10 Best Recruitment CRM Software for Recruiters & Small Businesses

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Summary: A recruitment CRM is a great software to hire and recruit faster. The AI-based candidate sourcing that comes with this software ensures that you interview and hire the top talent for your organization. You can maintain a centralized repository of all the job seekers that you can use in the future for job openings with paid or free recruitment Read more to find out what else can you do with recruitment CRM.

In today’s candidate driven job market, recruiters need to find new ways to attract and engage with candidates throughout the hiring procedure. Moreover, it is also difficult to find potential candidates that complement the current job postings. However, recruitment CRM can resolve all these issues and help organizations accelerate the recruitment process. By using hiring CRM software, organizations can nurture candidates in the long run, attract more talent, and fill up the positions faster.

What Is Recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM is a software solution that helps organizations manage all the tasks related to staffing and recruitment. It allows recruiting teams to create and manage the talent pool and build strong relationships with candidates for future job postings. Hiring CRM helps them to create a talent pool, attract and nature candidates, measure the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies, and much more.

The main purpose of recruitment CRM is to strengthen the relationship with job seekers so that organizations can close job postings quickly and effectively.

Advantages of Using Recruitment CRM Software

By using recruitment CRM software inside

Using a reliable Recruitment CRM system can be beneficial for organizations in a plenty of ways such as

  • It lets you hire the top candidates through AI-based candidates sourcing.
  • You can perform analytics for HR data to find bottlenecks in the recruitment procedures.
  • It lets you post automatic alerts for job postings on multiple job portals.
  • You can easily access the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate through assessment tools.
  • Recruitment CRM systems help you to store the data of all the prospective candidates for current and future job postings.

10 Best Recruitment CRM Software for Businesses


iCIMS is a talent acquisition software that helps organizations to attract, source, and hire the right talent for their organization. It lets users connect with them candidates through multiple communication channels and hire the right candidates with AI-based sourcing.

Further, with advanced talent management, you can also create new job opportunities for your internal workforce by specifying the skills needed. It is also a great tool to create automated email campaigns to reach targeted candidates.

iCIMS Pricing

Price on request at the official website


Web-based deployment

Supported Platform

Supports all platforms as it is web based

  • Yello


Yello is a talent acquisition and recruitment CRM for attracting, nurturing and retaining talented candidates for your organization. With this recruitment CRM, you can create recruitment campaigns, interview and evaluate candidates, and source the best candidates for a particular job role. It’s a great choice to automate the entire hiring and recruitment workflow.

Yello Pricing

Price on request at the official website


Cloud based deployment

Supported Platform

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

  • Avature CRM

Avature CRM talent acquisition software helps businesses with candidate sourcing, recruitment, and ensuring higher engagement. With this candidate CRM, you can design and build campaigns for your target audience, search for talent across multiple sites, and import them in the communication workflow.

Further, Avature CRM lets users create emails using customizable email templates for talent acquisition. Further, you can easily post the job openings on various social media handles and get recommendations for qualified candidates.

Avature CRM Pricing

Price on request at the official website


SaaS based deployment

Supported Platform

All platforms as it is SaaS based

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  • Beamery CRM

Beamery CRM

Beamery CRM is used by businesses to create a pipeline for qualified leads and streamline the entire recruitment process. It provides a complete view of all candidates in the database including skills and connections.

This recruitment CRM also lets you schedule interviews with candidates and collect their feedback directly through email or from the talent pipeline. It is a popular recruitment CRM to track the pipeline starting from candidate sourcing to the final selection.

Beamery CRM Pricing

Price on request at the official website


Web-based deployment

Supported Platform

Supports all platforms

  • Talentlyft

Talentlyft software is widely used for sourcing, tracking, hiring, and engaging candidates. It lets you hire the right talent by letting you post all the job postings on both free and premium portals, recognize and segment the talent pool, nurture candidates via personalized emails, etc.

This CRM software for recruitment companies can be of great value to track and analyze the historical recruitment data and find bottlenecks with the existing hiring process.

Talentlyft Pricing

No Free plan | Paid plan starts from INR 10,266.94 per month for 10 active job postings.


Web-based deployment

Supported Platform

Supports all major platforms as it is web based

  • Smashfly

Smashfly helps in creating and managing talent pipelines and selecting the right candidates for any role. With this software, you get AI driven recommendations for candidate sourcing and multiple templates to create hiring campaigns for your organization.

Further, this candidate CRM software lets you easily create talent pipelines for your employees and send them personalized job alerts. This way, it ensures quick internal recruitment along with streamlining the external hiring process.

Smashfly Pricing

Price on request at the official website


Cloud based

Supported Platform

All platforms, including desktop, mac, Android and iOS

  • Talemetry


Talemetry is a recruitment marketing suite to assist organizations in optimizing their hiring procedure and choosing qualified candidates for their company.

It is one of the best CRM for recruitment agencies, as it assists them with candidate sourcing, nurturing, and closure. A few useful features of this recruitment marketing platform are Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing (ZCIS), personalized candidate engagement, automatic posting on job portals, etc.

