15 Free Online Vector Editors for PC & Mobile

15 Free Online Vector Editors for PC & Mobile-feature image
July 20, 2023 11 Min read

Vector graphics software is ideal for web designers, illustrators, printers, publishers, and designers to create outstanding vector imagery. Online vector editors provide many powerful editing tools that let you create professional artwork, stunning collages, and designs.

What is Online Vector Editor?

Vector editor software helps make attractive vector graphics like logos, mock-ups, presentations, brochures, and other marketing and branding materials online and in print.

Online vector editors provide pre-built assets like icons, fonts, images, and snippets to help users unleash their creativity. In addition, you can save your vector illustrations in different formats such as PDF, SVG, WMF, or VML.

15 Free Offline and Online Vector Editor for Creating Vector Illustrations

  • Canva

Canva free online vector editor

Canva free online vector editor is for beginners to create vector graphics and design templates. The online vector editor supports real-time collaboration and comment sharing.

Canva online vector creator also provides the magic resize option for resizing images along with a background remover.

Canva Features:

  • Video support, editing, and version control
  • Watermarking, templates, and visual discovery
  • Print, workflow, and design management
  • Offline editing and presenting with a step-by-step wizard
  • Integration with printing services, publishing, and sharing

Free trial: Canva’s Pro plan is available on a 30-days free trial.

Canva Price: Upgrade to Canva Pro plan at ₹ 999 per month. Also available is a free forever plan with 5GB cloud storage and free templates. | You can also look into the top Canva alternatives.

Compatible OS: Canva is SaaS-based and works well on Mac and Windows OS.

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  • Inkscape

inkscape online

Inkscape is a lightweight vector editor offering digital pen and pencil tools for calligraphy purposes, drawing shapes, Boolean operations, and Bitmap tracing.

The online vector editor provides a host of editing tools for creating excellent vector graphics and digital illustrations in the SVG format. However, you can import and export vector graphics in other forms.

Features of Inkscape Software:

  • Robust text tool with multiple file format compatibility
  • Spiro and Bezier curves
  • The variable threshold for path simplification
  • Object grouping, layering, and anti-aliased display
  • Node movement, alignment, distribution, and editing

Free trial: Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor.

Inkscape Pricing: Inkscape charges no subscription fee.

Compatible OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Vecteezy

Vecteezy is an intuitive and easy-to-use vector graphics editor supporting essential tools for drawing and exporting vector illustrations into multiple formats.

Multiple in-built fonts, shapes, and illustrations are available, with Vecteezy offer it all. The online editor is ideal for simple drawings, vector illustrations as well as complex video footage.

Features of Vecteezy:

  • Customizable templates with an image library
  • Image editing and tracing
  • Option for modifying vector images
  • Text editing tools with recognizable shapes
  • Selection tool for modifying, resizing, and deleting multiple photos at once
  • Easy module to adjust font, spacing, and colors

Free trial: 30-days free trial

Pricing of Vecteezy Vector: Free plan available with access to limited resources for download. Premium plan available at ₹ 671 per month. Also available is a pro plan for ₹ 1043 per month.

Compatible OS: Vecteezy is a web-based app.

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  • Fotor Editor

fotor photo editor

Fotor vector graphic designing app offers vector design layouts and templates for creating refreshing photo designs and collages. The online picture editor provides intuitive vector clip art designs for creating stunning graphics in minutes.

Other vector editing tools by Fotor are ready-to-use posters, retouching tools, and stunning font styles.

Features of Fotor Editor:

  • Cropping and resizing images to the correct pixel size
  • Background remover in few simple steps
  • Photo enhancer for beautifying images
  • Multiple styles for adding photo effects
  • Blemish and wrinkle remover
  • Beautiful collage templates

Free trial: Free basic plan available

Fotor Pricing: Fotor is available under the following price plans.

  1. Pro – ₹669 per month
  2. Pro Plus – ₹1489 per month

Compatible OS: Windows and Mac.

  • Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a vector graphic designing app ideal for creating illustrations, logos, typographies, drawings, and icons. The free online editor supports vector tools with an intuitive interface for precise vector drawings. The versatile tool is the best for building mock-ups and wireframes.

Features of Gravit Designer:

  • Multiple unit options with grids and rulers
  • Different fills, borders, and blending modes are also available
  • Powerful text engine
  • Advanced export and import
  • Enhanced tooltips and explanatory videos
  • Powerful online documentation
  • POD or print on demand templates with customizable appearances
  • Prebuilt design assets like frames, lines, stickers, emojis, and icons

Free trial: Available

Gravit Designer Pricing: Gravit Designer Pro plan available at ₹3632 per annum. Gravit free online vector editor supports up to 500MB cloud storage, and RGB coloured space.

