10 Best Personality Assessment Tools for Hiring the Best Candidates

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Understanding your applicants is one major part of recruitment. When you meet a candidate in person, it is easy to understand their behavioral traits, discuss different scenarios with them, and understand their body language and non- verbal cues.

But it is not possible to meet all the applicants face to face and even in remote interviews there will always be a certain degree of uncertainty.

So, how do you exactly understand and analyze your applicants?

Personality Assessment Tool is your right answer.

Personality assessments can help recruiters analyze cognitive and behavioral traits of a candidate to hire the right fit for their culture and organization.

What are Personality Assessment Tools?

10 Best Personality Assessment Tools for Hiring the Best Candidates inside

Personality assessment tools are often used by employers to analyze job applicants and find the right fit for their company. These tools offer personality tests which are designed in systematic and scientific way to measure an individual’s characteristics. These tests help instructors understand candidates’ personality traits, behavioral patterns, and how they would react in any given situation.

Personality assessment tools help in increasing job satisfaction, employee retention, and reduce employee turnover. Moreover, companies can also use this to analyze leadership skills in existing employees and internally promote them accordingly.

How Can Personality Assessment Tools Help in Recruiting?

Personality assessment tools can help employers in recruiting the right candidate by matching their attitude and personality traits with a job profile. It helps organizations to hire candidates that are aligned with their organizational vision and cultural goals.

For instance, when hiring a sales manager, you need to look for qualities like sociability, leadership by example, positive attitude, integrity, etc., along with general sales qualities like understanding of products.

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10 Best Personality Assessment Tools for HR Professionals

Let’s understand in detail some of the best personality assessment tools that you can use to hire the right employees for your organization.

  • Mettl


Mettl enables users to create assessments to test personality traits, cognitive abilities, behavioral tendencies, coding, and communication skills to hire the right candidates. Personality assessment software uses AI powered tools to assess technical and non- technical skills of an individual for sales, coding, blue- collar positions, and more.

Mettl Features

  • Invite and schedule tests for multiple candidates
  • Receive results in real time on the platform
  • Three-point authentication of candidates
  • 95% AI- based cheating detection
  • Limited surfing with browser lockdown

Mettl Pricing

  • Free Trial Available | Price on Request

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  • Athena Assessment

Athena Assessment doesn’t involve just generic IQ, psychological, or personality tests, rather it tests a candidate’s judgement in different scenarios. It helps you understand the choices, decisions, and actions a candidate would make, which is more important than intellect or personality. Especially, when you are hiring or promoting a candidate to a senior level role.

Athena Assessments Features

  • Use AQ, Athena Quotient to test a candidate’s judgement
  • Conduct quick tests in less than 20 minutes
  • Instantly generate assessment reports
  • Conduct assessments for entry level employees, executives, and even managers
  • Athena Assessments Pricing

Per assessment cost starts from ₹10300.44 | Subscription plan starts from ₹41201.75 per month

  • The Myers Briggs Company

The Myers Briggs Company

Myers Briggs offers assessment tools that enable organizations to evaluate people and understand their strengths and areas that require improvements. Personality tests help recruiters choose the best candidate for their company and evaluate their employees to recognize the potential for promotions.

The Myers Briggs Company Features

  • Different tools for different business needs such as TKI for conflict management, Strong for career analyzing, MBTI for personality development, etc.
  • Use psychometric tools to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate
  • Make data driven decisions for internal promotions
  • Access in-built assessment tests or customize them as per your job role

The Myers Briggs Company Pricing

Users can choose from different assessment tests for multiple purposes like talent selection, career development, conflict management, and many more starting from ₹1679.03.

  • Applied

Applied is an all-in-one hiring platform that enables recruiters to attract the right talent, assess them for their skills and cognitive abilities, and hire the most suitable candidate without any bias. Moreover, this science-based personality assessment tool allows HRs to maintain complete anonymity while analyzing different skills in a candidate.

Applied Features

  • Evaluate applicant’s performance in real life scenarios with situational judgmental testing
  • Use a central dashboard to assign different assessments and tasks to candidates
  • Access the question quality evaluator feature to build a customized and unique assessment process
  • Make data driven decisions and shortlist candidates based on behavioral science

Applied Pricing

Price on Request

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  • Criteria

Criteria offers scientific hiring tools that help recruiters to make objective decisions without any bias. Criteria also ensures that its assessments are not outdated as they continuously validate their assessments. They make sure that assessments are rightly capable of predicting a candidate’s retention, job performance, and other important factors.

Criteria Features

  • Select multidimensional assessments as per your industry and hiring position
  • Evaluate problem solving, mechanical reasoning, learning ability, concentration skills with cognitive aptitude
  • Recognize the candidate that aligns the best with your organization using WAA, the Workplace Alignment Assessment
  • Enhance candidate experience with fun mini games-based assessments

Criteria Pricing

21 Day Free Trial | Price on Request

  • HighMatch

HighMatch enables recruiters to make informed hiring decisions with relevant and actionable insights derived from HighMatch Assess. The hiring assessments are scientifically backed and come with great personalization options for personality, cognitive, and hard skills assessments. In fact, organizations can also seek expert advice from various workplace psychologists using HighMatch.

