11 Free Video to Audio Converter Software Online in 2024

11 Free Video to Audio Converter Software Online in 2024-feature image
April 30, 2023 8 Min read

Summary: Video to audio converter has become a common need for various purposes such as creating podcasts or extracting music from videos. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 11 free video to audio converter software to help you easily convert your files.

Converting video files to audio is a handy way to extract the audio from music videos, lectures, or any other type of video content. However, finding the right video to audio converter software can be daunting.

Thankfully, there are plenty of free online tools that will help you do just that. Let’s take a look at some of the best free video to audio converter software options available online.

Best Video to Audio Converter Software Online Free in India

  1. Zamzar


Zamzar is a top choice when it comes to video to audio converters. It supports numerous file formats on its online platform. You can easily convert files without downloading the software.

Also, if you don’t find your supported file format, you can mail them, and their dedicated team will do it for you. While there may be other options, Zamzar is a reliable choice for converting audio files on your PC.

Features of Zamzar:

  • Convert file directly from URL
  • Supports both conversion and compression
  • Supports 1200+ file formats
  • Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive integration

Pros and Cons of Zamzar:

  • No software download required
  • Supports image, file, audio and video conversion
  • Dedicated mail support
  • Only a 50 MB maximum size is allowed in the free version

Pricing: Zamzar pricing starts at INR 1400 per month with 200 MB of maximum file size and 5 GB of online storage.

  1. Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter is another video converter tool by 123apps. It supports over 300 file formats, including mp3, wav, m4a, FLAC, ogg, amr, mp2, and even creates iPhone ringtones.

You can extract audio from videos, customize advanced settings like quality and bitrate, and batch convert multiple files at once. It’s a simple solution for converting audio with the flexibility to adjust settings according to your preferences.

Features of Online Audio Converter:

  • Change frequency, bitrate, and quality while converting
  • Edit track information easily
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Web-based tool, works in a browser

Pros and Cons of Online Audio Converter:

  • 300+ file formats
  • Unlimited files per day in the paid plan
  • Ad on the free version
  • Only 70 files a day and 4 GB maximum file size in the free version

Pricing: Online Audio Converter premium plan starts at INR 190 per month.

  1. Online Convert

Online Convert convert audio to video

Online Convert is another versatile video to audio converter that easily converts video files to the most popular audio outputs.

It supports formats like MP3, FLAC and AAC. You can customize conversion settings like sampling rate, audio channels and bit rate. This tool also offers options like audio trimming and chain conversions.

Features of Online Convert:

  • Supports batch processing
  • Automatic file deletion for security
  • GDPR Compliant tool
  • Conversions within the cross-category

Pros and Cons of Online Convert:

  • 250+ supported file formats
  • Highly secure
  • Apps available on both Android and iOS devices
  • Limited file size (100 MB) conversion with a free plan
  • Support response is delayed

Pricing: Online Convert Professional plan starts at INR 650 per month.

  1. Uniconverter


Uniconverter is the ideal video to audio converter, offering excellent conversions with no audio quality loss. It also offers a range of other customization options like trimming, applying effects, rotating and more.

Its toolbox also includes additional tools such as GIF Maker, VR Converter, Media Metadata, DVD Burns, and others.

Features of Uniconverter:

  • Great encoder support
  • More than 1000 types of video formats are supported, including Alpha MP4.
  • No quality loss in conversion and compression
  • Convert media for various devices like mobile, desktop etc

Uniconverter Pros and Cons:

  • Convert numerous media files at the same time
  • Supports 4k/ 8k conversions
  • Only available for desktop

Pricing: Uniconverter paid plan starts at INR 3200 per year for 1 PC.

  1. FAEMedia

Faemedia convert mp4 to mp3

FAEMedia’s video converter is a widely used software due to its numerous features and easy-to-handle UI. This software allows you to convert 300+ video and 40+ audio formats.

FAEMedia additionally provides preset settings for common audio formats and includes effects and filters to improve audio quality. Furthermore, its batch-processing capability lets you simultaneously handle as many as 32 files at the same time.

Features of FAEMedia:

  • Various audio filters and effects available
  • Capture, edit, and enhance any sound
  • Create music CDs
  • Visual Frequency Analysis for audio outputs

Pros and Cons of FAEMedia:

  • 40+ audio outputs
  • Merge audio files
  • Create 24-bit or 32-bit high-resolution formats
  • No dedicated support

Pricing: FAEMedia Video Converter will cost you around INR 3200.

  1. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft video to audio converter online

DVDVideoSoft’s video to audio converter can quickly extract audio from video file types such as M4V, FLV, AVI, and WMV. It supports seamless conversion to MP3 and WAV formats with grade settings.

Moreover, the software automatically transmits titles and images from video captures obtained via Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft Explorer, or Winamp.

DVDVideoSoft Features:

  • Video and audio extraction
  • Save output in high and standard quality
  • Self-explanatory UI

Pros and Cons DVDVideoSoft:

  • Generate superior-quality MP3s
  • Simple configurations
  • Convert numerous file forms in bulk at the same time
  • Limited features as compared to its alternatives

Pricing: DVDVideoSoft premium plan costs INR 1550 a year.

