What are Best Podcasts on Spotify for Business, Learning & Fun

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April 12, 2023 Reviewed By : Kalpana Arya .12 Min read

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming platforms with annual revenue of €581 million in 2020.

Along with entertainment, Spotify also offers you informative and educational content in the form of podcasts. In fact, Spotify’s podcast audience has increased nearly about 200 percent since 2019.

But with so many podcasts available on Spotify, you might find it difficult to know where to start from?

Well, we have done the homework for you and brought to you a list of top podcasts on Spotify, streaming currently. We have got you a list of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts, motivation, and many more.

So, get ready to create an amazing playlist!

Spotify’s Most Popular Podcast Categories List

Listeners look for content that inspires, educates, and entertains at the same time. But with the cumbersome lifestyle, not everyone has free time on their plate.

When Spotify launched podcasts in India, it became great content for people to consume while commuting. In a few years, Indian listeners developed a taste for podcasts and made some categories quite popular. The most heard genres of podcasts on Spotify India were:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Society & Culture
  • Business & Technology

The youth developed a habit of regularly listening to and enjoying podcasts. A survey conducted by Spotify and YouGov* in India shows:

  • Users between the age of 18-24 years formed the largest podcast listening audience who were first-time podcast listeners.

  • Night is the most preferred time to listen to a podcast.

  • 50% of the audience prefers listening to at least one episode of a podcast per week.

  • 62% of respondents feel that listening to a podcast of their favorite celebrity makes them feel closer to them.

Most Popular Spotify Podcasts to Listen Anytime

good podcasts on spotify

You can always browse all the categories and explore the pool of podcasts on Spotify. However, to make it easier, we have created a list of the best podcasts on Spotify India that you should add to your playlist right away.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience: In the category of comedy, talk-show, The Joe Rogan Experience is an audio-video podcast that tops the charts. With 1700+ episodes aired; Joe Rogan hosts long conversations with guests that include actors, comedians, artists, MMA instructors, etc. Elon Musk and Mike Tyson are some of the popular guests that have been featured on the show.

  • Stuff You Should Know: Hosted by Josh and Chuck, the show talks about everything like satanism, chaos theory, Stonewall Uprising, true crime, in short, everything related to history and education.

  • Dear Teenage Me: Hosted by the actor, Ahsaas Channa, Dear Teenage Me is one of the top podcasts on Spotify. On her talk show, she invites internet personalities to talk about the conversations they had with their teenage selves. This is a self-help podcast that focuses on instilling hope with stories.

  • The Mythpat Podcast: A special podcast created for gaming enthusiasts is hosted by Mithilesh Patankar aka Mythpat. Here, Mythpat invites internet and gaming personalities to talk about the happenings in the gaming world, new internet culture, and just random fun things.

  • Chanakya Niti: This is one of the best Spotify podcasts that narrates the wise words of Chanakya. It tells how a person can live his/her life to its fullest potential. The popular podcast shares life values related to business, personality, and people attributes.

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Best Entrepreneur Podcasts on Spotify

top spotify podcasts

India is seeing a startup wave where many young entrepreneurs are rising with great innovative ideas. Podcasts for business owners on Spotify will catch you up with some experienced and new-age entrepreneurs talking about their experience and new emerging market trends. Here are some best podcasts on Spotify India in the business category:

  • Entrepreneurs On Fire: John Lee Dumas, the host, and founder of the award-winning podcast invites entrepreneurs with unconventional ideas to his show. This is one of the best business podcasts with more than 100 million listeners and 3000+ successful episodes.

  • The $100 MBA Show: With 2000+ business podcast episodes, Omar Zenhom has been giving business lessons to be practiced in the real world. Being one of the most listened to business podcasts, the show has been awarded as the ‘iTunes Best of 2014 Podcast.

  • Why Not Mint Money: Brought to you by HT Smartcast, this best entrepreneur podcast talks about how one can save and make more money. The show covers many topics related to finances from taxes to investment banking.

  • Finshots Daily: This business podcast gives you all the financial news in the simplest words within just five minutes. The everyday podcast talks about inflation, YouTube’s impact on GDP, the new world order, women in the economy, etc., in the Indian context.

  • Paisa Vaisa: It is one of the best entrepreneur podcasts that guides business owners about personal financing on topics like stocks, mutual funds, loans, crypto, etc. This business podcast offers 130+ hours of valuable content in over 300+ episodes.

Spotify Motivational Podcast

best motivational podcasts on spotify

One of the main purposes of consuming content today is to gain value and add it to your personality. Whenever you feel low or experience a lack of motivation, try listening to one of the below-mentioned motivational podcasts on Spotify.

