How AlignBooks Is Transforming SMBs with B2B App

How AlignBooks Is Transforming SMBs with B2B App-feature image
April 4, 2023 Reviewed By : Sundresh Kumar .4 Min read

In the wake of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide were compelled to restructure their business model and move to online platforms.

According to a survey in HP Asia SMB (small and medium business) Report 2020, three-quarters of Indian businesses believed digital adoption is essential to their success. The impact can now be seen on traditional SMBs undergoing a digital transformation to revive their businesses.

Understanding the need to support SMBs, Align Info Solutions, a popular cloud-based accounting platform provider, launched a B2B app in July this year. It leverages the open-source JavaScript framework and works on both Android and iOS platforms.

Instead of logging in to the web platform, businesses can track their bills and expenses, stock levels, and business performance in real-time from anywhere via the app.

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This helps them make more efficient decisions when it comes to expenses and inventory management. They can even keep track of GST based compliance without the need of an accountant/CA.

AlignBooks B2B app’s integration with the e-commerce giant Amazon has made it simpler to fetch and import e-commerce invoices in bulk. Given that 1.5 lakh new businesses went digital with Amazon India last year (Source: Amazon SMB Impact Report 2020), this move came as a great relief to the small-scale e-commerce merchants.

About the New AlignBooks B2B App

With this B2B accounting and ERP app, SMBs can make it easier to meet their GST, e-invoicing, and other compliance-related needs. Businesses can give audit rights to accounting professionals/ CA directly via the app.

It enables SMBs to manage all their financial operations 24*7 on the go. The app can be used to manage multiple branches and warehouses from a centralized location without any issues.

There are no separate costs for this app, and features are almost the same as the web platform. It can work with poor Internet connectivity and works as a supplement to its web-based mobile application.

Users access all the modules based on their access rights, including inventory, POS/retail, purchases, finance, sales & billing, HR/ payroll, production, asset management, and job work.

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Benefits of the New AlignBooks B2B App for SMBs

In the last few months since the release, it has already crossed 10,000 downloads and is helping numerous businesses streamline MSME operations to boost their focus on core tasks. Some of the ways the AlignBooks B2B app is transforming SMBs are:

  • Easier Payment

    The app provides multiple secure online payment methods. Integration with banks and payment centres enables mobile accounting and automatic reconciliation. In case the SMBs need to carry out transactions overseas, it supports multi-currency options and helps them in boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Faster Invoicing

    The invoicing process has become significantly faster for AlignBooks customers. Businesses can quickly generate e-invoices and e-way bills anytime. In addition, invoices and reminders can be sent over emails and texts.

  • Employee Management

    ERP features such as employee dashboard, attendance tracking and management with GPS-based location access, and so on are also available. This helps avoid the need to buy additional software for features like attendance management and HR supervision.

  • Inventory Management

    The B2B app enables businesses to access inventory modules and track the unit-wise movement of items across stores, warehouses, and production floors. You can also generate barcodes that can be later scanned via a mobile camera, thereby avoiding buying thermal scanners. Options like generating real-time product valuation and defining re-order levels to prevent out-of-stock situations are also available.

Other features like contact creation with unique IDs and recording vouchers/ transactions on the app ensure significant time and money savings.

It also supports multiple regional languages to meet the company’s goal of helping SMBs from tier-2 and tier-3 Indian cities in business expansion.

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Wrapping it up

Since its establishment in 2017, Align Info Solutions has focused on constant upgrades to expand its customer and partner base on a pan India basis. AlignBooks B2B app is another step in that process.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, the company announced its plans to partner with the private sector ICICI bank to streamline the digital banking experience for customers of AlignBooks.

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