How to Manage a Tailoring Business with Custom Tailoring Software

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January 13, 2023 5 Min read

Every business needs a full-proof plan to be successful, and tailoring and fashion designing businesses are no exception. With the Indian garment industry becoming more widespread, it is a given that demand for high quality tailored clothing is rising more than ever.

At the same time, competition is also rising in the tailoring space. As a result, if you want to remain competitive within your industry, you must adopt certain practices and tools like custom tailoring software that would differentiate you from the rest of your competitors.

Most tailoring businesses agree with the fact that they struggle to keep a close eye on real-time inventory data and lack the proper technology to maintain strict cash flow management. In most scenarios, it is not the manager’s fault but the lack of the ideal tools that make the task of running a tailoring shop much more difficult for business owners.

This is where custom tailoring software can come to your rescue. Let us discuss how you can benefit by using tailoring shop management software.

How Custom Tailoring Software Help Manage Your Fashion Designing Business

How to Manage a Tailoring Business with Custom Tailoring Software inside

Tailor shop management software is specifically designed to assist fashion designers in developing and managing a line of personalized clothing. The software also helps maintain a database of customers, manage and monitor orders and data, track fabric preferences, measurements, and other information.

In short, tailoring software makes it easier for fashion designers and tailors to seamlessly run their businesses and increase operational efficiency.

When looking for custom tailoring software for your tailor shop, make sure that you look for the following features:

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  • End to end process management

It helps you to keep a close check on the purchases and sales of products. The software allows you to maintain a detailed stock report and keep track of how frequently your consumable items are used in relation to each stitching order. It helps you to monitor sales volume in real-time. Software like Tailobill makes order monitoring easier than ever before. The software allows you to follow each and every item of every order as it progresses.

  • Optimum customer engagement

The ideal tailoring software allows you to engage with customers and take care of order tracking and administration, all from a single dashboard. You are just a few clicks away from managing orders and updating their status, on the go. Your customers can be notified about their order status in real-time, thus avoiding confusion and ensuring higher engagement.

  • Simple-to-use interface

The main characteristic of tailoring shop software is simplicity. What’s interesting is that computer literacy should not be even necessary for managing the software. Its intuitive user interface design makes it simple to use for even the most technologically-novice individuals.

  • Assign multiple user responsibilities

Using the software you can create multiple users, and assign access to certain administrative duties to designated employees. You can create and manage virtual sales counters, trial and delivery counters, M2M counters, and alteration desks, and grant workshop access to specific teams. Precisely put, a tailoring software program is a combination of ERP and a business management tool.

  • Paperless management

Gone are the days when your fashion designing business needed to maintain tons of paperwork. With a tailoring shop software program, paperless office management is now a reality. Store all the important bills, documents, and other important papers on the cloud and access them from anywhere on any device.

  • Advanced measurement

The software not only helps maintain customers’ tailoring measurements but also allows you to store specifically chosen style patterns, measurement narrations, and style narrations for each customer’s personalized item.

  • Secure inventory management

To prevent losses, TailoBill brings forward an exceptionally secure set of inventory control features. What’s more interesting is that the software offers complete inventory traceability and cash control to prevent financial thefts.

  • Financial control and advanced analysis

The software is simpler to manage as compared to maintaining paper invoices and traditional order books. You can generate a plethora of financial reports and keep a close eye on your business’s cash flows. The software allows you to analyze your company’s workload so that you can easily figure out whether there are any bottlenecks in your business that needs to be sorted.

  • Manage employee performance data and improve operational efficiency

Software like Tailobill also allows you to keep a track of employee performance based on various metrics that you can assign as per your company’s hierarchy. It helps remove all repetitive operations, in turn, significantly reducing your daily effort by approximately 65%.

Final words

As you can see, a specialized tailoring shop software like Tailobill can make your life easier as a business owner. In today’s overcrowded tailoring industry, having a technological marvel like Tailobill at your disposal can make a real difference between your brand and your competitors. Go ahead and take your business to a new level.

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