10 Best Paid & Free QuillBot Alternatives in 2023

10 Best Paid & Free QuillBot Alternatives in 2023-feature image
April 18, 2023 Reviewed By : Kalpana Arya .10 Min read

QuillBot is one of the most efficient paraphrasing tools among copywriters. The AI enabled algorithm of QuillBot helps improve vocabulary and readability of text by using synonyms and variations of the sentence. Most importantly, it helps remove plagiarism from any text by paraphrasing it.

While QuillBot is extremely popular, it is not free from limitations. If you are here because you didn’t like the pricing plan or the quality of rephrased content from QuillBot, you are at the right place. We have analyzed all the popular paraphrasing tools available in the market and created the list of the 10 best alternatives to QuillBot.

Before we get started with the list, let’s look at the features of QuillBot and identify the major reason you might be looking for a substitute for QuillBot.

QuillBot Features: Why Do People Use QuillBot?

QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool is majorly used for rewriting a piece of text so that it retains the original meaning while using different words. It is often used to simplify complex texts or to avoid plagiarism. 

QuillBot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users paraphrase their text. Its AI algorithms analyze the submitted text and suggest alternative phrases and sentences that retain the same meaning. 

However, besides just rephrasing, QuillBot is used by writers for other purposes as well like:

  • Summarizing: QuillBot can be used to summarize a piece of text by identifying the most important points and rewriting them in a shorter form.
  • Grammar Check: QuillBot can also be used to check grammar and spelling. Its AI algorithms analyzes the submitted text and suggests corrections for any errors.
  • Plagiarism Checker: It also has an inbuilt tool to check if the content you have entered matches with any other content already existing on the internet.

There are additional tools that QuillBot offers like co-writing assistant and citation generator. However, the main reason for people looking for alternative of QuillBot is rephrasing. Therefore, our suggestions for QuillBot substitutes will be based majorly on paraphrasing capabilities.

Comparison Chart of All Free Alternative of QuillBot

ToolMonthly PriceFree TrialFeature
QuillBot₹782.00YesFree Spin Upto 125 Words
Grammar Checker
Plagiarism Checker
Citations Generator
SpinBot₹782.00YesUp to 10000 characters Per Spin
Quick Rephrasing
Free upto 5 times a day
Wordtune₹782.00YesHuman decision-based rephrasing
Integration with multiple apps
Word AI₹4,460.00YesBulk Re-writing
SEO Optimization
Spin Rewriter₹3,667.00YesENL Semantic Spinning
Contextual rewriting
ChimpRewriter₹1,175.00YesNLP Rephrasing
Multi Language rewrite
The Best Spinner₹0.00YesCompletely Free
SpinnerChief₹4,465.00YesAdvanced Rephrasing Features
Grammar Check
Plagiarism Check
Paraphraser.io₹1,567.00YesGrammar Check and Plagiarism Check
Citations generator
Deep Learning Algorithm
Cleaver Spinner₹782.00YesMachine Learning Algorithm with contextual learning
CopyScape Pass Check
Grammarly₹939.00YesMultiple Writing Aid Tools
MS Word, Browser and Outlook extension

10 Best Free Alternatives of QuillBot for Rephrasing

We have listed the 10 best QuillBot alternatives based on the quality of paraphrasing, word limit, monthly cost and additional features. The list includes both paid and free rephrasing tools.

  • SpinBot: Smart Text Re-writing Tool

SpinBot Smart Text Rewriting Tool

SpinBot is one of the most popular free alternatives of QuillBot. It offers users both text spinning and paraphrasing options. The text spin quality is excellent, and you can use the tool for free 5 times a day, which is enough for an occasional user. Besides, its “Translate and Spin” feature is coming soon, which will be the first of its kind among all paraphrasing tools.

What Can You Do with SpinBot?

  1. Spin text with up to 10000 characters at once
  2. Generate natural language version of the original text
  3. Text spinning and paraphrasing options

SpinBot Pricing: Regular users can buy the full version with unlimited number of text spinning at ₹ 782/month

Pros and Cons of SpinBot:

Spins up to 10000 characters at onceNo additional tools like Grammar check, co-author, plagiarism checker, etc.

To explore more options you can look into the best Spinbot Alternatives!

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  • Wordtune: User Decision based Text Rewriter

Wordtune is a free substitute to QuillBot with unique rephrasing capabilities. Unlike any other rewriter tools, it provides users with the option to choose the variation of every sentence themselves.

By integrating AI algorithms and human decision, Wordtune helps users rephrase any content with utmost clarity. The free version of Wordtune allows users 10 rewrites every day.

