10 Best Paid & Free Scrapbook Software for Windows & Mac

10 Best Paid & Free Scrapbook Software for Windows & Mac-feature image
July 20, 2023 16 Min read

Looking for cool ideas and easy ways to preserve your memories? Make scrapbooks using the latest digital scrapbooking software.

A digital scrapbook software allows you to make fun and creative scrapbooks. You can use this software to express your uniqueness of thought by making albums with fabulous embellishments, backgrounds, fonts and other computer elements.

Digital scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your personal and family memories in an online book with gorgeous backgrounds and designs. If you want to take up scrapbook making as a profession, then the best way is to start with the right software and other tools of the trade.

The process of making scrapbooks online is great, as it does not use pen and paper which means that there is no hassle of cleaning up the mess. Everything happens online.

Another great advantage is that there are thousands of design layouts and editing tools available online. This means that you can never run out of ideas when designing your scrapbook online.

List of 10 Best Scrapbook Software for Windows and Mac

  1. HP Photo Creations
  2. MyMemories Suite
  3. MemoryMixer
  4. iScrapbook
  5. Scrapbook Flair
  6. Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0
  7. Adobe Photoshop Elements
  8. PhotoMix
  9. Smilebox
  10. Canva

Make scrapbooks in a fun and easy way with some of the latest free scrapbook software.

Edit your photographs and customize your scrapbook the way you like with this list of some truly incredible digital scrapbooking software.

  • HP Photo Creations

HP Photo Creations Image
#1 of 4 Best Scrapbook Software for Windows 10 and Mac

Compatible OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and other versions.

Use this freeware digital scrapbook maker software which is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. With this software you can convert even lifeless photos into beautiful creations to be added to your photo books, magazines, collages, business cards, greeting cards.

HP Photo Creations Features

  • Inbuilt Templates

The software has various inbuilt scrapbooks templates that you can use to customize your scrapbooks. You can also create your very own personalised scrapbook with HP Photo Creations.

  • Placeable Graphics

HP Photo Creations has more than 1,800 high quality artwork designs and around 1,300 placeable graphics so that you not only beautify your keepsakes but collate them to make your personalised scrapbook a visual treat.

  • Crop Option

Add custom fonts, borders and placeable text boxes to make your keepsakes more stunning. Crop your photos or adjust brightness, add text, graphics and other creative effects to make your prints interesting.

  • ‘Ship to Home’

The ‘ship to home’ feature of this software allows you to order hardcover photo books, mouse pads, coasters, stickers, T-shirts, and many other custom-made products.

Latest Add-Ons

HP retired the software HP Photo Creations on November 30, 2019 and the software was available till November 15th of the same year for online order. An option to print cards, photos and other documents was available till November 30, 2019.

In order to export your project into a high-resolution image, use the Image Export Feature. In case you are not familiar with the feature, try using the code XFREE to unlock the feature. The Image Export feature would automatically appear once the given code is used.

Pricing: The software is available for free download and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

  • MyMemories Suite

MyMemories Suite Image
#2 of 4 Best Scrapbook Software for Windows 10 and Mac

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 & 10 & Mac OS

MyMemories Suite scrapbooking software is apt for beginners and design experts as it is user-friendly. is one of the top-rated free scrapbooking software available in the market. The state-of-the-art software, My Memories Suite 9, can be easily handled by seasoned as well as not beginners.

My Memories Memory Suite 9 software is replete with designs that are exclusive and kits that have several digital tools. Let us explore the features of the Suite 9 software.

My Memory Suite 9 Features

  • Pre-designed Templates

My Memories Suite 9 scrapbook design software has pre-designed templates so that you can easily create your very own digital scrapbook. You can also use these templates to create your album pages from scratch.

  • Global Search Option

The Global Search Option within the Scrapbook allows you to look for backgrounds, embellishments, imprints and shapes installed in the software.

  • Calendar Enhancement

The multiple calendar settings let you experiment with the additional features available for customizing a calendar’s heading. You can also set the calendar features into your favorite color.

The interactive calendar feature in this software enables users to easily switch from one year to the next. What’s best? You can give your calendar a new look by changing its font, size, borders, color, numbers, month and year.

