How to Find Best Warehouse Management Software For your Business

How to Find Best Warehouse Management Software For your Business-feature image
May 12, 2023 4 Min read

Finding the right warehouse management system is crucial for IT, engineering goods, e-Commerce, electronics, and several other businesses.

If things at the warehouse of a company don’t run smoothly, then its day-to-day business operations are will suffer.

Do you know? The warehousing market in India is largely dominated by unorganized players, who account for nearly 85 percent of the market. And the remaining percentage of organised warehouses is working with the current capacity of 106.95 million metric tonnes (MT).

To further increase this capacity and to manage the inventory load efficiently, both organized and unorganized warehouses need to adopt the best automation tools. With a robust warehouse management system, tied-up inventory can be managed efficiently.

It is important for streamlining different business functions like keeping track of in-transit and at-rest stocks, and inventory management system level. Moreover, it also provides accurate count of items in the inventory. Along with this, you also get a clear picture of the stocks that are profitable.

Managers also get quick access to data and information that can improve overall efficiency and productivity at the warehouse.

But with different warehouse management systems available in the market, you may find it difficult to decide which one of them is the best match for your company. Here’re the simplified steps towards making investment in the best warehouse management software.

Know Your Warehouse Management Requirement

You are facing several challenges while trying to manage day-to-day operations in your warehouse manually. So, why not make a smart move and invest in a good warehouse management system?

List down all your expectations from a warehouse management system, ask for a free demo, and zero in on the one that fits your specific needs.

Get the Realistic Budget

For successful implementation of a warehouse management software, you need to invest in the right set of hardware and software. Hardware/software costs can be predicted before the final implementation.

But, other hidden costs like maintenance, upgrade and consultancy, are often missed at the time of making budget for investing in a Warehouse Management Software.

If you don’t want to be surprised by variable costs after Warehouse Management Software implementation, set the IT budget so that you have some money to spare later for software upgrade and maintenance.

Scalability & Flexibility of Features

Some of the essential features that define the usability of a warehouse management system are:

  • Integration with existing applications
  • Reporting & analytics
  • User-friendly & intuitive interface
  • Advanced Data Storage
  • Technical support

A warehouse management system packaged with essential features can prove to be a smart choice. However, remember to check for the flexibility and scalability of features.

This will ensure that the software doesn’t end up limiting the functionality of your growing business and flourishing warehouse. The software should always provide the scope for extending the level of automation at your warehouse.

Consistent Support from Vendors

Check out the support facilities that you receive from the vendor’s end after the successful installation of warehouse management system.

Sooner or later, your employees are likely to face certain challenges in terms of using different warehouse management modules. To ensure that the workflow is not affected, it’s important that the vendor provides round the clock technical support to the users of warehouse management system.

However, to reduce the dependency on a technical support team, it’s better that you choose a warehouse management system with user-friendly interface.

If the interface is confusing for users, then the warehouse process will suffer. For accurate tracking of the inventory location, quantity levels, shipping status and sales reports, a user-friendly WMS is the only solution.

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