Quick Ways to do GSTIN Search & Verification Online

Quick Ways to do GSTIN Search & Verification Online-feature image
May 26, 2023 7 Min read

GST is critical to the normal functioning of any business. Whether you want to avail benefits of input tax credit or make your business GST compliant, you need to know more about GSTIN verification online.

You can Also Check 15 Best GST Online Verification Tools

What is GST Number/ GSTIN?

GSTIN is a 15-digit Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, which is assigned to any dealer or supplier functioning under the latest GST regime in India.

It comes as a replacement for the Tax Identification Number (TIN), which was earlier assigned by respective state authorities in India. Now, there’s just one single platform to manage the record of all taxpayers and refer for compliance and administration purposes.

What are the uses of GSTIN verification online?

GSTIN verification is largely used for verifying a hand-written note and correct any potential error in GSTIN reporting. Businesses also use GSTIN to check the authenticity of any vendor or supplier and avoid any fraud. Thereby, GSTIN verification online helps reduce incidences of tax manipulation and ensures transparency in transactions.

With online GST verification, you can:

  • Checking for authenticity
  • Find out vendors using fake GSTINs
  • Avoid GSTIN fraud through inward invoices
  • Help suppliers make amendments or avoid any potential error in GSTIN

How to do GSTIN verification online?

As GSTIN is now mandatory for vendors and suppliers, there are instances when people tend to use fake GST number. As there is so much buzz around the new GST rules, some businesses use a fake number just to be a part of the system. They generate a fake GST invoice and show proper tax break up in the invoice. However, the tax collected from customers is not forwarded to the government.

So, it’s important to verify GSTIN online to check the credibility of any business you are associating with.

1: Visit the official GST portal and go to ‘Search Taxpayer’

2: Mention GSTIN in the search box to check its authenticity

3: If the GSTIN is correct, you will get details related to the business, such as the registered name of the company, data of registration, taxpayer type, etc. For the fake GSTIN, you will get the error message.

How to search GST number by PAN?

GST number verification of any person is easy with his or her PAN number. You need to adopt these simple steps:

1: Visit GST portal < https://www.gst.gov.in/>

2: Click on the ‘Search Taxpayer’ tab in the menu bar

3: Go for the ‘Search by PAN’ option

GSTIN verification online

4: Enter the PAN number

5: Mention the character shown in the image

How to search GST number by company name?

There are many sites for GST search and verification, which makes it possible to search the GST number of any person by name or through the company name. However, to refine your search and get accurate results, you should also type a few letters of his or her company name or PAN. You just have to mention the right company name and you will get details, such as, GSTN, registered name and the state.

What are the common instances of GSTIN misuse?

There are many such instances where the supplier tries manipulating customers with fake GST or any other form of GSTIN Misuse.

  • Suppliers sometimes collect CGST+SGST or IGST tax from their customers, but don’t submit anything to the government.
  • In some cases, customers themselves create bogus inward invoices and claim their ITC.
  • Sometimes, suppliers create bogus inward invoices to fit in tax liability without supplying any goods in real.

Thus, GST online verification becomes critical to deal with these issues and ensure GST compliance as per government policies.

Want to complain about fake GSTIN? Here’s what you can do

If you come across any fake or bogus GSTIN, which deviates from the standard format, you can raise the flag and drop your complaint at helpdesk@gst.gov.in. Customers need to be extra vigilant while paying any invoice. This way, they can ensure that the money you are paying is utilized properly with the GST amount going to the government.

Top 15 GST Search & Verification Tools

We have curated a list of 15 Best GST Verification & Search Tools which allow you to verify GST number online for free. Let’s have a look.

  • Masters India

MastersIndia Image
#1 of 15 GST Verification Tool

MasterGST’s by Master’s India GSTIN search and verification process is quite simpler, as you just need to enter the GSTIN number in the search tab and click ‘Enter’ to get GSTIN information. By fetching data directly from the GSTN portal, it quickly displays results. This will also help you in verify GST number. If it’s fake, you will get an error message.