  1. Movavi Video Converter

movavi video to audio converter online free

Movavi Video Editor is an advanced tool that lets you simply edit videos and convert them to audio clips without compromising quality. With Movavi’s lightning-fast speed, you can easily compress large videos and enhance poor-quality footage with AI-powered upscaling.

You can also enhance your clips by cropping, trimming, altering colors, and using various effects to make them stand out.

Movavi Video Converter Features:

  • Instantly convert Video to any audio format
  • Easily compress large video clips
  • AI-powered quality scaling
  • Both the video converter and editor

Pros and Cons of Movavi’s:

  • Support for HD audio and video conversion in 180+ file formats
  • Convert to audio files in bulk
  • Simple to use for beginners
  • Audio editing is not available in the free version

Pricing: Movavi Audio Converter premium plan starts at INR 1399 per year.

  1. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter

VideoProc comes with extremely quick GPU processing, it can convert 4K/8K/large movies into audio without problems. It also supports editing videos, downloading, and capturing, giving it a complete solution for users of Windows as well as Macs.

VideoProc is the best choice for converting and editing high-resolution videos to mp3 files, with 47x higher processing performance.

Features of VideoProc Converter:

  • Convert video to audio in 400+ formats
  • GPU processed tool for higher quality processing
  • 1000+ sites supported to download videos directly
  • Compress large 4k videos

Pros and Cons of VideoProc Converter:

  • Convert in batches
  • Allows quick video edits
  • Incredibly fast processing
  • Limited features in the free version

Pricing: VideoProc costs around INR 3250 a year.

  1. XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode best video to audio converter

XMedia Recode is an open-source, free tool that can convert practically any video or audio format, even unencrypted DVDs and Blu-ray discs. With its powerful features, XMedia Recode allows users to import up to 32 subtitle tracks, create chapters, and even offer video editing options.

Features of XMedia Recode:

  • Can convert unencrypted Blu-ray and DVDs.
  • Supports NVIDIA and AMD accelerated conversion
  • Offers both audio and video editing
  • Device-specific conversions

Pros and Cons XMedia Recode:

  • Allows batch processings
  • Extract audio with tags, albums and ID3
  • Convert audio and video files in the desired format
  • Supports only Windows OS
  • Intimidating interface for new users

Pricing: Xmedia Recode is a free-to-use, open-source tool.

  1. MediaHuman Audio Converter

MediaHuman Audio Converter mp4 to mp3 converter online

MediaHuman Audio Converter is a reliable and free tool that helps to convert videos to various formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, and more easily. This tool can convert a single file or multiple files at once and can handle it with ease.

Features of MediHuman:

  • Conversion across all major audio formats
  • Automatic splitting for CUE files
  • Maintains folder structure
  • Generate audio effects

Pros and Cons of MediaHuman:

  • Search and locate cover arts
  • Converts numerous files at once
  • Dark mode available
  • Needs a high-end system to run smoothly

Pricing: MediaHuman is free-to-use software.

  1. FreeConvert


FreeConvert is another simple yet powerful tool to convert video into audio online. This tool provides advanced settings like codec selection, fade in and out, volume control and even trimmers to get the best audio conversion results.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the security of your file because the tool promises a safe and cost-free conversion process.

FreeConvert Features:

  • Advanced settings for audio
  • Key audio and video formats available
  • Convert online hosted videos in Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive

Pros and Cons of FreeConvert:

  • High-quality audio conversion
  • Convert using URL
  • Only converts up to 1 GB file in the free version

Pricing: FreeConvert basic plan starts at INR 800 per month.

How Does Video to Audio Converter Work?

Video to Audio Converter is software that extracts audio from a video file. These applications first analyze the video clip and then extract the audio data from it, which can then be exported to your preferred format, such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and so on.

The procedure is straightforward; simply select the video file to be converted and the output format. After that, the converter will finish its task and deliver the audio output immediately.


  1. Which is the best video to audio converter for a PC?

    Some of the best PC audio converter tools include Uniconverter, Movavi Audio Converter, and MediaHuman Converter. These tools are well-designed for PCs and provide essential functionality.

  2. Can you convert a video to an audio file?

    Yes, you can convert video to an audio file easily. Simply select your favorite converter tool, and it will do the job for you.

  3. How to convert a video to audio on a PC?

    You can use any video converter software to convert a video to audio on a PC. Open the video in the software, select the audio format, and save the file as an audio file.

  4. Why is any video converter so slow?

    There can be many factors that make any video converter slow. It can be slow due to the file size, the system specifications or the outdated software versions.

  5. Which is the best video to audio converter online?

    Online Audio Converter, Online Convert, and FreeConvert are some of the best online video converter tools with good features and easy interfaces.

  6. Which is the best free video to audio converter?

    XMedia Recode and MediaHuman Audio Converter are free video to audio converters. These tools provide all the amazing features which paid tools might have.

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