10 Best Free and Open Source Alternatives for TeamViewer in 2023

10 Best Free and Open Source Alternatives for TeamViewer in 2023-feature image
January 18, 2023 9 Min read

Summary: Indeed, TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote desktop software, but it does take a toll on your pocket. In fact, it might not even completely suit your business. But you can always switch to open source TeamViewer alternatives, which are more cost effective, flexible, and user friendly.

With most businesses functioning remotely over the last few months, remote access support has become critical to stay connected with employees and customers.

This sudden surge in demand for remote access to desktops and other devices is well supported by the availability of many advanced remote access tools like TeamViewer.

TeamViewer provides functionalities for screen sharing, video calling, file sharing, and meeting recordings. However, this paid remote access solution is a bit expensive at $50 per month for someone getting it for the occasional use.

Why are People Searching for Open Source Alternatives to TeamViewer?

TeamViewer has been a resourceful tool for managing desktop servers remotely. TeamViewer’s easy installation, cross-platform support, and remote desktop support and collaboration functionalities have made it a preferred choice for many.

However, there are many businesses, and young professionals are looking for TeamViewer alternatives. What could be the reason? Along with the expensive monthly licensing model, TeamViewer also lags in relaying certain commands like CTRL Tab and Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

On the contrary, many open source TeamViewer alternatives are doing quite well in terms of user-friendly features and pricing (mostly free).

10 Best Free and Open Source TeamViewer Alternatives

Let’s analyse the features, price, and other important specifications of top open source TeamViewer alternatives for remote desktop software.

  • UltraVNC

UltraVNC is a user-friendly remote access software designed for businesses to address the issues of their employees and customers remotely. The VNC application is ideal for controlling any device remotely with the help of your keyboard and mouse.

Features of UltraVNC Server:

  • Encryption plugin for securing the server or client connection
  • Replication of the screen of remote computers
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • File transfers
  • Chat functionality
  • Single click custom executable function for connecting with a client’s IP address.

UltraVNC Price: UltraVNC is a free remote control software and one of the best open-source TeamViewer alternatives.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Linux


  • Hassle-free configuration and deployment
  • File sharing between PCs is password protected
  • Easy to navigate, install and use


  • Oftentimes, there are bug issues
  • Slower screen updates

  • DWService

DWService remote control software

DWService remote control software is best for interacting with remote systems through its powerful modules. The remote control software also helps configure the set-up of remote computers for file sharing purposes.

It works on all operating systems, be it Windows, Mac, Raspberry, or Linux. In addition, DWService does not require any download on the client’s side.

Features of DWService:

  • SHELL system for starting a terminal session on remote computers
  • Option for downloading and uploading files
  • Text editor for viewing and editing a text file
  • Log watch for displaying the log files
  • Keyboard input and cursor control for remotely controlling the PCs

Price to Upgrade: DWService is completely free and open source remote access software.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Raspberry, Mac OS, and more


  • Clean web interface and responsive remote screen
  • Clipboard transfer tool is very helpful
  • Fast and easy to install


  • No option to send the Windows key

  • TightVNC

TightVNC remote control application

TightVNC helps establish control over a client or other end user’s computers remotely. The remote control application has a simplified interface and allows complete control over any workstation. You can configure TightVNC for IP address access controls too.

Features of TightVNC Server:

  • Remote troubleshooting and tech support
  • Set up option for listening ports
  • Session sharing and authentication
  • Configuring image quality options

Price to Upgrade: TightVNC is a free and open source TeamViewer alternative. However, the server for Mac is available only under a commercial source code license.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, and MacOS


  • Does not consume much space
  • Easy to operate
  • Best for managing multiple devices


  • Customer service is not supportive sometimes
  • Encryption standards missing

  • Remmina

teamviewer alternative open source

Remmina is a remote desktop application supporting RDP connections, VNC, SSH, SPICE, and more. What makes Remmina unique is its latest Kiosk mode, suitable for password and bug fixes and updates.

The remote desktop client is ideal for maintaining connection profiles group-wise. It supports up to 67 languages and 50 plus distributions.

Features of Remmina Remote Desktop Client:

  • Scale quality with auto-scroll step size
  • Keystrokes with a screenshot folder
  • Serial ports permissive mode
  • Repeater and plugin features
  • Private key passphrase and terminal color scheme
  • Scrollable and scalable remote desktops
  • Toggle keyboard grabbing and a floating toolbar

Price to Upgrade: Remmina is an open source remote desktop client.

Supported Platforms: Linux and Unix like systems.


  • No VPN is required for client connections
  • Tabbed interface is a plus
  • Straight forward interface is ideal for daily use
  • It is possible to manage a connection’s quality manually


  • Server features missing

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  • MeshCentral

MeshCentral remote desktop application offers a single web portal for managing desktop and computing devices remotely. The remote monitoring and management server can also be used for performing remote terminal document transfers.

