12 Best Free Web Hosting Sites to Consider in 2024

12 Best Free Web Hosting Sites to Consider in 2024-feature image
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What’s the first thing you do to find a product or service?


But what if you don’t find their website?

You move on to the next product and search for something else. Such is the user attention span today. So, you need to ensure that you are digitally visible right in the face of the customer. And having a business website is the first step towards it.

For that, you need a web hosting site that might burn a hole in your pocket. But you can always start with using a free web hosting site. The web hosting site provides space on the world wide web to host a website for free and paid.

Here in this article, let’s check out some of the popular yet free hosting sites available with their pros, cons, and upgrade pricing.

12 Best Free Web Hosting Sites and Services

  • WordPress – Best for Secure Web Hosting
  • Hostinger – Best Free Domain Web Hosting
  • InfinityFree – Best Web Hosting with MySQL and PHP
  • Wix – Best for Free Website Building
  • Weebly – Best for Reliable Web Hosting
  • FreeHostia – Best Web Hosting with Linux & PHP
  • Namecheap – Best for Web Hosting for all Needs
  • FreeHosting – Best Web Hosting Without Any Cost
  • ByetHost – Best for Free Hosting Service
  • AwardSpace – Best for Free Web Hosting Registration
  • GoogieHost – Best for Free Domain Name
  • x10hosting – Best for Web Hosting for Masses
  • WordPress

wordpress free website hosting

WordPress is a simple, fast, and highly secure web hosting site which facilitates quicker load times. It comes with CLI (Command Line Interface), which allows users to update posts, manage multiple plug-ins, debug site errors, and do a lot more.

  • Easy to install plugins
  • Choose from weekly updated, customizable website themes
  • Drag and drop multimedia like images, video, and audio
  • Automatically share posts of multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Powerful SEO tools available such as built-in sitemaps
  • Users might face compatibility issues because of frequent themes and plug in updates
  • Expensive paid plans

WordPress Price to Upgrade: ₹160 per month onwards. WordPress paid plan offers additional free domain for a year, ads- free experience, premium themes, Google analytics integration, payment acceptance from 60+ countries, and much more.

  • Hostinger

Hostinger offers a solid starting point for your website with absolutely zero web hosting cost. Hostinger’s free plan comes with free protection of Cloudflare DNS firewall that ensures clean traffic on your website while preventing unwanted intrusions.

  • 1 free website hosting in the free plan and up to 100 website hosting in the premium plan
  • Can handle up to 300 visits of monthly traffic on your website
  • Guarantees 99% uptime to ensure that the website is always accessible
  • 1 cronjob available in the free plan to schedule tasks and commands on regular interviews.
  • Hosting available only for one website
  • Limited 300 MB SSD storage

Hostinger Price to Upgrade: ₹69 per month

  • InfinityFree

InfinityFree offers one FTP account, 50,000 daily hits, and limited server power all in a completely free web hosting service. In addition to this, it comes with PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7, free SSL certificates, 400 MySQL Databases, and more.

  • Host unlimited number of websites
  • No ads will be displayed from InfinityFree’s side on your website
  • Use your own domain name or choose a subdomain from 25 available domain extensions
  • Access unlimited bandwidth and 5 GB of disk space in the free web hosting plan
  • Users might face slow uptime
  • Slow customer support

InfinityFree Price to Upgrade: ₹330.35 per month onwards

  • Wix

free web hosting area

Wix offers complete data backup protection for your website, which allows users to make unlimited changes to the website at any time. In fact, users can also restore the previous version of their website from automatic and continuous backups. All this comes with a 99.9% uptime, DDoS, SSL, and HTTPS protection to keep you away from hackers. You can also look into wix alternatives for more options!

  • Allows you to purchase a new domain or use an existing one
  • Create a professional email address and connect it to your custom domain
  • Access 500 MB of bandwidth and 500 MB cloud storage
  • Attract organic traffic with built-in SEO tools like meta tags, structured data markup, slugs, etc.
  • Wix branding in the free plan
  • No analytics available in the free plan

Wix Price to Upgrade: ₹80 per month onwards

  • Weebly

weebly cheap website builder

Weebly provides cloud-based hosting services, ensuring the optimal performance of your website. It comes with great reliability and speed which keeps your website alive in all conditions even with millions of pageviews and visitors per day. Additionally, Weebly free web hosting site promises great reliability and speed offering a smooth online experience to your visitors.

  • Offers great traffic handling capability in partnership with with CNN.com
  • No Weebley ads on your website
  • Easy website builder with drag and drop feature
  • Limited features in the free plan
  • No support available on phone

Weebly Price to Upgrade: ₹413.97 per month onwards

  • FreeHostia

free website hosting and domain

FreeHostia offers a free website builder that allows users to create a free professional looking website in just a few clicks. Moreover, users can also have complete control over their website with multiple site management tools that include file manager, FTP manager, .htaccess generator, and more.