You can use MyMemories Suite to work with different page sizes so that you can decide whether you want a small or large digital scrapbook. For those of you looking to focus on making your scrapbook without making a hole in your pocket, this software can be a great option.

Latest Add-ons

My Memories Suite has recently introduced the following developments:

  • Special Effects

MyMemories Suite 9 has interesting options to add special effects and colors to a picture of any kind. For instance, the Color Pop option lets you easily change any portion of the photograph, into color, black, or white without really affecting any other portion of the photograph.

Similarly, the right click option lets you both sort photographs based on name or date, as well as find out other details such as height, width and path.

  • Customized Text Styles

The software’s best feature is the option to enhance texts, as you can copy and paste stylized as well as non-stylized texts. Further, the digital kits within the scrapbooking software lets you customize to default text style from any variant of text box.

  • Enhanced Background Effects

The software is packed with features that let you enhance the background by either modifying the direction, into eight different segments for a more accurate positioning or fixing the background into beautiful color gradients.

  • Supports Diversified Projects

As a digital scrapbooking software, supports diversified projects for both the social media and print products. The former covers platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram while the latter includes Mugs, Mousepad, Posters, Canvas and Metal.

Pricing: The software is available for approx. ₹2000; however, you can take a free trail before opting for it.

  • MemoryMixer

MemoryMixer Image
#3 of 4 Best Scrapbook Software for Windows 10 and Mac

Compatible OS: Compatible with all types of Mac and PCs.

MemoryMixer is a photo collage software that can accommodate more than 50 pictures to make a collage. The software gives you access to latest templates that make the collage attractive along with providing you a user-friendly interface.

MemoryMixer v4 Features

  • Zoom In/Out

With the Zoom In/Out feature of MemoryMixer, you can easily adjust your album page on your screen and see an entire page on your screen at once.

  • AutoCollage

The auto collage feature lets you create a beautiful collage in seconds. Easy to use graphics and menus make this software apt for beginners as well as professionals. This digital scrapbook software is for Mac as well as Windows 10.

It provides a variety of papers, backgrounds, fonts and shapes to choose from. Simply add stars, leaves, ribbons, hearts, flowers, and other embellishments to decorate your personalized collage to make it a visual treat.

  • Mix’n Colour

The relatively new Mix’n Color feature of this software facilitates you to work with overlays and embellishments so go ahead and explore this feature to the fullest.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of solid colours as your background. You can also create your own colour with the color picker or alter the existing background colours as per your choice.

  • Create Photobooks

This digital scrapbooking software is considered a boon as it not only converts digital snapshots into photobooks but also facilitates you to add narration and music to your slideshows.

Latest Add-ons

MemoryMixer v4 has recently introduced the following developments:

  • QuickMix

With the help of QuickMix feature you can easily add your photos into an album which is professionally designed. Later on, you can easily personalize the album by editing, inserting or deleting photographs from the same.

  • Multimedia Feature

You can add pictures, videos, documents, files and sound into the album with the multimedia feature.

Pricing: MemoryMixer scrapbook software is available in different sizes starting at approx. ₹2000.

  • iScrapbook

iScrapbook image
#4 of 4 Best Scrapbook Software for Windows 10 and Mac

Compatible OS: macOS 10.12.0 or later

Designed for both beginners and experts, iScrapbook is an easy and enjoyable way to design and print beautiful scrapbooks. Compatible with PC and Mac, this software takes care of everything from page design to album creation and eases out the entire digital scrapbooking process.

iScrapbook 7 Features

  • Design Kit

A complete scrapbook kit, iScrapbook includes everything essential to design and print scrapbooks. The software has around 40,000 designer-quality photographs and comes with a SOHO Art Pack.

  • Map

Those fond of travelling and attending events can use this software to add beautiful maps to your scrapbook pages. These maps not only inform other people of your whereabouts but also help you remember and cherish fond memories of all your road trips and vacations.

  • Colour Wheel

With this digital scrapbook software, you can now discover different color combinations and create excellent color schemes using its built-in color wheel. Much to your surprise, when a new base color is selected, the color wheel spins.

Wow, now that’s interesting. Additionally, you can also add shades between two dominant colors in your photos using the powerful shade editor.