Along with remote desktop support, it also provides features for file transfer, remote terminal, and more.

Features of MeshCentral:

  • Remote desktop and terminal for controlling desktop systems
  • Video and text chats during the remote support sessions
  • The web interface in real-time
  • Power state monitor and control for tracing anytime a device gets powered
  • Port forwarding for SSH and RDP sessions
  • Remote file access, including file downloading and uploading

Price to Upgrade: MeshCentral is a free and open-source remote management solution.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Linux


  • Permission-based management system is a plus
  • Free to use with low overhead
  • Firewall is never an issue as the app is agent-based


  • Minor bug issues

  • X2Go

free alternative to teamviewer

X2Go remote desktop software is deployed for getting access to a system’s graphical interface. The best part about using this application is that it works even with low internet bandwidth and is suitable for logging into Unix timeshare. In addition, X2Go is secured with a secure shell protocol.

Features of X2Go:

  • Server component for managing the graphical sessions
  • Easy to connect and reconnect sessions with clients
  • Sound support
  • Access allowed for multiple users at a time
  • File sharing to the server from the client
  • SSH proxy support
  • X2Go proxied RDP for establishing connections even with low internet bandwidth.

Price to Upgrade: X2Go is a free remote desktop application.

Supported Platforms: Linux


  • SSH security and portability
  • User-friendly layout
  • Speedy internet connection is not mandatory for using the app
  • Friendly and supportive customer services


  • Get slow if client versions aren’t updated.

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  • Remotely

Remotely is a reliable open source alternative to TeamViewer, supporting portable executable file sharing and remote scripting. You can connect multiple devices remotely with the app’s interactive console for executing commands.

In addition, remotely works through TSL/SSL certification, which results in faster access to the remote systems. 

Features of Remotely:  

  • WebRTC encryption with GPU accelerated rendering  
  • Open source relay server and browser client  
  • Reverse connection for bypassing firewalls  
  • Dashboard for generating preconfigured binaries 

Price to Upgrade: Free and open source alternative to TeamViewer  

Supported Platforms: Windows and Linux 


  • Fast streaming and image quality is always superb  
  • Transparent clipboard helps with easy copy and pasting from a host to the guest  



  • Apache Guacamole

best clientless remote desktop gateways

Apache Guacamole is one of the best clientless remote desktop gateways supporting standard SSH, RDP, and VNC protocols. The software requires no additional plugins and thus can be easily accessed via web browsers. Its web-based panel is best for switching from one device to another.

Guacamole Remote Desktop Features:

  • Easy to create web interface using SSL for securing the traffic
  • Dockerized version ensures easy setup
  • Extendable framework
  • On-screen keyboard

Guacamole Price: Apache Guacamole is free and open source TeamViewer alternative.

Supported Platforms: Windows


  • Clean interface and easy to use


  • Desktop sharing functionality is a bit complicated

  • Aspia

teamviewer alternative open source

Aspia is a free and open source software TeamViewer deployed for remote desktop management. The desktop sharing and file transfer tool supports authorization for adding users with different user rights.

In addition, it is a reliable remote support tool for fixing any system issue or performing routine checkups.

Aspia Remote Features:

  • Master password and encryption for address book
  • Authorization and encryption
  • Remote desktop views
  • Secured file sharing

Price to Upgrade: Free and open-source remote access software

Supported Platforms: Windows


  • Easy installation with a friendly interface
  • Dependencies are not required for running the application

Cons: NA

  • Screego

Screego is a free and open source screen sharing application. This open source alternative to TeamViewer is suitable for doing low latency and for high-quality screen sharing. Get permission to access the devices in your network and continue working unhindered with Screego.

Features of Screego:

  • Multi-user screen shares
  • WebRTC for secured file transfers
  • High resolution and low latency
  • Single binary and rocker ensure easy installation
  • NAT traversal

Price to Upgrade: Screego is a freemium desktop sharing application.

Supported Platforms: Web-based, Linux and Windows


  • Easy to use


  • Remote keyboard missing  


Open source alternatives to TeamViewer are capable of streamlining business process workflows and eliminating their associated backlogs. Deploy the best freemium solution to manage your business objectives.

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  1. What are the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Windows?

    Some of the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Windows are Remote Utilities, RemotePC, Chrome Remote Desktop, AeroAdmin and Distant Desktop.

  2. What are the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Mac?

    Let us have a look at the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Mac are Tiger VNC, NoMachine, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Zoho Assist and CoRD.

  3. What are the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Android?

    The best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Android are Getscreen.me, VNC Viewer, Parallels Access, LiteManager and Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop.

  4. Which are the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Linux?

    Some of the best open source TeamViewer alternatives for Linux are FreeNX, RealVNC, NoMachine, FreeRDP and Opensource.co.

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