Benefits of Driving Route Planning Software in Transport Management

Benefits of Driving Route Planning Software in Transport Management-feature image
September 1, 2022 7 Min read

Organise your operations and alleviate your business’ delivery processes with the best driving route planner software.

Delivering products and services on time should be the prime focus of a customer centric business. Dissatisfied customers often lead to the loss of business. Using the best driving route planner is your key to ensuring customer success and business growth.

Driving route planner helps companies run their operations as quickly as possible and automate manual processes. Driving directions route planner also optimizes transportation routes to minimise time and cost.

Top 10 ways driving route planner software can help with transportation management:

  • Identifies most effective route within seconds
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces mileage
  • Increase in number of jobs done per day
  • Boosts driver morale
  • Keeps your drivers safe
  • Ensures pick-up and drop-off at right location
  • Optimize routes by editing them afterward
  • Protect your business from legal hassles
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  1. Identifies the Most Effective Route within Seconds

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You can find out the most effective route in very less time with this software’s advanced algorithm that does complex calculations within seconds. With the optimized route, you will no longer have to waste your time in manual route planning. You can save a lot of time that you can rather invest in growing your business. That means you no longer have to waste time with route planning and administration.

  1. Increases productivity

Businesses spend a lot of time planning their routes which eventually increases their drive time. The driving route planner helps the staff do more work with minimum resources. This helps in increasing productivity and growing businesses.

Driving route planner also helps increase the efficiency of drivers. Drivers often take long breaks, or do not follow the routing plan. This can hamper deadlines as well as increase the fuel cost. With a driving route planner, you can spot inefficient drivers easily and train them to manage their time properly.

  1. Reduces Mileage

Driving route planner app creates routes based on both, the skill set of the driver and vehicle availability. While its main focus is on minimizing the number of miles. This software does so by efficiently assigning resources and minimizing the overall time spent by the driver. By driving fewer miles, your drivers can reduce fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost, and TCO (total cost of ownership). With the help of a driving route planner, you can lower the cost of violations and accidents by suggesting routes with lesser traffic.

  1. Increase in Number of Jobs Done Per Day

With a driving route planner, you can increase the number of task that a driver is doing each day. This can increase the amount of profit as well. By optimizing your driver’s routes, you can optimise both distances traveled as well as the time is taken by your driver. This will also let a company ensure more things are getting done in lesser time.

  1. Boosts Driver Morale

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Driving route planner helps generate a route that fits in with your driver’s convenience. It enables the driver to start out effectively and stay in tight areas. With this software, you can also keep track of where and when the drivers are taking a break from driving and hence, it gives you the ability to ensure that they have enough time to eat and rest between long driving hours. Further, any last-minute change in route and the availability of fuel and food is notified to active drivers.

  1. Keeps Your Drivers Safe

According to reports, most the vehicle crashes are weather-related. The statistics clearly show the risk of driving in harsh weather. This can be avoided by using a driving route planner. When you are planning a route with this software, it considers the route’s geographic and climatic data as well, in accordance with its date and time. Now considering all these factors, the software will automatically reduce the travel speed or increase the travel time.

The same is the case with inconvenient turns. The driving route planner will automatically detect if the road is bad or it has difficult divergence, and provide the driver with an alternative route to go to his or her destination.

  1. Ensures Pick-ups and Drop-offs at the Right Location

Dropping off packages to some place that has multiple entrances can be tricky sometimes. For example, in hospitals, there are several entrances or exits, and which one to opt for the right drop-off or pick-up can be difficult to guess. If the drivers don’t know from where they have to handle the package, they are likely to be lost in the property. This will result in extra fuel costs and the wastage of time.

With a driving route planner, all you have to do is to mark the right entrance in the software for drivers traveling to the location for the first time. The software automatically detects the place and ensures there is no wastage of time or fuel again.

  1. Optimize Routes by Editing Them Afterward

There is no certainty what would happen on road. There might be incidents like road construction, police inspection, or car breakdown. Such instances will hamper your whole schedule. If you run a business in the food industry, you can lose business if you are even late by a minute.

Your customers can also make unplanned demands during package delivery. They might ask to deliver things at a different entrance or might ask to deliver them earlier than the stated time interval. With a driving route planner, you can handle such problems easily. A driving route planner with GPS vehicle tracking technology can help identify the drivers who are available at that point of time, nearest to the customer. You can select the driver and assign the task to him or her and optimize the routes again.

  1. Protect Your Business from Legal Hassles

Construction is continuously happening on roads. There are new paths been paved on a day-to-day basis. So updating your maps on a regular basis is a necessity. If your employees are using maps that are old and outdated, they might drive on roads where they are not supposed to, enter areas that are restricted, or drive down on a one-way road. And if caught, you would have to pay a hefty price for it as well.

But, with a driving route planner, the maps would get automatically updated to prevent you from any legal hassle.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

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Different customers have different demands and fulfilling their expectations in a personalized manner is crucial. Some might want a pick-up in the morning, some might want a drop-off in the evening. Manually managing all these changes can be difficult and hence using a driving route planner is the best thing you can use to streamline these changes in your system.

A driving route planner makes the process of planning a route simpler. It has different columns like number of vehicles available, route duration, volume per route, number of stops in the route, etc. You just have to fill in the data and the software will figure out the best route possible automatically.

One of the most used driving route planners is the Mapquest route planner. With this software, you can enter your stops line-by-line or via CSV or Excel file. In Mapquest driving directions route planner, you can click on the route settings, preview your route and view the directions.

Another famous software in this industry is the driving route planner by Google. In this driving route planner, multiple stops can be entered in the route. Get directions while driving, walking, or biking on Google maps. Just click the ‘to and from’ points on the map, type an address, or add a place name, and you are all set to use the software.


There are a lot of benefits you will experience while using a driving route planner, with which you can make your system more efficient. With the minimum time and cost, your business profitability is surely going to increase. And as your business grows in numbers, you are likely to feel the need of using a driving route planner along with a transport management system.

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