  • Standard Templates

Choose from more than hundreds of professionally designed templates available in this digital scrapbook software. Simply drag your photographs and drop them on the template to enjoy custom-made album. You can also use headlines, artwork, etc., to customize your photos further.

  • Photo Analyser

The photo analyzer allows you to press a button that reflects on the colours that dominate your photo. Go ahead and create colour schemes based on the dominant colours.

  • Colour Indicator

iScrapbook complete scrapbooking kit comes with a warm and cool color indicator so that you can use the fire like warm, or sky like cool colors from your color wheel to convey the right message. The software has paid versions.

Latest Add-Ons

iScrapbook 7 has recently introduced the following developments:

  • 3D Headline

3D headline makes a page catchy in nature. The 3D feature helps control the lighting, reflection and other such elements.

  • iTunes

You can now add songs and music to the album because iScrapbook has now been integrated with iTunes.

  • Photo Frames

Adding frames to the album is now just one click away. The edges, borders and corners can be customized as iScrapbook provides around ten options to choose from.

Pricing: iScrapbook is available at Rs 3,574 for single license and is ideal for new scrapbookers.

  • Scrapbook Flair

Compatible OS: Windows 10/7/8/8.1/Vista

Scrapbook Flair is digital software complete with information related to designs, templates and, background. With the help of scrapbooking software, you can easily customize a picture into the requisite design and make it even more beautiful as well as memorable.

To use the software, all you have to import the picture or image from the camera or any other device and create beautiful scrapbooks. There is an additional feature as well that allows you to join the Scrapbook Flair community where you can share ideas and techniques as well as learn new ones.

Scrapbook Flair Features

  • Holiday Cards

You can select from a range of holiday cards to send season’s greetings to your loved ones. There are three variants of holiday cards available at Scrapbook Flair – Folded, Double-sided and Flat. All three types are available in linen, matte and glossy formats.

  • Digital Prints

This scrapbook software provides features to turn a page into glossy, linen or matte format. The digital printing option provides photo-quality prints that are as per your tastes and preferences.

  • Picture Framing

It allows adding well-crafted frames to your valuable scrapbook collection to make your memories, stored within the pages of Scrapbook Flair, more beautiful.

  • Photobooks

You can now store your album as a photo book in book bound format. A Photobook is a beautiful gifting option as well.  

  • Decorative Business Card Magnets

Scrapbook Flair also provides decorative magnets for your business card. The quality of the images is high and you can select from a range of templates available.

Pricing: It’s a completely free digital scrapbook software.

  • Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0

Compatible OS: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0 creates scrapbooks to help you store your memories in a digital format. With the aid of high-quality tools and templates, you can save photographs as well as images into designer formats.

You can even publish the scrapbook on the web once you are able to beautify the album with the help of this scrapbooking software. Let’s thus explore the various tools offered by Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0.

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0 Features

  • Photo Editor

Photographs hold a special place in everybody’s heart. You also treasure your photo album collection. The software’s Photo Editor tool lets you select, edit and position photographs as per your preferences.

  • Photo CD

Within this scrapbook software, there is an inbuilt Photo CD option that would help you save an album in CD format. You can save the pictures in the album in high resolution format using the Photo CD feature.

  • Photorealistic Embellishments

This scrapbook software is composed of several photorealistic embellishments that let you use buttons, alphabets, bows and tags. You can add your own creative touch to an album with the use of photorealistic embellishments.

  • Exclusive Designs

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0 software covers thousands of exclusive graphics and premium designs to give you a more delightful experience. The greater the number of options available to you for designing an album, the more would be the chances of beautifying your album.

Pricing: The price is available on request.

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

free scrapbooking software

Compatible OS: Windows and macOS

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful AI technology-supported digital scrapbooking software best for creating, organizing, and sharing photos. The software offers automated modules required for colorizing the photos, fine-tuning facelifts, and eliminating camera shake in a few simple clicks.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Features

  • Adjusting facial features

The app helps adjust the facial features for correcting mistakes like frowning expressions, closed eyes, etc.

  • Isolated edits

Adobe Photoshop Elements provides AI Sensei technology to edit the background or the subject with a single click selection.  

  • Fun effects & filters

Use the feature to add the best effects, lighting, and color to your photos. Also available is the option for fine-tuning with the filters.

