflow due to task organizing tools.


  • Media import option falters sometimes.
  • Reporting interface needs a bit improvement.

Best Suited For: Employee training across SMBs and large enterprises.

Pricing: The price of this learning management software is available on request.

Compatible Platforms: Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS

Deployment Type: Desktop and cloud-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: No

  • Mindflash

e-learning training solutions

Mindflash LMS offers e-learning training solutions for employees and trainees. The SCORM compliant software generates detailed reports and creates interesting quizzes for an enhanced training and learning experience for corporate employees.


  • Develop training packs and import them in multiple formats.
  • User friendly interface, easy to understand with sophisticated report generation tools.


  • Forgetting the password might be an issue as forgot password option doesn’t function always.
  • Automatic calendar for sending invites missing.

Best Suited For: Businesses for onboarding, employee training and compliance training. One of the most popular LMS for healthcare, enterprises, and government agencies.

Mindflash LMS Pricing: There are three plans available- standard, premium, and enterprise. Contact the LMS website for accessing pricing details.

Compatible Platforms: Android and iPad

Deployment Type: SaaS, web-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: Yes

Is There Any Free Trial: Yes

  • Litmos LMS

online training solutions

Litmos LMS for corporate training offers online training solutions for easy creation of course content, fast deployment, rapid automation, and quick onboarding processes. The LMS software helps with a powerful course content library to train sales representatives, contractors, employees, suppliers, etc.


  • Short and convenient training modules for clients. 
  • Track the progress of your training programs through detailed reports.


  • Limited customisation tools.
  • Tagging option unavailable.

Best Suited For: Sales, operations, compliance, & support training.

Litmos LMS Price: We are just a call away from all your pricing inquiries.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Is There Any Free/Open-Source Version: No

Is There Any Free Trial: 14-days free trial

Must-Have Features of Learning Management System

In order to make the e-learning processes easy, an LMS software has to have key features inbuilt within its system. The following are the key features of LMS software:

  • Course creation

    Learning management solutions come with inbuilt tools such as surveys, quizzes, assessments, etc., to develop intelligent and engaging learning content.

  • Gamification

    An engaging learning process would go incomplete without gaming features. Gamification is enabled by activating multiple leaderboards and setting a specific reward for each branch.

  • Video conferencing

    Messaging and forwarding the reading notes isn’t enough, as learning new and different courses requires live interactions. The video conferencing system feature of any LMS system serves as a one-stop solution for such situations.

  • Social learning

    Learning should be such that aside from going through course material, it is also possible to share content and invite peers to view this content as well. This would enable social learning to be more interactive and holistic, and LMS has essential tools designed for sharing content and inviting peers.

  • Informal learning

    Informal learning techniques let you record videos, lectures, webinars, and demos to share these as learning assets. Further, the webcam feature and microphone recording make the e-learning process more informative and exciting.

  • Reporting & analytics

    LMS software helps with data collection to analyze what’s happening with your training sessions and ways to improve the engagement.

  • LMS integrations

    LMS software can be easily integrated with CRM, CMS, and video conferencing solutions along with collaboration tools and social media platforms.

How to Manage Remote Teams with Learning Management System?

You can manage the challenges of your remote teams by creating new opportunities for them to learn and grow. The first step in managing your remote workforce is to create quality training and educational materials.

Once created, you need to find one of the faster and effective online channels to share learning materials across multiple stakeholders/trainees.

Employees who often work remotely often miss out on in-office learning programs, which affect their performance in the long run. LMS software can help bridge the knowledge gap for your remote workforce.

Your work from home employees can also seek answers to their queries from experts and instructors. This way, the entire teaching-learning process would be interactive, engaging, and informative.


  1. What are the best LMS for small businesses?

    Some of the best LMS for a small business providing them a competitive edge over their competitors are Alma, LearnUpon, Schoology, Tovuti, SkyPrep and Minitab.

  2. What are the best LMS for medium businesses?

    The best LMS for medium businesses providing the best usability and configuration Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Google Classroom, Edmodo and Blackboard.

  3. What are the best LMS for large businesses?

    The best LMS for large businesses that are easy to use and suitable for multiple industry types are Absorb LMS, Skillcast LMS, GyrusAim, Looop, Xperiencify, Knolyx and Chamilo.

  4. Can LMS software be integrated with other tools?

    Yes, it is possible to integrate LMS with other tools for managing and automating payments, emails, CRMs, reports, and analytics processes.

  5. What are the advantages of LMS software?

    LMS software solutions provide a consolidated approach for training and onboarding purposes. The software is important for ensuring a consistent learning experience besides developing engaging training courses and reducing the overall learning costs.

  6. How to find the best LMS software?

    To select the best LMS software:
    * Ensure that you are well-aware of your institutes or business’s requirements
    * Explore the LMS software market and evaluate vendors.
    * Consider the features available and if they suit your budget.
    * Make the final choice.


LMS tools as deployed by various industries use multiple learning techniques such as storytelling, socially and blended learning for an interactive as well as engaging teaching-learning experience.

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