  • Happier With Gretchen Rubin: This is one of the best inspirational podcasts on Spotify for self-improvement which gives practical and manageable advice about happiness and good habits. The thought-provoking podcast allows you to think deeply about small and major things affecting your happiness in life.

  • TED Radio Hour: This motivational podcast on Spotify inspires its listeners to develop a larger perspective about the world, communities, and themselves as individuals. It tries to find answers to the biggest questions of the world with the help of some great thinkers of our times.

  • Good Life Project: The self-improvement podcast on Spotify questions every aspect of life to find the essence of a good life. It invites leading personalities from the science, art, and culture industries to discuss the effect of status, race, gender, identity on human lives.

  • Triggered Insaan Storytime: In this inspiring podcast, the host Nishchay Malhan narrates his personal life incidents in a fun and storytelling way. He talks about his adventures, mom, school, neighbors, and everything.

  • The Stories of Mahabharata: This motivational podcast uses stories from the mythological epic- The Mahabharata. It talks about the purpose of life. It motivates its listeners to understand the philosophies of life and take the right path of truth.

Anti-Anxiety Podcasts on Spotify

best anti anxiety podcasts on spotify

Listening to relaxing music or voices helps in dealing with anxiety. Similarly, certain podcasts help you in overcoming anxiety and other mental health problems. Check out some of the Spotify podcasts that promote mental health awareness.

  • The Calmer You Podcast: Chloe Brotheridge is an expert hypnotherapist who hosts one of the top podcasts on Spotify around anxiety. She invites guests to talk about topics like mindfulness, healing, ADHD, focus, panic, etc.

  • The Anxiety Guy Podcast: This is a weekly podcast created for people experiencing anxiety, panic, or any emotional or mental health difficulties. The podcast is curated with a fun and no-sugar coated approach to promote better mental health and healing.

  • The Mental Health Podcast: The podcast talks about different mental health issues and the best approaches to deal with them. It discusses issues like negativity, rejection, suicidal thoughts, guilt, pain, etc.

  • The Happiness Lab: In this podcast, Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale professor talks about the science behind happiness. She narrates some inspiring survival stories and scientific research which states that happiness is more than just materialistic things.

  • The SOS Show with Suchita: The podcast bursts several myths surrounding mental health. It features fighters, survivors, and innovators who redefine fighting mental health issues to bring a real change in the world.

Best Comedy Podcasts on Spotify

best comedy podcasts

While driving, cooking, or just taking a break from your work, you can lend your ear to some light and fun content on Spotify. We recommend some top entertainment podcasts on Spotify that will surely tickle your bones.

  • Office Ladies: This comedy podcast is created by two co-actors of the famous series ‘The Office’- Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. They break down an episode of the series in every podcast and share exclusive behind the scenes stories.

  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Conan invites celebrity comedians, actors, and artists to his show to just chit-chat with them. He does this in the hope of finding a real friend in one of them.

  • Simple Ken: The podcast hosted by a popular Indian comedian; Kenny Sebastian is one of the best comedy podcasts on Spotify. With his observational humor, Kenny talks about his conflicts of being a comedian.

  • The Internet Said So: Four comedians, Aadar, Kautuk, Varun, and Neville come together to make fun of some weird facts available on the internet. They talk about films, politics, animals, maps, and everything else on the internet.

  • No New Notifications: The designer-comedian duo Kanan Gill and Manek D’Silva have teamed up to give complete attention to the topics that are believed to be the important ones.

Health and Fitness Podcasts on Spotify

spotify best podcasts

Your body got you through a pandemic, so taking care of it should be your priority. Listen to some top podcasts on Spotify that talk about nutrition and encourage you to lead a healthy life.

  • Food Psych Podcast: In this health and fitness podcast by Christy Harrison, she talks about body acceptance and nurturing them in a healthy way. Along with this, she shares her personal journey of becoming a food writer from a disordered eater.

  • Ali On the Run: In this popular podcast of Spotify, the host talks about working and running hard. Along the way she also talks about encountering and dealing with failures and wins in the marathon of life.

  • Health Charcha: This podcast is your virtual mentor that provides you with some great helpful tips to take care of your health given by esteemed medical professionals. However, these are general health care tips, not medical advice.

  • Nutrition Secrets: This nutrition podcast is hosted by Ryan Fernando, a nutrition coach to some top-notch celebrities in India. He recommends food items to lead a healthy and happy life.

Science Podcasts on Spotify

best business podcasts

Catch up to all the news and happenings in the world of science with the best Science podcasts streaming on Spotify.

  • 60-Second Science: This is a Science podcast on Spotify that brings prominent science journalists to discuss some interesting developments in the industry. They chat about dinosaurs, insects, pandemics, DNA, and a lot more.