  • Fine-tuning face lifts

The scrapbook software supports a fine-tuning option for faces so that everyone in a photograph appears to be looking in the same direction.

  • Photo transformations

Transform photos into GIFs with 2D/3D motion in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

  • Customizable slideshows

Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you bring different photos together for preparing slideshows of video clips.

Latest Addons:

  • Quote graphics

Add personalized messages and quotes to images using the app’s animation options and pre-set templates.

  • Duotone effects

Add a gradient to images in Adobe Photoshop Elements with customizable duotone effects.

  • Multi photo texts

Resize and adjust the images while designing visual text for each photograph with the software’s scrapbooking kit.

Pricing: Adobe Photoshop Elements provides a free 30-day trial version for its paid plans. Paid plans start from ₹ 7360, and the combo plan with Premiere Elements is for ₹ 11041.

  • PhotoMix

best digital scrapbooking software

Compatible OS: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, and Vista

PhotoMix is an easy-to-use digital scrapbook software ideal for quickly creating scrapbooking layouts, calendars, and digital collages. The photo collage creation software gives access to graphics kits and a range of templates for making digital scrapbooks.

PhotoMix Features

  • Calendar grids

In-built calendar layouts and grids let you create beautiful collages for recent and seasonal photographs.

  • Templates

Get access to various pre-set template types for adding your chosen special effects to different images.

  • Layout ideas

Get unique ideas regarding scrapbook layout and add to the eye-popping colors and multi-cultural chic with PhotoMix.

Pricing: A trial version is available. It is priced at ₹ 2130.485 on the official website.

  • Smilebox

Compatible OS: Windows and mac

Design categories and prepare beautiful slideshows, invitations, and cards with Smilebox’s complete scrapbook kit. The scrapbooking software lets you post pictures in video format and share them easily with others in a few simple taps.

Smilebox Features

  • Photo collages & slideshows

The digital scrapbook software lets you create and share collages and slideshows through its photo-sharing services.

  • Filters for comic strips

Smilebox gives access to filters for comic strips and templates for customizing and uploading images.

  • Scheduling sharing

Schedule the sharing of images, events, and calendars instead of sending them right away with Smilebox’s scrapbooking kit.                     

  • Business signature

Attach to photos your brand’s logo and information for boosting your business sales.

Latest Add-ons

  • Video announcement maker

Smilebox offers announcement templates for preparing announcement videos for events, conferences, and meetings.

Pricing: Smilebox offers a free-to-use plan besides its yearly plan at the cost of ₹ 2944.

  • Canva

digital scrapbook powerpoint

Compatible OS: Android, iPhone, and iPad

Canva offers powerful drag and drops functionality along with layout options for making and sharing photos, videos, presentations, and slideshows. Get access to quality content and professional templates for bringing your ideas to life with Canva digital scrapbook software.

Canva Features

  • Sending invites

Send invites to other collaborators for managing brand assets, getting approvals, and scaling the visual content.

  • In-built comments section

Communicate in real-time with Canva to manage the work, and resolve the suggestions.

  • Professional templates

These templates help with preparing slideshows, presentations, and mobile-first presentations too.

  • Photo rotation

Rotate photos to even the horizontal lines to get sharp-looking snapshots.

  • Photo effects

Canva provides filters for adding stellar effects to photos and images.

  • Speech bubbles

Speech bubbles simplify adding sound effects, editing colors, and attaching dialogue boxes to all image files.

  • Photo frames

Add to photos brilliant photo frames with the app’s drag and drop photo frame effects.

Pricing: Canva is, first of all, free for non-profit organizations and educational institutes. Also available is free for all plan. Paid plans include Pro and Enterprise, starting at ₹ 499 per month, and Canva Pro has a 30-day free trial. Also, Check-out the best Canva alternatives.


A good online scrapbook software apt for both beginners and seasoned experts, beautifies and decorates your photographs to give you gorgeous personalised scrapbooks.

So, use an efficient digital scrapbooking software and turn your photos into digital scrapbooks in minutes.

A digital scrapbook software has ready-made templates and graphics to add attractive backgrounds and stunning designs to your scrapbook and share it with others online.

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