What Can You Do with Wordtune?

  1. Generate suggestions for alternative phrases and sentences that retain the same meaning. 
  2. Rearrange words in a sentence to create improved versions of the original sentence. 
  3. Integrate it in your email server, word processor, browser, social media and texting apps.
  4. Quickly shorten or expand a sentence.
  5. Change the tone of the text from formal to casual and vice versa.

Wordtune Pricing: The premium plan for Wordtune costs ₹ 781/month.

Pros and Cons of Wordtune:

Integration with multiple apps, browsers, and email servers
Offers multiple choices for each sentence 
Slow results for longer texts  
  • Word AI: SEO-optimized Rewriting Bot

Word Ai quillbot alternative

Word AI is a rephrasing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to rewrite a text with SEO optimization. It provides both phrase and sentence level rewriting that easily passes CopyScape plagiarism checker. This Quillbot alternatives is one of the few writing tools that provide API access and multiuser access.

What Can You Do with Word AI?

  1. Sentence and phrase-based rephrasing
  2. Rewrite multiple articles at once
  3. Rewrite by freezing specific keywords
  4. Rephrase to generate SEO optimized content that rank

Word AI Pricing: Word AI offers a 3-day free trial. It costs ₹ 4460/month for the Premium plan with unlimited access. 

Pros and Cons of Word AI:

Bulk Rewriting
SEO optimization rephrased text 
Expensive compared to other tools 

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  • Spin Rewriter: ENL Semantic Text Spinner

Spin Rewriter is another excellent rephrasing tool like QuillBot that helps you rewrite text quickly and easily. Simply enter your text into the interface, and the tool will return rewritten versions of your content in seconds. It has an excellent selection algorithm of synonyms and related phrases to help you expand the vocabulary when rewriting any text.

What Can You Do with Spin Rewriter?

  1. Rewrite text without compromising on the context of a word, line or para
  2. ENL Semantic Spinning for Website Content
  3. Generate multiple variations of a sentence
  4. Rewrite multiple articles at once

Spin Rewriter Pricing: Spin Rewriter tool has three different subscription plans: monthly, yearly, and lifetime. The monthly plan costs ₹ 3,677 per month, the yearly plan costs ₹ 6,024 per year, and the lifetime plan costs ₹ 38,878.

Spin Rewriter Pros and Cons:

ENL Semantic Spinning
API Access 
Accepts Only PayPal method for payment.
  • ChimpRewriter: Natural Language Processing Based Rephrasing Tool


Chimp Rewriter is a rephrasing software that uses AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms to recreate texts quickly. It can also grab existing videos, images and articles and rewrite texts in multiple languages.  Moreover, users can download and use Chimp Rewriter on Windows OS.

What Can You Do with Chimp Rewriter?

  1. Rewrite or spin articles with a few clicks
  2. Paraphrase content in multiple languages
  3. Create original rewritten blogs
  4. Rephrase content with SEO optimization 

ChimpRewriter Pricing: Chimp Rewriter tool offers a 14-day free trial. The Premium plan starts at ₹ 1175/per month for 2 PCs.

ChimpRewriter Pros and Cons:

NLP Algorithm for best quality rewriting
SEO based content rephrasing 
Only desktop-based version available. 

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  • The Best Spinner: Completely Free Text Spinner

The Best Spinner is a completely free alternative to QuillBot. It provides 4 different spinning algorithms, allowing users to generate the best paraphrased content. Users can use this tool as many times as you want without any registration.

What Can You Do with The Best Spinner?

  1. Rewriting and spinning any text
  2. Create new articles or blog posts from scratch
  3. Rewrite content with up to 4000 characters in one click

The Best Free Spinner Pricing: The Best Spinner is completely free to use. There are no monthly fees or other charges.

The Best Spinner Pros and Cons:

No monthly fee
Quick Rewriting and spinning 
The quality of created text could be better
  • SpinnerChief: Text Spinner with Advanced Functionalities

SpinnerChief is probably the most comprehensive and advanced rephrase tool in this list. Even the free version of SpinnerChief offers Grammar checking and summarizing tool along with the content rewriter.

Besides it also provides advanced features like batch spinning, custom/cloud rules, SK plugins, paragraph swap, etc., which are helpful in spinning multiple articles simultaneously.

What Can You Do with SpinnerChief?

  1. Rephrasing well qualified content with keyword setting
  2. HTML Tag management for batch article spinning
  3. Compare multiple articles to find out the best text
  4. Automated Grammar Check
  5. Summarizing text

SpinnerChief Pricing: SpinnerChief tool has three different subscription plans: monthly, yearly, and lifetime. The monthly plan costs ₹ 4465/month, the yearly plan costs ₹ 6,024 per year, and the lifetime plan costs ₹ 8380.