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

  • SVG-Edit

svg editor online

SVG-Edit vector graphics editor offers basic tools for creating text, shapes, and lines along with multiple image formats like PDF, WEBP, BMP, JPG, and PNG.

The powerful svg editor uses CSS and JavaScript programs and offers feature-rich capabilities like wireframe mode, raster images, polylines, and ellipses.

Features of SVG-Edit:

  • Linear gradient picking and UI localization
  • Connector arrows and lines
  • Radial gradients with configurable options
  • Plugin architecture& smooth freehand paths
  • Line cap and stroke line join
  • Adding and editing subpaths

Free trial: SVG-Edit is a free and open-source vector graphics software.

SVG-Editor Online Pricing: SVG-Edit doesn’t charge a subscription fee.

Compatible OS: Web-based, compatible with all OS

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  • Inker


Inker vector graphics editor is famous for creating typographies and logos. EPS and SVG export functions, gradients are the key designing features of the Inker online editor.

The vector graphics editor is easy to use and provides color palettes for adjusting colors. Inker supports all types of drawings, such as sketch inking, comics, logotype, etc.

Features of Inker:

  • Arranging created artwork, layer, and group-wise
  • Drawing smooth finished lines
  • Option for creating shapes
  • Organized color palette for adjusting colors

Free trial: NA

Inker Pricing: It’s a free vector graphics software.

Compatible OS: Mac OS, Android, Google Chrome and web-based


DRAW SVG is a robust SVG editor for converting and optimizing drawings, photos, and pictures. The online drawing editor offers a powerful photo-to-drawing tool that transforms images into memes and impressionist drawings.

DRAW SVG is popularly used by graphic designers, developers, and content publishers to create, publish and share drawings with a vast community.

Features of DRAW SVG:

  • A graphic social network for adding comments to drawings, publishing, or sharing it
  • Showcases tool for an interactive learning process
  • Conversion to PNG of all SVG drawings
  • CSS and HTML5 styles
  • Customizable UI
  • Optimizer tool for scaling image size
  • Personalized shape catalog
  • Multiple draw elements and document management

Free trial: DRAW SVG online is available for free of cost

DRAW SVG Pricing: It’s a free online vector editor

Compatible OS: DRAW SVG online vector image editor is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari.

  • Fatpaint


Fatpaint graphic design software is a free image editor supporting custom printed templates for drawing page layouts. This vector drawing and printing software support photo restoration and color manipulation for designing products online.

It also helps create and edit logos, photos, and other types of vector illustrations. With thousands of in-built fonts and vector clip arts, Fatpaint makes it relatively easy to showcase your creative side.

Features of Fatpaint:

  • Creating logos and 3D texts
  • Vector image and photo editor
  • Easy to adjust extrusion depth and camera position
  • Inbuilt vector clip arts

Free trial: Fatpaint is a free picture editor with limited features.

Pricing: Fatpaint Pro version costs around ₹ 670 per month.

Compatible OS: Windows & Mac OS; Apple and Linux browsers

  • Vecta.io

Create attractive diagrams and SVG graphics with Vecta.io online vector graphics editor. This vector editor online offers a comprehensive dashboard for collaborating with teams in real-time.

Vecta.io provides preset flowcharts, smart connectors, and templates for preparing diagrams quickly. In addition, all SVG graphics, such as icons and symbols, can be made using this vector graphics editor.

Features of Vecta.io:

  • Advanced toolbar for viewing and reusing colors
  • Format painter to ensure consistent styling of diagrams
  • Units available for both web and print
  • Pixel perfect zooming
  • Calculating shape properties and editing their dimensions
  • Extensive customizable symbols library
  • Group flipping for adding perfect symmetry to shapes

Free trial: Vecta.io has a freemium model that can be accessed free of charge.

Vecta.io Pricing: Details are available on request at the vendor’s website.

Compatible OS: Vecta.io is an online vector graphics editor and can be accessed from all devices.

Online Vector Editor Software that Offers Free Trial

  • CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW Online Editor

CorelDraw is a powerful online editor that provides robust image editing capabilities and powerful design workflows. The online vector creator offers advanced drawing tools for vector feathering and bitmap effects.