Talemetry Pricing

Price on request at the official website


Web-based deployment

Supported Platform

Compatible with all platforms

  • Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is an AI-based applicant tracking and CRM software to help organizations manage and generate a higher ROI through their recruitment procedure. This recruitment CRM software helps source talented candidates directly via LinkedIn, visualize the entire candidate hiring pipeline, email prospective candidates in bulk, parson resumes, etc.

With features like quick job posting and interview scheduling, Recruit CRM ensures quality hiring.

Recruit CRM Pricing

No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR ₹2500/ user / month



Supported Platform

Supported on all platforms

  • Vincere CRM


Vincere CRM recruitment agency software helps staffing firms with hiring and recruitment procedures. It helps businesses identifying and nurturing candidates, searching candidates by different metrics, visualize them through geo location, synchronize email to reach out to candidates, etc.

With this hiring CRM, you can also track all the interactions with candidates and advertise your job postings on multiple recruitment portals hassle-free.

Vincere CRM Pricing

Price on request


Cloud based deployment

Supported Platform

Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

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  • Workable


Workable is an advanced applicant tracking and recruiting software to help organizations hire the right person for the required job. It helps in accelerating the hiring process by letting businesses post job openings across 200+ websites in one go and filter the right candidates with AI-based filtering.

You can easily collaborate with the team members to evaluate and find the right candidates with Workable. Further, this solution allows you to automatically schedule interviews for a faster recruitment process.

Workable Pricing

No Free plan | Paid plan starts from INR 10,687.34 per month/ job posting


Supports web-based deployment

Supported Platform

Compatible with all types of platforms

Key Features of Recruitment CRM

Some key features you will find in any good recruitment CRM are

  • Candidate Sourcing: Quickly identify and connect with the prospective candidates through postings on multiple job portals and the careers page. Also, you can create a candidate portal to let candidates apply directly for the job.
  • Job Posting: The recruitment CRM will help in hiring the right candidate through job postings on both free and paid job portals. Some popular job portals include LinkedIn, Indeed.com, Naukri.com, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Resume Management: Easily manage all the resumes, parse them, and format them to compliment your business requirements. It also lets you share candidates’ data with other team members for faster recruitment procedure.
  • Hiring Analytics: Recruitment analytics software helps businesses with actionable data for recognizing hiring patterns, identifying bottlenecks, and improving the hiring strategies. Further, you can also find the cost per hire with data analytics.
  • Bulk Emailing: The bulk emailing functionality lets you send personalized emails to multiple candidates regarding job opening, interview, onboarding, etc.
  • Interview Scheduling: You can easily schedule audio and video interviews with the selected candidates. It also lets you send automated emails and reminders to candidates for the interview.
  • Talent Pool Management: Create and manage your organization’s talent pool by maintaining a complete database of prospective candidates for current job openings.
  • Offer Letter Generation: Recruitment CRM systems help in accelerating the recruitment process by letting organizations create automated offer letters. These letters are customized with the company’s logo with auto-filling up of candidate data to fasten the hiring process.

How to Find the Best Recruitment CRM for Your Business?

Consider the following factors to choose the best hiring CRM to streamline your staffing and recruitment process:

  • Assessment Tool: It should come with various assessment tools and preliminary tests to evaluate candidates as per your job requirement.
  • Free Trial/Demo: Check whether the hiring CRM offers a demo or a free trial. This will help evaluate the features and find out if those are useful for your organization or not.
  • Scalability: Scalable features will ensure hassle-free processes even when the hiring requirement increases.
  • Automation: The solution should be able to automate key tasks including scheduling interviews, sourcing candidates, creating email campaigns, etc.
  • Applicant Onboarding: Check for the solution that lets you create automated tutorials and knowledge base to familiarize new joiners with your organizational culture.
  • Talent Pipelines: The hiring CRM must allow you to create and maintain the talent pipeline from the time a candidate is sourced till the time he/ she gets hired.

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Sourcing, interviewing, or nurturing candidates are some of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters these days. The recruitment CRM software helps recruiters to tackle these challenges and hire faster. Each organization has unique hiring requirements, therefore choose a candidate CRM that best aligns with your business goals.

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  1. What is a CRM in recruiting?

    CRM in recruitment assists hiring professionals to develop and maintain relationships with prospective candidates. It helps them to manage the entire recruitment operations, such as maintaining candidates’ database, automatically sending hiring emails, measuring recruitment metrics, etc.

  2. Which CRM is best for recruitment?

    There are multiple types of CRM software for recruitment companies to help them with hiring and staffing requirements. Some of the best options include Yello, Zoho Recruit, iCIMS, Recruit CRM, Beamery, Eightfold.ai, and much more.

  3. What is the difference between a CRM and ATS?

    An ATS is a kind of hiring software to optimize and automate the hiring process. It helps create and posts job openings on numerous job portals. Whereas the recruitment CRM also performs ATS functions and also improves the relationship between the job seekers and recruiters. It stores their data so they can refer these candidates in the future for job postings.

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