SpinnerChief Pros and Cons:

Multi language text paraphrasing
Text summarizer and Grammar check
Slightly expensive

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  • Paraphraser.io: Closest Alternative to QuillBot


Paraphraser.io is another substitute to QuillBot with almost all advanced paraphrasing features. It uses a deep learning algorithm to generate the best possible output.  Moreover this Quillbot alternatives, it offers 3 different tones of output- fluent, standard and creative for premium users.

What Can You Do with Paraphraser.io?

  1. Rewrite articles up to 1000 words at once
  2. Check plagiarism of a text/article
  3. Check Grammar and spelling 
  4. Summarize a whole article to generate the gist
  5. Generate citations for referred text

Paraphraser.io Pricing: Unlike QuillBot, Paraphraser.io offers a free version with all features but has a limit of 500 words per article. The premium version starts at ₹ 1567 per month.

Paraphraser.io Pros and Cons:

Contains all the features of Quillbot
Doesn’t require registration to access free version
Maximum 1000 word rewriting even in premium version
  • Cleaver Spinner: State-of-the-Art Article spinner

Cleaver Spinner is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that offers state-of-the-art features for rewriting texts. The tool has inbuilt machine learning features that help choose synonyms and variations according to the context. The tool produces completely unique articles that always pass CopyScape check.

What Can You Do with Cleaver Spinner?

  1. Rewrite article up to 500 words in a few minutes
  2. Change the voice of speech from active to passive and vice versa
  3. Rewrites any article with contextual learning.
  4. Generate multiple versions of a content piece.

Cleaver Spinner Pricing: Cleaver Spinner offers a free trial for 3 days.  The premium version starts at ₹ 782/ month.

Cleaver Spinner Pros and Cons:

Machine learning algorithm for the best possible rewriting
Produces unique articles that pass CopyScape checks 
No additional tools like grammar check, Plagiarism Check, etc.

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  • Grammarly: Best writing Assistant

Grammarly is a rephrasing and grammar checking tool that can be used by writers to improve their writing quality. The is one of the best Quillbot alternatives tool that offers a wide range of features, including spelling and grammar checks, style suggestions, vocabulary enhancement, etc. Further, Grammarly helps writers improve the tone and vocabulary of any email, text, or article.

What Can You Do with Grammarly?

  1. Choose from over 400 different rules to customize your writing experience
  2. Get real-time feedback on your writing as you type
  3. Easily switch between American, British, Canadian, and Australian English standards
  4. Access over 10 million synonyms to enhance your vocabulary
  5. Improve your sentence structure for better clarity and impact
  6. Check plagiarism for any length of content

Grammarly Pricing: The free version provides basic spelling and grammar checks while the premium version costs ₹ 939/ month. It includes additional features like advanced grammar checks, plagiarism detection, etc.

Grammarly Pros and Cons:

Extensive range of features for improving writing quality
Plagiarism checker feature
Extension for Microsoft Word, Outlook and Browser
Only useful for rewording a few lines.


While QuillBot is the first choice of most of the people, there are many QuillBot Alternatives which produce exactly same results with less effort and lower cost. The free version of QuillBot allows users to only spin up to 125 words which makes it a not so good paraphrasing tool for occasional users. 

You can choose any of the paid or free substitutes of QuillBot depending on your preferences and budget.

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FAQ Section

  1. Which is better SpinBot or QuillBot?

    There is no clear winner between SpinBot and QuillBot as both tools have their pros and cons. While SpinBot offers separate tools for paraphrasing and rewriting, it does not have as many features as QuillBot such as grammar check and plagiarism detection.

  2. Is Grammarly better than QuillBot?

    There is no clear winner between Grammarly and QuillBot as both tools are used for different purposes. While Grammarly offers a wide range of features for improving writing quality, it is not used for complete paraphrasing and rewriting texts like QuillBot.

  3. Does Turnitin detect text rephrased on QuillBot?

    QuillBot changes the entire text with synonyms and different variations of text to remove any plagiarism. Therefore, Turnitin doesn’t detect texts rephrased on QuillBot or any other rephrasing tool.

  4. Is QuillBot worth the money?

    Yes, QuillBot is worth the money as it offers a wide range of features for improving writing quality. However, there are many free QuillBot substitutes that you can use to rephrase text.

  5. Is QuillBot good for paraphrasing?

    Yes, QuillBot is an excellent rewriting tool that helps remove plagiarism and improve the quality of text but changing tone of the text and using contextual synonyms.

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