You can also use CorelDraw online editor to do mesh fills, refine vector objects, and perform fountain fills.

CorelDraw Features:

  • Perspective drawing with multipage views
  • Image adjustment and multi-asset exports
  • Layout tools for object distribution
  • Master layers, page numbers, and tables
  • Block shadow tools and impact tools
  • Comment’s inspector and docker for easy collaboration

Free trial: 15-day free trial support

CorelDraw Price: Two paid plans are available:

  1. Annual Plan at ₹ 31525
  2. One-time Purchase at ₹ 75550

Compatible OS: Windows and Mac

  • Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Online Editor

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software ideal for scaling drawings and logos to the desired size. The online editor and illustrator can also create typographies, recoloring graphics, and doing freehand tracing & drawing.

Adobe Illustrator online editor supports offline vector editing, too, and you can sync data on the cloud for easy access.

Features of Adobe Illustrator Online Editor:

  • Glyph snapping for positioning the text
  • Easy to do repeat artwork and creating mirror images
  • Image library for design management
  • Synchronous editing & document imaging
  • Document and file management

Free trial: 7-days free trial available

Adobe Illustrator Price: Adobe Illustrator online editor is available under the following paid monthly plans:

  1. Single app – ₹1675
  2. Creative cloud all apps – ₹ 4230
  3. Students & teachers – ₹ 1596
  4. Business – ₹ 2714

Compatible OS: Windows, macOS, and iOS (for iPad)

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  • Vectr

Vectr graphics software is an easy and intuitive solution for creating intuitive vector graphics. The platform supports real-time document sharing besides creating blur-free website mockups, brochures, cards, logos, and presentations.

Features of Vectr:

  • Filters for manipulating backgrounds and shadows
  • Curved and text paths for editing images
  • Shape tools and pathfinders
  • Lightning bolts, calendar icons, clipart designs, and stars

Free trial: Vectr offers a seven-day free trial version.

Vectr Pricing: Available on request

Compatible OS: Windows & Mac

  • Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is a vector graphics editor best suited for drawing fine illustrations, editing shapes, and adjusting gradient fill. The online vector editor also provides fine control in panels over changes that can be clicked or expanded in simple clicks. Boxy SVG editor also supports customizable keyboard shortcuts and thumbnails.

Features of Boxy SVG Editor:

  • Hosting and saving svg files in the cloud
  • Export into PDF or SVG files
  • App syncing between devices

Free trial: Fifteen-days free trial available

Boxy SVG Pricing: Boxy SVG offers the following yearly paid plans:

  1. Premium – ₹7453
  2. Standard – ₹1187

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

  • Janvas Online SVG Editor

Janvas Online SVG Editor

Janvas is a scalable vector graphics tool ideal for creating and editing SVG online. Janvas online vector editor app offers robust graphics tools for drawing precise vector graphics.

Building complex shapes or basic geometric-like text, rectangle, or ellipse is easy with Janvas editor online. In addition, it helps create multi-page documents with advanced graphic elements and innovative alignments.

Features of Janvas:

  • Smart alignments for showing projection lines
  • Create multi-page documents in different sizes and formats
  • Graphics library of gradients, shapes, symbols, bitmaps, etc.
  • Option to add a link to graphic elements for creating interactive projects
  • Allows adding a link to any graphical element
  • Lets you share projects online through Google Drive

Free trial: Available

Janvas Pricing: Pricing plans for Janvas online vector editor are:

  1. Small plan at ₹ 880/month
  2. Medium plan at ₹ 2112 for three months and ₹ 3696 for six months
  3. Team plan at ₹ 57032 per year for up to ten users

Compatible OS: Web-based


  1. What are the best free Adobe Illustrator alternatives?

    Draw and edit attractive vector images free of charge with these Adobe Illustrator alternatives that either offer a free trial or freemium version are Affinity Designer, Serif DrawPlus, GIMP, Pixlr, DesignEvo, Figma and Sketch.

  2. What are the best online illustrator editors?

    The best online illustrator editors with an intuitive interface to get you started immediately with vector editing are DrawPad, Lunacy, Corel PaintShop Pro, PicsArt, Desygner, DesignBold, Sketch 3 and Pixelmator.

  3. How to find the best Adobe Illustrator alternative?

    Some of the parameters that need to be followed for selecting the suitable Adobe Illustrator alternative are professional output formatting capabilities, responsible management of colors, vector conversion of low-resolution bitmaps, and high-quality photo editing support.

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