Top Documentaries & TV Shows for Entrepreneurs on OTT Platforms

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An entrepreneur hustles around the clock. Which is why it’s important for them to relax, rejuvenate, and take a break. So, how about taking productive breaks, where you acquire some motivation along with entertainment with tv shows for entrepreneurs.

Documentaries and TV shows for entrepreneurs are ideal for you to take a productive break. This will give you insights into the struggles of some great entrepreneurs and how they became successful in their fields.

We have brought to you a list of top TV shows and documentaries for entrepreneurs and startups that you can add to your ‘Watchlist’ now.

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List of Documentaries and TV Shows for Entrepreneurs on OTT Platforms

Let’s get started.

  • Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Inside Bill’s Brain Decoding Bill Gates

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is a three-part docuseries that celebrates the business leader, tech visionary, and philanthropist, Bill Gates. This is one of those documentaries for entrepreneurs that will give you insights into the life of Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates.

In the series, you will get to know how the billionaire’s mind works, the personalities that influence him, and the goals that he is still pursuing. It is one of the best entrepreneur documentaries on Netflix where you get to know about his childhood, education, the charitable foundation, and other projects that have motivated him.

OTT Platform Availability: Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is available on Netflix.

  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is one of the best entrepreneur documentaries by David Gelb about Micheli n three-star chef, Jiro who owns a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The film narrates his never-ending love for sushi and his obsession over attaining perfection.

The film on Amazon Prime reminds you that perfection cannot be achieved in one go, it requires blood and sweat every day. An entrepreneur’s dreams can only become a reality with dedication, high work ethic, and perseverance.

OTT Platform Availability: You can watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Amazon Prime Video.

  • She Did That

She Did That

She Did That is one of the great documentaries for women entrepreneurs that talks about the four women of colour, their struggles, and stories of success. In the entrepreneur documentary the makers about the struggle of black women in corporate life. This includes funding gaps, racism in corporates, bias on color, and more.

The empowering entrepreneur documentary is available on Amazon Prime and is a must watch for all business owners who are willing to break glass ceilings for them. Also, it talks about the importance of self-care while building an empire.

OTT Platform Availability: She Did That is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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  • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism: A documentary about important things is one of the best Indie documentary that highlights how one can find the meaning of life with less. People from all walks of life, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, architects, families, etc., sacrifice and donate their materialistic items to experience a minimalistic life.

It is one of the best documentaries for entrepreneurs that makes you think that people can achieve greater things with minimalism. In the business world, it means that profit isn’t just about increasing your sales, it is also about becoming cost-effective and reducing unnecessary expenses.

OTT Platform Availability: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things is not available on any OTT platform. You can watch this documentary on their official website.

  • Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Steve Jobs The Man in the Machine

The film, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine by Alex Gibney is an insightful documentary on the life of Apple’s co-founder. The film unfolds how a college dropout became the largest tech giant the world has ever seen.

It is one of the best documentaries of successful entrepreneurs that walks you through the struggles of Steve Jobs and his perseverance. The documentary further talks about the grief around the globe on his demise and how much people loved him for his discoveries.

OTT Platform Availability: Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Shark Tank

SharkTank India

Shark Tank is an American TV show for entrepreneurs about business ideas where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to raise funding from established business leaders. Started in 2009, the entrepreneur reality show has been premiered in about 27 countries including Australia, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, and more.

The TV series for entrepreneurs have recently been aired in India in 2021, where a total of ₹42 crores in funding were raised by 67 startups. It is one of the unique TV shows for entrepreneurs where they can learn about upcoming startups, their struggles, and success stories.

OTT Platform Availability: The US Shark Tank is available on Voot and the Indian Shark Tank can be watched on Sony Liv.

  • Scam 1992

Scam 1992

Scam 1992 is an Indian web series for entrepreneurs about a stock broker Harshad Mehta who made headlines from Dalal Street in Mumbai. The series beautifully narrates the story of the rise of Harshad Mehta and his tragic downfall as the biggest bull of Indian stock market.

The Indian TV show for entrepreneurs unveils the famous 1992 stock market scam from which an entrepreneur can learn to dream big while keeping themselves grounded. The thriller drama is one of the best TV series for entrepreneurs and has been rated 9.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

OTT Platform Availability: Scam 1992 is available on Sony LIV.

  • Workin’ Moms

tv shows for entrepreneurs Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms is one of the best entrepreneur documentaries for women on Netflix which narrates the challenges of urban motherhood in the lives of four women from different professions. The comedy-drama series on Netflix deals with the chaos and tantrums of toddlers and how mothers juggle it with their careers.

Further, the Canadian sitcom series on Netflix talks about identity crisis and gaining a sense of self. The show tries to break the concept of ‘perfect moms’ while highlighting the reality of flawed new moms who are learning to create a balance between work life, love life, and mommy life.

OTT Platform Availability: You can watch Workin’ Moms on Netflix.

  • TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers: tv shows for entrepreneurs

TVF Pitchers is a free TV series for entrepreneurs where four men quit their decent-paying corporate jobs to start their own company. The series shows how these entrepreneurs struggle in their personal and professional lives because of this decision.

This TV show for entrepreneurs highlights every character’s journey of belief, self-doubt, confidence, overconfidence, breakdowns, and everything else in between. This short 5-episode series can be a quick watch if you just want to take your mind off and entertain yourself.

OTT Platform Availability: Watch TVF Pitchers for free on TVF Play.

  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

The Inventor Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley is one of those documentaries for entrepreneurs that narrates the story of the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes. The documentary for entrepreneurs about the revolution that could have changed the fate of healthcare in the United States.

The documentary talks about a business owned by the world’s youngest self-made billionaire who was about to revolutionize blood testing but failed. It teaches entrepreneurs the importance of facts, accuracy, and how eventually cheating your customers can even destroy a multibillion-dollar company.

OTT Platform Availability: The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley can be viewed on Disney + Hotstar.

  • American Genius

Best tv shows for entrepreneurs American Genius

One of the most popular TV shows for entrepreneurs, American Genius is an eight-episode series that talks about the lives of top entrepreneurs in different industries who were highly influenced by competition. This competition eventually led to some of the great inventions in history.

In each episode, the makers of National Geographic Channel pick two pioneers from the same industry like Jobs vs Gates, Edison vs Tesla, Wright Brothers vs Curtiss, and more. In this TV series for entrepreneurs, industry experts and historians share their perspectives on how competition pushes innovation.

OTT Platform Availability: American Genius is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Ted Talks

Ted Talks is one of the best tv shows for entrepreneurs

Ted Talks is a popular TV show for entrepreneurs that initially started as a conference and ended up becoming an online free distribution with a motive of ‘ideas worth sharing’. TED conferences are now held around the world where global and local leaders, educators, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, etc., talk about several issues.

It is a great source of information and motivation that talks about struggles, innovations, ideas, technology, people, and more. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this TV series and try implementing different strategies and ideas to their own startups.

OTT Platform Availability: Ted Talks can be watched on their official website.

  • The Founder

The Founder

The Founder is another best entrepreneur documentary based on the life of the businessman Ray Kroc. The documentary shows the story behind the creation of the largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

The film gives away the message of persistence that Ray Kroc had which allowed him to make money by adding a real-estate to his fast-food chain business. Also, the original founders of McDonald’s say that high quality, great customer service, and work ethics are the reasons why your customers will always love your product. This is the reason that today it is said, McDonald’s feed 1% of the Earth’s population.

OTT Platform Availability: The Founder is available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Becoming Warren Buffet

Becoming Warren Buffet: documentaries for entrepreneurs

The film Becoming Warren Buffet is based on the life of the legendary investor, Warren Buffet. The film talks about the journey of a boy from Nebraska who was obsessed with numbers, and that ended up making him one of the richest men in the world.

The documentary talks about his childhood, upbringing, and his interest in investing and mathematics from a very early age. Entrepreneurs will have a lot to learn from the documentary on the principles of investing. In fact, they will also get some insights on how the mind of the investor, Warren Buffet works.

OTT Platform Availability: You can watch Becoming Warren Buffet on Disney + Hotstar.

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So, that was a list of some top documentaries and TV shows for entrepreneurs on OTT platforms. These shows will give you some real motivation from the lives of popular business personalities. Get to know their struggles, strategies, and zeal to overcome difficult times and rise above to become the people who can bring change. Add them to your watchlists and make your breaks productive while getting some entertainment.


  1. What should an entrepreneur watch?

    An entrepreneur should watch documentaries on real-life entrepreneurs to know their journey, struggles, and strategies. Some of the top documentaries for entrepreneurs can be The Founder, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, etc.

  2. Is there a shark tank like show for Tech?

    No, there is no separate show like Shark Tank, especially for Tech. However, entrepreneurs can pitch their tech ideas on Shark Tank only.

  3. Do entrepreneurs watch TV?

    Yes, entrepreneurs do watch TV to stay updated with new content, news, sports, etc., to relax their minds and take it off work. In this case, watching top documentaries and TV shows for entrepreneurs can be a great option.

  4. What is a business documentary?

    A business documentary is a film about the complete journey of business. It includes how it started, its achievements, clients served, employees, culture, mission, and vision of the business. A business documentary helps a business to build a connection with its clients and employees.

  5. What other shows are like shark tank?

    Some other investing shows like Shark Tank are West Texas Investor Club, Billion Dollar Buyer, Restaurant Startup, Dragon’s Den, and more.

  6. What books every entrepreneur should read?

    Some books that every entrepreneur should read are Think & Grow Rich, How to Win Friends, & Influence People, The $100 Startup, and more.

  7. What does a serial entrepreneur do?

    Serial entrepreneurs are the ones who work on creatives and turn them into successful and practical business strategies. This is the way they make money by selling their business ideas.

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