HighMatch Features

  • Sort and rank candidates based on their assessment scores
  • Easily share candidate profiles along with assessment reports with your hiring managers
  • Add customized questions to find the best for your job, culture, and organization
  • Identify candidates’ red flags to increase employee retention and reduce turnover rates

HighMatch Pricing

Price on Request

  • HR Avatar

HR Avatar

HR Avatar enables recruiters to measure a candidate’s emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, behavioral history, and other personality related factors through its in- built and customized assessments. You can check how the candidate would react in different situations such as their ability to tackle an irritated or disappointed client.

HR Avatar Features

  • Find the right personality test by searching through relevant keywords or job titles among 200+ tests
  • Easily share test links with candidates through email or messages
  • Score candidates in real time with live video interviews
  • Review candidates’ personality with AI driven voice analysis to understand vocal cues
  • Test candidate’s writing ability by scoring the test with AI

HR Avatar Pricing

14 Day Free Trial | Paid plans start from ₹4112.07

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  • Paradox Traitify

Paradox Traitify enables users to measure an applicant’s conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and extraversion in just a few questions with the Big 5 personality test. Further, using this personality assessment tool recruiters can share constructive feedback and career advice with rejected candidates and make it an engaging experience for them.

Paradox Traitify Features

  • Comprehensive Big 5 personality test with just 60 questions to measure all the aspects of human personality
  • 2 minutes quick test with a 96% test completion rate
  • Score and select the best candidates based on their personality and performance data
  • Add personality layer to any platform with Personality API

Paradox Traitify Pricing

Free Trial Available | Price on Request

  • Hogan


Hogan’s assessment tests measure the cognitive reasoning ability of a candidate to understand how they would take decisions, evaluate data, solve problems, etc. Moreover, organizations can also identify different characteristics such as mischievousness, sociability, and other factors to hire the right fit. Personality assessments help HRs to hire the best talent and even identify employees who are eligible for promotions to a higher role.

Hogan Features

  • Use Hogan’s Predictive Power meter to interpret a candidate’s personality
  • Hire the right candidate by understanding their personality and workplace performance
  • Quickly filter, compare, and find the top candidates specific to your job profile
  • Receive recommendation questions from Hogan to strengthen your interview process

Hogan Pricing

Price on Request

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  • Pymetrics

Pymetrics offers gamified assessments for analyzing a talent’s soft skills and behavioral data. Recruiters can assess a candidate for different job specific skills including risk tolerance, focus, decision making ability, emotional intelligence, and more. It follows a fairness first approach to rank candidates, so that you can find the right match.

Pymetrics Features

  • 98% test completion rate
  • Comprehensive test that can be completed within just 25 minutes
  • Gamification of assessment keeps your employees engaged with 12 different games
  • After the assessment, recruiters receive a candidate profile with all the behavioral data points.

Pymetrics Pricing

Price on Request

Types of Personality Assessment Tests

Personality tests are often divided into two categories that include Self-Report Inventories and Projective Tests.

  • Self-Report Inventories

Self-report inventories are psychological tests where the applicant fills out a questionnaire or survey without any help or guidance from an investigator. In this type of personality assessment test, applicants are directly asked questions about their values, interests, traits, behavior, etc.

  • Projective Tests

In projective tests, the applicant is given a vague scenario, situation, or an object and they have to share their unique representation of the same. This helps organizations to understand how a candidate would react to any crisis, how they would react to others, will they be a better team player or individual contributor, etc.


It is equally important for organizations to have a deep understanding of their employees’ personality along with their past performances. Personality assessment tools can help with objective assessment.

You can simply choose an in-built online personality assessment test or customize it according to your job profile and organization and share it with your candidate. Now, based on the results, scores, and analytics companies can hire the best fit for their organization.

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  1. Which personality assessment tool is best?

    It depends on the requirements and preferences of the users. However, some of the popular and best personality assessment tools are The Myers Briggs Company, Hogan, HighMatch, and more. They enable recruiters to find the right match for their organization and job profile.

  2. What are the 7 methods of personality assessment?

    The different methods of personality assessments are rating scales, personality inventories, interviews, self-reports, behavioral observations, and projective techniques. Recruiters can use any one of these methods or a combination of multiple personality assessments to find the right one for their organization.

  3. What is the Big 5 personality questionnaire?

    The Big 5 personality questionnaire allows individuals to measure their personality on five major personality traits that involve openness, extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

  4. How do we measure personality traits?

    You can measure personality traits of an individual by using a personality assessment test to understand their cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

  5. What are major types of personality measures?

    The major types of personality measures are openness, extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

  6. What is DISC assessment?

    DISC is a personality model in which D means Dominance, I mean Influence, S means Steadiness, and C means Conscientiousness. The DISC assessment helps organizations to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees and use them for the growth of the organization.

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