  • ClearTax

ClearTax Image
#2 of 15 GST Verification Tool

With ClearTax, you will get quick search and verification by clicking on the ‘Search’ button. During GST number verification, ClearTax provides details, such as:

  • Legal name of the business
  • State & date of registration
  • Constitution of business – company, sole-proprietor or partnership
  • Taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • GSTIN status / UIN status
  • SahiGST

SahiGST Image
#3 of 15 GST Verification Tool

SahiGST provides unique functionalities. For instance, it allows you to search up to 50 GSTINs in one go. You just need to upload the file with GST numbers to authenticate details. To search group taxpayers, you need to add up to 50 comma-separated or line separated GSTINs. It also allows GSTIN verification online with a reference ID.

  • LegalRaasta

LegalRaasta Image
#4 of 15 GST Verification Tool

LegalRaasta is an online GST search tool, which helps with GSTIN verification online. Using this tool, you can safeguard yourself from getting into business with fake GSTIN. LegalRaasta provides details information about a GSTIN in terms of the business name, its constitution and other crucial information.

  • TaxAdda

TaxAdda Image
#5 of 15 GST Verification Tool

Using TaxAdda, you can check whether a GSTIN exists or not. And if it does, you can further check if the structure is correct as per the 15-digit auto numeric format. TaxAdda fetches every detail from the GSTN portal and uses the API provided by government. So, you can rest assured about the authenticity of GST number search results.

The following details you will get during GSTIN search and verification:

  • Legal Name
  • Trade Name
  • Registration Date
  • Business Type
  • Dealer Type
  • Entity Type
  • Status – Active or Inactive
  • Address
  • Tax Raahi

Taxraahi GSTIN Image
#6 of 15 GST Verification Tool

TaxRaahi by LegalRaasta ensures easy GSTIN verification online with the click of a button. As soon as you enter an incorrect GSTIN, you will get the message for invalid GSTIN/UIN. It further allows filing GST Returns without any error with the help of experts.

  • GST Software

GST Software
#7 of 15 GST Verification Tool

GST Software can search up to 25 GSTIN in one go. It is a smart tool to understand whether a GSTIN is real. Thus, you can spot malpractices and verify GSTIN authenticity with just a click. This popular GSTIN verification and search tool fetches data from the GSTN portal to display results quickly.

  • KnowYourGST

KnowYourGST Image
#8 of 15 GST Verification Tool

KnowYourGST provides different verification tools, such as bulk GSTIN search tool and GSTIN Verification API. It further comes with a trial period when you can use up to 150 API calls. Now, don’t worry when registering vendors in bulk, as you can quickly verify their GST number online. However, its free version comes with the limitation of verifying 5 GSTINs at a time.

  • H&R Block

GSTIN verification online of a business entity easy, but doing this for many GST number holder in one go can be tedious. Those who need to verify GST number of hundreds of vendors at the time of filing returns, would find H&R Block particularly useful. Further, it gives the option of verifying GSTIN on your own or taking help of their experts.

  • Taxner

Taxner Image
#10 of 15 GST Verification Tool

Taxner is the preferred choice of customers for managing their accounting and allied functions. Additionally, it also helps with GSTIN search & verification and allows getting detail information about any GST number holder.

As soon as you enter the GST number of a taxpayer, you will get details like legal name of the business, registration date, nature of the business, taxpayer type and so on.

  • IndiaFilings

India Fillings Image
#11 of 15 GST Verification Tool

Ledgers by IndiaFilings assists in GST search and verification for free. You just have to sign up for LEDGERS to enjoy this service. You can also get the GST search facility on API with LEDGERS.

  • GSTZen

This is another important tool to check the authenticity of several GSTIN/UIN numbers at a time. Just separate GST numbers with comma or spaces to get accurate results.