  • Access 250 MB of disk space
  • Is capable of handling 6 GB of monthly traffic
  • Allows users to create 3 email accounts
  • Complete security with SSL certificates, JailHost, IP Blocking, Hotlink Protection, etc.
  • Paid plans have an auto renewal system
  • Slow customer support

FreeHostia Price to Upgrade: ₹496.76 per month onwards

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  • Namecheap

With Namecheap, users can choose their preferred type of hosting among shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, email hosting, and more. In fact, Namecheap never charges you for any hosting migration, from start to end. It is completely free even if you have an existing hosting service, making it easy for you to try.

  • No hidden charges whatsoever
  • Stay connected to Namecheap experts 24*7
  • Completely secure web hosting with top tier security and stable back ups
  • New users might take some time to understand the interface

Price to Upgrade: ₹180.30 per month onwards

  • FreeHosting

FreeHosting services allows users to host one website for free. Users can also choose to purchase addons starting from ₹409.35 to further add features to your web hosting service. Additionally, FreeHosting platform comes with an advanced cPanel that enables users to control their hosting account from any location.

  • Free web hosting available for an already registered domain name as well
  • Unlimited bandwidth to offer uninterrupted and unlimited downloads to your visitors
  • Hosting services compatible with PHP/ Linux/ MySQL/ Apache web applications
  • Offers 10 GB of storage
  • Limited features in the free forever plan
  • Services not available for users from selected countries like Syria, Brazil, Cuba, etc.

FreeHosting Price to Upgrade: ₹660.74 onwards

  • ByetHost

ByetHost allows users to use their own sub domain or pick a new one without worrying about the scripts with features such as PHP, VistaPanel, MySQL, etc. ByetHost manages its own hardware which ensures that your website traffic is spread strategically to multiple servers, providing you with great reliability and loading speed.

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  • Free 1000 MB of disk space available
  • Access advanced control panel with file manager and an FTP account
  • Continuous free tech support available
  • Video tutorials available to have a better understanding of the free web hosting site
  • Build a free website easily with multiple in-built templates
  • Website maintenance is poor

ByetHost Price to Upgrade: ₹1653.20 per month onwards

  • AwardSpace

AwardSpace web hosting service offers 99.9% network uptime for complete reliability and great speed. You also get a 100% ads free experience even in the free version so that you don’t have to deal with annoying messages anymore. Just simply sign up, choose a preferred CMS, and enjoy hosting your website.

  • Allows users to host up to four websites
  • Install popular CMS with one click in just 5 minutes
  • Enables to edit programming files such as PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Access 5 GB of bandwidth and 1000 MB of disk space
  • Slow customer support
  • Limited options for datacenter

AwardSpace Price to Upgrade: ₹413.37 per month onwards

  • GoogieHost

GoogieHost allows users to install 380+ scripts with an auto installer that instantly helps in taking your website online. In addition to this, it also offers malware protection against viruses and hackers to keep your site completely secure. In fact, getting started with GoogieHost is simple, just login and you get admin access directly.

  • Encryption with SSL certificate available
  • Completely ads free experience
  • Access to free 1000 MB SSD space
  • Use free sub domains to create a website
  • Delayed response time from customer support

GoogieHost Price to Upgrade: ₹82.85 for three months

  • x10hosting

X10hosting comes with advanced web hosting tools that make file uploading and editing easy with FTP. It also allows users to write their own PHP scripts or even install a third party one. The website works at great speed with SSD private cloud, making it 100 percent reliable.

  • Use 150+ templates to create your own website
  • Get 3 email addresses in the free plan
  • Access 500 MB of disk space
  • Receive self and community support
  • Slow response from the support team

x10hosting Price to Upgrade: ₹327.41 per month onwards


  1. Can I host my website for free?

    Yes, you can host your website for free by using any free web hosting site such as WordPress, Wix, AwardSpace, Hostinger, and more.

  2. Does Google have free web hosting?

    Google does not offer a free forever web hosting service, but the paid plan comes with a one-year trial plan.

  3. Can I get free host and domain?

    Yes, you can get free host and a domain from free web hosting sites such as Hostinger. It offers a free domain for one year and even a free sub domain.

  4. Is Wix really free?

    Yes, you can host your website using Wix for free. In the free plan it offers 500 MB of bandwidth, 500 MB cloud storage, in built SEO tools, and more. However, you can upgrade to its paid plan for ₹80 per month onwards.

  5. Is GoDaddy free to use?

    GoDaddy is not completely free to use, you can avail one-month free trial.

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