Bird AI – The Most Simplified Video Conferencing Solution For Hybrid Workforce

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January 27, 2023 7 Min read

For years, video conferencing solution for hybrid workforce and remote collaboration was thought to be a technology reserved for larger companies, with benefits like increased productivity, improved engagement and customer relationships, and lower travel expenses. However, these advantages were typically insufficient to justify the large investment by small enterprises.

As more low-cost video solutions and cloud-based virtual meeting spaces with low capital costs become available, video conferencing solution for the hybrid workforce and remote collaboration are becoming more widely adopted by small businesses.

Post pandemic, there is a great change in the working culture of SMEs. Employees are spread across locations and the need for collaborative connectivity has increased. As a part of the hybrid workplace model, employees are joining meetings remotely with in-office employees. So, futuristic technology which can bridge the gap between remote and in-office employees is needed.

The Role of Video Conferencing in Hybrid Workplace

Let us see the benefits of video conferencing technology for SME, which has adopted the hybrid workplace model:

  • Removes geographical barriers to prevent skill gaps and shortages among employees.
  • Minimizes and eliminates travel while maintaining the feel of face-to-face communication.
  • Regardless of location, work from home, you can manage remote workers and increase production.
  • Costs can be operational rather than the capital with video cloud solutions and leasing/financing alternatives.

Even though 96% of business decision-makers believe video conferencing solutions boost productivity, many firms are yet to accept comprehensive technology solutions to improve the conferencing experience. People are still utilizing personal Skype or FaceTime to connect with their colleagues or clients in meetings, crowded around laptops or, in some circumstances, iPhones.

Video conferencing has still not achieved its full potential for many firms, particularly SMEs, due to low sound quality, broken connections, and high-cost technology. Bird AI, with Bird Hub believes in empowering SMEs with accessible and sophisticated technology that can ensure hassle-free collaboration and video conferencing solution for hybrid workforce.

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Bird AI – Facilitating Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace Model

Let us see why Bird Hub stands as the perfect video conferencing solution for the hybrid workforce:

  • Easy installation process
  • Less/ no dependency on IT teams
  • No user-specific training required
  • Affordability
  • No investment in accessories
  • Packed with collaborative tools

Bird Hub: An Integrated Video Conferencing System for Hybrid Meeting Rooms

Bird Hub fits best for changing working environments. It makes video conferencing a lot easier. It can turn any space into a collaborative space with its exceptional features. AI-powered Super HD ultra-wide-angle camera and noise-canceling microphone array make it suitable for the huddle and focus rooms.

The camera and mic seamlessly capture a crystal-clear video of the meeting space and recreate the face-to-face meeting experience to the remote participants.

Bird Hub is equipped with a powerful desktop-class processor that allows users to run a full-fledged meeting without the need of connecting an external PC. Meeting participants can easily cast their own devices to a larger display unit.

They can use the built-in online whiteboard software in real-time and annotate effortlessly with the touch capability of the device. Bird Hub keeps the door open for different applications; they won’t lock you in a single platform.

Why Get Bird AI for Your Hybrid Workforce?

Camera for video conferencing

Bird Hub offers a world-class video conferencing experience with all the capabilities of individual components merged into it.

  • Effortless installation process

The typical video conferencing devices have to be placed away from the monitor, and the connecting wires would be hanging around the display. Most of these video conferencing equipment demands intense physical labor.

To mount the device above or below the display unit is a tedious job; the person needs to drill the wall and fix it with screws. Multiple cables like HDMI and USB needed to be connected from different devices, consuming valuable time.

Bird Hub perfectly harmonizes with the display units like monitor/TV by just mounting on the top of the unit. The Kensington lock fixes the device on top in a standard manner and connects it to the display unit with a single cable, giving you a clutter-free and cable-free environment.

  • Use it as a dedicated room conferencing device without connecting to any external PC

With Bird Hub, you would realize that simplicity leads to the sophistication you wish for.

The faster 4GB RAM is complemented with a high-powered ARM, 3.2 GHz processor, and Android 9.0 operating system. Users can easily run any video-conferencing application directly on the device. Bird Hub allows users to launch meetings from their favorite video conferencing platforms like ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.

Users can set their favorite zoom background for a focused call. Play Store on the device gives a scope to download project management applications. This can bring ease to participants to instantly follow up on the progress of projects.

Buying any video conferencing equipment and connecting them with multiple devices to get all the abilities of Bird Hub is a costly affair. Bird Hub cuts the cost of investing in purchasing new equipment.

The device itself is more cost-effective and economical than any other device on the market. You need this one device, Bird Hub, to have a wow video conferencing experience.

  • Supports touch-based control on any display

Reducing the time of connecting different devices to initiate video conferencing takes a lot of time. But Bird AI values time and is designed to make it simple and right. The touch interactivity makes it easy to navigate the system and start the meeting. You can avoid additional devices like a keyboard and mouse. Most of the devices offer a touchpad controller to launch a meeting.  

The Touchpad sits on the table of the meeting, and it has the only purpose of controlling the meeting, but Bird Hub doesn’t demand any extra device to launch and control a meeting. It is super simple with Bird Hub, as it converts any display into a touch display that can be operated via a pen-like stylus.So, you could start a meeting in a few taps on the display. And additionally, you can save money without investing in a small touchpad controller.

Touch interactivity enhances the meeting experience as it maximizes the inclusivity of remote employees. Participants can instantly annotate and edit the working document.

The simple touch capability allows effective brainstorming sessions and facilitates ideation and co-creation processes.

  • Flexibility to start meeting from your device

Bird Hub works in a simple plug-and-play USB mode. You don’t need any expertise to use the device. This mode can reduce the efforts of the IT teams to maintain the equipment.

Your employees can simply walk into the room and start the meeting by connecting a single USB cable to their laptop. This gives freedom to employees to use their favorite applications running on their devices.

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Final Words

Small and medium businesses are currently confronted with several issues, ranging from adjusting to remote employment to determining which technology best suits their needs.

We’re increasingly seeing video conferencing solutions used not only in business but also as a virtual learning tool. We are, without a doubt, increasingly reliant on technology in our day-to-day operations.

Video conferencing equipment for home and office can be a useful addition to our arsenal, allowing us to engage with our employees, clients, and potential prospects. Bird Hub gives all options of communicating with remote employees and increases the productivity of small and medium businesses to the next level.

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  1. How do you collaborate in a hybrid workplace model?

    You can collaborate using different technologies in a hybrid workplace model like video conferencing, quick audio calls, working on shared documents, etc.

  2. How can teamwork be improved among the hybrid workforce?

    Teamwork can be improved among the hybrid workforce by ensuring better communication between them. There should be regular contact through audio, video and in-person meetings to build a bond among the workforce.

  3. What are the best practices for hybrid collaboration?

    Some of the best practices for hybrid collaboration should be investing in the right technology, managing the calendar, facilitating effective communication, and establishing personal boundaries.

  4. What is the best tool for collaborating in a hybrid work environment?

    The best tool for collaborating in a hybrid work environment is Bird Hub. It offers quick and easy installation and ensures that you have less/ no dependency on your IT teams. You can use Bird Hub video conferencing equipment without any training or any major investment in accessories.

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