  • Ologies: In this Science podcast, the host Alie Ward asks some smart people a bunch of stupid questions to find some interesting replies. The popular science podcast talks about volcanoes, drunk butterflies, bee drama, beer science, etc.

  • Vignyan Vaani: This is India’s first natively made Science podcast in Hindi. It discusses basic concepts of science in simple words like sound, Sun, static electricity, etc.

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Best News Podcasts on Spotify

Get your daily dose of news while doing your chores with Spotify. The news podcasts on Spotify below ensure that you don’t miss anything happening in the world or even your city.

  • The Daily: Brought to you by The New York Times and hosted by Michael Barbaro, it brings you news 5 times a week, for 20 minutes a day at exactly 6:00 a.m. The best journalists of all time present the biggest stories of the current time.

  • In Focus: This news podcast by The Hindu talks about the current developments and news with subject matter experts. The podcast dives deep into topics to understand different perspectives and make an analysis.

  • 3 Things: This podcast by The Indian Express, gives you the daily dose of your news with hosts Snigdha Sharma and Shashank Bhargava. They discuss issues that affect common people with some in-house experts and analyze their impact.

Best Sports Podcasts on Spotify

If you are a sports enthusiast who doesn’t have time to watch complete games, you can simply go listen to some great sports podcasts on Spotify. It keeps you updated with the latest events and will discuss some great performances and sportspeople from history.

  • The Bill Simmons Podcast: It is the most downloaded and famous podcast on Spotify in the sports category. It invites athletes and celebrities like Cousin Sal and Joe House on the show to discuss trending sports activities.

  • Pardon My Take: On this sports podcast, the PFT & Big Cat commenters present the hot topics about sports without any bias. They explore the personal and professional lives of some trending sports personalities on the show.

  • Hockey Te Charcha: This 20-episode podcast series is dedicated to hockey lovers. On the show, you get to listen to some interesting hockey personalities and their journey so far.

  • Sports Weekly With Ayaz Memon: The show airs a weekly episode of the popular sports podcast on Spotify. Here, the host takes you through all the events in the sports world.

Why Create a Podcast?

You can be inspired by anything and talk about something you love. So, if you love spreading information and voicing your opinion, you should consider creating a podcast of your own. We have listed a few reasons why anyone would start recording the first podcast episode:

  • Passionate about any idea and want to share their thoughts strongly

  • Love content creation, but you are camera shy

  • Want to build a personal brand and establish thought leadership

  • Want to have an additional source of income

  • Like to socialize and connect with different people

Business Benefits of Podcasting

podcast benefits for business

Apart from building a personal brand, podcasts can even be beneficial in building your business’ brand image. You can increase your brand awareness and connect better with your targets through a fun, interactive, and personalized medium.

  • Expand your audience

  • Increase your brand’s search potential

  • Add product placement in podcasts

  • Redirect audience to landing pages

  • Monetize your podcast


  1. How to start a podcast on Spotify?

    To start your own podcast on Spotify, choose a subject you would like to talk about. Next, proceed with the audio recording with a mic and silent setup. After some basic editing and sound effects, you are good to go with an audio file that can be uploaded on Spotify.

  2. How to upload podcasts on Spotify?

    To upload a podcast on Spotify with Podcasters. Simply click on ‘Get Started’ and paste the link to your podcast’s RSS feed. After this, you will receive an 8-digit verification code on your email, just copy and paste it in the submit form. Next, add your category in which your podcast fits the best and click on ‘submit’.

  3. How to make a podcast on Spotify?

    To make a podcast on Spotify, select a subject that interests you. After finalizing a flow, begin with the audio recording. Next, do some basic editing and add sound effects to make the podcast fun to hear. Now, export the final project to an uploadable audio file.

  4. Does Spotify have all the podcasts?

    Yes, almost all the podcasts are available on Spotify as it is one of the most popular audio-streaming platforms. However, there are some specific podcasts that are only available on platforms like Kuku FM or Audible.

  5. Is it free to put podcasts on Spotify?

    Yes, uploading podcasts on Spotify is absolutely free using Anchor.

  6. Does Spotify have business podcasts?

    Yes, “Entrepreneurs on Fire”, “Why Not Mint Money”, and “Paisa Vaisa” are some of the popular business podcasts available on Spotify.

  7. What is the number one business podcast on Spotify?

    “Entrepreneurs On Fire” is the number one business podcast on Spotify. It has aired 3000+ episodes and enjoys more than 100 million listeners.

  8. What is one business podcast you’d recommend for a business owner?

    We would recommend a podcast named “The $100 MBA Show”. Hosted by Omar Zenhom the podcast gives business lessons for the real world. The show has also been awarded as the ‘iTunes Best of 2014 Podcast’.

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