GST Search is widely used to verify GSTIN/UIN number by the name and address of the GSTIN/UIN holder. However, it may not provide details about a few GSTIN if the data has not been updated by a state VAT department.

  • Quicko

Both individuals and businesses can use Quicko tool to search and verify GSTIN. You just have to mention GSTIN and CAPTCHA code displayed to get details like GST status, legal name, and registration date.

  • Sleek Bill

Sleek Bill is a robust accounting software, which helps with the GSTIN verification online on invoice and bills. Checking the GSTIN number is critical to ensuring a secure association with any organization.


  1. Who needs to get GSTIN?

    GSTIN applies to those, whose turnover exceeds Rs 20 lacs in a financial year (The limit is 10 lacs in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and the seven sister states of North India).

    The GST rule does not apply to you, under the following circumstances:

    1. Your business nature involves interstate supply
    2. You are working as a supplier’s agent
    3. Working as an input service distributor
    4. Functioning as an aggregator or an e-commerce operator

    To obtain GSTIN, you can simply go on the GST online portal and check for different GST Suvidha Kendra set by the government.

  2. How to get a GST identification number – GSTIN?

    Getting a GST identification number is as simple as these steps:

    Step 1: Log on to the online GST portal.
    Step 2: Click on the ‘Register Now’ button.
    Step 3: Submit the ‘Part A’ of the application with your name, mobile number, and email ID.
    Step 4: Verify your contact details with OTP sent to your phone and email.
    Step 5: You will get the Application Reference Number (ARN) after verification.
    Step 6: Move on to Part B of the application form with the help of your ARN.
    Step 7: Provide PAN details, Incorporation certificate or business registration proof, Identity proof with photograph, Address proof, Bank account statement and Class 2 digital signature with authorised signatory.
    Step 8: Upload all the documents in the application and submit the application.

  3. What is the right format for GSTIN?

    Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) comes in the following format:

    1. First two characters represent the State Code
    2. PAN Number comes in the next ten characters
    3. Next two characters are for the entity code
    4. Lastly, there is a checksum characterGSTIN identification number

  4. Why is GSTIN important?

    Businesses need to quote their GSTIN correctly to ensure that the right input tax credit is allocated. Businesses also need to mention the GST number of their vendors and other business customers to include that in invoices.

    GSTIN is also important for businesses to increase their creditability in the eyes of the government and their stakeholders. Those businesses which file returns and pay taxes consistently, get noticed by other registered people.

    Further, GSTIN makes the process of ITC much easier. Businesses that pay taxes under GST regime can avail income tax return on the tax paid on purchases.

    GSTIN is a must-have for your business to make inter-state sales and widen your potential market without any restriction. At the same time, you can sell online through e-commerce sites or have your own site easily.

  5. What are the uses of GSTIN?

    GSTIN is a must if you are starting a business. It has to be mentioned at the time of raising invoices, filing GST returns and generating e-way bills. These are benefits of getting GSTIN for your business:

    1. Ensure easy online payment
    2. Improved logistics efficiency
    3. Avoid compliance issues
    4. Higher logistic efficiency
    5. Higher registration threshold

Summary: What to Do If You Have Been Charged GST Wrongly

Under the new GST regime, there are frequent incidences of sellers charging GST above the defined rate, or tax being levied on those products and services which are GST-free. If you become a victim of any of these incidences, there are ways to raise the complaint:

  • Log on to the official GST portal and ‘raise Web Ticket’. A GST representative will call the seller to inquire about the issue and get back to you with redressal steps.
  • Another alternative to raising a complaint is sending an email to helpdesk@gst.gov.in with the attached pre-GST bill.
  • You can also voice your angst on these Twitter handles of GST (askGST_Goi).
  • There is also a GST Helpline Number: 011-23370115/ 0124-4688999/ 0120-4888999, which will help in getting instant resolution.

We hope that you find this content useful in safeguarding your brand reputation from vendors, dealers and suppliers. Just use these simple tools and be more cautious against fraudulent GST practices.

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